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Dark Blue Moon (暗青の月(ダークブルームーン) Dāku Burū Mūn) is the fifth story arc in Stardust Crusaders.

It narrates the underwater battle between Jotaro and the Impostor Captain Tennille on the Joestar Group's way to Singapore.


JotaroVSDaBlMo A06.png

While waiting for their next mode of transportation at a ship dock, Polnareff agreed to join Jotaro's group and told them his original reason for joining DIO. Polnareff's sister had been killed by a man with two right hands and had now come to the conclusion that the killer was one of DIO's men.

The group, now joined by Polnareff, boards a ship recommended by the Speedwagon Foundation where all passengers' backgrounds were checked to make sure no one was a Stand user. They come across Anne, a runaway girl, who snuck aboard and suspect her to be a new enemy Stand user,[1] but soon discover that the real enemy was an impostor who took the place of the real Captain.[2]

The Impostor Captain Tennille faces Jotaro in battle but is defeated. His Stand Dark Blue Moon has half of its head ripped off by Star Platinum.[3]


J. Geil
(1st appearance) (Flashback)
Sherry Polnareff
(1st appearance) (Flashback) (Death)
Dio Brando
(1st appearance)
Impostor Captain Tennille
(1st appearance) (Retired)
Captain Tennille
(1st mentioned) (Death)







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