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This is a list of unnamed characters found in the second part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Battle Tendency. These characters played minor but varying roles throughout the storyline. Most of the titles from earlier parts were translated from the encyclopedia found in JoJo 6251.

NarratorLink to this section
Manga Debut: Chapter 1: Prologue (Flashback)
Anime Debut: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Episode 1: Dio the Invader
Game Debut: All-Star Battle
Voice Actor: Toru Okawa (Japanese), David Vincent (English)
Throughout the entirety of the series, a disembodied narrator comments on the events of the series, providing extra information about the characters, their past and state of mind, as well as giving context for the plot, for instance describing the era or the place the characters find themselves in.

Battle Tendency

Straizo's DisciplesMummySPW ExcavatorsCoco Cola SellerNew York Police OfficersSPW Plane HijackersSPW Plane PilotImpatient DriverBrass Knuckles GangsterMafiosoBruto's GirlfriendFemale ReporterStroheim's ServantsStroheim's DogNazi DoctorsStroheim's PrisonersCourageous Mexican ChildMexican ThugsVampire PrisonerNazi GatekeepersNazi ResearcherSantana's Body HostSantana's Nazi VictimsSPW ResearchersRome Hotel WaiterCaesar's DateHypnotized GirlNazi OfficerWamuu's Nazi VictimsRipple ClanMark's GirlfriendJoseph's DoctorCaesar's MotherNazi SpyPostmasterPuppy Saved By KarsDrunk DriversKars's Nazi VictimsLuxury CatCaesar's SiblingsCaesar's Distant RelativeItalian HoodlumKars's VampiresSkeleton Heel Stone WarriorsBad Breath VampireVampire HorsesKars's DoubleSPW Special Technology Fighting TeamStroheim's Ultraviolet ArmyZombie CommanderKars's SquirrelPillar Men ClanFuneral DirectorsJapanese Tourist
Straizo's DisciplesLink to this section
Straizo's Disciples.png
Straizo's Disciples.gif
Manga Debut: Chapter 45: Joseph Joestar of New York, Part 1
Anime Debut: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Episode 10: JoJo of New York

MummyLink to this section
BT Roundabout-2.png
Manga Debut: Chapter 45: Joseph Joestar of New York, Part 1
Anime Debut: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Episode 10: JoJo of New York (Credits only)
A mummy with fangs discovered in some ruins of Mexico by a team of excavators dispatched by the Speedwagon Foundation. Speedwagon takes Straizo to see the mummy. He explains that they're still investigating its identity, but more importantly, there is an engraving of the Stone Mask on the rings beside the mummy's face. It is omitted in the anime, but appears as part of a mural in the ending sequence, Roundabout.
SPW ExcavatorsLink to this section
SPW Excavators.png
SPW Excavators Anime.gif
Manga Debut: Chapter 45: Joseph Joestar of New York, Part 1
Anime Debut: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Episode 10: JoJo of New York
Two excavators from the Speedwagon Foundation who discovered the mummy, Stone Mask engravings, and Santana within the pillar. Along with Speedwagon, Straizo, and Straizo's two disciples, they were the only ones to know about Santana before the Nazis discovered him. However, they are immediately killed by Straizo once he learns the Stone Mask still exists and desires the power for himself to no longer age.
Coco Cola SellerLink to this section
Coco cola seller.png
Coco Cola Seller Anime.png
Manga Debut: Chapter 45: Joseph Joestar of New York, Part 1
Anime Debut: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Episode 10: JoJo of New York
A merchant on the side of the streets in New York who is surprised that Joseph Joestar has never heard of the drink he is selling, "Coco Cola". He figures from Joseph's British accent that he must be a tourist and asks Joseph to pay up if he wants to drink, mocking him that it's how things work in America. As Joseph takes out his wallet, it is snatched by Smokey Brown who immediately runs away. The man exclaims that Joseph best go after him and he waives all responsibility.
New York Police OfficersLink to this section
Manga Debut: Chapter 45: Joseph Joestar of New York, Part 1
Anime Debut: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Episode 10: JoJo of New York
Voice Actor: Hiroaki Tajiri (Japanese), Richard Epcar (English)

A pair of corrupt, racist New York City police officers. They confront Smokey Brown shortly after he steals Joseph Joestar's wallet. They resort to brutality upon the thief and take the wallet from him "as evidence". They greedily want him to give them half of the things he stole or else he would go to jail. Joseph, to help Smokey, tells them he actually gave his wallet to him, so the officers needed to let the boy go and return the wallet. When the police officers refused as the overweight one wiped his snot on Joseph's shirt, Joseph punched the overweight officer's finger up his own nostril. He uses his Ripple skills with a soda bottle to snap the other's trigger finger. Joseph then spirits Smokey off after a brief concern over how Erina would react if she learns of this.

