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Even in his old age... he's still Devil Boy B.T.
Koichi Mugikari, Cool Shock Old B.T.

Cool Shock Old B.T. (魔老紳士ビーティー Marōshinshi Bītī, lit. Demon Gentleman B.T.) is a one-shot manga written by Nisio Isin, author of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Over Heaven, and illustrated by Posuka Demizu, illustrator of The Promised Neverland. The one-shot takes place 60 years after the events of Cool Shock B.T. and stars an older B.T..[1]

The story is presented as a standalone chapter titled "The Eerie Freckled Old Geezer Incident" (そばかすの不気味老害事件 Sobakasu no Bukimi Rōgai Jiken). In it, Koichi Mugikari falls for a scam from the "Outlaw Guys" and loses his house and retirement money. Ostracized by his family, Koichi can only rely on his childhood friend, B.T., to deliver justice.


An elderly B.T. is seen in his car with several items from the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series as part of his collection. Koichi Mugikari re-introduces his best friend B.T. and presents the tale of this story, "The Eerie Freckled Old Geezer Incident". Meanwhile, Koichi's desk is taken and movers tell him to get out of their way. Koichi sadly walks out of his house, carrying a box of luggage while all of his other possessions are taken away. Suddenly, B.T. arrives behind him, nearly crashing into him. Stating that he's here to help Koichi move, B.T. asks how his best friend managed to get scammed and lose his property.

In a flashback, a man and woman from "The Outlaw Guys" company are at Koichi's house. They flatter Koichi for being a popular author and claim that their company will be able to settle his retirement expenses. They go into detail about various different banking accounts and money-making methods such as mutual funds, foreign exchange accounts, cryptocurrency investment, and the like. Koichi laughs at them and says he isn't the type of old man to fall for something like that. In the present, B.T. retorts that instead Koichi is the type of old man to let strangers into his home, asking if they looked like his son who left for the city 13 years ago. B.T. asks why they called Koichi "sensei", so Koichi reminds him that it was because he wrote a novel based on B.T. when he was 35 years old, which Rohan Kishibe drew the cover for.

The flashback resumes and the scammers make Koichi anxious by saying his house is violating the building standards act and it's possible he'll be arrested. They offer to sell him a single-family villa with a garden attached located in the suburbs of Morioh for 70 million yen. Koichi thinks that's a crazy amount of money but they convince him to sell his current house to pay it off so that Koichi's grandkids would be happy to visit him in the future. Back in the present, Koichi reveals that they also stole his life savings, pension, and late wife's inheritance. Koichi's son and his son's family were so dumbfounded that they stopped contacting him. Koichi and B.T. arrive at the villa, only to see that it's rundown and not what they offered to sell him. B.T. reveals that they tricked him by swapping the villa with a different one during the tour Koichi went on beforehand. Using a technique called structure relocation, they lifted the entire house with a jack and carried it elsewhere. B.T. examines the tracks on the ground and finds that they lead to Boyoyoing Cape which has a lot of conveniently empty houses. Once the tour was over, they moved the houses back to their original locations.

B.T. asks Koichi if he contacted the police, but Koichi said they didn't want to handle it since it was a legitimate contract and the scammers went into hiding. However, B.T. claims that's good for them since now they can get payback themselves. At the hideout of the Outlaw Guys, the group continues scamming elderly people. The scammers ask how old people could be so stupid and gullible but their boss angrily tells them to scam the elderly respectfully and not talk badly about them. One of the members brings their attention toward a video on J-Tube, pointing out that it has the man they sold the house to. The video shows Koichi as a rich celebrity, having found 100 million worth of diamonds in the furniture of his house. This is actually a ploy by B.T. and Koichi to lure the scammers to them. B.T. had his wife send furniture from London and the diamonds they "found in the furniture" were actually retrieved from a museum when they were kids. Koichi reveals that B.T.'s wife currently lives in England and is the sole CEO of a trading company after B.T. retired.

B.T. takes some oriental medicine while they wait, and soon the scammers arrive in the latest electric car model which can drive autonomously. B.T. and Koichi get dressed up using B.T.'s stage clothing, as B.T. was a former drama club member and even now does volunteer performances at child welfare facilities. Koichi dresses like a king, wearing lots of jewelry and the Red Stone of Aja. He pretends to thank the two scammers while they're baffled as to how he suddenly became so rich. B.T. dresses as a butler and brings them tea but as soon as they drink it, the male scammer collapses. B.T. then brings out a blade and intimidates the female scammer, claiming that he poisoned them with tetrodotoxin from blowfish. He says that if they want the antidote, she'll have to tell him where their hideout is and reveal the identity of their boss. Meanwhile, Koichi narrates that B.T. actually just put sleeping pills in the tea and not poison.

