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My name is Devo the Cursed. My Stand represents "The Devil" card... (おれの名は呪いのデーボ…スタンドは「悪魔(デビル)のカード」の暗示…, Ore no na wa Noroi no Dēbo... Sutando wa "Debiru no kādo" no anji...)
—Devo the Cursed, Chapter 133: Devil, Part 1

Devo the Cursed (呪いのデーボ, Noroi no Dēbo) is a tertiary antagonist featured in the third part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Stardust Crusaders, specifically the "Devil" story arc.

An infamous Native American shaman and assassin working for DIO, he ambushes Jean Pierre Polnareff in his hotel room in Singapore. Devo is a Stand user whose hatred-fueled ability, Ebony Devil, allows him to remotely possess a doll and attack his target by surprise.


Devo Appearance.png

Devo is a tall, muscular Native American[4] notable for the numerous scars covering his face and body, which are the result of Devo letting himself be hurt by targets so his hatred can grow. His hair is long, dark, and braided in the back, ending in a ponytail and reaching his waist.

Devo wears a collared, sleeveless coat with no shirt underneath, jeans, boots, and gloves featuring a fishnet pattern on the forearms and fingers. The coat features a Native American-inspired design on each side extending around the back and to the bottom of the coat. It consists of a zigzag border and columns of small spirals. In the anime, the inner pattern is changed to alternating rows of small circles and zigzags.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
Outfit(Tan coat, red gloves, indigo pants.)
Hair(Black, green hair tie.)
Outfit(Green coat)
Hair(Dark blue)
(Pink coat, dark blue gloves, blue pants.)
Hair(Dark brown, red hair tie.)
(Olive coat with a dulled yellow, brown, and green pattern.)
Rest of Outfit(Gray gloves, blue jeans, brown shoes.)


Initially, Devo appears to be an ignorant opponent, hiding in a fridge but leaving the contents on the counter. In reality, he is a clever hitman who lures his opponents into attacking him so he can make full use of his Stand. He has very few morals, and he has been hired by countless despicable individuals and organizations.[4] When attacked, he displays a sort of masochism, laughing and reveling in the excruciating pain because he loves to take revenge for injuries.[5]

Through the doll possessed by Ebony Devil, Devo displays in full force his incredibly sadistic and vengeful side. He uses unorthodox yet cruel methods of torture such as trapping Polnareff under a bed,[2] biting him, and using booze and a flame-throwing hair dryer to attempt to incinerate him.[6] He does not hesitate to kill any innocent bystanders who get in his way.[2] In addition to his sadism, he loves to taunt his targets and is particularly vulgar while doing so, threatening to bite Polnareff's penis and joking about urinating on him.[6]



Main article: Ebony Devil

Devo's Stand is Ebony Devil, converting the "hate" embodied by attacks on him into power for it to possess and control a puppet doll, as an indirect means of assassination. According to Devo, his Stand represents the Devil Tarot Card, which represents the madness brought on by a curse and a path of bad luck.[5]

Ebony Devil (エボニーデビル(悪魔))Link to this section
Doll Possession, Anger Empowerment



Prior to allying with DIO, Devo was already known all over the world as a lethal assassin hired by numerous figures in the criminal underworld. Having met Devo at the time, explaining Devo's method of assassinating his targets by having them make the first move, Muhammad Avdol explains no person who seen Devo's Stand lived to tell about it. This leads many ordinary people to believe that Devo curses his victims to suffer a horrific death, hence his moniker.[8] Devo is among the seven Stand users whom Enya the Hag has sent to Asia to stop the Joestar Group.

Stardust Crusaders (1988)

Devo laughing manically while "cursing" Polnareff.