SPW Plane HijackersLink to this section
SPW Plane Hijackers.png
SPW Plane Hijackers Anime.png
Manga Debut: Chapter 46: Joseph Joestar of New York, Part 2
Anime Debut: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Episode 10: JoJo of New York

A group of criminals that hijacked Robert E. O. Speedwagon's plane in an attempt to abduct him for his money. Wary of rumors of Speedwagon's toughness despite his age, they knock him down and list their demands. One of the men states that their two goals are a million dollar ransom from the Speedwagon Foundation and for Speedwagon to die along with his company. His co-conspirator then threatens a young Joseph Joestar who is sitting in the back reading a comic book to come up to the front. Joseph ignores him saying it's Speedwagon's problem and has nothing to do with him, but this enrages the man. He slams the back of his gun into Joseph's face and orders the pilot to fly to Liverpool.

Joseph is outraged when his blood gets on the clothes that Erina bought for him and knocks out the pilot with the Ripple in order to crash the plane. The hijackers fall down when the plane suddenly descends. Frightened at Joseph's insanity, they order each other to take control of the plane but none of them know how. They presumably die when the plane crashes.

SPW Plane PilotLink to this section
SPW Pilot.png
SPW Plane Pilot Anime.png
Manga Debut: Chapter 46: Joseph Joestar of New York, Part 2
Anime Debut: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Episode 10: JoJo of New York

A pilot hired by the Speedwagon Foundation. When driving Speedwagon's private plane along with a young Joseph Joestar on board, it is hijacked by a couple of criminals. The pilot sits in fear, unable to do anything but listen to their demands. One of the men point their gun at him, demanding that he flies them to Liverpool. Joseph places his hands on the pilot and knocks him out with the Ripple in order for the plane to crash. Joseph then grabs onto a seat, and tells Speedwagon to hold on along with the pilot he knocked out. They successfully jump out and land safely while the plane explodes with the hijackers after crashing.

Impatient DriverLink to this section
Impatient Driver.png
Impatient Driver Anime.png
Manga Debut: Chapter 47: Joseph Joestar of New York, Part 3
Anime Debut: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Episode 10: JoJo of New York
When Joseph Joestar stands in the middle of the road, this driver yells at him to hurry up and move. Joseph grabs the man's collar and threatens to kick his ass depending on what he said. Erina appears with Smokey and asks Joseph what he's doing to the man. Joseph makes up an excuse that the man is a taxi driver and he was just hailing a taxi for them. The man ends up driving them to a downtown New York Italian restaurant. In the anime, the man is actually a taxi driver with his car explicitly saying "TAXI".
Brass Knuckles GangsterLink to this section
Manga Debut: Chapter 47: Joseph Joestar of New York, Part 3
Anime Debut: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Episode 10: JoJo of New York
Voice Actors: Kanehira Yamamoto (Japanese), Richard Epcar (English)

A mafia henchman who appears at the restaurant where Joseph, Erina, and Smokey decide to eat at. He complains about how they can allow African-American people (referring to Smokey) in the restaurant. Smokey tries to calm down the situation by leaving, but is stopped by Joseph as he and Erina are disgusted by the man's words. Erina gives Joseph permission to fight the mobster, using his wits to predict his opponent's moves. Joseph notes that the man had recently fought due to the brass knuckle marks on his hands and blood on his shirt. The man punches Joseph in the face and mocks him for trying to act cool. However, Joseph makes him realize that he actually attacked a hat rack, which stabbed through his palm. The man is knocked out from the pain and the patrons of the restaurant clap after his defeat.

MafiosoLink to this section
Mafioso Anime.png
Manga Debut: Chapter 47: Joseph Joestar of New York, Part 3
Anime Debut: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Episode 10: JoJo of New York
Voice Actor: Daichi Endō

After Joseph's fight with the brass knuckles gangster, another gangster customer approaches Joseph. He apologizes for the rudeness of his subordinate who Joseph defeated before informing Erina that he works for Speedwagon and heard some rumors. He tells them that Speedwagon was killed by Straizo while investigating the Pillar Men. Smokey warns Joseph not to trust him because the man is from the mafia. However, Joseph catches the man off guard and grabs his collar, saying that the mafia only cares about money and wanted to take advantage of Speedwagon's "family". Joseph punches the gangster for being inconsiderate by suddenly saying morbid information in front of Erina.

