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Rohan Kishibe Does Not Shout: Short Story Collection (岸辺露伴は叫ばない 短編 小説集, Kishibe Rohan wa Sakebanai Tanpen Shōsetsu-shū) is the first volume of an anthology of short stories based on the Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan series.

Published by Shueisha, it includes five stories written by four Japanese authors, with the original concept by Hirohiko Araki. They all revolve around the adventures of Rohan Kishibe from Diamond is Unbreakable, the fourth part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

The first four chapters were originally released in Ultra Jump contained in a booklet, which were later compiled into this composite volume. The fifth is an original story written for this volume.



At Café Deux Magots, Rohan organizes his material for a new story when he is caught by a fellow manga artist who had the same idea, Jugo Shishi. Jugo starts making small talk with Rohan such as his change of editor. His new editor gave him a list of prohibited terms for manga, but Jugo found a word in the list that he wasn't familiar with, "kushagara". Jugo didn't understand the meaning of the word or why it was prohibited. He tried to investigate about "kushagara" but couldn't find anything meaningful. After telling Rohan about it, Jugo asks Rohan to immediately inform him if he finds any clues.

About a month later, Rohan and Jugo coincidentally reunite at an antiquarian bookstore. Rohan gets the feeling that Jugo is extraordinarily obsessed with the meaning of "kushagara" and tries to find out what is happening to him.

The word "kushagara" used in the story is set as a substitute term for an actual prohibited term that cannot be written. People who are interested in this word gradually become oblivious to other things as they try to investigate it.


At the café, Rohan gets in touch with a man named Agent Gabriel (エージェント・ガブリエル, Ējento Gaburieru). One week prior, Rohan was contacted by Gabriel who claimed to be from the Speedwagon Foundation and had a request for Rohan. The agent wanted a portrait of a person and offers Rohan $500,000. Rohan is bewildered by the amount of the reward, but when he hears that the name of the person is "Spaghetti Man" (スパゲッティ・マン, Supagetti Man), Rohan agrees. Rohan had actually recently encountered Spaghetti Man and was the only one who survived, so he tells the story to Gabriel.

Targeting those who notice his existence in photos, the Spaghetti Man sucks his victims into a black hole on his chest.

Blood-Stained Bookmark

  • Written by Mirei Miyamoto (宮本 深礼, Miyamoto Mirei)

Investigating fugu poisoning, Rohan visits the library in S City and asks the librarian to take out the rare book "Introduction to Eating Fugu" from the closed stacks. There were only a few people in the library and Rohan finds out that people stopped coming due to a rumor that finding a "bright red bookmark" caught between the books there would cause unhappiness.

Interested in the story, Rohan begins searching for bookmarks while the librarian goes to the closed stack library to get the book he wanted. However, in the children's corner, Rohan discovers the "Introduction to Eating Fugu" book which shouldn't be there. Upon opening it, he sees the bright red bookmark.

Censored Equation

  • Written by Yusuke Iba (維羽 裕介, Iba Yūsuke)

Rohan was asked by Shueisha to write a short story on the theme of encountering the unknown, and so he visits a university library near Morioh to find out about aliens. Yuto Chikamori (近森 優斗, Chikamori Yūto), a graduate student, assists Rohan in finding documents because he was Rohan's fan. However, Rohan was interested in Chikamori's notebook that was placed on the desk. Rohan finds a partially torn page with a mathematical formula on it. When asking Chikamori about it, the student reacts strangely and reveals that it was a fragment of a mathematical formula to interfere with another dimension. It is said that his girlfriend became unconscious in the middle of trying to solve it.

Assuming the cause of his girlfriend's state was due to the equation, Chikamori attempted to solve it but could not do so due to it being incomplete. Since his girlfriend had little time left to live, Chikamori pleads with Rohan to use this in his short story to bring attention to it and find any clues. Rohan becomes curious about his story and goes to the hospital where Chikamori's lover was hospitalized to find out the truth.


  • Written by Ballad Kitaguni (北國 ばらっど, Kitaguni Baraddo)

Rohan visits a tax office where his tax accountant, Seiko Sakanoue (坂ノ上 誠子, Sakanoue Seiko), preaches to him about how he should manage his money. His story of "I bought six mountains just for collecting data on the Yokai legend and went bankrupt" was particularly disturbing to her. While Rohan acts as if he's remorseful, Seiko finds a receipt with "Okami-sama" written in the address field. Rohan asks about it, and Seiko reveals that if you write "Okami-sama" as the recipient of a receipt, the fact that you would have to pay for it disappears. However, Rohan couldn't hear the whole story as Seiko received a call from another guest.

Interested in the effects, Rohan tries out writing "Okami-sama" on his way back from the fan event that he appeared in.




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