Arriving in Singapore ahead of the Joestar Group, Devo hid away within a fridge in the hotel room that Jean Pierre Polnareff was in. When Polnareff noticed the removed alcoholic beverages, he deduced Devo's presence and forced the assassin to reveal himself. Devo did just that, activating his Stand and having Silver Chariot land the first blow at the cost of his left eye. In horrific pain as his Stand quickly possessed a doll unseen, Devo sadistically curses Polnareff to suffer an agonizing death before falling off from the balcony.[9] But in reality, Devo escaped to the bathroom on one of the lower floors and remained in a stall to act out his curse through his Stand-possessed doll.[10]

Devo's final moments

With Ebony Devil at play, the doll-possessing Devo manages to trap Polnareff under the bed so that Silver Chariot would lack its User's direct eyesight, while killing a hotel employee and mutilating his face in the process.[2] After having toyed with the ensared crusader at his mercy, Devo proceeds to spill the alcohol over the floor and on Polnareff with the intent to use a malfunctioning hair dryer to burn and electrocute him to death. However prior to that, Polnareff managed to shatter a nearby mirror during their skirmish and then used the reflection of its fragments to finally counterattack Devo's Stand with a clear view. Once freed, Polnareff severs the doll's legs while interrogating Devo for information about J. Geil. Devo refuses to talk under pressure and dies in horrific mutilation as Polnareff brutally destroys Ebony Devil and its vessel.[6]

Crazy Diamond's Demonic Heartbreak

The information below derives from a source not written by Araki. As such, it may or may not be considered canon.

Devo the Cursed makes a minor appearance in the spin-off Crazy Diamond's Demonic Heartbreak in a flashback of Hol Horse's past. He criticizes Hol Horse for being a poor fit for the Emperor card as he would hide behind people and is now clinging to J. Geil's back. Hol Horse tells him to complain to Enya instead since she named Hol Horse's Stand. Devo then threatens Hol Horse with his puppet possessed by Ebony Devil, telling him to get out of the way and saying that he would kill the Joestar Group alone.[11]

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Quote.png Quotes
  • It hurts so much!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!! You dared to do this to me!!! Now I can really hate you thoroughly!!
    —Devo, Chapter 133: Devil, Part 1
  • My Stand "Ebony Devil" activates when I'm injured! And it grows more powerful the more hatred I have for my opponent!
    —Devo, Chapter 133: Devil, Part 1
  • Now Polnareff, I'm going to bite your dick off!!!
    —Ebony Devil, Chapter 135: Devil, Part 3
  • Be careful of the floor! It's covered with beer, wine, and juice! This was my plan! I couldn't have made it wetter if I pissed on it!
    —Ebony Devil, Chapter 135: Devil, Part 3
  • I've got this hair-dryer and the floor is all wet...Hehe, can you guess what I'm going to do yet, Polnareff?! I'll give you a hint! I'm not going to blow dry it!
    —Ebony Devil, Chapter 135: Devil, Part 3
  • Are you stupid?! Stand users never just reveal their abilities! If they do, either the Stand user or their target has to die!
    —Ebony Devil, Chapter 135: Devil, Part 3

Creation and Development

Devo's name was changed in VIZ Media's translation of the manga to avoid a lawsuit from the band of the same name. His localized name, "Soul Sacrifice", is a reference to the song of the same name by Santana. This name has since been used within the international release of All-Star Battle, the Crunchyroll simulcast of Stardust Crusaders, and the Toonami broadcast of the English dub.


Devo's Voice actor in All-Star Battle, Unsho Ishizuka, would later voice Joseph Joestar in the Part 3 and Part 4 anime.

Video Games

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (SFC)

Devo is one of the many bosses featured in the game. In the game, Devo actually attacks the group in India although he still ambushes them in a hotel.

The group encounters Devo when they enter their hotel room and Devo flies after a brief battle declaring that his grudge will fuel Ebony Devil, much like the original manga. This fight directly features Devo and Ebony Devil. Afterward, the group is attacked by Ebony Devil possessing the doll for a second fight and the doll will eventually flee. However, the group will be attacked a third time and defeat Ebony Devil for good.

Afterward, the group can go check the bathroom and take the Roof Key from Devo's corpse.

