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Even if I put things together after the fact, as long as I get there in the end, what does it matter? If I stopped to ponder every mystery I saw before collecting all the information I needed, I'd never solve anything.
—Jorge Joestar, JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 12: Rhinoceros Beetle

Jorge Joestar (城字・ジョースター, Jōji Jōsutā), born Joji Joestar (ジョージ・ジョースター, Jōji Jōsutā), is the main protagonist of the even numbered chapters in the light novel JORGE JOESTAR.

Jorge is a 15-year old detective living in Fukui Prefecture, Japan, in the 37th iteration of the universe. He is of Japanese descent, but was adopted by the British Joestar Family and raised English.

As a high school detective, Jorge solves several unique cases. He ends up going to Morioh to solve a murder mystery, eventually leading him into a bizarre journey through space and into different universes.


Jorge is a teenage boy of average height and build. He has a wavy wings hairstyle shaped like a star, with high volume bangs that are pointed upwards. He wears a collared t-shirt, shorts, and a belt. The center of his t-shirt has a star with a repeated "JOJO" pattern inside it. Some illustrations of Jorge from his school days have the star either saying "GIOGIO", "じょじょ" (JoJo in Hiragana), or "ジョジョ" (JoJo in Katakana).


You can still think like that even without your memory DISC? This isn't something learned through experience, but a creation of your innate intelligence? I see why they call you the 'deduction machine'.
—Kars about Jorge Joestar, JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 12: Rhinoceros Beetle

Jorge is a witty individual with a fastidious personality trait. As a result, his room is very clean and he's solved a number of cases as a private detective. He is a bit of a narcissist, often referring to himself as a great detective and having that listed as his title on his business card. Jorge gets caught up in details, and if details don't add up right then he gets agitated and attempts to search for a better way to solve his problems.[1]

Jorge is easily able to solve complex puzzles but despite his intelligence, Kars initially believes he's stupid and expresses disappointment that he is not as crafty as his adoptive grandfather, Joseph Joestar (Universe 37). He states that Jorge lacks perseverance and gives up easily.[5]

Meeting Kars causes Jorge to end up becoming more bold, not caring whether he dies or not. He talks back to Kars and explains his reasoning of why he enjoys solving mysteries without even having his memory DISC inside his head, which somewhat impresses the Pillar Man. Jorge also has a tendency of being overbearing, bossing Kars around although the latter can easily kill him. Jorge is insecure about not having the Star Birthmark.[6]



Jorge has a Beyond named Trinity, which is shared with the original George Joestar from the first universe and Dio Brando. By believing that he is a detective who can outwit any case, Jorge's Beyond gives him confidence to solve his cases.

Trinity (三位一体(さんみいったい))Link to this section
Destiny Manipulation


Jorge summoning the combined version of U-Boat

Before becoming a Stand user, Rohan Kishibe's Heaven's Door enables Jorge to see Stands to help him solve his mysteries.


Main article: U-Boat

Kars later gives Jorge a degraded copy of his U-Boat Ultimate in the form of a Stand DISC. It has the same functionalities as the U-Boat of Narancia Ghirga (Universe 37). It allows Jorge to summon a colony of submarines which can scout, dive into the body of living things, and fire missiles. The colony can combine into a giant submarine as well.

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Body Diving & Submarine Utilities



Jorge with his adoptive family

Jorge's Japanese birth parents were unable to look after him for unknown reasons and handed him over to the authorities when he was a baby. He was adopted by Jonda Joestar and raised in English. As a teenage detective, Jorge assisted the police and solved several cases. In 2010, he solved fifteen locked room mysteries in a row. Two years later, he caught two serial killers, Guruguru Majin, and Nail Peeler. He would often make a full report of his cases to his father.[1]


Meeting Tsukumojuku

On July 23, something about the fifteen locked room murders still bothers Jorge before he goes to bed. He finds a map in a newspaper article detailing the locations of each murder and discovers that it is actually a puzzle. He imagines a large 4x4 grid on top of the map and sees that there is an empty square. Jorge easily solves the puzzle by moving each number by one square and realizes that there must have been a mastermind who designed this puzzle as well as the fifteen locked room murders, despite the fifteen murderers they caught having nothing in common. He struggles to find a meaningful conclusion behind this puzzle and goes to investigate.

House on fire

Jorge gets on his bike and rides north towards Takefu, attempting to find something like a locked room. Instead, he finds a farmhouse on fire, belonging to the Kato Family. Jorge looks through the windows and sees that their house is filled with water moving at whirlpool speeds. Noticing a person inside clinging to the window, Jorge rushes to save him. He breaks the glass on the nearest ground floor windows, allowing him to open the door. All of the water exits out the door, bringing the boy who was trapped inside onto the front lawn. The boy introduces himself as Tsukumojuku Kato, who reveals that he was on a boat in between the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico before suddenly ending up in that house from a tornado. However, Jorge had never heard of the Gulf or the Atlantic and says that there's only one ocean. Tsukumojuku and Jorge discuss more details of what he was doing before ending up there and Jorge reveals that there is only one continent that he knows of, which is named Panlandia.

