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SPOILER WARNING: Part 5 spoiler details may follow.
Yo también, puedo superar, el destino que heredé de ti, ¡No me acobardaré, ni huiré! Si intentas detenerme, volaré más allá de ti..
—Trish Una, Chapter 583: Diavolo Surfaces, Part 4

Trish Una (トリッシュ・ウナ, Torisshu Una) es una aliada de vital importancia en JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Vento Aureo.

Trish es la hija de el jefe de Passione y Donatella. Al ser un objetivo por parte de los enemigos del jefe, ella es protegida por el gang. Ella luego despierta su Stand, Spice Girl y se convierte en un aliado valioso para el equipo.


Trish standing.png

Trish es una chica de 15 años de estatura media y complexión delgada. Ella usa su cabello claro (a menudo representado de color rosa) en un remolino suelto sobre su cabeza. En su primera aparición en el manga, Trish usaba una camiseta junto con un corsé oscuro exponiendo su vientre. Además, vestía una minifalda que llegaba hasta los muslos, con un patrón recurrente de girasoles y sin ningún tipo de calzado. Su corte de cabello, a pesar de que todavía tenga un remolino sobre su cabeza, era ligeramente diferente al de su giro característico, ya que tenía dos mechones de cabello cayendo en cada lado de su cabeza. Este atuendo es omitido en el anime.

El segundo atuendo de Trish aparece en el capitulo 486. Este consiste en un corpiño oscuro conectado a un collar con un patrón de azulejos de tonos alternos de símbolos matemáticos. Lleva una falda larga con un diseño similar al de su collar, dividida en la parte superior de su muslo izquierdo, y un par de botas de tacón pequeño hasta la rodilla sin ningún tipo de calzado. Las botas inicialmente tenían cremalleras y pequeños cordones, pero fueron removidas más tarde.

Additionally, the cover of Volume 57 depicts her wearing a one-piece white blouse with Spice Girl as a motif on the front side while only exposing her bare legs. The outfit is supposedly inspired by an outfit American model Trish Goff wore for a fashion show. Besides, Trish's hair was again depicted differently and she wore a pair of wedge sandals with ankle bracelets.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
Skin(Fair, salmon lipstick)
Hair(Hot Pink)
(Black top with blue highlights. Black, pink and yellow dress, light brown boots.)
Skin(Pale, salmon lipstick)
Hair(Hot Pink)
(Black top with midnight blue highlights. Black, hot pink and gold dress, dark brown boots.)
Skin(Fair, hot pink lipstick)
(Black top with indigo highlights. Black, pink and yellow dress, brown boots.)
Skin(Fair, light pink lipstick)
Eyes(Seafoam Green)
(Black top with violet highlights. Black, pink and yellow dress, brown boots.)


Trish es presentada por primera vez como una chica egoísta y consentida, con gustos de clase alta. De hecho, cuando el equipo Bucciarati se tiene que hacer cargo de proteger a Trish, ella pide de inmediato cosméticos de marca y agua con gas, a pesar de la situación actual por la que esta pasando el equipo;[5] más tarde se revela que esto era una forma de ocultar sus inseguridades a los demás, aunque sus dudas sobre sí misma aún son evidentes en casos como expresa su nerviosismo a Bucciarati sobre si ella y su padre se llevarían bien o no.[6]

Trish se convierte en una luchadora segura y confiada.

A medida va pasando el tiempo Trish con el equipo de Bucciarati, ella revela ser una persona mas leal y determinada. Cuando despierta a su Stand Spice Girl, gracias a la ayuda de Giorno Giovanna, ella acepta su nuevo poder para defenderse ella misma y a sus nuevos amigos.[7]

At first cold toward her bodyguards, her relationships with them improve as she becomes one of their companions in the fight against Diavolo.

She is shown caring for Narancia Ghirga's safety during The Grateful Dead's attack. She deliberately refuses to use the ice for her own benefit and instead uses it to reduce the aging effects of the stand on the young man, while Bucciarati urges her to keep it and use it for herself. Furthermore, she opens up herself to Narancia after Green Day's ambush expressing her urge for Bucciarati's attention as well as her ambiguous feelings for him. In the anime adaptation, a scene where she is shown watching over a resting Narancia was added.

