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"Sethan" Alessi, Part 4 (「セト神」のアレッシー その④, 'Seto-shin' no Aresshī Sono 4), originally Disappearance in a Locked Room (密室で消失, Misshitsu de Shōshitsu) in the WSJ release, is the ninety-fifth chapter of Stardust Crusaders and the two hundred eighth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


After staying within the shadow of Sethan, Malèna has been turned into a fetus and will die if Alessi remains undefeated. The four-year-old Polnareff grabs Malèna and tries running away from Alessi. Alessi summons his Sethan and attacks Polnareff, de-aging him even further. Polnareff runs into a room and locks the door, buying him a few seconds. Alessi breaks through the door with his axe, but when he enters the room, he is unable to find Polnareff. In the room are a bucket, a small dresser, a teddy bear, and a fish tank. Believing him to be hiding within one of these, Alessi strikes a nearby clock. Not hidden there, Alessi then strikes the bucket, then the bear, and finally opens the dresser door. However, Polnareff is nowhere to be seen. Alessi begins shouting in rage, which instigates Polnareff mocking him. Confused, Alessi takes a closer look at the fish tank and realizes that inside it is a mirror. Silver Chariot leaps out from the fish tank and stabs Alessi in the nose. After getting his faced carved up, Alessi runs away, jumping through a window and into the street. Alessi thinks he has escaped, but as he looks up he sees Jotaro standing before him.


(Fetus only)
Silver Chariot
(Child only)

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