Bruto's GirlfriendLink to this section
Bruto's Girlfriend.png
Manga Debut: Chapter 51: Straizo vs. Joseph, Part 4
The girlfriend of Bruto. Bruto pridefully tells his girlfriend to watch him catch the two criminals and become a hero in the papers. She smiles and says he's so great. Bruto tackles Joseph, but Joseph brings his leg back and kicks Bruto in the nose with his heel. As Bruto grimaces on the ground in pain, his girlfriend disappointingly exclaims that Joseph is much cooler than him. She is omitted from the anime.
Female ReporterLink to this section
BTReporter Lady.png
Manga Debut: Chapter 51: Straizo vs. Joseph, Part 4
Anime Debut: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Episode 11: Master of the Game
Voice Actor: Seiko Yoshida

She arrives at the cafe where Joseph and Straizo are fighting and begins to take photos, saying it would reach the front page of the newspaper. Straizo catches her off guard and uses her as a hostage to approach Joseph, vowing to kill her if the Joestar runs off. Though Joseph attempts to bluff his way out by calling her a "floozie" he won't risk his life to save, Straizo forces Joseph to fight him when he rips the reporter's tooth out. After being saved, the reporter punches Joseph for insulting her and then kicks him in the knee. The adrenaline from the ordeal then wears off and she screams from the delayed pain of losing her tooth.

Stroheim's ServantsLink to this section
Stroheim Servants.gif
Stroheim Servants Anime.gif
Manga Debut: Chapter 52: Straizo vs. Joseph, Part 5
Anime Debut: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Episode 11: Master of the Game

Three Mexican women who are Rudol von Stroheim's servants at his Nazi information base in Mexico. One of his servants accidentally cuts his cheek with a blade while shaving him. Despite her apology, Stroheim forces her to lick his cut while the other two servants look in shock. The woman reluctantly obliges as Stroheim constantly tells her to lick slowly. He then grabs the shaving blade and places it under her tongue, mocking that it's going to cut her.

Afterwards in the manga, Stroheim laughs and tells her to say something with the blade still under her tongue. She struggles and begs Stroheim not to do it, and then he stops after getting bored. This last part is omitted in the anime.

Stroheim's DogLink to this section
Stroheim's Dog.png
Manga Debut: Chapter 52: Straizo vs. Joseph, Part 5
A dog resembling a Dobermann staying with Rudol von Stroheim at his Nazi information base in Mexico. Stroheim grabs a chicken leg from a plate and taps the shaving cut on his cheek with it while looking in the mirror. He then tosses it to the dog while telling his servant to lick his cheek. After degrading his servant, he tells his dog that it's time to eat. It is omitted from the anime.
Nazi DoctorsLink to this section
Nazi Doctor.png
Manga Debut: Chapter 53: The Pillar Man
Anime Debut: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Episode 11: Master of the Game
Doctors working for the Nazis in Rudol von Stroheim's Mexican military base. They take care of Robert E. O. Speedwagon after the latter was attacked by Straizo. However, Speedwagon attempted to kill himself with a broken bottle to not give any information to the Nazis. The doctors put him in a straitjacket so he cannot harm himself and one of them lets Stroheim know about what happened.
Stroheim's PrisonersLink to this section
Stroheim's Prisoners.png
Stroheim's Prisoners Anime.png
Manga Debut: Chapter 53: The Pillar Man
Anime Debut: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Episode 11: Master of the Game
Victims of Rudol von Stroheim held in the prison of his Nazi information base in Mexico. After getting immediate orders from Adolf Hitler to start the experiment on exposing the Pillar Man to fresh blood, these prisoners scream for help, not wanting to die.

In the manga, a muscular prisoner charges at Stroheim but is effortlessly grabbed by the neck. Stroheim then bends a pen and stabs both ends of it through the man's tongue before knocking him out with a punch. This is not shown in the anime.

Stroheim proposes that they just need one person's blood and the prisoners should choose among themselves who the Nazis should use, while the rest will be spared. One officer tells them to hurry up or he'll choose a woman for them. A courageous boy volunteers himself to be chosen. Stroheim admires his bravery and orders for everyone except the kid to be killed. All of their blood is used to awaken Santana.