She is also seen lightheartedly teasing and joking around with Guido Mista towards the end once she is comfortable around him.[8]

Trish can act mysophobic and can scream if she touches an object with the lingering body heat from another individual.[9] Moreover, she dislikes anything that isn't beautiful, insects as well as smelly foolish men. The anime shows that she inherited these features from her mother.


Trish has been shown once to be adept at self-defense, easily reversing Narancia's knife back onto him when he threatened her, stabbing his cheek.


Main article: Spice Girl

Trish's humanoid Stand is Spice Girl. It has good melee and defensive capabilities, with the unique ability to soften any object (to the quality of a springy cushion) and making them nigh indestructible.

Spice Girl (スパイス・ガール)Link to this section

Spiritual Connection

As Diavolo's daughter, Trish has a spiritual connection to him. She can notably sense whenever he is nearby.



Trish is the daughter of Diavolo and Donatella, conceived without Diavolo's knowledge. Initially she's stated to be born in April 19, 1986, in Ischia, Campania,[7] but it was then changed to June 8, 1985.[10] She lived a normal life with her mother Donatella until Donatella fell ill and began looking for a certain "Solid Naso", which caught the attention of the gang Passione. After Donatella's passing, Passione found out about her parentage, and she became the center of attention of two factions: firstly her father's loyal underlings who tried to secure her, and then La Squadra Esecuzioni who wanted to kidnap Trish to get to the Boss. Agents loyal to the Boss quickly took her but the traitor assassins continued trailing her. Despite her high-class tastes, Trish seems to have lived in humble living conditions.

Trish was eventually passed in the care of Pericolo, who brought her to Capri to meet her future bodyguards.

Vento Aureo

Trish under protection

Trish disguised as a janitor

First seen disguised as a janitor, Trish is introduced as the boss' daughter that is put under the eye of Polpo's replacement capo, Bruno Bucciarati along with his gang members Narancia Ghirga, Pannacotta Fugo, Guido Mista, Leone Abbacchio, and Giorno Giovanna. The first time she meets the bodyguards, an unaware Narancia mistakes her for a mere janitor and tells her to go away but she antagonizes him and manhandles him. However, the dispute is defused when Pericolo intervenes. Pericolo eventually reveals her true nature to Team Bucciarati and she puts on her normal clothes in private while Pericolo explains to the team their mission. As she exits the toilets, Fugo tries to greet her but she tells him to take out his jacket and swipes her hands on it, immediately demanding extravagant care under the circumstances such as wanting new clothes, makeup, a magazine and French mineral water.

Trish is bodyguarded by Team Bucciarati

Team Bucciarati subsequently brings her to a house in a vineyard that serves as a hideout for a time. However, when Narancia is sent on a supply run, the items she has asked for are seen by Formaggio, confirming her presence. Formaggio persists in trying to discover Narancia's hideout and the ensuing fight destroys a whole street, which is bound to attract the attention of the rest of the hitmen. The Boss quickly issues new orders and tells the team to retrieve a key in the ruins of Pompeii, which tells them to go to Venice. On the way there, Pannacotta Fugo accidentally falls on her as the team's car brakes and Guido Mista begs for mercy, giving the impression that Fugo fell on her to grope her. Nothing comes out of it however.

Trish's power manifesting itself

The team retrieve the turtle Coco Jumbo which serves as a handy mobile hideout and board the first train to Florence. However, the team is followed by La Squadra members Prosciutto and Pesci. Prosciutto's The Grateful Dead ages everyone in the train but she is relatively unscathed because she is a girl and thanks to her fresh drink. Mista is sent out to take out the enemy, holding an ice cube to resist the aging. Trish tries to preserve Narancia by using the remaining ice cube on him but Bucciarati tells her to keep it for herself since she is under their protection. At the end of the battle, Pesci takes the turtle and makes Trish come out of it while he attempts to kill the other members. Though Bucciarati defeats him, Trish is left confused as to the strange abilities and beings coming from the fight. Bucciarati takes this as a sign of her Stand slowly manifesting, beginning with a large claw mark left in the ground.

