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The existence of pain is what allows one to feel joy. Is that what it means to be human...? (この痛みあればこそ、喜びも感じることができる。これが人間か……)

Pluck for Tomorrow (あしたの勇気, Ashita no Yūki)[1] is the sixth episode of season one of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: The Animation. It is also the sixth episode of Phantom Blood. It covers Chapter 29 through Chapter 33 of the manga.

Bruford is vanquished by Jonathan but Tarkus proves to be a tougher opponent and drives the heroes into a corner. At the same time, Will Anthonio Zeppeli recalls his master's prophecy about his ultimate fate.


Bruford grants his sword to Jonathan as his body disintegrates

After having barely managed to avoid Jonathan's underwater overdrive, Bruford ensnares the protagonist with his hair once more. However, Jonathan manages to block Bruford's attack and channels an overdrive through a kick into Bruford's sword, which causes one of his arms to disintegrate. From here, Jonathan is able to escape, and unleashes a sunlight yellow overdrive barrage against him. As Bruford's body starts to disintegrate, he regains his human soul, feeling at peace and leaving JoJo his sword before completely disintegrating.

Tarkus steps forward, crushing the remains of Bruford beneath his feet before declaring his commitment to evil. Jonathan and Zeppeli manage to get Speedwagon and Poco to safety using a bunch of leaves as a hang glider. As they make their escape, Zeppeli recalls how he learned to control the Ripple from a man named Tonpetty. Incidentally, Tonpetty predicted a dire fate for Zeppeli.

Zeppeli prepares to fight against Tarkus

However, Tarkus leaps after them, causing them to touch down at a knight's training ground in order to stand against him. Tarkus manages to crash into one of the outer walls and enters the training grounds first. Jonathan is pulled inside the grounds, thrusting him into a Chain Neck Deathmatch, in which the two fighters have been bound by an iron shackle around the neck and one must decapitate the other in order to free himself. Unfortunately, Jonathan has trouble breathing because of the collar and Tarkus takes the advantage. Realizing Jonathan will be killed if no one does anything and remembering his sister's uplifting words, Poco overcomes his nerves and enters the grounds via a window, managing to unlock the door so Zeppeli can get inside. Zeppeli steps into the chamber and suddenly remembers Tonpetty's prophecy, which stated that he would die, but steel his resolve and prepare to meet his doom.


Dio Brando
(Mentioned only)
Mary Stuart
(Mentioned only)
Indian Doctor
(1st appearance) (Flashback)
(1st appearance) (Flashback)
Poco's Sister
(1st appearance) (Flashback)


Script (脚本)
Kazuyuki Fudeyasu
ふでやす かずゆき
Storyboard (絵コンテ)
吉田 泰三
Episode Director (演出)
Shingo Uchida
内田 信吾
Animation Director (作画監督)
武本 大介
Animation Director Cooperation (作画監督協力)
糸井 恵
横山 謙次
亀井 隆広
Assistant Animation Director (作画監督補)
Hiroko Kurube
Seok Pyo Hong
Kosuke Yoshida
Yumi Shimojo
Yuya Takahashi
Hitoshi Miyajima
空流辺 広子
吉田 巧介
下條 祐未
高橋 優也
宮嶋 仁志
Key Animation (原画)
Tadashi Shida
Atsuko Sugawara
Katsunori Tanaka
Hitoshi Miyajima
Emiko Kataoka
Hiroki Goto
Hiroko Seigan
Katsuyuki Sato
Taeko Ogi
Ayumi Tsukishita
Koji Kataoka
Junichi Fukunaga
Seok Pyo Hong
Yuya Tsukada
Hideo Maru
Yuichiro Masuda
Arisa Kajiyama
San Kim
Koji Nobuhara
Mitsuhiro Nanbe
Koichi Nakaya
志田 ただし
菅原 敦子
田中 克憲
宮嶋 仁志
片岡 恵美子
後藤 洋輝
西願 宏子
佐藤 勝行
扇 多恵子
月下 歩
片岡 康治
福永 純一
塚田 優哉
丸 英男
増田 雄一郎
梶山 亜里沙
延原 浩二
南部 允宏
中弥 幸一
2nd Key Animation (第二原画)
Chiyo Imamaki
Mariko Kubo
Tomoko Shimizu
Fumina Nishino
Triple A
今牧 千世
久保 茉莉子
清水 智子
西野 文那
In-between Animation (動画)
In-Between Animation Inspection
Atsuko Saito
斉藤 温子