Courageous Mexican ChildLink to this section
Courageous child.png
Manga Debut: Chapter 53: The Pillar Man
Anime Debut: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Episode 11: Master of the Game
Voice Actor: Yūichi Iguchi
A child introduced as one of the locals Rudol von Stroheim imprisoned in his hacienda to have blood available for the experiments his scientists perform on Vampires and the Pillar Man. When Stroheim orders the locals to choose among them the next guinea pig, the child offers to participate in Stroheim's experiments, so that his fellow villagers may be saved. From this demonstration of selflessness, he earns Stroheim's respect, but his sacrifice has the opposite intended effect; he is spared and Stroheim orders everyone else to be killed.
Mexican ThugsLink to this section
Mexican thugs.png
Manga Debut: Chapter 53: The Pillar Man
A band of Mexican thugs who mock Joseph when he unknowingly drinks the same water that a horse was drinking from. Calling him a "gringo" and saying that he smells, the thugs plan to steal Joseph's baggage and leave him stranded in the desert. Joseph doesn't react and simply looks at the flies around him, causing the thugs to ask whether he's listening. Joseph then shatters one lens of his goggles and sends the glass shards flying. They land in between the fingers of one of the thugs, who was leaning his hand on a wooden column. When the thugs look closer, they notice that Joseph killed all the flies with each glass shard, with their bodies stabbed onto the column. Just as they react with shock, Joseph puts the same thug into a chokehold and tells him a knock-knock joke. Frightened, they follow Joseph's demands and fetch him food and gasoline. They are omitted from the anime.
Vampire PrisonerLink to this section
Vampire Prisoner.png
Manga Debut: Chapter 54: The Pillar Man, Santana, Part 1
Anime Debut: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Episode 12: The Pillar Man

Just a few days before the Nazis captured him, he was a weak, dying old man. They put the Stone Mask on him and he transformed into a vampire. Stroheim kept him as a prisoner and didn't give him any blood for a day to make him starve for the Nazi's Pillar Man experiment. The vampire is released after Santana's awakening in order for Stroheim to witness the two fighting. The vampire stabs Santana through his shoulders with both arms and then bites the Pillar Man's neck. However, he is absorbed into Santana's skin and the remainder of his body is sliced apart. Santana eats the vampire by fully absorbing it into his body.

Nazi GatekeepersLink to this section
Manga Debut: Chapter 56: The Pillar Man, Santana, Part 3
Anime Debut: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Episode 12: The Pillar Man
Voice Actors: Hiroaki Tajiri & Yūya Murakami (Japanese), Richard Epcar & Kirk Thornton (English)

A pair of soldiers who guard the Nazi laboratory where experiments were being conducted with Santana. They check people who want to enter the base, which are mostly women bringing food. They perform a body check on every woman, and if one of them doesn't allow it, the guards won't let her pass despite the risk of them losing their jobs. The guards quickly see through Joseph Joestar's woman disguise, surprised at how he couldn't see himself being obviously suspicious. Joseph knocks both guards out and steals one of their uniforms to disguise himself. The guards shout "tacos" when Joseph knocks them out.

  • A description in JoJo's Bizarre Words explains that, despite being German, they yelled "tacos" due to the setting being in Mexico.

Nazi ResearcherLink to this section
Nazi Researcher.png
Nazi Researcher Anime.png
Manga Debut: Chapter 56: The Pillar Man, Santana, Part 3
Anime Debut: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Episode 12: The Pillar Man
A Nazi researcher in Rudol von Stroheim's information base in Mexico, researching on Santana. He is stunned to see that Santana vanished from their chamber and starts to drink a coffee, but Stroheim knocks the coffee out of his hand saying it's not the time for drinking. The researcher worriedly says that he only took his eyes off Santana for a moment and boasts about his near perfect vision. He remains in disbelief as to how the Pillar Man suddenly vanished from a sealed chamber.
Santana's Body HostLink to this section
Santana Host.png
Santana Host Anime.png
Manga Debut: Chapter 57: The Pillar Man, Santana, Part 4
Anime Debut: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Episode 12: The Pillar Man

A Nazi soldier who stands near an air vent in Rudol von Stroheim's Mexican base. Just as Stroheim warns him that it's dangerous to stand there, Santana slides out of the vent and dives into the officer's head through his eyes. The man goes blind from the large hole where his eyes used to be, and stumbles around wondering why Stroheim turned off the lights. Frightened, he asks where everyone went and not to leave him all alone. Santana enlarges within the man's body causing it to swell up immensely. Santana says within the man that he doesn't understand what's going on but he hasn't felt this fresh in a long time. All of the Nazis shoot at him with their machine guns but Santana just says that it tickles. He points the man's finger like a gun and fires back the bullets at the Nazis. Afterwards, Santana tears himself out of the man's body as it is no longer any use to him.

Santana's Nazi VictimsLink to this section
Santana Victims.png
Manga Debut: Chapter 57: The Pillar Man, Santana, Part 4
Anime Debut: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Episode 12: The Pillar Man

Many Nazi soldiers who witness the awakening of Santana in Rudol von Stroheim's Mexican base. They run away in fear when Santana dives into the body of one of their fellow soldiers. They attempt to shoot Santana's body host with their machine guns but it is no use. Santana fires the bullets back at them through his fingers and they all die.

