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Symmetry Room (シンメトリー・ルーム, Shinmetorī Rūmu) is a short story that is part of an anthology of short stories based on the Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan series. It was written by Ballad Kitaguni and published by Shueisha. Symmetry Room was included with the January 2018 issue of Ultra Jump.

It was then compiled in a collection named Rohan Kishibe Does Not Frolic with three other stories, which released for sale on July 19, 2018. Symmetry Room is on pages 117-194 in the volume.


Rohan is informed that the president of Morioh University of Information and Communication Technology had died, and so he visits the university for coverage. He meets Shohei Tsuchiyama (土山 章平(つちやま しょうへい), Tsuchiyama Shōhei) there, the architect who was in charge of the new school building's construction. Rohan gradually becomes dissatisfied with the man's aesthetic sense and professionalism, as he was only obsessed with symmetry.

As Rohan brings this up to him, the architect does not listen and informs Rohan that he is now trapped in the multipurpose hall on the fifth floor of the new school building, which is his masterpiece and the president's death site. Rohan immediately tries to escape but is also attacked by a mystery that seems to have killed the president there.


Shohei Tsuchiyama
Shohei Tsuchiyama
Toru Karasawa
Toru Karasawa



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