After going to the hospital, Tsukumojuku discovers that he traveled through time to 2012. However, after comparing maps of each other's worlds, they both realize there is no way the land could have shifted so much in only one hundred years. The two assume that Tsukumojuku must have ended up in a parallel world after traveling to the Bermuda Triangle. After deducing a way on how to get Tsukumojuku back home, Tsukumojuku tells Jorge about his friend, the other George Joestar. Both Tsukumojuku and George had solved the same or similar cases that this Jorge had solved. Tsukumojuku and George had just captured the true mastermind behind the fifteen locked room murders, Javier Cortes. Before Tsukumojuku could explain, Jorge decides he wants to solve it by himself, eventually deducing that Javier must have the supernatural power to enter dreams. Jorge calls Masami Shirai, a cop at the Fukui Police Department, to interrogate the fifteen murderers they caught about their dreams. A while later, he calls back and confirms they all had similar dreams. However, their dreams had a man named Yoshikage Kira, who left a message in their dreams stating "If Jorge Joestar ever comes to Morioh, I'll kill him". Shirai warns Jorge to stay away from there, but Jorge is only more tempted to go investigate. He decides to head home for the night, saying his goodbyes to Tsukumojuku and offering to pay for his travel expenses. The next morning, Jorge learns that Tsukumojuku was murdered in Morioh.[1]


Jorge in Morioh

Jorge heads from Nishi Akatsuki to Morioh, wondering how Tsukumojuku arrived there. Jorge gets off the train at Morioh Station shortly after 1 PM, feeling a sense of déjà vu when he looks over the map of the town. However, Jorge is sure that he has never been to Morioh before as the famous Namahage Detective would usually handle cases there. Nearby the station, Jorge hears an election campaign for Takumi Kumoi, aiming to become Morioh's next mayor. He stops by a restaurant and has a Miso Tongue Meal, one of Morioh's local delicacies.

Meeting Rohan

Jorge takes a taxi to Arrow Cross House where Tsukumojuku's body was found. He meets Rohan Kishibe (Universe 37), the owner of the house. Rohan lectures Jorge that he should only call him "Rohan" rather than "Kishibe-san" or "Kishibe-sensei". Jorge hesitates so Rohan uses his Stand Heaven's Door to prevent Jorge from calling him anything else besides Rohan. He takes Jorge to the scene of the locked room murder and shows copies of the crime scene photographs that he had the police leave behind, leading Jorge to wonder how Rohan was capable of having everyone listen to his orders as if he could bend the world to his will. The two wonder how someone managed to bring a giant polar bear into the room without Rohan noticing. Later, Rohan tells Jorge about Reimi Sugimoto (Universe 37), a girl who remembers nothing aside from her name. Rohan shows the exact locations of each murder case on Jorge's map, and Jorge realizes that the triangle of dead detectives matched the exact shape of the Bermuda Triangle.

Offering to find Fukashigi

Rohan explains what Stands are and what his Stand could do, explaining that Morioh has several Stand users who are drawn to one another. Jorge tries to mention Yoshikage Kira's name, but suddenly forgets it. Rohan had used Heaven's Door to prevent Jorge from saying Kira's name aloud or else Jorge would explode. Suddenly, the doorbell rings and Rohan asks Jorge if he can get his visitors to leave. He flees the room, asking Reimi to come with him. However, Jorge could not see Reimi there and only saw Rohan leaving alone. At the door, Jorge is greeted by three high school students who are his age. They confront Jorge assuming he did something to Rohan, mentioning that nobody had seen Rohan for two weeks. One of the thugs grabs Jorge's throat with his Stand, while his twin brother looks toward the house and starts yelling for Rohan. The third student observes Jorge's actions. Fukashigi mentions that it's possible that Jorge could actually be Yoshikage Kira pretending to be a detective. As soon as Fukashigi says Kira's name, he disappears, and his brother Muryotaisu runs around looking for him. Muryotaisu is about to attack Jorge assuming he did something, but Jorge exclaims that he'll find Fukashigi.


Jorge deduces that Reimi is actually a humanoid Stand who could control the Arrow Cross House, and used her ability to hide Fukashigi. Accepting Jorge's request, Rohan uses Heaven's Door on Jorge so that he could see Stands. Jorge could finally see Reimi and the two introduce themselves to each other. Jorge then asks Rohan to use Heaven's Door on Muryotaisu and Koji, allowing them to see "astral projections". Reimi's ability allowed her to keep Rohan and Fukashigi in a suspended state between life and death beneath the Arrow Cross House. As there is no oxygen in that area, they would not explode from Kira's ability. Jorge realizes that each arrow on the house could rotate, explaining why Rohan did not notice anything happening after Tsukumojuku's murder. Suddenly, Morioh has an earthquake and a chasm opens along its borders. Rohan reveals that he had read Jorge's pages from Heaven's Door. All of Jorge's adventures as a detective were listed under a heading titled "Forgery". Behind Jorge's left ear, Rohan found his true story. He was born in 1889 in the Canary Islands, became a pilot, fought in World War II, and then was murdered in 1920 by an air force general.[7]