Heritage for the Future (PS1/DC/Arcade)


Devo or D'Bo in the English localization, appears in the Capcom game. He was part of the original roster in JoJo's Venture, and is an Active Stand user though Remote Mode only.

Movelist & Gameplay

Devo is one of the more unique characters in the game. While most characters with an Active Stand have their guardian immobilized in front of them, Devo's doll is allowed to roam freely across the battlefield when activated and lays dormant on the ground when it is not.

Aside from directly controlling his Stand, Devo can also order Ebony Devil to lunge at his opponent once, leaving him free to attack with his main body while they are distracted. This allows clever players to lure their opponents between Devo and Ebony Devil, and pincer them between a deadly flurry of attacks.






Unique Attack (特殊技)
Stand Appearance Attack
(Qcf).png + S.png (In Air Ok) NORMAL
Special Move (必殺技)
Dummy Dive
ピラニア ダイブ
(Qcf).png + A1.png (In Air Ok While Stand Off)
Dummy Cutter
プロペラ カッター
(D).png + (D).png + A1.png (In Air Ok While Stand Off) (Mash A1.png to extend duration)
Dummy Hunter
ホッピング ハンター
(Qcb).png + A1.png (In Air Ok) ((D).png + A1.png after hit to extend duration While Stand On)
Super Combo (スーパーコンボ)
Junky Carnival
ジャンキー カーニバル
(Qcf).png + A2.png
Barrel Roll Crusher
バレルロール クラッシャー
(Qcb).png + A2.png (In Air Ok)
(Dp).png + A2.png
(Notes: Cannot use Stand in child form.)
(※ Only available in Heritage for the Future.)

Story Mode

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Devo is an assassin sent by DIO to destroy Jotaro Kujo and his companions. He appears as typical enemy in the Joestar Group's Story Modes.

In Super Story Mode on the PS1 version, Devo is the 7th Stage and the battle mirrors the one in the manga.

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Stage 1
(Polnareff Stage 1)
Country Town.gif

Just like in the manga, Polnareff knows Devo is hiding in the fridge, and fight him. However, this time, Devo is the one winning the survivor of the fight and goes to Kakyoin's room

Stage 2
(Kakyoin Stage 2)
Country Town.gif

Kakyoin hear loud noises coming from Polnareff's room, and while he planned to warn Mr Joestar, Devo enters the room and kills the student.

Stage 3
(Muhammad Avdol Stage 3)
Small Island.gif

Avdol enters the room and notice a man standing over Kakyoin's body. He recognise this man as Devo the cursed and fight him, but suffers the same fate as Polnareff and Kakyoin. Devo leave Singapour, wanting more victims to curse.

Stage 4
(Joseph Joestar Stage 4)

Now in Delhi, Devo curses the old man and defeat him too before leaving Delhi.

Stage 5
(Iggy Stage 5)
Hotel (Justice).gif

In Egypt, Iggy runs away from Ebony Devil's doll, but gets cornered by the user, who is shocked to learn that a dog is Part of the Joestar Group. He then kills him and goes to his next victim.

Stage 6
(Jotaro Kujo Stage 6)

Jotaro notice Devo's evil intent, and attacks him, not knowing he fell into Devo's trap. He curses with his Stand Jotaro, and end the life of last member of the Joestar Group. He then goes to Dio's Mansion, wanting his 100 millions of dollars promised by DIO.

Stage 7
(Vanilla Ice Stage 7)
Dio’s Mansion.gif

Inside Dio's Mansion, Devo asks Vanilla Ice where is DIO. he refuses to answers until Devo reveal his stand's ability to him, which starts a fight between the two. Devo send Vanilla Ice to his death by throwing him to the sun.

Stage 8
(DIO Stage 8)
Coffin Room.gif

Devo come for his reward. Dio is ready to give it to him, but asks the hired Killer if he would like to become his slave. Devo asks him back his own question, causing yet another fight that Devo wins.


