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Once you've taken your defensive stance, no one in this world is capable of defeating you...

20th Century BOY (20th Century BOY(トウェンティースセンチュリーボーイ), Towentīsu Senchurī Bōi) is the Stand of Magent Magent, featured in the seventh part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Steel Ball Run.

20th Century BOY redirects any attack toward Magent Magent into the ground as long as he assumes a kneeling position. Though they are invulnerable while in this state, the user is disadvantaged by the requirement that they remain completely stationary to maintain the effect.


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20th Century BOY resembles a hollow piece of armor composed of a headpiece, two large shoulder pads, and a shell along its back. Two long, branching straps hang from the shoulder pads, and additional straps sprout from the sides from its shell; these straps wrap around its User's limbs and torso whenever the Stand is activated, serving as ground wires for the Stand's ability.[1] The headpiece bears two long, vertical antennae and additional plates in place of eyes. A single bolt holds the Stand together, running through it from shoulder to shoulder. The Stand's headpiece and straps bear the motif of arrows pointing downward, symbolizing its ability to redirect energy.

Color Schemes

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(Blue head and shoulders, cyan antennae, eyes, and straps.)


20th Century BOY has no offensive capabilities, but it makes up for its lack of attack power with its exceptional defense.

Absolute Defense

Damage from Gyro's Steel Ball being redirected

Whenever Magent Magent activates 20th Century BOY and kneels on the ground, he becomes impervious to all damage.[2] All energy and incoming attacks are redirected away from Magent Magent into the earth or air, be it a Stand attack, a Steel Ball, a bullet, or even an explosion.[2] Furthermore, the Stand also demonstrates the ability to shield its user from subtler dangers such as drowning.[3] Even if the Stand is activated after an attack has already begun to pierce the target, 20th Century BOY is capable of redirecting the remainder of the attack and minimizing the damage to its user.[4]

The cost of 20th Century BOY's invincible defense is the requirement that its user remain immobile while using it. With this condition in mind, sneak attacks are especially effective against Magent Magent, especially if he is caught off-guard.[4] Strategic opponents may also be able to trap the Stand's user inside his own ability by forcing him into a position where deactivating his Stand would prove fatal, such as at the bottom of a river.[3]


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