At the hideout of the Outlaw Guys, they wonder why the two members are running late. The boss reads through Koichi's Cool Shock B.T. novel and suddenly declares that they'll have to evacuate in two minutes. Before they could, B.T.'s car crashes through the building. The boss reveals himself to be Manabu, claiming that he knew they'd try to hit him with a car again since they did with an ambulance 60 years ago. However, B.T. doesn't recognize him. Manabu reveals that he already sold Koichi's house for seven million yen. He offers B.T. to make a bet. If he loses, he'll buy the house back since he still has the contract, and if he wins then he'll take B.T.'s vintage car. B.T. accepts and Manabu explains the rules. He reveals a pouch full of coins and says they'll gamble by scattering all the coins across the slanted tables, with the winner having to guess whether there will be more heads or tails. B.T. inspects the coins and asks where he got them from. Manabu replies that he blackmailed an old lady in a candy store by mentioning that her reputable grandson may have knocked up a teenage girl, so she ran around collecting money for him so he doesn't spread the rumor.

B.T. says he's fine with the game but would like to change the rules. He suggests that they decide the winner based on whether the difference between heads and tails will be an odd or even number. Manabu agrees and chooses that it'll be even, so B.T. goes with odd. Koichi is the dealer and tosses the coins as the game begins. Koichi notices that B.T. was palming a coin that he pickpocketed. If he placed an extra coin on the table, B.T. could ensure the difference would be an odd number. However, Manabu also had a coin hidden in his palm. Manabu notices B.T. move his hand so he also places his hidden coin on the table in order to make it an even number. He declares that he's the winner and laughs until he notices that it's actually an odd number. Dumbfounded at his loss, Manabu unsheathes his cane to reveal a sword and charges toward B.T. However, B.T. had hacked the autonomous car of the scammers beforehand and set it to target Manabu. Manabu is hit by the car and his sword goes flying, landing beside B.T. and puncturing his vintage car's tire.

Koichi relays that B.T. found the hideout of the Outlaw Guys by looking through the navigation history on the autonomous car. They use the car to send Manabu and his slaves to the police hospital. Meanwhile, B.T. opens Manabu's safe and remarks that he's glad Koichi caught on to his idea without any signals. Koichi reveals that he also had a hidden coin during the game as well, and had quietly placed it after both B.T. and Manabu placed their extra coins, thus making the difference an odd number again. B.T. finds the contract of Koichi's old house in the safe but it'll take some time for him to get it back. He allows Koichi to stay over at his house for the time being, insisting that his grandmother would be happy to see him. However, since B.T.'s tire was punctured by the sword, they'll have to walk all the way there. B.T. steals a wallet he found in the safe, as he and Koichi prepare to go on the long trek back home. Koichi narrates that despite still being a wicked boy at his old age, B.T. is still his best friend.


Sunny Stefen Nozzo
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Rohan Kishibe
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B.T.'s Wife
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B.T.'s Grandmother
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Coco Jumbo
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List of References

The one-shot contains many references to Hirohiko Araki's works, notably the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, the original Cool Shock B.T. series, as well as previous works by Araki himself. They can range from mentions to graphical nods. See here for a detailed list with image comparisons.