Trish spends some time brooding by herself because Bucciarati doesn't answer her questions. At one point, the Stand Baby Face manages to infiltrate the turtle and attack her. She is turned into a cabinet while Baby Face also incapacitates Bucciarati and then fights Giorno Giovanna, who fortunately manages to defeat Baby Face and also assassinate the user, Melone. The gang then successfully brings her to Venice without further danger to herself.

The Boss's treachery

Trish reveals how anxious she is of meeting her father

When the gang finally arrives at San Giorgio Maggiore church and must part with Trish, she is ultimately left unnerved by the whole experience. Escorted by Bucciarati, Trish's growing anxiety causes her to shy away from the elevator leading to the bell tower, scared at what kind of person her father might be. Bucciarati, having only known his own loving parents, is confident that the Boss would love his daughter, and reassures Trish that she'll simply be given a new identity to live out the rest of her life in peace. Though Trish initially denies her nervousness, she eventually holds Bucciarati's hand for comfort during the elevator ride. However, before anyone could notice, she is knocked unconscious and has her hand severed by her own father, and then abducted.

As Bucciarati realizes, the Boss of Passione only wanted Trish brought to him so he could kill her himself and erase all of his ties with the past. Bucciarati nearly dies from fatal injuries sustained trying to keep Trish safe, but the guidance and assistance of Giorno give him the resolve to escape the Boss with her unconscious body. Upon regaining consciousness and having her hand reattached, Trish quickly learns that her father would go to any length to preserve his own secrecy, including murdering the people related to him. Bucciarati and his gang (with the exception of Fugo) would betray Passione in order to protect Trish and defeat their former boss.

Finding her father's past

Trish is determined to find out about her past

Team Bucciarati have lunch at a restaurant. Trish comes out to tell her allies that her father met her mother Donatella in Sardinia, which may help them find his identity. Moreover, she affirms her determination to find out about her past and not stand on the sidelines. Narancia is attacked by the shark Stand Clash, then by Talking Head which forces him to lie. Trish stays safe in the turtle during the battle and the team eventually leaves Venice for its airport.

Notorious B.I.G & Spice Girl

Trish must protect Giorno's hand

On a plane bound for Sardinia the group is attacked by the invulnerable Stand Notorious B.I.G. Mista and Narancia are severely injured and incapacitated, while Giorno sacrifices both of his hands in an attempt to get rid of the Stand, leaving him unable to use Gold Experience's abilities. When all the gang but Trish retreats into the cabin, she is attacked by Notorious B.I.G once more. Though she tries to escape, she notices that one of the ladybug brooches from Giorno's outfit is on the floor and slowly turning into a hand. Trish realizes that if Giorno is to ever use his Stand power again, she has to protect the hand from the enemy. Though anxious and scared, she tries to reach the hand by using the reclining seats of the plane to distract the motion-detecting Stand. Notorious B.I.G ends up grabbing her by the boot, causing her to panic.

Trish discovers her Stand, Spice Girl

However, the boot almost unnaturally slides off of Trish's foot without letting the Stand touch her. Slightly confused, she leaves a claw mark on an armrest where she sets her hand down and begins to hear a feminine voice speak to her, telling her that she's chosen to protect Giorno and the others. A new Stand appears before Trish, introducing itself as her own: Spice Girl. Thanks to Spice Girl's ability to soften things, Trish manages to temporarily stun and wound Notorious B.I.G. Grabbing the brooch and retreating into the plane's back closet against Spice Girl's advice, Trish stops Notorious B.I.G by softening the door but the it still breaks through. Fortunately, Spice Girl softens a clock when the Stand breaches the door and the moving hands act as a distraction for Notorious B.I.G, who attacks the clock but cannot break it. Spice Girl attacks the enemy Stand by stabbing it with a pipe while it's distracted. It seems that the enemy Stand has been killed for good.