Morioh's earthquake

Morioh separates from Japan and starts sailing toward the United States. The former president of America, Funny Valentine (Universe 37), appears in a helicopter holding up a message stating that if nothing changes, the American army will flip the island. As the helicopter flies away, a loudspeaker in the distance declares that Morioh will have an emergency meeting at the Budogaoka gymnasium and all citizens must attend. Jorge questions whether he should come with them because he isn't a Stand user, but everyone convinces him to because he's the detective and has to solve the case.

Traveling on Grand Blue

Jorge rides away with the others on Muryotaisu's dolphin Stand, Grand Blue. They reach Jozenji on the way and see that the temple had burned to the ground. The remains of the walls and floor were covered in drawings of moths and the citizens there had set themselves on fire. Jorge and Rohan realize that since this place had some sort of mass hysteria, it might also happen at Budogaoka gymnasium where all of Morioh's anxious citizens were gathered. They quickly head to the gym on Grand Blue, finding thousands of people pouring gasoline on each other when they arrive. Jorge realizes they could probably alter the conditions of the hysteria by destroying the locked room so Koji saves them by destroying the gym's walls and ceiling. The mayor of Morioh, Denta Shishimaru, thanks Jorge and the others for saving everyone. Jorge heads out of the gym and sees that Arrow Cross House was shaking from side to side, which was the SOS signal that they decided on. Using Grand Blue, they quickly fly back to Arrow Cross House. Reimi states that people from the harbor suddenly tried burning the house down but she stuck them all under the house with her ability, and the house shaking was just a result of the battle.

Discovering Cube House

Exhausted, Jorge lays down on a rug in Rohan's study, but he feels a strange lump under his back. He peels the rug back and finds a door in the floor. He opens it just to find that past the door is an exact replica of the room he was standing in. He realizes that it wasn't a room in the Arrow Cross House, but was actually Cube House. Jorge calls for the three dolphins to take him to the room below but only Johana responds to his request. Jorge and Johana find several doors but they all led to identical rooms, leading Jorge to learn that Cube House is a habitable tesseract. Jorge suddenly hears a door that he had never opened slam shut and calls out but gets no answer. As Jorge headed back up, Fukashigi calls for him to come out and look at what was happening outside. In the distance, Jorge sees Nero Nero Island, the headquarters of a mafia group called the Passione Family, had suddenly started traveling very quickly across the ocean towards Morioh.[8]

Jorge witnesses some Passione members killing civilians and then moving the bodies out of sight by dropping them in water or hiding them in tall grass. Just then, Nero Nero Island collides with Morioh, but the collision of the two barriers propels Nero Nero Island upwards. Insect-like legs suddenly emerge from under Nero Nero Island as it crashes through Morioh's barrier and lands in the harbor. Jorge, Muryotaisu, and Fukashigi freeze in shock. NYPD Blue fires a shot in the air to wake everyone up. As they're about to retreat, Jorge remembers Reimi and goes back for her. Rohan then appears behind them flying with Blue Thunder, and says that he'll ensure Reimi is safe himself.

Jorge follows him back to Arrow Cross House anyways. However, Reimi states that Cube House is the safest place for her to be as nothing would affect its walls. Jorge decides that they should all escape into Cube House, but Reimi is unsure whether its old power still exists since it transformed into Arrow Cross House. Jorge then demonstrates that Cube House simultaneously exists with Arrow Cross House, revealing the hidden door below Rohan's rug. Jorge reveals that someone might be hiding down there and gets escape gear and a golf club to use as a weapon from Rohan. The three safely descend into the first room of Cube House and then Jorge goes further into below rooms to investigate. Eventually, Jorge checks every room but they are all empty. Reimi then screams after checking the camera. Despite being dead, Tsukumojuku is on the screen. He walks up to the camera and laughs saying that he guesses his life entirely belongs to Jorge Joestar, before he then vanishes.

Running from overhead bullets

Jorge leaves Cube House, wondering what everything means, and how he could keep the citizens of Morioh safe. Running through Morioh's suburbs, someone from Nero Nero Island starts absently shooting at Jorge from above. Jorge manages to hide from all the bullets and reunites with Koji, who is hiding in the garage on the other side of the rubble. Koji uses Blue Thunder on Jorge, allowing him to fly. The two fly through the neighborhood and find the Nijimura brothers in a factory. The town's loudspeaker then broadcasts a message ordering detectives Daibakusho Curry, Runbaba 12, and Jorge to hurry to the Budogaoka Academy Garden. The other two detectives were also from Nishi Akatsuki like Jorge. Jorge decides to head to the garden and sees a young Italian man in a suit standing next to Morioh's mayor. Mayor Shishimaru tells them that the phone on the table in front of them will start ringing, confusing Jorge as the table only had a filthy rubber ball, a shoe, and a pebble. Suddenly, the pebble starts ringing and vibrating like a phone, and Jorge realizes that it is a Stand.

