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Fujiko's Bizarre Worldly Wisdom -Whitesnake's Miscalculation- (フジコの奇妙な処世術 -ホワイトスネイクの誤算-, Fujiko no Kimyō na Shosei-jutsu -Howaitosuneiku no Gosan-) is a spin-off one-shot manga written and illustrated by Sho Aimoto, author of Kemono Jihen.

It was announced in the December 2021 issue of Ultra Jump on November 19, 2021, and was published in the January 2022 issue of Ultra Jump, which released on December 18, 2021,[1] alongside the first chapter of Crazy Diamond's Demonic Heartbreak.

It is the second official JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga spin-off to not be illustrated by Hirohiko Araki.[2]


After Jolyne Cujoh manages to retrieve her father's Stand DISC, Enrico Pucci and Whitesnake attempt to get it back by giving orders to several prisoners. However, Whitesnake miscalculated the usefulness of one particular prisoner, who ended up being such an unexpected let-down that Whitesnake had to make it so they "never existed".

In the women's ward at Green Dolphin Street Prison, Jolyne notices a drawing of a naked man underneath some books in their room and asks Gwess what it is. Flustered, Gwess immediately swipes it away from her and yells at Jolyne not to look through her things, though Jolyne retorts that both of them share that desk. Jolyne is curious about where she got it from and Gwess reveals that it was from an artist girl.

Later during lunchtime, F.F. asks Ermes Costello to give her some meat sauce because she heard it tastes good on pancakes. Meanwhile, a prisoner impatiently shouts at someone drawing that she's been waiting for her turn for a long time. The prisoner desperately begs the artist to do her commission already because she can't sleep at night and started pulling her hair out. However, the artist refuses since she's busy with the commissions of others. She quickly changes her mind once the prisoner slides her some money and agrees to get started right away.

Ermes states that she knows the artist, revealing her name to be Fujiko. Fujiko walks up to the trio and asks Jolyne if she would like a sketch, because she heard that Jolyne got caught pleasuring herself by a guard before. F.F. then remembers from Atroe's memories that Ermes had told her about Jolyne doing that before. While Jolyne is angry with Ermes for spreading it around, Fujiko announces her commission prices. It's $100 for nude art, $200 for shipping art, and an extra $100 for each additional person. She also reveals that the desperate prisoner from earlier asked for Spider-Man x Deadpool art and requests like those cost extra since she needs to gather reference material.

Fujiko starts describing that she sells Shunga, which is Japanese erotic art. She starts touching Jolyne's lips and chest but Jolyne slaps her hand away. However, Jolyne then notices that Fujiko had already drawn a portrait of her. Impressed, Jolyne wants to buy it so Fujiko says the price is only $20 since it's a sketch. F.F. wonders why Jolyne bothered purchasing it, but Jolyne replies that enjoying little things like this can put your mind at ease. Fujiko blushes upon hearing this and thanks Jolyne before leaving. Hidden behind a pillar, Pucci is glad that she made contact with Jolyne.

During a yoga session, Jolyne suddenly starts feeling aroused and doesn't know why. The guard starts hitting her for failing to do a proper yoga pose but Jolyne only feels pleasure rather than pain. She realizes that a Stand must be attacking her. Fujiko continues rapidly drawing, bursting with her feelings for Jolyne since it's the first time someone complimented her art like that. Observing the situation, Whitesnake reveals Fujiko's history. Her last name is Fujiyama, she's 24 years old, was born in Japan and raised in America. If anyone tried to stop her from drawing, she would lose her temper, and this eventually developed into a morbid obsession. Her prison sentence was for repeatedly stabbing her apartment landlord with a knife after the man told her to go to university instead of drawing all the time. Pucci also reveals that he implanted an order in her memory DISC to make her interested in Jolyne.

Fujiko unveils her Stand Bad Romance, which manipulates the emotions of anyone who receives one of Fujiko's drawings. Jolyne attempts to use pain to distract her feelings, so she summons Stone Free to hit herself. However, it fails as her pain continues becoming pleasure for her. Whitesnake then looks at Fujiko's drawings and notices the artist has grown too attached to Jolyne. Rather than drawing erotic art, Fujiko started depicting Jolyne as the Virgin Mary and the archangel Gabriel. Due to the effects of the art, Jolyne starts doing yoga poses perfectly, surprising the other prisoners and the guard.

Pucci is enraged seeing Jolyne depicted as religious figures and uses Whitesnake to remove Fujiko's DISC. Fearing that Jolyne has overcome her emotional desires like Buddha and achieved enlightenment, Pucci wipes Fujiko's memories of her Stand ability as well as Jolyne, making it appear as if she never existed. Jolyne wonders what just happened, thinking it's the power of yoga that made her feel so refreshed now. In the end, Fujiko returned back to her former amateur erotic artist self but the number of people willing to commission her decreased significantly due to her Stand ability being gone.


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