Triple A
Q-Tec (キュー・テック)
Hirohisa Mita
Daiki Kitamura
Hiroki Ueno
Kouta Sato
Shouta Komatsu
Masaya Fujiwara
三田 寛久
北村 大輝
上野 洋樹
佐藤 滉太
小松 奨太
藤原 将也
3D Modeling (3Dモデリング)
David Production
ソエジマ ヤスフミ
Digital Works (デジタルワークス)
David Production
亀井 隆広
工藤 かよ
Puavaranukroh Taweeporn
Screen Setting (画面設計)
Kiyotoshi Aoi
青井 清年


JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Episode 6: Pluck for Tomorrow
Start End Title OST Description

JoJo ~The Fate of That Blood~
JoJo ~The Fate of That Blood~
A Duo of Courage
Phantom Blood (Destiny)
JoJo and Bruford continue to fight
Depths of the Pale Darkness
Phantom Blood (Future)
Bruford's powerful hair
Decisive Battle ~Overlapping Destinies~
Phantom Blood (Future)
Sunlight Yellow Overdrive!
Parting Regrets
Phantom Blood (Destiny)
Bruford regains his humanity
Phantom Blood (Future)
Tarkus attacks
Lightning Speed
Phantom Blood (Destiny)
A glider made of leaves
Stone Mask ~Prologue~
Phantom Blood (Destiny)
How Zeppeli learned the Ripple
Return from the Verge of Death
Phantom Blood (Future)
The knights' training grounds
A Peace that Embraces
Phantom Blood (Future)
Tarkus still alive
Results of the Plot
Phantom Blood (Destiny)
Jonathan trapped with Tarkus
Knights of Terror
Phantom Blood (Future)
Tarkus has the advantage
Looking Toward Tomorrow
Phantom Blood (Future)
Poco's Courage
Full-Body Courage
Phantom Blood (Future)
Poco opens the door
Zeppeli's fate/Ending
Intertwined Destinies
Phantom Blood (Destiny)
Next episode preview

Manga/Anime Differences

  • When Tarkus crushes the remains of Bruford's armor, the debris goes flying and damages Zeppeli in the process. This wasn't shown in the anime.
  • The scene after where Tarkus squeezes to death acquaintances of Poco and drinks their blood is not shown as well.

In other languages

Language Title Translation
Japan Japanese あしたの勇気 Pluck for Tomorrow
China Chinese 明日的勇氣 Pluck for Tomorrow
United States of America English Tomorrow's Courage
Spain Spanish El valor del mañana The value of tomorrow
Brazil Portuguese A Coragem do Amanhã The Courage of Tomorrow
France French Courage du lendemain Courage for the next day
Germany German Der Schneid von morgen The Pluck of Tomorrow
Israel Hebrew האומץ של מחר The Courage of Tomorrow
Flag of the Arab League Arabic شجاعة الغد Tomorrow's courage
Italy Italian Il coraggio di domani The courage of tomorrow
Czech Republic Czech Odvaha zítřka The Courage of tomorrow
Denmark Danish Morgendagens mod Tomorrow's courage
Poland Polish Odwaga jutra The courage of tomorrow


Link to this sectionCommentary
It's time for Poco to shine.

There's a lot to see in Episode 6: Bruford's death in the first half, then the duel against the imposing Tarkus in the second one. Bruford's death is an important moment, directed perfectly and accompanied with a beautiful background covered in flowers. For that I greatly thank the color designer Shinichiro Yoshihara, who gave us a beautiful background as usual.

There is also a flashback of Zeppeli, which obliged us to create a young version of his design in this one scene. In JoJo, there are few designs we only use once, as they break our rhythm. Fortunately, the team managed to deal with that in time.

In the first half, Tarkus has this shout that goes "Gobabaa": it's an improvisation for the voice actor, Tetsu Inada, who read the onomatopoeia out loud. We didn't plan on keeping it, but at the end, the result is quite funny.

Lastly, I am fully satisfied by Poco's signature scene. "Tomorrow is now." There's also Zeppeli who dramatically enters the room, as determined as ever. The music perfectly sublimate this instant.




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