List of References
  • Announcement Advertisement: Callback to Cool Shock B.T.'s bunkoban cover.
  • Page 1: The cover mimics the layout of Cool Shock B.T.'s volume cover except the squirrel is replaced with Nozzo from Baoh the Visitor.
  • Page 2: Several items are visible in B.T.'s car: Caesar's headband, the figure from the Sardinian Taxi Driver's car, Giorno's brooch, the Red Stone of Aja, the Arrow, Joseph's clackers, a Steel Ball, the doll possessed by Ebony Devil, Joseph's polaroid, a Locacaca plant figure, B.T.'s ventriloquism doll, a Stone Mask.
  • Page 2: The narration copies the one introducing Speedwagon at the beginning of "Battle Tendency".
  • Page 3: The page layout references CSBT Chapter 2's opening. Koichi's suit is the same as the one at the end of CSBT Chapter 6.
  • Page 5: The "Do Not Enter" signs with Koichi in between them are the same as the signs on the Nijimura house’s gates (DU Chapter 10).
  • Page 7: The title card is in the same style as in CSBT Chapter 2. A lock can be seen on the side of the car. B.T. had various locks in his room in CSBT Chapter 5.
  • Page 8: Koichi deals with representatives of the "Outlaw Guys" company.
  • Page 8: The pamphlets contain quotes from DIO and Yoshikage Kira. The pamphlet with Kira's quote also has Stray Cat drawn on it.
  • Page 8: Koichi's son left to live in the city 13 years ago, which is a reference to Rokusuke's son from Baoh the Visitor also leaving to the city 13 years ago.
  • Page 9: Coco Jumbo is visible in B.T.'s car, as well as a tribal mask, a miniature guillotine, a knife, a bottle with fishes, and several other bottles appearing in B.T.'s room in CSBT Chapter 5. Koichi mentions that Rohan Kishibe drew the cover of his book, a novel version of the original Cool Shock B.T. stories.
  • Page 11: The estate is located in the suburbs of Morioh.
  • Page 12: The SFX and B.T. say Ta-dah! (ドジャーン Dojyaaa~~n!). This SFX first appears in CSBT Chapter 1 and is often used in its later chapters as well. Several years later, it became well known as the catchphrase of Funny Valentine from Steel Ball Run.
  • Page 12: A Stray Cat figure is visible on the board of the car.
  • Page 13: Koichi says "It’s been quite a cool shock to be blocked by my family", name-dropping the English title of the series.
  • Page 15: Koichi asks why his house became a Mansion Ghost, which is a specific phenomenon from Deadman's Questions.
  • Page 16: B.T. says it was an equivalent exchange between houses, referencing the Wall Eyes from JoJolion.
  • Page 17: B.T. says "bene" in Italian, like Giorno Giovanna and Tonio Trussardi.
  • Page 18: B.T. says his catchphrase from Cool Shock B.T.
  • Page 19: The SFX says Toruru (トゥルル) when the phone rings, referencing Doppio mimicking a phone ringing in Vento Aureo. One girl is wearing a hat resembling the head of Echoes ACT3 from Diamond is Unbreakable. The door has a sign that says “Burnable Trash Pickup – Monday, Wednesday, Friday” referencing the defeat of Cioccolata and Secco.
  • Page 20: The boss of the Outlaw Guys appears as a silhouette and is called "Boss" in English by those who work for him, much like the Boss of Passione in Vento Aureo.
  • Page 21: A comment on the video of Koichi states "I want to be like him!" referencing the quote of the two brats admiring Dio in Phantom Blood. Another comment says Gorgeous ★ Old Man referencing Gorgeous ★ Irene. Koichi shows the jewel he's acquired at the end of CSBT Chapter 5.
  • Page 21: The composition of the scene mimics a composition that Araki commonly uses when characters are shocked or afraid throughout JoJo, with their faces appearing in the foreground on the sides of the panel.
  • Page 22: J-Tube is a parody of YouTube, with the J possibly standing for JoJo. The channel is called “UJ Treasure Discovery Channel”, with UJ possibly referring to Ultra Jump.
  • Page 22: The Rococo-style drawer, Damascus rug and bookshelves are furniture that are identical to the ones seen in Irene Rapona's house in Gorgeous Irene.
  • Page 22: Koichi says that he's scared about how many views the video is getting but B.T. claims that what they’re doing is fun. This is a callback to CSBT Chapter 5 when Koichi is scared about stealing from the museum and B.T. says the same thing.
  • Page 23: B.T. uses oriental medicine from London, which references the Oriental Poison Dio was buying to poison George Joestar I. Him saying he plans to live until the age of 183 is a reference to Wang Chan's claim that he's seen a man with ear birthmarks live until that age.
  • Page 24: Figures of Clyde and the Derringer from "Say Hello to Virginia" are visible. B.T. references the battle against Wonder of U in JoJolion by saying if he can't pursue his enemies then he'll have to make them pursue him. B.T. is said to be a former drama club member, which is a callback to CSBT Chapter 3.
  • Page 25: Koichi wears the Red Stone of Aja. He references Senator Wilson Phillips from Stardust Crusaders by saying there's talks about him getting remarried to a model 25 years younger than him.
