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Mansaku Nijimura

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The name used on this page is from a source not written by Araki. As such, it may or may not be considered canon.

Nothing kills him — Not crushing his head, not cutting his body into tiny pieces, not even carving parts of him away... He always regenerates, doomed to go on living like this forever.

Mansaku Nijimura (虹村 万作 Nijimura Mansaku), also known as Father Nijimura (虹村父 Nijimura-Chichi), is a tertiary character featured in the fourth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Diamond is Unbreakable.

He was an abusive father and entered DIO's service, but the vampire's death causes the seed in his brain to turn him into a near mindless monster with regenerative powers. He is kept prisoner in the attic of the Nijimura Brothers' home while Keicho Nijimura seeks a Stand User that can kill him for good.



Nijimura Sr. is a rotund creature with blistered green skin, mismatched eyes, no ears, a squished nose, and puffy lips resembling a beak. He has a mohawk-like hairstyle with small bald patches in between. He wears a sleeveless shirt along with shorts.

Before his deformation, as seen in a photograph, he was a man of masculine features and short, dark hair, wearing a genial expression.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.

Skin(Dark green skin, pink lips)
Eyes(Light brown)
Outfit(Light blue shirt, dark blue shorts)

Skin(Dark green skin, brown lips)
Eyes(Light yellow sclerae, dark green irises)
Outfit(Red shirt, gray shorts)


Nijimura Sr. is unable to communicate above a basic, animalistic level. Keicho assumed that he is unable to recognize his two sons and possess much, if any, self and environmental awareness.[2]

His sons were originally frustrated by his apparently-meaningless habit of searching through a chest in his room. He would take everything out of the box and cry if the box was taken away, doing the routine over and over for ten years. However, Josuke restores the torn objects on the ground to reveal that Nijimura had been searching for a photograph of himself and his young family. Koichi theorizes that Nijimura can only recognize his sons' past appearances, so he cherishes his memories of them greatly, wistfully sobbing while gazing at the picture.[3]

Before his mutation, Nijimura was shown to be a man who loved his family. However, he was by no means a good father. He agreed to work for DIO in order to keep his family's economic situation together, but at the same time, he would often beat his sons without a second thought when he was stressed.[3]



Due to merging with DIO's immortal flesh, Nijimura is seemingly immortal;[3] any damage done to him is quickly healed. The limits of his regeneration are unknown. Unlike vampires, having his head crushed is ineffective. Likewise, being cut into pieces or having pieces of his body carved away simply lead to regeneration.[2] However, Nijimura's flesh is flimsy. A moderately strong punch is enough to cut his arm off or tear away large chunks of flesh.[2][3] Josuke Higashikata suggests using his Crazy Diamond to fix Mr. Nijimura, however it's unknown if this occured or if it worked.


Main article: Father Nijimura's Stand

As one of the men chosen by DIO during his search for Stand Users, Nijimura is stated to have a Stand. However, not even Keicho knows what it looked like or what its abilities were.[3][4] He seems to be unable to use it anymore as a result of the flesh bud fusing with his own flesh.[4]

Chapter 282 / DU Episode 5 (Mentioned only)



Twelve years prior to Diamond is Unbreakable, the mother of the Nijimura family died, leaving the father in depression. On top of that, Japan had been going through a tough time economically and the family soon fell into poverty causing the father to constantly abuse his sons as a result.

Two years later, the father started to receive letters with money and jewels. Much later in his life, his older son Keicho would realize his father had sold his soul and heart to DIO, who, at that time, was scouring the globe for a Stand user capable of recreating reality.

DIO, however, distrusted the father and implanted a seed of his undead body within him. When Jotaro defeated DIO, the seed burst, causing the father to slowly mutate into a monstrous form, and later lose his ability to speak. This form would automatically heal any wounds inflicted, effectively making him immortal. Keicho subsequently searched for a means to end his father's miserable life.

Diamond is Unbreakable

The father of the Nijimura brothers is first introduced as a bestial, unintelligent creature. It is kept on a chain and searches feverishly through a box for his family's photograph. However, Keicho misinterprets the action as mere insanity and angrily beats his mutated father for that reason. Only when Josuke examines the contents of the box and pieces the photograph back together is the father finally pacified. He suggests using his stand Crazy Diamond to heal their father, but they're interrupted with the arrival of Red Hot Chili Pepper. Chili Pepper murders Keicho and takes off with the Bow and Arrow.

With the money they had, Okuyasu enrolls into Josuke's highschool and continues to live with his father.

After Shigechi's murder, father Nijimura is seen with the rest of the present Morioh residents next to Okuyasu. They listen to Reimi Sugimoto explain the murder, and after a discussion Okuyasu walks off with his father right behind him.

After Kira's defeat. Nijimura Sr. is seen adopting Stray Cat and bonding with his new pet.

The information below derives from a source which was not written by Araki. As such, it may not be considered canon.

In the Anime, Father Nijimura is seen at Tonio's restaurant with Okuyasu. They attempt to cure his mutation through Tonio's ability but fail, unphased however, Okuyasu is still happy being around his father.

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  • In the credits of the live-action film, he is named Mansaku Nijimura (虹村 万作 Nijimura Mansaku). This follows the name theming of his family, as all three men have kanji in their names used for the myriad-based system of Japanese numerals which groups digits in larger numbers in sets of 4: man () in Mansaku represents 104 (10,000 or 1 0000), oku () in Okuyasu represents 108 (100,000,000 or 1 0000 0000), and chō () in Keicho represents 1012 (1,000,000,000,000 or 1 0000 0000 0000).



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