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Para um personagem parecido, veja Yoshikage Kira
ALERTA DE SPOILERS: Spoilers da Parte 8 podem estar presentes abaixo.
Eu vou roubar uma... uma daquelas frutas...
—Yoshikage Kira, JJL Chapter 49: Hato Brought Her Boyfriend Home, Part 3

Yoshikage Kira (吉良 吉影 Kira Yoshikage) é um personagem póstumo introduzido na oitava parte de JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, JoJolion. Introduzido cedo na história, Yoshikage ganha mais importância no arco "Vitamin C e Killer Queen".

Yoshikage é o filho de Holy Joestar-Kira e o irmão mais velho de Kei Nijimura. Yoshikage trabalha como um cirurgião marinho e também é um usuário de Stand, possuindo o Killer Queen. Partes de seu corpo foram trocadas com Josefumi Kujo, transformando Josefumi em Josuke Higashikata.


Kira is a man of slim to medium build and seemingly average height. He is handsome, with dark eyes and fine features, and wavy black hair of irregular chin-length resembling thin naturally occurring dreads (later appearances depict the same lock of hair as straightened). According to Ojiro Sasame, he has beautiful hands and somehow bore a resemblance to Josuke despite him stating their obvious differences in appearance. He wears a sailor uniform much like Josuke's, though with a tasseled beret or bonnet, in contrast to Josuke's "Dixie cup" style sailor's cap.

His corpse is discovered without testicles, in contrast with Josuke's four, without a related wound.[6]

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.

(White sailors attire trimmed in blue with golden-yellow accessories.)


Yoshikage Kira is a sinister individual with many unusual and dark personality traits, but whose love for his mother and loyalty to his allies put him on the side of good.

Kira is a narcissist, keeping sculptures of his own hands around his house, apparently as documents to their ideal state.[7] A copy of the Mona Lisa hangs from a wall in his living room,[8] alluding to the Kira from Diamond is Unbreakable's attirance for beautiful hands although this version of Kira doesn't show the same fetish. He seems to have certain obsessive-compulsive tendencies, keeping an organized stock of entirely green foods,[9] and shelves of containers of his fingernails in his bathroom, labeled by date.[10]

His interactions with others are mostly cold and apathetic, fitting and contrasting his occupation as a surgeon. As a teenager, he immediately jumped to the conclusion that a drowned and unconscious Josefumi was fated to die, showing exasperation when his mother prompted him to manually save the boy's life, only wishing to see Titanic in theater later and leaving the hospital alone because of it.[11] As an adult, when a fellow crew member on his team is injured, sustaining heavy blood loss and the inability to breathe, as the surgeon of the crew, Kira applied little effort to helping him, nonchalantly putting his shoes on before getting out of bed and ordering the others to hold his hand and encourage him, without so much as looking in his direction (his lack of concern was mostly due to presumably knowing the seriousness of the injury and that the crew member was in no life-threatening danger).[12]

Later, he easily antagonizes Rock Humans by referring to them as "things" rather than individuals, even though he had not interacted with any of them at that point.[citation needed]

He is shown in several instances speaking to Ojiro Sasame in a deliberately confusing and insulting manner, intimidating and threatening him away from the coast in order to rectify Kira's personal problem with him as a surfer; being 'indecisive' about being either a man of the sea or of the land. Apparently, it went to the point that Ojiro ate his own fingers.[13] Another milder instance of Kira brutalizing Ojiro happened when he inserted a small bomb in Ojiro's cheek to chase him away.[14]

However, his sister Kei claims that he was not heartless, as he cared for his mother and actively worked to save her from the same disease that plagues the Higashikata family.[15] On another occasion, Kira sacrificed his life to save Josefumi when their plan to cultivate and harvest the Locacaca fruit was found out by Yotsuyu and Damo, as he believed Josefumi had no right to die since he was only involved because of Kira's own personal agenda. This proves he can be a good loyal friend to those he cares for.[16][17] His thoughtfulness was also shown the first time he met Yasuho Hirose, as he made sure to kill the Hair Clip that tormented Yasuho while apologizing to her and promising to reimburse the cost.[18]

Kira also shows remarkable spirit in the face of adversity. When Tamaki Damo captured him and Josefumi, Kira showed unwavering defiance, even swearing that he would kill all of them and seize the Locacaca, and at the same time thought up and completed a plan that would help him and Josefumi escape from the Rock Humans[19]

Kira is one of the few characters who express the belief that there is a kind of fated connection between Stand Users.[20]



Main article: Killer Queen (JoJolion)

Kira's Stand is Killer Queen, with the ability to generate bubbles that explode on contact. Part of this Stand is fused to Josefumi Kujo's when the two are buried together, resulting in Soft & Wet.[21] The Stand also has an ability called Sheer Heart Attack, which releases several miniature remote controlled bomb tanks.

Killer Queen (キラークイーン)Link to this section
Explosive Bubbles & Treaded Bombs

Ship Doctor

As a doctor, Kira demonstrates an extensive level of medical knowledge and is capable of diagnosing and treating injuries on the spot. While on a cargo ship, he displayed confidence in being able to perform on-site surgery on a man who had lost his eye.[22] Kira's calm personality and Stand ability also assist him in his profession as they allow for an advanced level of precision during medical procedures, such as being to remove a blood clot using Sheer Heart Attack.[23] In relation to being a ship surgeon, Kira is also knowledgeable in sailing boats as seen in the Vitamin C and Killer Queen story arc.