  • Page 26: The female scammer angrily says "Mukadotama! (ムカドタマ)" in her thoughts. This is a word that Araki made up to portray anger. Ninomori says it in CSBT Chapter 3. B.T. comes with Shinobu Kawajiri's prized tea set. A panel is drawn in the same style as Tohth.
  • Page 27: The rusty blade B.T. holds resembles the broken edge of Anubis that ends up at the bottom of the Nile, as it would appear after years underwater. He intimidates the scammer with it like how he intimidated a corrupt police officer with a knife in CSBT Chapter 0.
  • Page 29: B.T. calls himself a knight and says that the scammer is psychologically on a different level than him. This is a callback to CSBT Chapter 2 when he says the same thing except says he’s a noble instead of a knight. Koichi says "OH MY GOD!", the catchphrase of Joseph Joestar.
  • Page 30: The ringtone SFX of the phones reference Doppio's "Toruru" again. A sign on the left says "Concentration Camp (強制捕虜収容所)", referencing CSBT Chapter 4. A sign in front of the girl wearing the hat says "Rhinoceros Beetle (かぶと虫)" four times, referencing the 14 phrases from DIO's diary in Stone Ocean.
  • Page 30: There are prime numbers written on the paper by the boss’s shoes, referencing Enrico Pucci's habit. He has cola beside him which is a reference to Joseph's cola in Battle Tendency and also the boss himself having a drink when he was younger in CSBT Chapter 6.
  • Page 31: The boss holds and also shuts the book in the same way as Dio Brando in Chapter 1 of Phantom Blood.
  • Page 32: The car crashing into the hideout resembles the panel of Wilson Phillips running over civilians.
  • Page 34: A note behind Manabu says FE26789, which is Miraschon's prisoner number. A letter behind Manabu on the table says "Don’t call a lawyer!! (弁護士を呼ばせるな!!)". This is a parody of Jolyne saying "Call me a lawyer! (弁護士を呼べェェーッ!!)".
  • Page 35: Manabu says B.T.'s brain turned to mush (encephalomalacia), referencing what Empress said to Joseph in the Weekly Shonen Jump release of SC Chapter 36.
  • Page 35: B.T. sarcastically calls Manabu a ripple warrior because Lisa Lisa slowed down her aging with her ripple abilities. His "Quit acting like you’re some big shot" is a quote that Jotaro says to the Impostor Captain Tennille. Manabu saying he owns slaves is a callback to him saying Koichi's family members were his slaves in CSBT Chapter 6.
  • Page 38: B.T. quotes Dio and Giorno's signature phrase of "Useless, Useless".
  • Page 39: Manabu offers to make a bet and B.T. replies the same way he did when they were kids.
  • Page 40: B.T. accepts Manabu's challenge in the same way as Rohan's "I refuse" panel although he says "I accept".
  • Page 40: Manabu says "Good!" in English which he often said when he was younger too. This was later used by Daniel J. D'Arby, Telence T. D'Arby, Ken Oyanagi, and Miraschon as well.
  • Page 41: Manabu’s story about spreading rumors of knocking up a teenage girl is a reference to Josuke saying the whole town would gossip about a teenage delinquent who got someone knocked up.
  • Page 41: Manabu takes on Shigekiyo Yangu's grin, while mentioning how an old lady "harvested" all the coins he took from her.
  • Page 42: B.T. holds the coins like he does in the series' cover artwork. He also mentions how he bets on an odd number not based on coincidence, but on bizareness. This is also a play on the Japanese words for even and odd numbers.
  • Page 42: The SFX on the Koichi panel is the same as the "Pressure" SFX when Josuke is hunting Bug-Eaten.
  • Page 43: Koichi says "OPEN THE GAME!".
  • Page 44: B.T. palming a coin is a reference to him tricking Ninomori in CSBT Chapter 0. Koichi saying "And yet this guy wanted to prevent cheating? What a scoundrel!" is a reference to Jotaro realizing that Joseph was cheating against D'Arby.
  • Page 45: Manabu thinks the same thing about B.T. that Joseph says to Kars. Although they're good at tricking people, they can also be deceived themselves.
  • Page 47: Manabu quotes ZZ's "I win! Part 3 is over!" when he thinks he won the game. The panel showing heads and tails resembles Atum's power when reading Jotaro's mind. Manabu unsheathes a sword the same way he took out a knife when he was younger to throw at B.T.
  • Page 48: Manabu is tricked into being run over by a car again. Likewise, his sword misses B.T.
  • Page 49: The posters on the police station parody DIO's quotes on them. B.T. being glad that Koichi knew what he was thinking without any signals is a reference to Jotaro and Joseph's conversation after beating Telence T. D'Arby.
  • Page 51: Koichi's narration is the same as his narration at the end of CSBT Chapter 4. Manabu has the same expression as in the end of CSBT Chapter 6. A "To be Continued" arrow is shown. The last line is a parody of Diamond is Unbreakable.

Author's Comment

Link to this sectionAuthor's Note
This was fun! Many thanks to Araki-sensei and Demizu-sensei! (Nisio Isin)
Thank you for this wonderful opportunity! I'd also like to try to draw B.T. as a kid someday! (Posuka Demizu)
楽しかったです! 荒木先生、出水先生、ありがとうございました! (西尾)
貴重な機会感謝です! いつか少年ビーティーの絵にも挑戦してみたいです! (出水)



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