The Doll Without a Past

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The Doll Without a Past (曰くのない人形, Iwaku no Nai Ningyō) is a short story that is part of an anthology of short stories based on the Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan series. It was written by Katsuie Shibata and published by Shueisha. The Doll Without a Past was included with the May 2024 issue of Ultra Jump.

Rohan encounters a doll that is devoid of a past.


During a research trip to Italy, Rohan buys a stolen wooden doll from Lucio Portelli (ルーチョ・ポルテッリ, Rūcho Porutteri) at the Porta Portese Market in Rome. A week later, the original owner Basilio Pistarino (バジリオ・ピスタリーノ, Bajirio Pisutarīno) visits Rohan in Morioh to ask for his doll back.

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Lucio Portelli
Lucio Portelli
Basilio Pistarino
Basilio Pistarino



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