Jorge and Narancia in space

Jorge accepts the call and the young man on the other end could also speak Japanese. The caller tells Jorge that he wants to hire him as a detective, but Jorge refuses to accept unless the man states his name. He obliges, revealing that his name is Haruno Shiobana, but he usually goes by Giorno Giovanna. Giorno asks Jorge to look for Diavolo. He says that the man with them right now is Bruno Bucciarati, whose team will be working with them. Bucciarati is the leader, Giorno is in charge of communications, and the other three members will each individually accompany the three detectives. After Giorno hangs up, Bucciarati warns Jorge not to lie since he can smell when someone is lying. He then assigns Narancia Ghirga to be Jorge's partner. Jorge takes the pebble phone and suddenly sees Tsukumojuku standing next to Narancia. Tsukumojuku tries grabbing Jorge's shoulder, but Narancia gets in his way. In that instant, the three of them are teleported far away. Tsukumojuku brushes off that he brought an anomaly along with him since it must mean something and then he vanishes, leaving Narancia and Jorge alone on the H.G. Wells spaceship headed to Mars.[9]


U-Boat fires missiles through Jorge

Aboard the H.G. Wells Spaceship, Jorge and Narancia are caught and tied to a bed by Captain Funnier Valentine and his team of astronauts. Enrico Pucci introduces himself and asks for their names. Since Narancia couldn't speak English, Jorge answers for him. Jorge sees a mysterious third moon of Mars outside the window and assumes that must be the reason for him being brought there. He suddenly hears a dull chime echoing inside his stomach with the reverb spreading through his body. Narancia had put his Stand inside Jorge and warns Jorge not to move his head to the left if he doesn't want to die. A torpedo bursts through Jorge's skin as he screams in pain, covered in blood. The astronauts are about to see what happened, but they stop, suspicious of it being a trap. Angry that they didn't fall for it, Narancia fires four cruise missiles out of Jorge toward the astronauts, leading Jorge to learn that Narancia's Stand is an attack submarine hiding inside his body. However, Goyathlay Soundman summons a sand monster in front of the astronauts to swallow up the missiles. Narancia fires another missile which hits Jorge's wrist, freeing his hands from the zip tie. He then suddenly punches Jorge, knocking off a tooth with a spurt of blood. Jorge's tooth flies toward Soundman with a submarine hiding behind it.

Jorge asks Narancia whether he really wants to die here, mentioning that he'll never see his friends again. Narancia hesitates and then bursts into tears, realizing that he'll die. Suddenly, Jorge sees Narancia's face and entire body start melting as if it was rotting away. Jorge turns around and sees Pucci's Stand but all the other astronauts had gone back to their normal duties. Pucci uses his Stand to pull out two DISCs from Narancia's head and one DISC from Jorge's head. Pucci reads their memories before putting Jorge's DISC back in, and then informs Jorge that he still doesn't understand what Tsukumojuku told him yet. When Narancia doesn't argue back to Pucci, Jorge is terrified of Pucci's manipulative capabilities, certain that Pucci must be evil.

The Eyed Balloon

Meanwhile, the "moon" had a large quantity of "tentacles" surrounding it and grabs the spaceship. President The Funniest Valentine appears on the loudspeaker and informs them that he is presently at the UN Headquarters in New York, attending an emergency meeting regarding the mysterious life form which they are calling The Eyed Balloon. The Funniest shows the astronauts seven images of The Eyed Balloon's interior, highlighting the Giotto probes floating in the back. The Funniest shows them another picture from a Nazi base in Switzerland and explains the fate of Kars, who is the horned man that they saw earlier. Jorge is surprised to learn that his adoptive great-grandfather, Joseph Joestar, is the man who defeated Kars. The Funniest then gives them an ultimatum to escape The Eyed Balloon's tentacles in ten minutes or they will detonate the H.G. Wells spaceship remotely to prevent Kars from returning to Earth.

Stabbed by Funnier Valentine

When Funnier betrays his crew and kills Pocoloco Tripleseven, Jorge grabs Narancia's knife and tries to stab Funnier but the astronaut dodges and disarms Jorge, stabbing Jorge in the shoulder instead. As Funnier escapes, Narancia fires a cruise missile which collides with the escape pod, killing Funnier. Narancia's giant U-Boat rams into the side of the H.G. Wells due to The Eyed Balloon's tentacles. Narancia and Jorge jump into the hole of the submarine and Narancia immediately pilots it away.

The H.G. Wells spaceship explodes, but they are confronted by Kars who entered their submarine as well. Kars declares that he can finally go back home but with the three of them there, the oxygen in the submarine would only last four hours. Kars decides to build his own spaceship using The Eyed Balloon and the Giotto probes. Narancia and Jorge watch in horror as Kars melts The Eyed Balloon, which was actually 36 of his alternate universe counterparts, into machinery and fuel for a new spaceship. Kars orders Narancia to shrink the submarine and then he carries it along with Narancia and Jorge into his new spaceship.

