Cool Shock B.T. - Chapter 3

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The Prank Corpse Incident (イタズラ死体事件, Itazura Shitai Jiken) is the third chapter of Cool Shock B.T.. The chapter was originally published in WSJ in two parts as the second and third chapters of the series.


One day, Koichi surprises B.T. and an upperclassman named Ninomori plotting against another student named Date. Showing off his ventriloquy skills and how to fake a cardiac arrest by squeezing a ping-pong ball in his armpit, B.T. plots to swindle $1000 out of Date. It is revealed that B.T. is jealous of Date because he was courting a girl named Aiko whom B.T. had a crush on. For his part, Ninomori couldn't stand Date being better at kendo.

Koichi accompanies the two and witnessed Ninomori confront Date for a fake revenge. Ninomori notably breaks and stomps a memento from Date's grandfather, angering the man and causing him to make a serious strike. Ninomori falls and hits his head on a rock. Date is convinced that Ninomori is dead and B.T. barges in to blackmail Date, seemingly making him run to get the money. In the meantime, B.T. and Koichi discover that Ninomori really looks dead. Worse, Date comes back with a crowd and accuses the boys of having murdered Ninomori. Nonetheless, B.T. turns the situation around by using Date's memento and making it look like his grandfather is accusing Date from the otherworld. Ninimori actually comes to his senses, having unwittingly fooled everyone because his concussion from a sparring match made him fall unconscious.

Nonetheless, B.T. gets his wish as Aiko now looks down on Date for falsely accusing boys of murder.



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