Trish exits the closet and heads for the cockpit but Notorious B.I.G manages to reach and consume the plane's engine, sending the plane into a sharp descent and consuming so much energy it invades the entire backside of the plane. Making a run to the front of the plane with the enemy Stand chasing after her, Trish uses Spice Girl to rapidly punch and break off the pilot's cabin, with Notorious B.I.G in the rest of the plane exploding. A small remain attaches itself to Abbacchio, causing Bucciarati to use Sticky Fingers' arm to get it off. Trish uses Spice Girl to sever that arm, sending Notorious B.I.G into the sea as she bids it an "Arrivederci".

From Sardinia to Rome

Trish discovers what her father looks like

Trish remains safe in the turtle for the entirety of the team's presence on La Costa Smeralda. Although Abbacchio is killed without warning, he leaves a mold of the Boss's face and fingerprints behind for his teammates. This attracts the attention of an unknown ally. Thanks to that ally, she eventually learns of her father's name: Diavolo. The team and the mysterious hacker agree to meet in Rome in the Colosseum. During Green Day's first attack, Trish is slightly wounded by the mold created by the stand, while Narancia was the most affected by the stand's ambush. Trish expresses her discontent at the fact that Bucciarati acted cold towards Narancia who was badly injured, resulting in a moment of wisdom and discernment of the latter who considers that the leader had the adequate reaction and even allowed his life to be saved. A concerned Trish replies that Bucciarati is acting cold towards the group as a whole, implicitly expressing her urge for Bucciarati's attention. Narancia understands it and construes her emotions as a mark of her growing feelings for Bucciarati but advises her to differ the exploration of her feelings for another time, as their situation is not suited for such considerations. Somehow, the team manages to defeat Cioccolata and Secco although Bucciarati gets separated from the group.

The Battle against Diavolo

Trish and Mista switch bodies

Arriving at the Colosseum, Trish senses Diavolo's presence and becomes paranoid, warning the gang of him. Suddenly, Chariot Requiem, Jean Pierre Polnareff's empowered Stand gone wild, manipulates the souls in Rome and puts everyone to sleep. When Trish wakes up, she realizes that she's in Mista's body and is appalled at his hygiene. Polnareff himself appears to explain them everything and their goal shifts to pursuing Chariot Requiem and take the Arrow. They also reunite with Bucciarati in Diavolo's body but Chariot Requiem shows that it can manipulate Stands to protect itself. Mista is almost shot in the head by his own Sex Pistols and Trish has to soften the bullet to save him. Worse, Diavolo is still present and manages to kill Narancia without being noticed. The team spend a short time mourning for their fallen comrade, then continues to pursue Chariot.

Diavolo manipulates Trish's soul

Giorno eventually works out that Diavolo's soul is cohabiting with one of his teammates; indeed Diavolo reveals himself in Mista's body and thus shares it with Trish's soul. King Crimson wrestles Spice Girl and takes control of Mista's body. Diavolo thus pursues Chariot Requiem, evading the team's attacks and almost seizing the Arrow. However, at a most crucial moment, when he tries to grab the arrow after having deflected some of Mista's bullets, Trish reveals herself conscious. Using her power, she reveals that she softened the bullets to make it look like they were blocked, and by undoing her ability, the bullets alongside their momentum are restored, shooting Diavolo through the hand and knocking the Arrow far away from him. Trish then tells her father that she'll overcome the fate she inherited, and will no longer cower or flee.

Trish mortally wounded

In a moment of complete hatred for his daughter, Diavolo has King Crimson punch Spice Girl through the abdomen, which sends Mista's body flying through the air in the direction of the Arrow. Trish's soul begins to ascend due to the fatal blow, and Diavolo has put himself on the path for capturing the Arrow. In the nick of time, Bucciarati sacrifices himself to destroy Chariot Requiem, allowing her soul to return her body and save her life while forcing Diavolo's soul away. Regaining consciousness, Trish warns Giorno that Diavolo is trying to escape, which inadvertently leads him to attack Giorno to save his own pride after hearing the comment. However, Giorno has already pierced Gold Experience with the Arrow. Trish then bears witness to the awakening of Giorno's newfound Stand, known as Gold Experience Requiem, and watches as her father and his seemingly invincible Stand ability face defeat.