SPW ResearchersLink to this section
SPW Researchers.png
SPW Researchers Anime.gif

Researchers employed at the Speedwagon Foundation who investigate the secrets of the Stone Masks. After Santana turns into stone from the battle against Joseph Joestar, Speedwagon and his researchers retrieve the Pillar Man's body before nightfall and bring it to their headquarters in Washington, D.C. They keep Santana's body covered in ultraviolet light, which mimics the sun's rays. As an experiment, they release a snake near Santana because snakes don't like being in the light and would head for the shade created by Santana's body. As the snake does so, it is quickly absorbed into Santana's body proving that the Pillar Man isn't dead. The researchers realize that he isn't sleeping either, but protecting himself.

They laugh that Santana is incapable of moving as long as they expose him to ultraviolet light at all times because it allows them to take their time to discover a way to destroy him. However, Speedwagon reveals that there are three more Pillar Men which the Nazis discovered in Rome. They read the words on the mural of the Pillar Men which states "The four will awake in the year 2852". After a moment of relief that they don't have to deal with the danger, Speedwagon asks one of them to calculate what 2852 on the Mexican calendar is in their calendar, revealing that it is actually 1938.

Rome Hotel WaiterLink to this section
Rome Hotel Waiter.png
Rome Hotel Waiter Anime.png
A waiter at a hotel restaurant in Rome. Joseph Joestar yells at the man for bringing him black spaghetti, thinking the waiter was messing with him. The waiter explains that the dish is called Nero and made with fresh squid ink.

He guarantees that it's delicious and Italians love it. Joseph hesitantly eats it only to discover that it is indeed delicious, and the waiter sighs of relief.

The man later returns to tell Caesar Zeppeli that he has a phone call from Robert E. O. Speedwagon.

Caesar's DateLink to this section
Caesar's Date.png
Caesar's Date Anime.png
A woman on a date with Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli at a hotel restaurant in Rome. Joseph Joestar stares at the two, annoyed at Caesar's flirting. Caesar places a small gift at the edge of their table, and the woman questions why he placed it there. Caesar says he wants to see her reach for it in order to look at her beautiful hands for as long as possible. The lady opens the gift to reveal a necklace. She's happy and says it's pretty, while Caesar continues to flirt. As they're about to kiss, Joseph can't stand watching any more and fires some spaghetti at Caesar's face with the Ripple. Caesar blocks it with a macaroni piece in his fork and fires it back at Joseph, without the woman realizing.

Their kiss and date in general is interrupted when the waiter tells Caesar that he has a phone call from Speedwagon.

Hypnotized GirlLink to this section
Manga Debut: Chapter 63: Joseph Joestar of Rome
Anime Debut: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Episode 14: Ultimate Warriors from Ancient Times
Voice Actor: Eimi Okada
This girl was taking pictures of a fountain until Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli offers to take a picture of her along with the fountain. Caesar, to mock Joseph, tells him he couldn't even beat the girl with his weak Ripple and gives her a Ripple kiss. The girl, now controlled by Caesar, attacks Joseph by strangling him. After trapping Joseph into a bubble, Caesar goes to kiss the girl again to free her from his Ripple spell, but is surprised when a pigeon comes out of her mouth and enters his own. Joseph then reveals that, while she was strangling him, he infused a small pigeon with the Ripple and put it into her mouth, claiming that Caesar couldn't even beat a pigeon with his weak Ripple.
Nazi OfficerLink to this section
Nazi Officer.png
Manga Debut: Chapter 64: The Red Stone of Aja
Anime Debut: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Episode 14: Ultimate Warriors from Ancient Times
Voice Actors: Jiro Saito (Japanese), Richard Epcar (English)

A Nazi officer of the Gestapo in charge of the investigation on the Pillar Men Wamuu, Esidisi and Kars. His job was to cut the Pillar Men out of the stone wall and transport them to a shelter in Germany. He keeps ultraviolet lights on them, but Wamuu manages to kill one Nazi with his horn and makes his blood splatter onto the light bulbs, blocking the beams. Wamuu then fuses the hands of every Nazi together in a paper-doll fashion, stabbing his finger into the officer's head to suck out his innards along with the other Nazis.

