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Q: "What was the reaction of the manga artist you parodied?"
Kita: "I don't think Araki-sensei really cared at all since he's much higher up than me. I've never met him."
—Yasuaki Kita, Q&A[1]

Makuhari (幕張, Makuhari) is a parody gag manga written and illustrated by Yasuaki Kita (木多 康昭, Kita Yasuaki). It was serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump from February 26, 1996 to November 17, 1997. The manga spans nine volumes and eighty-two chapters in total.

The manga is a parody and critique of editors, comedians, and other works within Weekly Shonen Jump. Examples include Sakigake!! Otokojuku, Midori no Makibaō, Rurouni Kenshin, Slam Dunk, Dragon Ball, and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.[2]


"I want to join the basketball team, but Jump already has Slam Dunk, and I don’t want to join the sexy commando team." With this reason, Tetsujin Shiota and Shigeo Nara have no choice but to join South Makuhari High School's baseball team. The unmotivated and ill-natured manager Miho Sakurai, as well as the gullible Koji Kanoya who was added on just to fill up a slot, make up the rest of the team in this coming-of-age story about a baseball team that doesn't play baseball at all.

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