Jorge wonders why Kars mentioned that there were three of them there since Kars does not need to breathe, but then notices Pucci on the ground after looking around. Meanwhile, the pebble phone starts ringing and Narancia is excited to speak with Bucciarati again. Bucciarati reminds them that they have Morioh's citizens hostage, so he doesn't want them fooling around. Jorge states that despite speaking like a gentleman, he knows their group is full of murderers who kills civilians. However, Bucciarati responds that his group swore an oath not to kill innocent people. He thanks Jorge for telling him that Cioccolata, Secco, and others have betrayed them. As Bucciarati hangs up, Kars learns that Jorge is a Joestar.[10]

Kars slipping fingers into Jorge's brain

After mocking Jorge for being short compared to Joseph, Kars slips his fingers into Jorge's brain, causing Jorge's body to contort until he grows twenty centimeters taller. Just then, Jorge hears a sonar ping from inside his body and realizes that Narancia has put U-Boat inside him. Narancia had also put one submarine inside Kars. However, Kars feels something inside himself and pulls it out. He analyzes it by dismantling the whole submarine and examining the individual parts, eventually learning how to use the Stand himself. Experimenting with his new Stand, Kars generates an extremely loud sonar sound from within Jorge and Pucci's bodies. Kars discovers that Pucci has a Stand as well and drags Whitesnake out of Pucci's back, leading him to develop his own Whitesnake Ultimate. Kars checks through Pucci and Jorge's memories. Jorge asks him if Kars could heal his body, impressing Kars that the boy could still think and talk despite his memory DISC being taken.

Kars makes Jorge tall and muscular

As Kars heals Jorge and restores his original height, Jorge asks him if he could return his DISC as well, but Kars insists on keeping it after seeing a photo of the vampire, Dio Brando, in Jorge's memories. Kars projects Jorge's memories on the wall, including a photo of a middle-aged George Joestar and a childhood memory of Joseph narrating Jonathan's attempt to stop Dio from robbing a train. He deduces that the George from the photo could not be the same one from Tsukumojuku's world, rather another George Joestar from the previous universes. Jorge calls Giorno, who informs him that there is an expected bombing on Nero Nero Island and Morioh after an American scout plane had crashed on Morioh, resulting with the residents clashing with the Navy.

Jorge inserts a Stand DISC

After Jorge hands the phone to Narancia, he approaches Kars and asks him if he could borrow Kars's Stand powers. Unable to handle the power, Jorge's body bloodily explodes after shoving the DISCs into his head, though Kars reassembles his flesh again immediately after. After a brief banter, Kars prepares a powered-down copy of his U-Boat for Jorge to use, and the group heads back to Earth. Jorge calls Giorno again to commence their attack on the islands and disable the military weaponries. After Narancia and Jorge send waves of missiles to the ships, the spaceship descends to Earth. At the same time, Bucciarati calls Jorge to tell him that the bodies of Yoshikage Kira and Diavolo have been found. The impact of the spaceship's landing shakes Nero Nero Island off of Morioh as the latter also flips upside down. Suddenly, an island nine hundred times larger than Morioh rises from underneath, to which Jorge recognizes as the mythical country of England. As he remembers his first arrival to Morioh, Jorge realizes that the reason why the map of Morioh felt familiar to him at the time was because he was subconsciously recalling Tsukumojuku's map of England, only it had been drawn backwards.[5]


Scouting with U-Boat

The spaceship of Kars smashes into the Arrow Cross House as Jorge assumes that they all are about to die. However, Kars saves them by transforming his body into a sphere. As they step outside, Jorge realizes that they are in an unfamiliar landscape rather than Morioh. Narancia sends out a few hundred tiny U-Boats onto the grass, having them scout in all directions. Jorge remembers that he was still borrowing a version of U-Boat from Kars and does the same thing.

They find a sign displaying "Wastewood" as well as a newspaper dated November 11, 1920. Jorge wonders how they ended up 92 years ago and why the place looks abandoned, as they couldn't find any citizens. Narancia jokingly congratulates Jorge after he discovers a wedding venue for "Jorge Joestar" and Elizabeth Straizo. Jorge realizes that it must be the other Jorge who Tsukumojuku told him about. Jorge tells Narancia that they should check out the other Jorge's home but Pucci says that they should go to the capital, London, as something waits for them in 'Desolation Row'. However, Narancia then sees three zombie men fighting to eat a little girl. Narancia kills the three men but the girl becomes a zombie herself. Jorge, Narancia, and Pucci fight off the zombies with their Stands.

