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Dark Blue Moon (暗青の月(ダークブルームーン), Dāku Burū Mūn) is the fifth story arc in Stardust Crusaders.

It narrates the underwater battle between Jotaro and the Imposter Captain Tennille on the Joestar Group's way to Singapore.


Polnareff telling his story to the group and his goal to avenge his sister.

While waiting for their next mode of transportation at a ship dock, Polnareff asks Joseph if his left hand, which is always covered by a glove, is really a right hand. He then explains that his sister was killed by a man with two right hands and he is currently looking for him to exact revenge. Joseph takes off his glove, unveiling his prosthetic hand and stating it to be a wound from fifty years ago. Polnareff apologizes for his suspicions and elaborates on the murder of his sister and his meeting with DIO who manipulated him. Polnareff then declares his intent to join the group as he believes it will help him find the killer. His serious demeanor quickly changes when two women ask for their pictures to be taken to which he jumps at the opportunity.

The group, now joined by Polnareff, board a ship that will take them to Singapore. As they leave Hong Kong, a stowaway is found onboard who, after being caught, escapes and jumps overboard. A shark is then spotted in the water which chases after the stowaway but Star Platinum appears and punches it thus saving them. Jotaro then grabs the individual to bring them back to the boat but soon realizes they are a girl (Anne).[1]

An enemy Stand approaches Jotaro and Anne in the water.

Meanwhile, a strange creature appears in the distance, slices the shark in half and makes its way over to them. Luckily, Kakyoin is able to pull the two to safety thanks to Hierophant Green while the creature destroys a lifebuoy. The group determines it must have been an enemy Stand and initially suspect Anne; however, following her actions they come to realize it is unlikely to be her.

Suddenly, the Captain appears after hearing of the stowaway and temprorarily restrains the young girl. He confirms the legitimacy of his crew members and confronts Jotaro about smoking on the boat, angering Jotaro in the process. Following this, Jotaro exclaims that the Captain is the Stand user and an imposter which shocks the others. Avdol states this is not possible as Captain Tennille was recommended by the Speedwagon Foundation and his background was checked to make sure he wasn't a Stand user. Jotaro then mentions a method he has discovered for identifying Stand users which is that blood vessels in their nose will be visible after inhaling cigarette smoke. Everyone touches their nose to see if this is the case, including the Captain, but Jotaro admits it to be a lie thus proving him to be a Stand user and an imposter.
Jotaro about to fight against Imposter Captain Tennille in his preferred environment.

The Imposter Captain Tennille admits to murdering the real Captain then grabs Anne with his Stand and formally introduces it as Dark Blue Moon. He declares that he will jump into the ocean and hold her as a hostage while boasting about Dark Blue Moon's exceptional abilties in the water. As he jumps off the boat, Star Platinum pummels him quicker than he can escape and is able to grab hold of Anne.[2]

As Jotaro attempts to pull Anne back aboard, he realizes that Star Platinum's arms are covered in barnacles which have cut and weakened him. Suddenly, he falls over the rail and lands in the ocean but is able to throw Anne away first who Hierophant Green catches. At the bottom of the sea, Imposter Captain Tennille continues to boast about the abilities of his Stand as well as his own lung capacity. The barnacles begin to spread across Star Platinum's body, draining Jotaro's energy further as he attempts to swim to the surface. Dark Blue Moon then creates a whirlpool which traps Jotaro, preventing his escape, and also spreads its scales in the water thus stopping the others from helping him.

The scales begin to hit Jotaro as Imposter Captain Tennille declares the hopelessness of the situation and becomes confident of his victory. Just as Dark Blue Moon closes in to finish the job, Star Platinum uses Star Finger for the first time, extending his index and middle fingers to break the barnacles, poking through Dark Blue Moon's hand into his right eyes then slicing his face off. After exchanging some final words with his adversary, Jotaro finally returns to the surface having soundly defeated their latest enemy on the long road to Egypt.[3]



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