Trish survives the battle

Skeptical that Diavolo might still be alive after being sent into the nearby river, Trish urges Giorno to look for him. However, he diffuses her worries with confidence that Diavolo's fate is final. She accepts the response then decides to go with Mista back in order to see the Colosseum and look for Bucciarati unknowing of his death. Giorno and Polnareff know of Bucciarati's fate but the reactions of Trish and Mista at this discovery remain unknown.

Purple Haze Feedback

(The information below derives from a Light Novel not written by Araki. As such, it may or may not be considered canon.)
  In the light novel Purple Haze Feedback, it is revealed that after the events of Vento Aureo, Trish pursued a career as a successful pop star. She mentions in a radio interview that she had been on stage for most of her life, accompanied by her late mother and manager. She gives thanks to "an amazing group of people" that helped her through her hiatus, referencing her time with Team Bucciarati.

A bonus chapter features Trish visiting Bucciarati's grave and incidentally meeting Bucciarati's mother. She recalls the moment the heroes discovered that Bucciarati was dead all along but Giorno persuades Mista to let him live. Giorno tells her that this is now as far as she'll go with the gang. Trish and Bucciarati's mother discuss about Bucciarati's demise and Trish at the least tells the Bruno died without regrets and what she thought of Bruno. The both of them cry together over Bucciarati's grave.



  • Donatella: Trish's mother, who had taken care of her for fifteen years despite her lover's disappearance. After falling ill, she advises her daughter to look for a certain "Solid Naso," whom she said to be her father. Trish thinks fondly of her mother after her death. In the anime, it is shown that Trish inherits Donatella's personality of disliking anything that is not beautiful, insects, and smelly men.
  • Diavolo: Trish's father, who was the boss of Passione, was initially unaware of her existence until her mother's death. He then issues Team Bucciarati to guard her from traitors until he meets up with her. However, his intentions were revealed as it turns out that he finds Trish as a threat to his identity, and could jeopardize his anonymity in Passione. He then disowns his own daughter and brands Team Bucciarati alongside her as traitors for trying to uncover his true identity. During the final battle, Trish attempts to stop him from getting the Arrow, to which he responds by bloodily punching her as an attempt to kill her for good. After Giorno defeats Diavolo, she shows relief, knowing he cannot cause terror anymore.


Team Bucciarati

  • Bruno Bucciarati: Bucciarati initially saw Trish as a way to get closer to the Boss. When he assists her in the elevator at the San Giorgio Maggiore church, he reassures her nervousness and thus Trish begins to trust him more. Throughout their journey to discovering the Boss's true identity, he sees her grow out of her shell and admires her determination to fight against her father. When Doppio feigns to be Trish, subsequently fooling Bucciarati, the latter offers Trish a small estate in the suburbs of Neapolis and utters that she has a right to peace and happiness.
  • Giorno Giovanna: Trish is introduced to Giorno during their escort mission, which he saw as an opportunity to finally get closer to Passione's Boss. Later on, Giorno starts demonstrating a degree of care for Trish, willing to sacrifice his chance to confront the Boss in order to ensure her well-being. During the battle with Notorious B.I.G, her Stand openly admits that Giorno's actions have allowed her spirit to mature. Trish assists Giorno in taking the Arrow as well as in defeating Diavolo.
  • Guido Mista: During their escort mission, Mista saw Trish as nothing more than the Boss's daughter, even jokingly pleading for her to spare Fugo from her father for accidentally bumping into her in the car to the train station. Later on, under Chariot Requiem's effects, the two's souls exchange bodies. Trish spares no time to criticize Mista's body, particularly his hygiene, while he carelessly acts barbaric in her body. After Diavolo's defeat, the two return to each other's bodies while having grown more accustomed with each other, with Trish even calling Mista's scent "nostalgic."[8]
  • Narancia Ghirga: They are seen to show some care towards each other. When first disguised as a worker, Trish was quite gruff towards Narancia and even insulted him. Though, when The Grateful Dead affects the Bucciarati's Gang, especially Narancia, she demonstrates some empathy towards him uses an ice brick on him instead of herself. During Bucciarati's betrayal of Boss, Narancia sees the wound that Trish suffered, and also realizes that their fates have a lot of similarities, so he decides to go with Bucciarati. After Narancia was badly injured by Green Day's attack, she criticizes Bucciarati's cold attitude towards him.
  • Pannacotta Fugo: After Trish is put under the protection of Team Bucciarati, Fugo tried to warmly greet her, but she only asked him to take off his jacket just to swipe her hands on it. The two remain neutral toward each other, even after Fugo was tempted by Mista to look at her breasts.
  • Leone Abbacchio: While Trish and Abbacchio did not interact much, he nonetheless becomes a crucial ally to her and the rest of the team in discovering the Boss's true identity.


