Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan - Episode 9.5 (TV Drama)

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The Other Poaching Seashore (もうひとつの密漁海岸, Mō Hitotsu no Mitsuryō Kaigan) is a bonus episode of NHK's Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan TV drama series, released exclusively on Amazon Prime Video on May 18, 2024.[1]

Kyoka and Hatsune share stories from their lives over delicious cups of tea, giving a window into their heartfelt exchange as they await Rohan and Tonio's return from a dangerous poaching mission.


Around the same time Rohan and Tonio make their way to Hyogara Rocks at night, Kyoka and Hatsune are sitting together at Trattoria Trussardi. Hatsune apologizes to Kyoka for getting them involved with her situation, but Kyoka apologizes as well since the most she could do for Hatsune is have tea with her. Kyoka appreciates the aroma of the tea as well as Tonio's cooking, since it calms her and makes her feel nostalgic. This leads to Hatsune asking her if she can remember the moment she was born. Although Kyoka can't think that far back, Hatsune divulges that she can recall the scent of the day she was born. She was born in November in a hospital over a century old in the mountains of the Shikoku region. Hatsune remembers the scent of raspberries at that time, which stimulated her appetite. Seeing that she was fond of eating, her grandma believed she might grow up to love cooking. Like she predicted, Hatsune ended up loving food as she grew up and became a pastry chef.

Two years prior, she met Tonio. She was suffering from hay fever and had a stuffy nose at the time, but Tonio cooked lasagna for her. The scent of the lasagna reminded Hatsune of her mother, and Tonio himself told her that in Italy, lasagna embodies the essence of a mother's cooking. Tonio's lasagna ended up healing Hatsune's allergies. Hatsune reveals that her dream is to bake treats that smell just as sweet as Tonio's cooking. The women start getting hungry from their discussion, so Kyoka offers to cook for Hatsune. However, they decide not to since snacking at night would be bad for their beauty. Hatsune just hopes Tonio and Rohan return safely, even if they don't bring back any abalones. Before passing away, Hatsune's grandmother told her that when people die, some become stars, some become butterflies, and some can even become raspberries, but they'll always watch over their loved ones. Thus, Hatsune doesn't fear death and tries to live life to the fullest so she won't have regrets. As long as Tonio is alive, she will watch over him after she dies.

Kyoka explains how she hasn't had proper meals lately because of her hectic schedule, but Tonio's cooking really moved her. She realized that living means it's really important to enjoy food; it doesn't matter if it isn't an elaborate dish, but should be made with love. Hatsune ends up getting even more hungry. Kyoka thinks that Rohan and Tonio should be back soon. She believes in Rohan since he is very reliable and never fails to deliver despite seeming as if he is overconfident.

Kyoka looks forward to having café au lait and sugary biscuits for breakfast. Hatsune points out that Tonio's brioche is worth trying as well, to which Kyoka responds that brioche is one of her favorites. A sudden breeze enters their room from the window, somehow having the scent of strawberries for both Kyoka and Hatsune. They chuckle to each other and sip their tea, taking another glance at the window.


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