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Rohan Kishibe Does Not Frolic: Short Story Collection (岸辺露伴は戯れない 短編 小説集, Kishibe Rohan wa Tawamurenai Tanpen Shōsetsu-shū) is the second volume of an anthology of short stories based on the Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan series.

Published by Shueisha, it includes four stories written by three Japanese authors, with the original concept by Hirohiko Araki. They all revolve around the adventures of Rohan Kishibe from Diamond is Unbreakable, the fourth part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

The first three chapters were originally released in Ultra Jump contained in a booklet, which were later compiled into this composite volume. The fourth is an original story written for this volume.


Box of Happiness

Rohan is called to the home of Ikkei Gozan (五山 一京(ござん いっけい), Gozan Ikkei), an antique dealer with whom he was acquainted with, under the pretext of "I want to show you a strange item." He places an item wrapped in furoshiki in front of Rohan called the "Happiness Box", which apparently has happiness packed inside. Rohan becomes angry thinking that Gozan was scheming something and is about to go home without touching the box. However, the furoshiki wrapping suddenly unravels itself to reveal innumerable ceramic pieces.

Rohan becomes irritated that he was falling for Gozan's trick. He then understands that it is actually a puzzle and could only be assembled by someone with special talents such as a Stand user. Thus, Rohan starts assembling the box out of curiosity.


  • Written by Mirei Miyamoto (宮本 深礼, Miyamoto Mirei)

Rohan sketches children playing in the park in search of the reality necessary for drawing his next one-shot work. Rohan is about to leave before being treated as a suspicious person, but notices that one child is touching his sketchbook. Rohan tells him to apologize for tampering with his work tools, but the boy doesn't. After a while, his mother appears and apologizes on behalf of her son. She tells Rohan a mysterious story about the reason why he "does not apologize".

The boy, Ken-chan (ケンちゃん), was playing at a park in Yuyanagidai where they used to live when he was suddenly attacked by a laughing black monkey. Since then, Ken could no longer speak. Curious, Rohan asks Ken to sketch the monkey.

Symmetry Room

  • Written by Ballad Kitaguni (北國 ばらっど, Kitaguni Baraddo)

Rohan is informed that the president of Morioh University of Information and Communication Technology had died, and so he visits the university for coverage. He meets Shohei Tsuchiyama (土山 章平(つちやま しょうへい), Tsuchiyama Shōhei) there, the architect who was in charge of the new school building's construction. Rohan gradually becomes dissatisfied with the man's aesthetic sense and professionalism, as he was only obsessed with symmetry.

As Rohan brings this up to him, the architect does not listen and informs Rohan that he is now trapped in the multipurpose hall on the fifth floor of the new school building, which is his masterpiece and the president's death site. Rohan immediately tries to escape but is also attacked by a mystery that seems to have killed the president there.

Gleanings of Paradise

Rohan is asked to work by a culinary magazine publisher and visits a recently opened casual French restaurant in Morioh to hear their presentation. The editor of the magazine, Toshiya Utsurogi, tells Rohan of their plan to publish a monthly collaboration gourmet manga with a popular writer in their magazine and Rohan as the artist. Rohan is reluctant because of the difference in style from his normal works.

Utsurogi then tells Rohan about the Gleanings of Paradise, which is said to be a legendary variety of wheat that can change the composition of the person who eats it. Utsurogi believes it could cure his daughter's allergy of wheat. He heard that a friend from his university days, Shozo Yaginuma, was growing that wheat. Thus, Rohan decides to go with Utsurogi to visit Yaginuma's cultivation area.




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