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Cool Shock Old B.T. (魔老紳士ビーティー Marōshinshi Bītī), alternatively B.T. "The Wicked Gentleman", is a one-shot manga written by Nisio Isin, author of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Over Heaven, and illustrated by Posuka Demizu, illustrator of The Promised Neverland. The one-shot takes place 60 years after the events of Cool Shock B.T. and stars an older B.T..[1]


Sixty years after Cool Shock B.T., an elderly B.T. is seen in his car with several items from the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series as part of his collection. Koichi Mugikari re-introduces his best friend B.T. and presents the tale of this story, "The Eerie Freckled Old Geezer Incident". Meanwhile, Koichi's desk is taken and movers tell him to get out of their way. Koichi sadly walks out of his house, carrying a box of luggage while all of his other possessions are taken away. Suddenly, B.T. arrives behind him, nearly crashing into him. Stating that he's here to help Koichi move, B.T. asks how his best friend managed to get scammed and lose his property.

In a flashback, a man and woman from "The Outlaw Guys" company are at Koichi's house. They flatter Koichi for being a popular author and claim that their company will be able to settle his retirement expenses. They go into detail about various different banking accounts and money-making methods such as mutual funds, foreign exchange accounts, cryptocurrency investment, and the like. Koichi laughs at them and says he isn't the type of old man to fall for something like that. In the present, B.T. retorts that instead Koichi is the type of old man to let strangers into his home, asking if they looked like his son who left for the city 13 years ago.

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Sunny Stefen Nozzo
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Rohan Kishibe
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B.T.'s Wife
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List of References

The one-shot contains many references to Hirohiko Araki's works, notably the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, the original Cool Shock B.T. series, as well as previous works by Araki himself. They can range from mentions to graphical nods.

List of References
  • Page 1: The cover mimics the layout of Cool Shock B.T.'s volume cover except the squirrel is replaced with Nozzo from Baoh the Visitor.
  • Page 2: Several items are visible in B.T.'s car: Caesar's headband, the figure from the Sardinian Taxi Driver's car, Giorno's brooch, the Red Stone of Aja, the Arrow, Joseph's clackers, a Steel Ball, the doll possessed by Ebony Devil, Joseph's polaroid, a Locacaca plant figure, B.T.'s ventriloquism doll, a Stone Mask.
  • Page 2: The narration copies the one introducing Speedwagon at the beginning of "Battle Tendency".
  • Page 3: The page layout references CSBT Chapter 1's opening. Koichi's suit is the same as the one at the end of CSBT Chapter 6.
  • Page 7: The title card is in the same style as in CSBT Chapter 1.
  • Page 8: Koichi deals with representatives of the "Outlaw Guys" company.
  • Page 9: Coco Jumbo is visible in B.T.'s car, as well as a tribal mask and a miniature guillotine appearing in B.T.'s room in CSBT Chapter 5. Koichi mentions that Rohan Kishibe drew the cover of his book, a novel version of the original Cool Shock B.T. stories.
  • Page 11: The estate is located in the suburbs of Morioh.
  • Page 12: The SFX and B.T. say Ta-dah! (どジャアァァ~ン Dojyaaa~~n!), the catchphrase of Funny Valentine.
  • Page 12: A Stray Cat figure is visible on the board of the car.
  • Page 17: B.T. says "bene" in Italian, like Tonio Trussardi.
  • Page 21: Koichi shows the jewel he's acquired at the end of CSBT Chapter 5.
  • Page 22: the rococo-style drawer, Damascus rug and bookshelves are furnitures that are identical to the ones seen in Irene Rapona's house in "Gorgeous Irene".
  • Page 23: B.T. uses oriental medicine from London, which references the Oriental Poison Dio was buying to poison George Joestar I. Him saying he plans to live until the age of 183 is a reference to Wang Chan's claim that he's seen a man with ear birthmarks live until that age.
  • Page 24: Figures of Clyde and the Dillinger from "Say Hello to Virginia" are visible.
  • Page 25: Koichi wears the Red Stone of Aja.
  • Page 26: A panel is drawn in the same style as Tohth. B.T. comes with Shinobu Kawajiri's prized tea set.
  • Page 27: The rusty blade B.T. holds resembles the broken edge of Anubis that ends up at the bottom of the Nile, as it would appear after years underwater.
  • Page 29: Koichi says "OH MY GOD!".
  • Page 38: B.T. quotes Dio's signature phrase of "Useless, Useless".
  • Page 40: B.T. accepts Manabu's challenge in the same way as Rohan's "I refuse" panel although he says "I accept".
  • Page 41: Manabu takes on Shigekiyo Yangu's grin, while mentioning how an old lady "harvested" all the coins he took from her.
  • Page 42: B.T. holds the coins like he does in the series' cover artwork. He also mentions how he bets on an odd number not based on coincidence, but on bizareness, also a play on the Japanese words for even and odd numbers.
  • Page 43: Koichi says "Open the Game!".
  • Page 47: Manabu quotes ZZ's "I win! Part 3 is over!" when he thinks he won the game.
  • Page 48: Manabu is tricked into being run over by a car again. Likewise, his sword cane misses B.T..
  • Page 51: Manabu has the same expression as in the end of CSBT Chapter 6. A "To be Continued" arrow is shown.



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