Now leader of the underground, Devo became known as "The Cursed One" who killed DIO. This reputation caused him to be hired by many people, may they be politicians, criminals or armies. Devo's story ends with him threatening the player to curses them.

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Unleash Your Vengeance!
(恨みをぶちまけろ! Urami o Buchimakero!)

The group arrives in Singapore and checks into a hotel. Polnareff senses an enemy hiding in his room, who emerges from the room's minifridge and introduces himself as Devo the Cursed. Though Polnareff wastes no time attacking him, Devo announces that Polnareff will be cursed by his grudge, and his Stand Ebony Devil possesses a nearby doll. After the battle, Polnareff interrogates Ebony Devil about the man with two right hands; Devo refuses to respond, inciting Polnareff to slice the doll apart.
Secret Factor: I'll have to slice him up real good! (メッタやたらに突くしかねえ)

End the fight with Polnareff's Million Split special move.


A B C Stand Start

Spritedevo.PNG DevoSpriteB.png DevoSpriteC.png DevoSpriteStand.png DevoSpriteStart.png
DevoChaA.png DevoChaB.png DevoChaC.png DevoChaStand.png DevoChaStart.png

Diamond Records (Android/iOS)

DR 3 Devo.png

Devo the Cursed (呪いのデーボ, Noroi no Dēbo) appears in Diamond Records as a playable character in both the Action Battle and Tactical Battle game modes. He has one 'Courage' type 5 star statue. In Action Battle, Devo remotely commands a doll controlled by Ebony Devil using his various Skills and SP attacks. However in Tactical Battle, the doll does not have a special gimmick and is only summoned for attacks like a typical stand ability.

Devo the Cursed
Devo's basic attack string is a combination of up to five various strikes. In Tactical Battle, this is cut down to only three hits. The doll also has its own five-hit attack string used automatically while it is summoned, which is not present in Tactical Battle.
Devo summons the doll, which performs a violent barrage of slashes using a razor. After using this skill, the doll stays on the stage, fighting alongside Devo until it is destroyed by enemy attacks. During this time, all of Devo's other skills are enabled.
The doll slashes its opponents with a razor. This skill is only usable if the doll has already been summoned. (Unlockable)
The doll attacks opponents repeatedly with a spear. This skill is only usable if the doll has already been summoned.
The doll jumps towards opponents while spinning, slashing them with a razor. This skill is only usable if the doll has already been summoned. (Unlockable)
The doll splashes a large pool of alcohol on the stage, and drops a short circuiting hair dryer into it, damaging any opponents caught. In Tactical Battle, this hits all opponents present on the stage. This skill is only usable if the doll has already been summoned.

All-Star Battle R (Various)

Unlock Condition: Win in the Jean Pierre Polnareff vs Vanilla Ice ASB Mode Boss Battle

An antagonist from Part 3: Stardust Crusaders. Usually known as Devo the Cursed, he is the user of the Stand Ebony Devil and a henchman of DIO. He attacks Polnareff, but dies when the Frenchman turns the tables using a mirror and slices almost all of Devo's body into shreds.[12]

User of the Stand Ebony Devil, and a henchman of DIO's known as Soul Sacrifice the Cursed. He attacks Polnareff, but dies when the Frenchman's quick wit turns the battle around using a mirror, and almost all of Soul Sacrifice's body is cut to shreds.


Devo the Cursed, localized as "Soul Sacrifice" in international releases of the game, is featured in All-Star Battle R with a list of Tag Lines (プレイヤーカード名言, Pureiyā Kādo Meigen). They are unlocked by completing ASBR Secret Mission.png 150 Secret Missions in All-Star Battle Mode.

Quote.png Medal Speech.png Tag Lines
  • They call me Devo the Cursed. My Stand is the Tarot card, Ebony Devil.
  • The ruin of your cursed spirit! Your fall from grace! That's what it means!
  • How did you know I was in the refrigerator?



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