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SPOILER WARNING: Part 1-8 spoiler details may follow.

When an antagonist is retired (再起不能(リ夕イヤ) Ritaiya, lit. "Out of Commission"), it means that they have been defeated and rendered inoffensive to the heroes for an indefinite period of time, regardless of their health and situation. In some cases, their status is unknown.

The following is a comprehensive list of the retired characters from Battle Tendency through JoJolion, as well as JoJo-related media. It does not include characters who have been explicitly killed or characters who turn a new leaf and/or join the heroes in their quests during their corresponding parts.

Battle Tendency

Character Image Cause Source

Donovan Retired.png


Tied to a cactus by Joseph Joestar.
Chapter 56
Episode 12

Santa stone2.png

Santana Petrified Anime.png

Kept monitored by the Speedwagon Foundation while being petrified by UV light.
Chapter 61
Episode 13

Kars stops.png

Kars adrift.png

Stopped thinking after being petrified in space. Though braindead, he is unable to actually die due to his own invincibility.
Chapter 113
Episode 26

Stardust Crusaders

Character Image Cause Source



Left to die in the sea after being pierced by the Star Finger.
Chapter 129
SC Episode 6



Beaten up and put out of commission by Star Platinum.
Chapter 132
SC Episode 7



Profusely beaten up by Star Platinum.
Chapter 139
SC Episode 9

ZZ chained to a rock.png


Chained to a rock after being knocked out from his car by Star Platinum. Next to him is a sign saying that he is in ascetic training and that he would not like to be bothered.
Chapter 154
SC Episode 13


Oraoraora on Dan.gif

Mowed down by Star Platinum's punch barrage, and then sent into a nearby building.
Chapter 165
SC Episode 17


ArabiaFats Retire.png

Knocked out by a rock to the head thrown by Star Platinum.
Chapter 167
SC Episode 18

Burning Cameo.png

Cameo Burning Anime.png

Burnt to a crisp by Magician's Red.
Chapter 178
SC Episode 22

Midler after defeated 1.png

Midler after defeated 2 Anime.png

Knocked out after having her Stand High Priestess's teeth shattered by Star Platinum.
Chapter 182
SC Episode 24


Oingo retire.png

Severely injured after being blown up by his own orange-bomb. His face, disguised as Jotaro's, is split in half, reminiscent to Tohth's prediction of Jotaro's face split in half.
Chapter 192
SC Episode 27



Shot in the neck by Silver Chariot's rapier, though the wound doesn't kill him. He is then freed from Anubis's grasp.
Chapter 195
SC Episode 28



Rendered unconscious after Anubis's temporary defeat.
Chapter 196
SC Episode 29

Anubis Nile.PNG

Anubis in the nile.png

Sunken and left to rust in the bottom of the Nile River.
Chapter 198
SC Episode 29


Screenshot (271).png

Suffered a crushing defeat by two cars affected by her Stand Bastet's magnetism.
Chapter 204
SC Episode 31

Alessi end.gif
Mowed down and blown away by Star Platinum and Silver Chariot. Though he is defeated off-screen in the manga, the anime adds a scene featuring him being launched into the air afterwards.
Chapter 209
SC Episode 33


Daniel defeat.png

Becomes a hysterical mess after losing to Jotaro Kujo in a game of poker. His entire collection of souls is released upon his defeat.
Chapter 216
SC Episode 35

Holhorse retire.png

Hol Horse retires.png

Shot in the face by the bullets of his own Stand, Emperor.
Chapter 221
SC Episode 37


Boingo retires.png

Mauled into submission by Iggy after deciding to become good. His Stand, Tohth, mentions that if it was that easy for people to change their ways, there wouldn't be any bad people in the world.
Chapter 221
SC Episode 37

Telence punched.png

Telence punched Anime.png

Beaten to a pulp by Star Platinum, and then launched into Tenore Sax's false sky.
Chapter 237
SC Episode 42

Kenny G. Infobox Manga.png

Kenny G. Infobox Anime.png

Swiftly disposed of by Iggy's Stand, The Fool.
Chapter 239
SC Episode 42

Nukesaku Manga death.png

Nukesaku death.png

Cut into pieces and stuffed into a coffin by DIO, for betraying the latter. Due to his vampire physiology, Nukesaku is unable to die this way.
Chapter 249
SC Episode 45

Diamond is Unbreakable

Character Image Cause Source


Angelo Rock tourist card.png

Fused within a rock and turned into a Morioh landmark by Josuke Higashikata's Stand, Crazy Diamond.
Chapter 273
DU Episode 3


Okuyasu defeats Akira.png

Defeated by Okuyasu Nijimura. Afterwards, he is sentenced to three years in prison without bail or parole for theft.
Chapter 314
DU Episode 12


