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Even in his old age... he's still the "Wicked Boy" B.T.

Cool Shock Old B.T. (魔老紳士ビーティー, Marōshinshi Bītī, lit. Old Demon Gentleman B.T.) is a spin-off manga written by Nisio Isin, author of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Over Heaven, and illustrated by Posuka Demizu, illustrator of The Promised Neverland.

The spin-off was first announced in the October 2021 issue of Ultra Jump on September 17, 2021, with the first chapter being published on October 19, 2021 in the November 2021 issue. It was initially a one-shot chapter, however, due to its popularity a second chapter was later released in the Winter 2023 issue of JOJO magazine on December 19, 2023 as part of the original series' 40th anniversary.[1]

The manga's first chapter takes place 60 years after the events of Cool Shock B.T. and stars an older B.T. and Koichi Mugikari.[2]


The Eerie Freckled Old Geezer Incident

In his car filled with JoJo's Bizarre Adventure collectibles, elderly B.T. is introduced by his best friend Koichi Mugikari. Koichi recounts how he got scammed out of his home and life savings by "The Outlaw Guys" company. They exploited his status as an author, flattered him, and tricked him into believing his house violated building codes. They sold him a shoddy villa in the suburbs of Morioh for 70 million yen, leading Koichi's son and grandkids to cut ties. When B.T. asks why the crooks referred to Koichi as "sensei", Koichi reminds him that Rohan Kishibe once designed a book cover for his novel based on B.T.

B.T. deduces the scam involved switching homes during the villa tour using structure relocation. They swapped the house with an empty one at Boyoyoing Cape and then returned it after showing the tour to Koichi. Although the police didn't intervene due to the scam involving a legitimate contract, B.T. and Koichi hatch a plan to find the scammers. They fake a video on J-Tube, with the help of B.T.'s affluent wife from London, who ships them diamonds. Koichi pretends to be wealthy in the video, claiming he found the diamonds in his villa's furniture.

Lured, the scammers meet them, and B.T., using his drama skills, dresses Koichi as a king and himself as a butler. They feign poisoning the scammers to extract information, though it's just sleeping pills. The Outlaw Guys' boss, Manabu, is aware of their approach, but B.T. and Koichi suddenly crash into his building. Manabu reveals that he already sold Koichi's house, but offers to buy it back since he still has the contract. However, he will only do so if B.T. can beat him in a game, otherwise he will take B.T.'s vintage car. Manabu challenges B.T. to a coin game, but B.T. asks to change the rules, suggesting that they decide the winner based on whether the difference between heads and tails will be an odd or even number. Both parties secretly use an extra coin to manipulate results. Yet, B.T. and Koichi outsmart Manabu and win the bet. Furious, Manabu charges toward B.T. with a sword, but is defeated by the scammers' self-driving car, which B.T. had hacked to target humans. Koichi recounts how they discovered the Outlaw Guys' hideout through the car's navigation history. Manabu and his gang are sent to a police hospital using the car. While the duo find Koichi's home contract in Manabu's safe, it would take time before Koichi could buy his house back. Koichi is invited to stay over at B.T.'s place but they must walk due to the tire of B.T.'s car being punctured by Manabu's sword. Despite B.T.'s mischievous ways, Koichi cherishes their bond.[3]

The "Say Hi to Old Virginia" Incident

In the year 2060, aboard the privately-owned spaceship "COOL SHOCK," 90-year-old B.T., wheelchair-bound and pipe-smoking, gazes into space. As Koichi enjoys an abalone risotto porridge prepared by their robot, Echoes ACT4, he is interrupted by a fuzzy transmission on their monitor. A mysterious figure informs them that he planted two bombs on their ship: one near the escape pod and a larger one, "Old Virginia," by the engine. After discovering the first bomb in the escape pod's cockpit, B.T. and Koichi find a mini-shogi puzzle attached, hinting at a disarmament code. Koichi solves the puzzle, and B.T. uses the derived code "765" to deactivate the bomb.