Kira as a teen

Yoshikage Kira was born the son of Yoshiteru Kira and Holy Joestar-Kira.

When he was 4, Yoshikage met with the Flemish Giant Rabbit Cindy, but broke two of his ribs this day only to be treated by his mother.

During his youth, Yoshikage helped save Josefumi Kujo from a blood clot using his Killer Queen's Sheer Heart Attack.

In the fall of 2005,[24] Kira encountered a 13-year old Yasuho Hirose after she had been admitted to the hospital for non-fatal head injuries. Following a brief exchange between her and Holy, Kira entered Yasuho's room and apologized for his mother's behavior, while also revealing that he had stepped on Yasuho's hair clip earlier. He stated that the crystal inside was a fake, but offered to pay for it before walking out.

Kira then became a marine surgeon who was once acquainted with Ojiro Sasame. He continuously bullied Sasame questioning him as to whether surfers are "people of the sea or people of the land", stating that he "dislikes passing through the borders of things", as well as the ambiguity in Sasame's profession, before somehow convincing him to bite off or eat all of his fingers.


In 2009, while on duty, Kira accidentally stumbled over Aisho Dainenjiyama in his rock form, discovering the existence of the Rock Humans. Curious, Kira then investigated Aisho's activities, learned of the Locacaca's existence, and met with Josefumi Kujo. Josefumi, having a debt toward Kira and his mother for saving his life many years before, agreed to cooperate with Kira in stealing the Locacaca. The two eventually managed to snatch a branch of the tree from Aisho without him knowing, planning to graft the branch to another tree to harvest the Locacaca later.

At some point Kira associated with Karera Sakunami, and the two took a photo together with Josefumi. She later remarks that Josefumi and Kira used to live together.[25]

Kira and Josefumi tortured by Damo
The tragedy of Yoshikage Kira and Josefumi Kujo

Kira and Josefumi were eventually found by Tamaki Damo and Yotsuyu Yagiyama. Tamaki proceeded to torture Kira and Josefumi, at one point cutting off Kira's liver. Kira and Josefumi, however, managed to escape and he was dragged to the location of the Locacaca, having already lost consciousness. Josefumi tried to heal him using one of the fruits, even using his Soft & Wet to break the fruit down to feed via bubbles. However, this proved to be in vain, as Kira had already died from his injuries. Josefumi, already undergoing the equivalent exchange process from the Locacaca, hugged his friend as the two were crushed by debris: causing parts of their bodies to be exchanged from the Wall Eye. Josefumi, later known as Josuke, emerged from the rubble with parts of Kira's body exchanged with his own and without any memories.

Kira's corpse is later found at this site, his cause of death diagnosed as cardiac arrest.[26] Josuke and Yasuho subsequently attempt to investigate Kira, particularly due to his connections to the Higashikata family.


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Quote.png Quotes
  • Is a human that's called a surfer... a person of the sea? Or a person of the land? (サーファーという(にん)(げん)は⋯⋯「(うみ)(にん)(げん)」なのか?それとも「(りく)(にん)(げん)」なのか?Sāfā to iu ningen wa... "umi no ningen" na no ka? Soretomo "riku no ningen" na no ka?)
    —Yoshikage Kira to Ojiro Sasame, JJL Chapter 6: Soft & Wet, Part 5
  • I'm asking you individually. A fisherman is a man of the sea. And that dentist over there is a man of the land. So, which one are you?
    —Yoshikage Kira to Ojiro Sasame, JJL Chapter 6: Soft & Wet, Part 5
  • This is a port. Ojiro Sasame... you say you're a surfer, but is that a job? Are you a man of the sea? Or a man of the land? Which is it? Be decisive! That's something I just don't like... I'll decide. Don't go near the coast...! I don't care if it's the roof of the Aoba castle ruins, if you can see the ocean, then it's a coast. You're a hindrance. Make yourself scarce!
    —Yoshikage Kira, JJL Chapter 49: Hato Brought Her Boyfriend Home, Part 3
  • I'm going to steal one. One of those fruits.
    —Yoshikage Kira, JJL Chapter 49: Hato Brought Her Boyfriend Home, Part 3
  • They're saying [Josefumi]'ll be okay. Ooh... Looks like you're feeling more than just relief. I guess I'll go see the movie on my own.
    —Yoshikage Kira to Kiyomi Kujo, JJL Chapter 50: Vitamin C and Killer Queen, Part 1
  • She's just a stalker but... Stand abilities are connected in some way. That's what I'm getting at. We have some kind of fated connection. We're here right now because of flying fish jumping out of the south sea.
    —Yoshikage Kira, JJL Chapter 51: Vitamin C and Killer Queen, Part 2
  • I swear I'll kill both of you. I'm gonna track you down. I'll eliminate Aisho Dainenjiyama and any others there might be. You want us to tell where the graft is? You can forget that! We're get get every last one of your fruits!
    —Yoshikage Kira, JJL Chapter 52: Vitamin C and Killer Queen, Part 3
  • You guys can't even figure out where the Locacaca branches are. You don't know shit. And you sure as hell can't predict my plan.
    —Yoshikage Kira, JJL Chapter 52: Vitamin C and Killer Queen, Part 3



  • Yoshikage's address is listed as 258 Morioh Township, Apartment 204.[27]
  • When fighting Tamaki Damo onboard his boat, Yoshikage lets out a shout spelled similarly to one of the series' more familiar battle cries, "WRRRRY".


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