Enigma Book Anime.png

Turned into a book after being beaten to a pulp by Crazy Diamond. Afterwards, he is donated to a restricted section of the library.
Chapter 409
DU Episode 33

Vento Aureo

Character Image Cause Source


Mario beheaded.png

Beheaded by Bruno Bucciarati's Stand, Sticky Fingers, though kept alive. He is later seen tied up with Sale.
Chapter 461
GW Episode 7


Sale overcome.png

Put out of commission after Guido Mista puts a bullet to his head. He is later seen tied up with Mario Zucchero.
Chapter 467
GW Episode 8


GW ep38 Diavolo defeated.png

Forced into an endless cycle of dying and being resurrected and dying again by Gold Experience Requiem.
Chapter 588
GW Episode 38

Stone Ocean

Character Image Cause Source

Kiss Merger McQueen.png
Put out of commission after having his duplicated head violently fused back together by Kiss's sticker.
SO Chapter 26

1000 throws.png
Knocked out after Stone Free throws a baseball 1,000 times at her face.
SO Chapter 39

Jolyne pummels lang.png
Pummeled up by Stone Free and then sent into a laundry basket.
SO Chapter 47

Westwood defeated.png
Headbutted by Stone Free. In his defeat, Viviano angrily remarks on how Jolyne Cujoh doesn't give up.
SO Chapter 66

Sent into a bucket after having his legs turned into springs by Narciso Anasui's Stand, Diver Down. His Stand, Dragon's Dream, mentions that he has aged a lot while fighting.
SO Chapter 74

Beaten to a pulp by Stone Free. She is then briefly held hostage by Jolyne Cujoh and company.
SO Chapter 101

Lost the will to live after realizing his Stand Bohemian Rhapsody's ability has been cancelled.
SO Chapter 110

Rikiel's Defeat.png
Knocked out by an angered Ermes Costello after being interrogated.
SO Chapter 117

Steel Ball Run

Character Image Cause Source

Robinson defeated.png
Shot down by a flurry of needles after the vibrations from Gyro Zeppeli's Spin caused some nearby chollas to explode.
SBR Chapter 14

Andre boomboom holey.png
Otherwise implied, he has gone unconscious from blood loss after having a hole blasted in his abdomen by Gyro Zeppeli.
SBR Chapter 18

La wounded.png
Crippled by Johnny Joestar and then left to die in the desert.
SBR Chapter 20

Oyecomova smashed.png
Face smashed in by Gyro Zeppeli's Steel Balls.
SBR Chapter 23

Stroheim Defeat.png
Shot down by a flurry of stones carved out from Gyro Zeppeli's Spin.
SBR Chapter 25

Pphkid defeated.png
Shot in the face by the Corpse Arm's spinning nails. It is mentioned that he is then disabled for the rest of his life.
SBR Chapter 27

Magent bottom delaware.png
Trapped under the Delaware River. He is unable to drown due to 20th Century Boy's capability of saving him from drowning. He eventually stops thinking.
SBR Chapter 62

Knocked out by Gyro Zeppeli.
SBR Chapter 66


Character Image Cause Source

Subdued by Josuke Higashikata and Yasuho Hirose.
JJL Chapter 63

Severely injured after being rammed into by a car and beaten up by Joseph Joestar's Stand. It then slithers away.
JJL Chapter 110



Character Image Cause Source

Yoma Falls.png

TSKR9 Yoma falls out window.png

Propelled from a treadmill out of the window of a high building. Rohan Kishibe mentions that his athletic abilities allowed him to survive the fall.
Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan - Episode 9: The Run

Light Novels

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (novel)

Character Image Cause Source

Incapacitated by Hierophant Green and Star Platinum. He is later rescued by villagers.
The Genesis of Universe Chapter 1

Knocked out by Silver Chariot's sword. She is later rescued by villagers.
The Genesis of Universe Chapter 1

19 Genesis Universe.jpg
Crumbled to dust after being beaten up by Star Platinum. His Stand, The Genesis of Universe, crumbles as well.
The Genesis of Universe Chapter 2


Character Image Cause Source

Forgets the meaning of his existence, after his Stand Strange Relation is destroyed. Having nothing to do in life anymore and unable to walk, he thinks back to when he was a baby 89 years ago.
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (CD)

Beaten up by either Jotaro Kujo's Stand Star Platinum, or the hero, depending on the scenario.
Famicom Jump II: Saikyo no Shichinin

Dija Maker RETIRED.png
Beaten up by Jotaro Kujo's Stand, Star Platinum, having all the bones in his body broken.
JoJo's Bizarre Escape: The Hotel

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