B.T. is intrigued by the challenge, so they confront "Old Virginia" in the engine room rather than escaping. However, this bomb, resembling a large orange with a rapidly counting down timer, has no puzzle or means of deactivation. It was merely bait for humiliating B.T. as they could have escaped before, but now it would be too late. As their situation seems hopeless, B.T. and Koichi reminisce about their long friendship, spanning from childhood adventures to adult milestones. After enjoying themselves, B.T. reveals he secretly kept the first bomb active as a contingency plan. Echoes ACT4 enters the engine room by itself and uses the bomb to trigger "Old Virginia," minimizing its explosion through a vacuum effect. The bomber, identified as Manabu, threatens to board their ship by warping into it. However, B.T., having hacked Manabu's ship, redirects it into an oncoming meteorite.

Finally, B.T. unveils his true intention for the space journey. He plans to seek an ultimate lifeform rumored by his grandmother to grant eternal life, so he tells Koichi that they need to go after that meteorite. Koichi, embracing their unbreakable bond, agrees to join B.T., declaring they'll always be kids at heart and best friends forever.[4]


Main Antagonist
Outlaw Guys Employees
Outlaw Guys Employees
Outlaw Guys Employees


Chapters published only in magazine format

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Release Date
Japan October 19, 2021 - December 19, 2023
Chapter Titles
  1. The Eerie Freckled Old Geezer Incident (そばかすの不気味老害事件, Sobakasu no Bukimi Rōgai Jiken)
  2. The "Say Hi to Old Virginia" Incident (「婆シニアによろしく」事件, 'Bā Shinia ni Yoroshiku' Jiken)

List of References

The manga contains many references to Hirohiko Araki's works, notably the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, the original Cool Shock B.T. series, as well as previous works by Araki himself. They can range from mentions to graphical nods.

