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Tower of Gray (灰の塔(タワー・オブ・グレー), Tawā Obu Gurē) is the third story arc in Stardust Crusaders.

It depicts the fight against the stag beetle Stand Tower of Gray and its user Gray Fly, who infiltrates the Joestar group's plane to prevent them from reaching Cairo, Egypt.


After realizing Holy's situation, Avdol says that if her Stand doesn't stop developing, she will die in fifty days.

Holy says she's fine after taking medicine, but Joseph takes care of her by brushing her teeth, combing her hair, trimming her nails, and feeding her an apple. She starts to get up so that she can cook dinner for Jotaro, but he yells at her to stay in bed. Holy listens to her son and is happy that everyone is so nice to her while she's sick, but then she falls unconscious again. Joseph, Jotaro, Avdol, and Kakyoin are determined to go to Egypt to defeat DIO.

Meanwhile, DIO uses Jonathan Joestar's Stand on a Polaroid camera, which produces a photo of Joseph and Jotaro. He realizes that they have discovered his location.

To save Holy, the group boards a plane for Cairo, planning to head there via Narita, the East China Sea, Bangkok, Abu Dhabi and Kuwait City. On the plane, Joseph senses that DIO was looking at them and warns Jotaro that a Stand may already be nearby.

The group immediately notices a large stag beetle flying around the cabin. Feeling threatened, Jotaro attacks it with Star Platinum. However, the bug pierces Star Platinum's hand with a proboscis, heading for its mouth.[1]

Jotaro manages to block the enemy's attack with his teeth. Avdol recognizes the Stand as Tower of Gray, who is responsible for numerous slaughters disguised as accidents, such as a plane crash that killed 300 victims the year before.

Tower of Gray moves away from the group and tears off four passengers' tongues by flying through their heads. It then writes the word "Massacre" on the wall of the plane with the tongues it's gathered.

Kakyoin, fearing that Magician's Red and Star Platinum would endanger the passengers, decides to fight him alone. He throws several Emerald Splashes at the Stand, but it dodges them all. While Tower of Gray is about to finish him, Hierophant Green uses the tentacles he had hidden under the seats to pierce through the bug-like Stand. A bug-shaped wound appears on the Stand user's tongue, then his head and tongue split in two. He was an old man, a passenger of the plane.[2]


Gray Fly
(1st appearance)






  1. Chapter 122: Head to Egypt
  2. Chapter 123: Tower of Gray

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