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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean × SWEETS PARADISE was a collaboration café with SWEETS PARADISE to promote JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean. It was held between September 1, 2022 and March 31, 2023 in an assortment of SWEETS PARADISE stores featuring exclusive themed food and drinks.[1]


Entrees and desserts featuring the main characters of Stone Ocean were available to purchase. Customers would have to pay a buffet fee as well as the price of the collaboration menu items (1,490 yen for adults, 1,040 yen for children). All food and dessert items were 700 yen each while drinks were 500 yen each. Special goods were given out at the event; a place mat (1 type) was given to all customers who attended, a clear bookmark (6 types, random) for every food or dessert item purchased and a coaster (6 types, random) for every drink purchased.

Entrees and desserts included Cheese Penne and Hot Dog, Weather Report's Cheese Keema Curry, Kiss Proliferation Sandwich, Charlotte's Hamburger, Jotaro's Hat Ice Cream, Narciso Anasui's Waffle Plate, Burn! Genovese Spaghetti, Enrico P.'s Fig Cake and "Salmon is the opposite of pig" Plate. Drinks included Jolyne's Star Drink, F.F.'s Extra Drink, Emporio Alniño's Orange Float, Love and Revenge Raspberry Latte, The Green Baby's Green, Green Matcha Latte and Rikiel's Frozen Drink.


A variety of goods were available to purchase at the café. Those who shopped for goods would receive a clear card (6 types) gift for every 2,000 yen spent. Goods included big acrylic stands for 1,650 yen each (6 types), acrylic keychains for 880 yen each (6 types), can badges for 440 yen each or 2,640 yen together (6 types), acrylic diorama for 3,850 yen, b2 tapestry for 3,850 yen, clear file set for 990 yen each (2 sets, 2 in each) and t-shirts for 3,850 yen (2 types).



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