The Eerie Freckled Old Geezer Incident - References
See here for a detailed table with image comparisons.
  • Announcement Advertisement: Callback to Cool Shock B.T.'s bunkoban cover.
  • Page 1: The cover mimics the layout of Cool Shock B.T.'s volume cover except the squirrel is replaced with Nozzo from Baoh the Visitor.
  • Page 2: Several items are visible in B.T.'s car: Caesar's headband, the figure from the Sardinian Taxi Driver's car, Giorno's brooch, the Red Stone of Aja, the Arrow, Joseph's clackers, a Steel Ball, the doll possessed by Ebony Devil, Joseph's polaroid, a Locacaca plant figure, B.T.'s ventriloquism doll, and a Stone Mask.
  • Page 2: The narration copies the one introducing Speedwagon at the beginning of "Battle Tendency".
  • Page 3: The page layout references CSBT Chapter 2's opening. Koichi's suit is the same as the one at the end of CSBT Chapter 6.
  • Page 5: The "Do Not Enter" signs with Koichi in between them are the same as the signs on the Nijimura house’s gates (DU Chapter 10).
  • Page 7: The title card is in the same style as in CSBT Chapter 2. A lock can be seen on the side of the car. B.T. had various locks in his room in CSBT Chapter 5.
  • Page 8: Koichi deals with representatives of the "Outlaw Guys" company.
  • Page 8: The pamphlets contain quotes from DIO and Yoshikage Kira. The pamphlet with Kira's quote also has Stray Cat drawn on it.
  • Page 8: Koichi's son left to live in the city 13 years ago, which is a reference to Rokusuke's son from Baoh the Visitor also leaving to the city 13 years ago.
  • Page 9: Coco Jumbo is visible in B.T.'s car, as well as a tribal mask, a miniature guillotine, a knife, a bottle with fishes, and several other bottles appearing in B.T.'s room in CSBT Chapter 5. Koichi mentions that Rohan Kishibe drew the cover of his book, a novel version of the original Cool Shock B.T. stories.
  • Page 11: The estate is located in the suburbs of Morioh.
  • Page 12: The SFX and B.T. say Ta-dah! (ドジャーン, Dojyaaa~~n!). This SFX first appears in CSBT Chapter 1 and is often used in its later chapters as well. Several years later, it became well known as the catchphrase of Funny Valentine from Steel Ball Run.
  • Page 12: A Stray Cat figure is visible on the board of the car.
  • Page 13: Koichi says "It’s been quite a cool shock to be blocked by my family", name-dropping the English title of the series.
  • Page 15: Koichi asks why his house became a Mansion Ghost, which is a specific phenomenon from Deadman's Questions.
  • Page 16: B.T. says it was an equivalent exchange between houses, referencing the Wall Eyes from JoJolion.
  • Page 17: B.T. says "bene" in Italian, like Giorno Giovanna and Tonio Trussardi.
  • Page 18: B.T. says his catchphrase from Cool Shock B.T.
  • Page 19: The SFX says Toruru (トゥルル) when the phone rings, referencing Doppio mimicking a phone ringing in Vento Aureo. One girl is wearing a hat resembling the head of Echoes ACT3 from Diamond is Unbreakable. The door has a sign that says “Burnable Trash Pickup – Monday, Wednesday, Friday” referencing the defeat of Cioccolata and Secco.
  • Page 20: The boss of the Outlaw Guys appears as a silhouette and is called "Boss" in English by those who work for him, much like the Boss of Passione in Vento Aureo.
  • Page 21: A comment on the video of Koichi states "I want to be like him!" referencing the quote of the two brats admiring Dio in Phantom Blood. Another comment says Gorgeous ★ Old Man referencing Gorgeous ★ Irene. Koichi shows the jewel he's acquired at the end of CSBT Chapter 5.
  • Page 21: The composition of the scene mimics a composition that Araki commonly uses when characters are shocked or afraid throughout JoJo, with their faces appearing in the foreground on the sides of the panel.
  • Page 22: J-Tube is a parody of YouTube, with the J possibly standing for JoJo. The channel is called “UJ Treasure Discovery Channel”, with UJ possibly referring to Ultra Jump.
  • Page 22: The Rococo-style drawer, Damascus rug and bookshelves are furniture that are identical to the ones seen in Irene Rapona's house in Gorgeous Irene.
  • Page 22: Koichi says that he's scared about how many views the video is getting but B.T. claims that what they’re doing is fun. This is a callback to CSBT Chapter 5 when Koichi is scared about stealing from the museum and B.T. says the same thing.
  • Page 23: B.T. uses eastern medicine from London, which references the eastern poison Dio was buying to poison George Joestar I. Him saying he plans to live until the age of 183 is a reference to Wang Chan's claim that he's seen a man with ear birthmarks live until that age.