  • La Squadra Esecuzioni: When it was discovered that The Boss of Passione had a child, Trish's existence was brought to the attention of the former assassination squad of Passione, under the leadership of Risotto Nero, which in turn endangered her life. Throughout Team Bucciarati's journey to deliver Trish to the Boss safely, the squad attempts to kidnap her in order to take revenge for the death their former members.


  • Pericolo: After her mother's death, Trish's existence was brought to attention of Passione. She was subsequently passed on to Pericolo's care, under the instructions of The Boss, who brought her to Capri to meet Team Bucciarati.

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Quote.png Quotes
  • Why are people coming after me, all for a father I've never even met!? Answer me!
    —Trish Una, Chapter 499: The Grateful Dead, Part 12
  • I want to know my origins, no matter what! I refuse to die before finding out!
    —Trish Una, Chapter 524: The "G" in Guts
  • Giorno isn't out of the fight just yet! I just have to protect that left hand!
    —Trish Una, Chapter 536: Notorious B.I.G, Part 4
    —Trish Una, Chapter 539: Spice Girl, Part 1
  • Let's find out the Boss's identity. It's time to trace my father's past.
    —Trish Una, Chapter 540: Spice Girl, Part 2
  • I have always been here. I have always been here by your side, ever since you were a little girl.
    —Spice Girl to Trish, Chapter 537: Notorious B.I.G, Part 5
  • Why!? Why am I Mista now!? There's hair growing on my fingers! My nails are short and they're shaped all wrong and there's gunk under them! I can't live like this!
    —Trish Una, Chapter 573: The Requiem Quietly Plays, Part 2
  • H..hey you! Where do you think your fingers are going!? Keep your fingers out of my panties! Don't spread your legs any wider or I'll kill you!
    —Trish Una, Chapter 573: The Requiem Quietly Plays, Part 2
  • I, too can overcome the fate I inherited from you. I will not cower or flee! If you try to stop me, I shall soar beyond you.
    —Trish Una, Chapter 583: Diavolo Surfaces, Part 4
  • The Arrow belongs to Giorno for eternity! Now the Boss will never be able to lay a single finger on that Arrow ever again!
    —Trish Una, Chapter 586: Gold Experience Requiem, Part 1


The information below derives from a source not written by Araki. As such, it may or may not be considered canon.
Trish Cicciolina
Trish Cicciolina

In the light novel JORGE JOESTAR, an incarnation of Trish lives in the 37th universe named Trish Cicciolina (トリッシュ・チチョリーナ, Torisshu Chichorīna). Trish Cicciolina has a completely different life compared to the original universe Trish, with her surname and careers based on Ilona Staller.

Although she appears similarly to the original Trish, she is middle aged in 2012 whereas the rest of Team Bucciarati (Universe 37) are still teenagers and young adults. She is not associated with them or Passione and instead becomes an adult entertainer. Later, she becomes a member of the Italian Parliament, and is even famous in Japan.

Kars transforms his mouth into a projector and transmits images from the memories of Narancia Ghirga (Universe 37) to a wall across from him. The images that first appear are pin-ups of Trish from various magazines. Narancia embarrassingly begs Kars to stop displaying them.[11]




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