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Strange Relation (ストレンジ・リレイション Sutorenji Rireishon) is the Stand of the Old Man Stand User, featured only in the second chapter of "Volume 1: Meet Jotaro Kujo" of the Drama CD, based on Part 3: Stardust Crusaders.


Strange Relation is a Stand bound to an organ.


Bound to a pipe organ, Strange Relation can be activated if played by its user, using sound as his means of attack. However, it will become unusable if the user has some sort of psychological damage.

Manipulation: The music made with Strange Relation touches the hearts of those who hear it, allowing the user to manipulate and control them. It can even control multiple individuals at the same time. In order for additional instructions to be given to the manipulated opponent the music must be played further. However, if a victim is somehow unable to hear the Stand's music, such as getting far away enough, the effect is broken.

Destructive Power: Although a Stand whose primary means of attack is through sound, Strange Relation is not without defense. It can destroy objects through a very low sound frequency, and is therefore capable of inflicting physical damage to its target.

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