  • Page 24: Figures of Clyde and the Derringer from "Say Hello to Virginia" are visible. B.T. references the battle against Wonder of U in JoJolion by saying if he can't pursue his enemies then he'll have to make them pursue him. B.T. is said to be a former drama club member, which is a callback to CSBT Chapter 3.
  • Page 25: Koichi wears the Red Stone of Aja. He references Senator Wilson Phillips from Stardust Crusaders by saying there's talks about him getting remarried to a model 25 years younger than him.
  • Page 26: The female scammer angrily says "Mukadotama! (ムカドタマ)" in her thoughts. This is a word that Araki made up to portray anger. Ninomori says it in CSBT Chapter 3. B.T. comes with Shinobu Kawajiri's prized tea set. A panel is drawn in the same style as Tohth.
  • Page 27: The rusty blade B.T. holds resembles the broken edge of Anubis that ends up at the bottom of the Nile, as it would appear after years underwater. He intimidates the scammer with it like how he intimidated a corrupt police officer with a knife in CSBT Chapter 0.
  • Page 29: B.T. calls himself a knight and says that the scammer is psychologically on a different level than him. This is a callback to CSBT Chapter 2 when he says the same thing except says he’s a noble instead of a knight. Koichi says "OH MY GOD!", the catchphrase of Joseph Joestar.
  • Page 30: The ringtone SFX of the phones reference Doppio's "Toruru" again. A sign on the left says "Concentration Camp (強制捕虜収容所)", referencing CSBT Chapter 4. A sign in front of the girl wearing the hat says "Rhinoceros Beetle (かぶと虫)" four times, referencing the 14 phrases from DIO's diary in Stone Ocean.
  • Page 30: There are prime numbers written on the paper by the boss’s shoes, referencing Enrico Pucci's habit. He has cola beside him which is a reference to Joseph's cola in Battle Tendency and also the boss himself having a drink when he was younger in CSBT Chapter 6.
  • Page 31: The boss holds and also shuts the book in the same way as Dio Brando in Chapter 1 of Phantom Blood.
  • Page 32: The car crashing into the hideout resembles the panel of Wilson Phillips running over civilians.
  • Page 34: A note behind Manabu says FE26789, which is Miraschon's prisoner number. A letter behind Manabu on the table says "Don’t call a lawyer!! (弁護士を呼ばせるな!!)". This is a parody of Jolyne saying "Call me a lawyer! (弁護士を呼べェェーッ!!)".
  • Page 35: Manabu says B.T.'s brain turned to mush (encephalomalacia), referencing what Empress said to Joseph in the Weekly Shonen Jump release of SC Chapter 36.
  • Page 35: B.T. sarcastically calls Manabu a ripple warrior because Lisa Lisa slowed down her aging with her ripple abilities. His "Quit acting like you’re some big shot" is a quote that Jotaro says to the Imposter Captain Tennille. Manabu saying he owns slaves is a callback to him saying Koichi's family members were his slaves in CSBT Chapter 6.
  • Page 38: B.T. quotes Dio and Giorno's signature phrase of "Useless, Useless".
  • Page 39: Manabu offers to make a bet and B.T. replies the same way he did when they were kids.
  • Page 40: B.T. accepts Manabu's challenge in the same way as Rohan's "I refuse" panel although he says "I accept".
  • Page 40: Manabu says "Good!" in English which he often said when he was younger too. This was later used by Daniel J. D'Arby, Telence T. D'Arby, Ken Oyanagi, and Miraschon as well.
  • Page 41: Manabu’s story about spreading rumors of knocking up a teenage girl is a reference to Josuke saying the whole town would gossip about a teenage delinquent who got someone knocked up.
  • Page 41: Manabu takes on Shigekiyo Yangu's grin, while mentioning how an old lady "harvested" all the coins he took from her.
  • Page 42: B.T. holds the coins like he does in the series' cover artwork. He also mentions how he bets on an odd number not based on coincidence, but on bizareness. This is also a play on the Japanese words for even and odd numbers.
  • Page 42: The SFX on the Koichi panel is the same as the "Pressure" SFX when Josuke is hunting Bug-Eaten.
  • Page 43: Koichi says "OPEN THE GAME!".
  • Page 44: B.T. palming a coin is a reference to him tricking Ninomori in CSBT Chapter 0. Koichi saying "And yet this guy wanted to prevent cheating? What a scoundrel!" is a reference to Jotaro realizing that Joseph was cheating against D'Arby.
  • Page 45: Manabu thinks the same thing about B.T. that Joseph says to Kars. Although they're good at tricking people, they can also be deceived themselves.