Wamuu's Nazi VictimsLink to this section
Wamuu Victims.png
Nazi soldiers who went to investigate the Pillar Men under the Colosseum in Rome. They are scared when Wamuu's forehead suddenly opens up but their officer orders them to investigate. A horn suddenly extends from the open space in Wamuu's forehead and stabs one of the soldiers in the face, killing him. When the Pillar Man awakens, he merges the hands of all the Nazis together and then pokes the forehead of the officer. All of the Nazis immediately deflate like balloons.
Ripple ClanLink to this section
Ripple Clan Boy.png
Ripple Clan Anime.gif
Manga Debut: Chapter 64: The Red Stone of Aja (First Mentioned)
Chapter 104: The Warrior Returns to the Wind (Flashback)
Anime Debut: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Episode 15: A Hero's Proof (First Mentioned)
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Episode 23: The Warrior Returns to the Wind (Flashback)
Wamuu wonders if it was the Ripple clan who defeated Santana. Esidisi mentions that they defeated the clan 2000 years ago and Kars says they could just get rid of them again. The trio laugh at Caesar's anger after the death of Mark because the Ripple clan used to say the same things as him, such as "You'll pay for killing my friend" and "I won't go down just from losing my arm or my sight".

Later after Wamuu's death, Kars remembers how Wamuu hesitated to kill a child from the Ripple clan. Kars said Ripple warriors will become powerful enemies to the Pillar Men when they grow up and humans develop extremely quickly. Wamuu's morals leave him unable to kill a child, so Kars kills the boy instead as an example.

Mark's GirlfriendLink to this section
Mark's Girlfriend.png
Mark's Girlfriend Anime.png
The girlfriend of Mark, only seen in a photo he keeps in a locket. Caesar Zeppeli asks Mark how his girlfriend back in Germany is doing, and Mark reveals that they're actually going to get married in a week when Mark gets back home. She wanted to marry him quickly since the war was starting soon.
Joseph's DoctorLink to this section
Joseph's Doctor.png
Manga Debut: Chapter 71: Ripple Teacher Lisa Lisa, Part 1
Speedwagon brings a doctor to check Joseph after Wamuu and Esidisi placed their Wedding Rings of Death around Joseph's throat and arteries. The doctor is amazed at what he's seeing and mentions it's like a four-dimensional puzzle because some parts of the ring is fused with the walls of the artery. He apologizes for getting emotional after seeing Joseph's shock, despite Joseph already knowing. The doctor confirms there is a space in the rings for poison but he doesn't know what type of poison is in the rings. He also mentions that Joseph should be able to do any activity as long as he doesn't cause any direct impact on his heart and throat. Before leaving, he states that they are impossible to remove through surgery with current medical technology.

He is omitted in the anime with the narrator mentioning Joseph's diagnosis instead.

Caesar's MotherLink to this section
Manga Debut: Chapter 72: Ripple Teacher Lisa Lisa, Part 2 (Mentioned only)
Anime Debut: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Episode 16: Ripple Teacher Lisa Lisa (Mentioned only)
She is the wife to Mario Zeppeli and the mother to Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli and his four younger siblings. She also had a distant cousin. Not much is known about her other than she had passed away while Mario was still a part of the family. Caesar also holds as much respect for Lisa Lisa as he does for his mother.
Nazi SpyLink to this section
Manga Debut: Chapter 75: Ripple Teacher Lisa Lisa, Part 5
Before Joseph and Caesar's final test, the crew goes strolling through the streets of San Marco, Venice to discuss the Red Stone of Aja. During their trip, this man tries to steal the stone from Lisa Lisa, but is immediately caught and halted by her. Joseph then appears to test the extent of his Ripple growth by deflecting the man's knife using only his finger and then proceeds to pour mustard all over him. Stunned, the man stumbles away. He is seen again in Switzerland, and is revealed to be a Nazi spy working for Stroheim. He is omitted from the anime.
PostmasterLink to this section
Manga Debut: Chapter 83: Stroheim's Unit Strikes Back, Part 1
A man working at a post office in Venice. Joseph bothers the man to find the jewel packaged in one of the envelopes that was sent there in the morning. The worker ignores Joseph at first until Joseph points at the mail behind the counter. The postal worker taps Joseph's knuckle with his knife, ordering him to take his hand away from the counter. When Joseph continues arguing, the man yells at him and Caesar saying they're idiots because it's against the law for him to give them back something that was mailed, especially when they don't even know who it's for or where it's going.

Joseph almost hits the man after being called an idiot but quickly gives him a "postal worker salute" when he realizes the other workers noticed the commotion. Caesar remains calm and says the envelope has Lisa Lisa's house emblem printed on it but the postmaster denies to do anything unless they have a warrant. The man cries when Joseph is about to hit him again, though Joseph then moves his hand to scratch his head instead. Scared, the clerk tells his other workers to call the police. Joseph and Caesar decide to use force and jump onto the counter, with Joseph kicking a clock in the process. Before they could break the law, Messina arrives and tells the duo he found out the package is going to Switzerland.

He is omitted from the anime.