Attacked by Penelope's clown

Riding a large U-Boat, they decide to flee to the Joestar mansion and take Kars with them. They are greeted by a clown once they arrive, which imprisons Jorge in a locked room. The clown declares that if he isn't Penelope's friend, then he'll have to hang himself. Remembering his discussion with Tsukumojuku, Jorge yells out that he isn't the Locked Room Master and that Javier Cortes is already dead. From his words, the clown explodes along with the walls surrounding Jorge. Penelope runs outside but is perplexed to see the young Asian boy rather than the adult George she was expecting.

Talking to Erina

After Narancia starts yelling in Italian, Penelope tells them that she doesn't know what's going on with the island and asks them to leave but Erina arrives to greet her guests. As Jorge talks to Erina, three zombies appear behind them but Penelope entraps them with her Wound. Jorge wonders how Erina could tell that he was Japanese, so Erina reveals that she's been running a trading company for some time and Jorge's soft smile that's particular to Japanese culture reminded her of Japanese people that she had done business with. Jorge explains about Tsukumojuku and how quite a lot had happened. After Jorge mentions that they're going to London to find the 'Way to Heaven', Hearing the name of his adoptive grandfather, Jorge asks to see the baby Joseph, despite Jorge's grandfather being the son of Jodoh Joestar and Maria Urias Zeppeli. Suddenly, Kars appears beside Jorge, interested in seeing his archenemy as a baby. Erina and Penelope protectively jump in between Kars and Joseph, but Kars declares that he has no intention of harming the baby because history may be altered.

Speaking with Bucciarati

Penelope decides to join them and heads back with Jorge to U-Boat as Narancia cackles about how Jorge could pick up a girl in the situation that they're in. Meanwhile, Bucciarati calls them on the pebble phone and they relay their circumstances to each other. He shares footage from Leone Abbacchio's Stand Videodrome, depicting a holographic display of Diavolo and Kira's sudden deaths with their throats being slit. Jorge realizes that Cube House must be a device to bypass spacetime, and Tsukumojuku had learned how to use it.

Meeting Dio

The group arrives at London, where Pucci is greeted by Funny Valentine, who also introduces them to Dio Brando. Seeing holes in Dio's hands and feet, Pucci weeps for his lord as arrows appear all over Whitesnake's body. Pucci levitates and becomes the center of gravity, unleashing his new Stand C-MOON. However, C-MOON's body then cracks and Made in Heaven emerges from it. Just before Pucci could activate Made in Heaven, Dio holds up his hand. The giant wall surrounding Great Britain formed the upside-down upper half of a giant version of Antonio Torres. The giant Antonio looks down at them and grabs Pucci, swallowing him to send him outside of the barrier. Pucci then activates Made in Heaven within Antonio's belly, speeding up time outside England. The universe loops 36 times, bringing the island of Great Britain to 2012 in the 37th universe. Jorge wonders if their six month journey from Mars back to Earth only took four hours because of Pucci, but Kars reveals that the priest had a complicated flow of time compressed within him. At the same time he was on the spaceship with them, he was also in another universe killing someone.[11]

Fleeing with Narancia and Penelope

Kars is excited to fight Dio, as Penelope, Narancia, and Jorge watch with fear. Kars charges forward first and immediately explodes from Dio's punch rush, with bits of his flesh flying in all directions. The force from the impact was strong enough that Kars's flesh stabs through Jorge's body, breaking his bones and puncturing his organs. Narancia grabs Jorge and Penelope and then flees on a one meter long U-Boat, appearing similarly to a skateboard. Kars's body parts start reforming, healing Jorge as the pieces exit from his body.

Teleported by Funny Valentine

They meet Lisa Lisa who sees Jorge enjoying Penelope embracing him, so she slaps him. Jorge introduces himself and admires Lisa Lisa's beauty. Although he decides not to tell Lisa Lisa about Kars in case it causes a time paradox, Penelope does so anyways. Penelope declares her resolve to Lisa Lisa that she will find George and bring him back. Meanwhile, Jorge is jealous that the other George has beautiful women who care for him. Funny flings a cape around Jorge but before it could cover him, Lisa Lisa punches Funny's cheek with the Ripple. However, the cape falls onto Jorge anyways and he is teleported to a parallel world along with Funny.[4]

Parallel Worlds

In a parallel world

In the middle of a red desert, Jorge sees a car headed toward him with another 'Funny Valentine' driving it. After getting an explanation of Funny's Stand, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, Jorge sees many cars racing across the desert. The 'Funny' that was in the car tells Jorge that it's the second stage of the Steel Ball Run, taking place in Monument Valley. Jorge mentions that one of his ancestors was in the Steel Ball Run, but it was a horse race. 'Funny' responds that the race can change in each world, as some worlds have races with planes and blimps instead. In Jorge's universe, the competitors of the race gathered nine Holy Grails, and Johnny Joestar played a major role but had to drop out along the way.