  • Page 47: Manabu quotes ZZ's "I win! Part 3 is over!" when he thinks he won the game. The panel showing heads and tails resembles Atum's power when reading Jotaro's mind. Manabu unsheathes a sword the same way he took out a knife when he was younger to throw at B.T.
  • Page 48: Manabu is tricked into being run over by a car again. Likewise, his sword misses B.T.
  • Page 49: The posters on the police station parody DIO's quotes on them. B.T. being glad that Koichi knew what he was thinking without any signals is a reference to Jotaro and Joseph's conversation after beating Telence T. D'Arby.
  • Page 51: Koichi's narration is the same as his narration at the end of CSBT Chapter 4. Manabu has the same expression as in the end of CSBT Chapter 6. A "To be Continued" arrow is shown. The last line is a parody of Diamond is Unbreakable.
The "Say Hi to Old Virginia" Incident - References
See here for a detailed table with image comparisons.
  • Title: The title is a pun based on Say Hi to Virginia using Japanese wordplay, as "Hag Senior" (バアシニア, Bā Shinia) sounds like "Virginia" (バージニア, Bājinia).
  • Page 1: B.T. does the same pose on the cover as Cool Shock B.T.'s bunkoban volume cover.
  • Page 2: The narration is almost the same as the first chapter's, parodying the introduction of Speedwagon at the beginning of Battle Tendency.
  • Page 2: Characters and items are floating in the spaceship: B.T.'s ventriloquism doll from CSBT Chapter 3, a ball from CSBT Chapter 1, the Middle Ordovician period's Trilobite fossil from CSBT Chapter 5, B.T.'s cards from CSBT Chapter 6, Mikitaka Hazekura as dice, and Coco Jumbo.
  • Page 3: The page layout references the first chapter's, as well as CSBT Chapter 2's opening.
  • Page 3: Koichi bringing up the sci-fi novel 2061: Odyssey Three is a reference to Koichi Hirose starting the narration of Vento Aureo by mentioning the sci-fi movie 2001: A Space Odyssey in Chapter 440.
  • Page 3: Echoes ACT4 is an older version of Echoes ACT3, taking the role of Clyde from Say Hi to Virginia.
  • Page 4: The COOL SHOCK ship is based on the Derringer from Say Hi to Virginia. The page is the same as well, listing 2 human personnel, 1 robot, and that the ship is on autopilot.
  • Page 4: Rolling Stones is floating above the ship. The metal frame that Enrico Pucci uses to awaken Made in Heaven is floating below.
  • Page 5: Echoes ACT4 serves Koichi Tonio Trussardi's abalone risotto from TSKR Episode 6. Koichi also mentions the Trattoria Trussardi restaurant, praising Echoes as a good chef like how Hiroshi Takemoto praises Clyde.
  • Page 5: Koichi's "Why do you think that is?" references Telence T. D'Arby asking Jotaro and Joseph why his brother never challenged him to a game from Chapter 235.
  • Page 5: Echoes ACT4 peels an apple like Clyde in Say Hi to Virginia.
  • Page 5: Koichi says the porridge can be tube fed to him like how Hiroshi says the soup can be tube fed in Say Hi to Virginia.
  • Page 6: The fuzzy transmission and bomber appearing on the screen knowing Koichi's name is the same as Say Hi to Virginia, where the bomber knows Hiroshi's name.
  • Page 6: Koichi's "Knock, knock" dialogue and pose references Joseph's dialogue from Chapter 53.
  • Page 7: The dialogue and the bomb placements are the same as Say Hi to Virginia. Koichi imagining the explosion references the art of the first bomb's explosion with Hiroshi and Clyde.
  • Page 8: The COOL SHOCK diagram is almost the same as the Derringer's diagram, including the length of 168 meters.
  • Page 8: Koichi asking why anyone would plant a bomb on a vintage private ship references Hiroshi asking why anyone would plant a bomb on a regular cargo ship.
  • Page 8: The first bomb is based on Sheer Heart Attack from Diamond is Unbreakable.
  • Page 8: The "kachi" (click) SFX from the bomb is the same as the Virginia bomb in Say Hi to Virginia.
  • Page 10: Koichi says "Mukadotama!" (ムカドタマ) like Ninomori in CSBT Chapter 3 and the female scammer in CSOBT Chapter 1.
  • Page 10: The vacuum bomb is the same as Say Hi to Virginia.
  • Page 11: B.T. asks if they used a road roller to fold the note, referencing the road roller DIO used in Chapter 263.
  • Page 12: The "Pressure" SFX references when Josuke is hunting Bug-Eaten from Chapter 329.
  • Page 14: When the bomb is deactivated, it gets crushed to the ground like Echoes ACT3 making Sheer Heart Attack heavier.
  • Page 14: The bird and sun from Boingo's Tohth comic appear.
  • Page 14: B.T.'s "Are you crazy? But we're having so much fun" references what he said to Koichi in CSBT Chapter 5. It was also in the previous chapter.