Puppy Saved By KarsLink to this section
Puppy Saved By Kars.png

A puppy in St. Moritz, Switzerland. It looks at Kars and whines before stumbling onto the road when Kars ignores it. Suddenly, the puppy is almost hit by a car due to a drunk driver and his friend laughing and not paying attention to the road. However, Kars saves the puppy by slicing the car in half, along with the driver's hands and half of the steering wheel. The car goes off the road and explodes right in front of the puppy, who looks in amazement and shock.

Drunk DriversLink to this section
Drunk Drivers.png
A drunk man in St. Moritz, Switzerland driving recklessly along with his friend in the passenger seat drinking alcohol. Instead of paying attention to the road, he looks at his friend and laughs. They almost hit a puppy until Kars slices the car in half, along with the driver's hands and half of the steering wheel. The car flips off the road and explodes, killing the two.
Kars's Nazi VictimsLink to this section
Kars Victims.png
Five of Rudol von Stroheim's Nazi soldiers were waiting for Kars in a cabin at Switzerland. When Kars arrives, he senses their presence, how tall each soldier was, and their position inside the building. Kars slices across the building and swiftly decapitates all of the soldiers, aside from Stroheim who he could not sense due to the latter's cyborg body. The five men's heights are 178 cm (5 ft 10 in), 174 cm (5 ft 9 in), 181 cm (5 ft 11 in), 178 cm (5 ft 10 in), and 183 cm (6 ft 0 in).
Luxury CatLink to this section
Luxury Cat.png

A cat in St. Moritz, Switzerland. Joseph points out that even the cats there have a distinguished look like they belong to an actress. He tosses the cat a prawn but the cat turns her head away, ignoring it. Joseph decides to tease the cat due to her luxury taste and offers a piece of smoked salmon. The cat appears to like it and meows, trying to grab it from him. Joseph teases her some more and waves the salmon back and forth while raising it higher. When the cat is fully stretched up, Joseph smirks and trips her. He mocks her for being a luxury cat that lands on her back when falling instead of landing straight. After the cat leaves, Joseph feels bad realizing he did something mean.

Caesar's SiblingsLink to this section
Caesar's Siblings Manga.png
Caesar's Siblings Anime.png
Manga Debut: Chapter 89: Caesar: A Lonely Youth, Part 2 (Flashback)
Anime Debut: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Episode 20: Caesar: A Lonely Youth (Flashback)
Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli has four younger siblings: two brothers and two sisters. The two sisters are the youngest of the family. Their mother had passed away, and their father, Mario Zeppeli, abandoned them. Sometime later, Caesar is separated from his siblings and is sent to an orphanage after getting into a fight.
Caesar's Distant RelativeLink to this section
Caesar's Distant Relative.png
Manga Debut: Chapter 89: Caesar: A Lonely Youth, Part 2 (Flashback)
Anime Debut: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Episode 20: Caesar: A Lonely Youth (Flashback)
A distant cousin related to the mother of Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli. He's a vile individual who used trickery to steal all of the savings Mario Zeppeli left behind for his children without Caesar noticing. The man disappeared once he got what he wanted.
Italian HoodlumLink to this section
Italian Hoodlum.png
Manga Debut: Chapter 89: Caesar: A Lonely Youth, Part 2 (Flashback)
Anime Debut: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Episode 20: Caesar: A Lonely Youth (Flashback)
A man from the underworld in Italy who confronts a young Caesar and asks for his family name. Caesar says he doesn't have one, and the hoodlum mocks him for not being Italian then since Italians are proud of their family heritage. Caesar shows the man no pity and thrashes him with a wrench, with force enough to prevent someone from walking for a week. He goes even further to give the man a punch afterwards. The punch was charged with the Ripple which Caesar was unaware of at the time, and left the hoodlum in a coma for a month.
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A hundred Vampires created by Kars. They hide on the ceiling standing upside down while discretely breathing in order to ambush Joseph and Lisa Lisa. However, Lisa Lisa notices their breathing. Wamuu and Kars reveal their presence, much to Joseph's shock. Kars is about to give them the order to pile up on Joseph and Lisa Lisa but Wamuu, Joseph and Lisa Lisa convince him to change his mind, as Wamuu wanted to fight Joseph again and Lisa Lisa bluffed about a time bomb that would blow up the Red Stone of Aja.

The vampires watch the fight of Joseph against Wamuu, constantly cheering on Wamuu while mocking Joseph. When Wamuu loses the race, some of the vampires decide to kill Joseph and Lisa Lisa. Lisa Lisa kills some while Wamuu kills the others out of respect for Joseph before he gives Joseph the antidote to his ring and dies. Other vampires then insult Wamuu for losing but Kars stabs the three with his blade and drains their blood. The remaining vampires tells Kars that he shouldn't fight alone but he says he'll honor his word about a one-on-one fight.