Chased by parallel Kars

Not caring about the race, Jorge asks why he was brought to this world. 'Funny' reveals that the two 'Singularities' are the body of the holy man and Jorge Joestar. A singularity is something that only exists once, and there is no other instance of them. The Saint's Corpse only exists in the second universe, where the very first Steel Ball Run took place. Jorge is a singularity because he is an abandoned Japanese kid adopted by the Joestar Family and there is no replacement for him in any other universe or parallel world. Jorge questions whether he should trust what 'Funny' is saying, but 'Funny' tells him to just have faith in himself. He opens the car, lets Jorge get in, and then the other Funny starts driving them away. Jorge sees a massive cloud headed towards them from behind, which Funny reveals is Kars from this parallel world. In order to conquer Kars, Funny had fought Kars numerous times in different parallel worlds, trying to find a way to seal Kars or send him away. Kars easily tosses this world's 'Funny' aside while the other Funny starts driving faster. Their car crashes and half of Funny's head gets torn off, but Jorge survives after slamming into a nearby rock.

At Piccadilly Circus

Jorge wakes up back in the original world at Piccadilly Circus in London. He sees that Funny is somehow still alive. In the moment that Kars smirks stating that he has figured out Dio's Stand, Funny finally succeeds in teleporting him to a parallel world. Jorge notices The Funniest's hands sticking out of Funny's hands to extend his reach, revealing that The Funniest has the same Stand as Funny, D4C. Suddenly, Jorge is pulled toward The Funniest's hands from a thin strand of Kars's hair wrapped around Jorge's neck.

Jorge finds himself in Manhattan Island in The Funniest's parallel world. He meets with Funny, learning that the Funny in Piccadilly Circus was a fake parallel world version and the actual one that Jorge met with Dio was waiting here for Jorge. Funny notes that since Jorge is a singularity, he is the key to defeating Dio's Stand The Passion which could see the future, and that Kars has realized this. Now that Dio is an Ultimate Thing, his The World is also capable of stopping time for nearly an hour. Funny then teleports Jorge to a parallel Morioh, where Kars is.

Parallel Morioh

Kars immediately extracts Jorge's DISC with Whitesnake Ultimate to read everything that Jorge has learned so far. Jorge realizes he still has the pebble phone and calls Bucciarati, who informs him of the events in the Arrow Cross House and how the other George solved the mystery. Kars tells Jorge to think of a way for them to get back to England. Meanwhile, this parallel world's version of Kars performs a dancing light show while the original Kars and Jorge watch in confusion. Jorge believes that it's just something that 'Kars's is doing for himself. The other 'Kars's spiels that after running on Mars for so long, he understood that despite the immortality of his flesh, his life is fragile and can be extinguished easily. His speech puts the original Kars deep in thought and Jorge discovers a way they could get back to England. They find a house at the edge of Morioh, belonging to Kosaku Kawajiri, Shinobu, and Hayato.

Seeing Kars, Kosaku desperately screams at Shinobu and Hayato to run away. Kars asks whether he's Kira and Kosaku confirms that he's a serial killer, causing Bites the Dust to explode. As Kars is immune to explosions, he puts Jorge inside him and travels back in time an hour.[4]

Final Battle

Warning Kars

They arrive back at Piccadilly Circus with Funny about to teleport Kars again, but this time Jorge knows what would happen. Jorge yells out to Kars that Funny will clap twice, allowing Kars to instantly react to both claps. Dio activates the next part of his plan and assumes he won until Jorge tells him to look at the sky. Kars grins down at him, revealing that he learned how to use his own version of Dio's Stand, The World Ultimate. He had stopped time and escaped from the claps. Wondering where Dio's confidence comes from, Jorge sees a shadowy figure with long hair talking behind Dio, realizing that Dio has a Beyond too.

Giant U-Boat

Jorge and Narancia fire missiles with U-Boat at the giant Antonio, though Antonio knocks them all aside. Meanwhile, Kars destroys Dio's body into nine pieces. Dio stabs Whitesnake Ultimate with an Arrow, transforming it into C-MOON Ultimate Requiem. He takes control of the Stand from Kars and travels through Antonio to go outside England and achieve Made in Heaven Ultimate Requiem. Antonio's head begins to crumble from the constant barrage of missiles from Jorge and Narancia, but Kars tells them to stop killing him or they won't be able to return England back to its original timeline.

As Dio starts speeding up time, Funny and The Funniest discover that Dio is headed for the past beyond the future. They decide to help Jorge and the others as it is their duty to protect the Saint's Corpse. While speaking with Kars, Jorge understands that the real two 'Singularities' are Nishi Akatsuki and the Bermuda Triangle. Kars also gets him to comprehend that Jorge is the only one who could surprise Dio, as he had already succeeded in taking him by surprise earlier. Only someone with a Beyond could defeat another with a Beyond, so Jorge gains confidence in himself. He discerns that they could go back in time and outmaneuver Dio by utilizing Kira's Bites the Dust. Kars divulges that the real Kira actually isn't dead and the corpse in the Arrow Cross House was the 37th universe's Kosaku Kawajiri. The Kosaku they met in the parallel world wasn't Kira either, it was Kosaku who was turned into a bomb by Bites the Dust, who thought of himself as a serial killer because of how many people he had indirectly killed.