  • Page 14: B.T.'s "Koichi, Koichi, Koichi, Koichi" references Prosciutto's "Pesci, Pesci, Pesci, Pesci" from Chapter 492.
  • Page 15: B.T. says his "I'll make them pay! Pay what they deserve!" catchphrase from Cool Shock B.T. and Cool Shock Old B.T.'s first chapter.
  • Page 16: The orange bomb is based on Oingo's orange bomb.
  • Page 16: The "kachi" SFX is written in English like the Virginia's SFX was written sometimes in Say Hi to Virginia.
  • Page 17: B.T. calls the bomb "A Bombwork Orange", referencing the Weekly Shonen Jump title of Chapter 191, which in turn was referencing A Clockwork Orange.
  • Page 17: B.T. saying the "most, most, most, most, most" references Lovers from Chapter 164.
  • Page 17: Koichi getting annoyed about the bomber saying "Say Hi to Old Virginia" references Hiroshi's quote from Say Hi to Virginia.
  • Page 18: B.T. says they'll have no choice but to bite the dust, referencing Killer Queen's third bomb.
  • Page 19: The "NO! NO! NO!" and "YES! YES! YES!" references Telence's defeat in Chapter 237. Koichi's "OVER OVER" references Telence saying "ORA ORA".
  • Page 22: The background characters in the funeral memory look similar to the characters at Joseph's "funeral" in Chapter 113 (Messina, Lisa Lisa, Speedwagon, and Erina). Iggy is also there.
  • Page 22: In the memory of Koichi's book release, B.T. is wearing the clothes Dio wore in Chapter 1. Koichi is wearing a striped suit similar to the one at the end of CSBT Chapter 6. Like the previous chapter, Rohan Kishibe has a quote on the obi strips of the books.
  • Page 22: B.T. and Koichi pose in front of a Sherlock Holmes statue because Hirohiko Araki has stated B.T. is like Holmes while Koichi is like Watson.
  • Page 22: Aerosmith is flying behind the Sherlock Holmes statue.
  • Page 22: B.T.'s excavation of a Spinosaurus skeleton is a reference to CSBT Chapter 5. DIO's bone is on the ground.
  • Page 22: Koichi has Toru's teddy bear on his arm while in the hospital.
  • Page 23: Koichi and B.T. have a vacation in Hawaii, possibly referencing the setting of The JOJOLands.
  • Page 23: A beetle from Chapter 137 is on a tree in Hawaii. A female hand from one of Yoshikage Kira's victims is in a sandwich bag.
  • Page 23: B.T. is holding a Polaroid camera like Joseph's in Chapter 117.
  • Page 23: Koichi and B.T. looking at Switzerland watch models is a reference to the pilot chapter B.T. "The Wicked Boy" where Fuyuko Nakagawa stole a watch made in Switzerland. The watches on the left are labeled "Star Platinum" and the ones in the middle are labeled "The World".
  • Page 23: Koichi and B.T. play rugby in the same clothes as Jonathan and Dio at Hugh Hudson Academy in Chapter 6.
  • Page 23: B.T. is carrying Luck and Pluck during his magic show.
  • Page 24: B.T.'s dialogue is the same as Joseph's plan against Kars in Chapter 109.
  • Page 25: Unlike Joseph, B.T. declares he's not running away. Koichi's pose is the same as Smokey's in Chapter 109.
  • Page 27: B.T. and Koichi's fist bump is the same as Polnareff and Kakyoin's from Chapter 181.
  • Page 27: Koichi says "Grazie, ACT4", referencing Joseph's "Grazie, Loggins" from Chapter 77.
  • Page 27: The first bomb is still alive because Sheer Heart Attack has no weaknesses.
  • Page 28: B.T. says Jotaro's "Good grief" (やれやれだぜ, Yare yare daze).
  • Page 28: B.T. predicts Manabu's next line like Joseph.
  • Page 29: Manabu makes the same pose as when he was hit by the ambulance as a kid in CSBT Chapter 6 and by the car in the previous chapter.
  • Page 30: B.T.'s grandmother knew about Kars floating in space.
  • Page 30: B.T. says "it's as simple as picking up a small stone", which he told Koichi when they were kids in CSBT Chapter 5. The pose is the same as well.
  • Page 31: Koichi's narration is the same as his narration at the end of CSBT Chapter 4 and the previous chapter, saying that B.T. is a wicked boy but that he's his best friend.

Author's Notes

Link to this sectionCool Shock Old B.T. Chapter 1
This was fun! Many thanks to Araki-sensei and Demizu-sensei! (Nisio Isin)
Thank you for this wonderful opportunity! I'd also like to try to draw B.T. as a kid someday! (Posuka Demizu)
楽しかったです! 荒木先生、出水先生、ありがとうございました! (西尾)
貴重な機会感謝です! いつか少年ビーティーの絵にも挑戦してみたいです! (出水)
Link to this sectionCipher Academy Chapter 52
Please check out Cool Shock Old B.T. 2 in the JOJO magazine 2023 WINTER issue.
Nisio Isin, Weekly Shonen Jump, December 10, 2023



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