After the loss of Lisa Lisa, the remaining vampires are finally killed by ultraviolet lights from Stroheim, the Speedwagon Foundation Special Technology Fighting Team, Stroheim's ultraviolet army and later by the sun itself as it rose.

Skeleton Heel Stone WarriorsLink to this section
Skeleton Heel Stone Warriors.png
Manga Debut: Chapter 96: The Wind, the Chariot, and Wamuu, Part 2 (Flashback)
Anime Debut: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Episode 21: The Hundred vs. Two Strategy

Numerous warriors who either met a glorious or gruesome fate in the Skeleton Heel Stone arena in ancient times.

Bad Breath VampireLink to this section
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One of Kars's Vampires who continuously mocks Joseph before his fight with Wamuu. He says Joseph has no chance of winning, and he should either give up and kill himself now or the vampire could suck his blood instead. Joseph says he has awful breath and to stay away from him. Joseph then angrily punches the vampire in the face, grabs his tongue before he falls down, and pulls his tongue upward while charging it with the Ripple. The vampire is in shock and could barely talk due to his tongue stuck in an upward position before his head melts apart and he dies. He is omitted from the anime.
Vampire HorsesLink to this section
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Kars turned four horses into Vampires by perforating their brains with bone spikes from the Stone Mask. They trample over some of Kars's vampire minions when they arrive. Due to their large size, Joseph first thinks they are dinosaurs before realizing they're actually horses. One of the vampires states that in raw power, these vampire horses are worth 150 regular horses and even Wamuu has a difficult time steering them. To make it fair, Kars made the reins able to conduct the Ripple so that Joseph could steer them, whereas Wamuu will use his brute strength to steer the other horse for their chariot race. Lisa Lisa verifies that Kars is telling the truth by giving one of Joseph's horses a light Ripple shock to tame it.

One lap around the Skeleton Heel Stone arena is 960 meters long, and the vampire horses are capable of running one lap in a minute, which is approximately 60 km/h.

Later in the race, Wamuu fires a crossbow and obliterates the head of one of Joseph's horses.

Kars's DoubleLink to this section
Kars's Double.png
One of Kars's vampire minions during Lisa Lisa's fight against Kars. Kars never intended to fight Lisa Lisa in a fair battle, so he makes one of his vampires disguise as him in order to trick his opponent. After becoming Kars's double, the vampire attacks Lisa Lisa but is easily killed from her Ripple. His death is the perfect distraction for the real Kars to land a surprise attack by stabbing Lisa Lisa in the back.
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Stroheim's Ultraviolet ArmyLink to this section
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Kars's SquirrelLink to this section
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After Kars gains the Stone Mask and the Red Stone of Aja, he uses it to become the Ultimate Thing. When introducing his powers, he creates a squirrel from his hand. Although it seems friendly at first, it quickly turns hostile with sharp fangs like a Vampire. It kills a different squirrel and then burrows through Stroheim's torso before tearing into a Nazi soldier’s body. It then returns to Kars's hand and transforms into a flower, and eventually a butterfly.

Pillar Men ClanLink to this section
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Manga Debut: Chapter 112: The Man Who Became a God (Flashback)
Anime Debut: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Episode 26: The Man Who Became a God

Long before the history of man, there were a race of beings who lived underground called the Pillar Men. Primitive tribes feared them like gods or demons. They lived in peace without any conflict or wars until a genius was born. The genius, Kars, desired power but this would have wiped out all living beings on Earth. The clan feared him and the Stone Mask he created.

Believing that he's dangerous, they decide to kill him. Kars slaughters them all along with his own parents with the help of Esidisi. They only leave two unknowing children alive, Wamuu and Santana.

Funeral DirectorsLink to this section
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The directors of Joseph Joestar's funeral. When Joseph arrives at his own funeral wondering whose it is and surprising everybody, the directors angrily tell him to show some respect to the individuals there and try to drag him elsewhere. One of them calls Joseph an idiot which angers him. An older director tries to calm him down so that the visitors aren't disturbed, until Smokey loudly exclaims in disbelief that he's still alive. The directors are also in surprise at what happened.
Japanese TouristLink to this section
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A Japanese tourist at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York, 1988. Joseph Joestar is on his way to meet his daughter and grandson in Japan. While walking, the tourist hits Joseph's leg with his suitcase. The man asks if Joseph is hurt but he says he's fine and anyone can make a mistake. Angered, the man says it was Joseph's fault anyway since he wasn't paying attention. After confirming that the man is Japanese, Joseph kicks the man in the shin as payback and leaves him crying in pain.

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