Gleanings of Paradise

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Gleanings of Paradise (楽園の落穂 Rakuen no Ochibo) is a short story that is part of an anthology of short stories based on the Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan series. It was written by Ryo Yoshigami (吉上 亮 Yoshigami Ryō) and published by Shueisha.

Gleanings of Paradise was included in a collection named Rohan Kishibe Does Not Frolic with three other stories, which released for sale on July 19, 2018. Gleanings of Paradise is on pages 195-264 in the volume.


Rohan is asked to work by a culinary magazine publisher and visits a recently opened casual French restaurant in Morioh to hear their presentation. The editor of the magazine, Toshiya Utsurogi (移季 年野(うつろぎ としや) Utsurogi Toshiya), tells Rohan of their plan to publish a monthly collaboration gourmet manga with a popular writer in their magazine and Rohan as the artist. Rohan is reluctant because of the difference in style from his normal works.

Utsurogi then tells Rohan about the Gleanings of Paradise, which is said to be a legendary variety of wheat that can change the composition of the person who eats it. Utsurogi believes it could cure his daughter's allergy of wheat. He heard that a friend from his college days, Shozo Yaginuma (屋宜沼 猩造(やぎぬま しょうぞう) Yaginuma Shouzō), was growing that wheat. Thus, Rohan decides to go with Utsurogi to visit Yaginuma's cultivation area.


Toshiya Utsurogi
Toshiya Utsurogi
Yo Utsurogi
Yo Utsurogi
Shozo Yaginuma
Shozo Yaginuma



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