Crying from Kars's generosity

Jorge calls Bucciarati and informs him of the situation. Bucciarati has Daibakusho Curry and Runbaba 12 investigate what happened to Denta Shishimaru's secretary, Chien Kunimido. The two are quickly able to find Chien at his house, learning that he is actually Kira. Disguised as Chien, Kira had blown up several detectives and also tortured the original George to the brink of death. Listening to Jorge's request, Bucciarati sends the original Antonio through Cube House back in time to England. To prolong the life of the giant Antonio, Kars uses Made in Heaven Ultimate Requiem to speed up time for the original Antonio. The original Antonio would constantly create new Antonio clones, and then Penelope would use her Wound to make the clones be absorbed into the dying giant Antonio, slightly repairing him.

Bucciarati and the others manage to reach Chien's house by Reimi rolling Cube House like a die. By the time they arrive, Kira apparently killed George already. Angered, Bucciarati threatens to kill Kira but Jorge warns him not to, as they need Kira's power. He has Bucciarati drop Kira through the hole in Cube House, which teleports Kira to Jorge. After psychologically terrifying Kira, Kars pulls Killer Queen out of him. Kars constantly has Bites the Dust activate and repeatedly explodes to keep going back in time.

Arriving at Trinity Church

They arrive at Trinity Church in the 2nd universe, where Funny leads them to the secret underground facility. They see a corpse of the parallel world Diego on the ground, along with Dio's head and Lucy Steel. As Dio pulls his body parts toward his head, Erina emerges from behind Dio. Jorge had previously loaned his U-Boat DISC to Penelope, who made the trip back to Wastewood to bring Erina here. Erina fuels Dio's anger and then Lisa Lisa appears holding her son, Joseph Joestar. Dio roars with confusion as to why Lisa Lisa would bring her baby to a battlezone. Erina then calls for Jorge to show himself, surprising Dio even more. Jorge's plan of catching Dio off guard was working.

Jorge's party trick

Pretending to be the original George, Jorge states his name, introducing himself as the host of this Joestar family reunion. Jorge then reveals a special party trick, lifting his shirt up and exposing his stomach. Kars jumps out from a parallel world within Jorge's stomach. From there, Funny additionally sends out seven parallel world Kars, each having their own The World Ultimate. They each stop time so that they wouldn't be destroyed and then form a ladder by grabbing each other's hands. The original Kars makes time resume, and at that signal, Jorge quickly runs up the ladder of Kars before they collapse into Menger sponges. Jorge lands on the table where Dio's body was placed and chops off the supplemental head, using a hatchet given to him by Funny. Finally, Funny gives Jorge another head from out of Jorge's stomach, the head of Jonathan Joestar, which Erina had kept safe. Jorge places Jonathan's head on top of the corpse and it matches perfectly, as it was his original body.

Jorge and George shocked by the Ripple

Jorge knows that all of this had become possible due to him, the other George, and Dio all sharing the same Beyond, known as The Trinity. For a moment, Jorge could see Jonathan's Stand The Passion around his head. Jonathan revives and has a tearful reunion with Erina. Frustrated over his constant losses, Dio only takes over Diego's body and vanishes into the darkness, never to be seen again.

The original George reveals that he was hiding inside a parallel world within Jorge as well. He survived against Kira by using his Beyond to separate his soul from his body, after witnessing Dio doing it earlier. Reimi found his soul wandering around in Arrow Cross House. When he leaps out, Jorge ends up on the floor and the two start arguing with each other. Lisa Lisa uses her Ripple on both of them and they have a happy reunion. Eventually, Kars takes everybody back to their respective universes using the exhausted Kira.[4]


Jorge's new family

Penelope decides to live in the 37th universe and marries Jorge's father, Jonda Joestar, two years later. They have a daughter in 2015 and Jorge is ecstatic over having a new sister. When Jorge is twenty, he changes the official English spelling of his name from 'Joji' to 'Jorge' because he hates the spelling 'Joji'. However, he can't decide on the Japanese spelling. Although Jorge feels like an idiot asking a man from a country which doesn't use kanji about what the spelling of his name should be, Jorge decides to call Tonpetty using the pebble phone. Tonpetty gives him the spelling 城字ジョースター (Jōji Jōsutā). At first Jorge thinks it's extremely weird from a Japanese perspective because the kanji that Tonpetty chose for spelling "Joji" means "castle" and "character", but then Jorge realizes that it is actually fitting for him.[4]


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Quote.png Quotes
  • My name is Jorge Joestar. I'm fifteen years old, and live in Fukui Prefecture, Japan. I'm English... but I look and probably am Japanese.
    —Jorge Joestar, JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 2: Nishi Akatsuki
  • There's a important, inflexible law that defines the world. Everything has meaning. Nothing is out of place. [...] I'm a detective. The moment I get involved, the rules of the world shift to my genre.
    —Jorge Joestar to Rohan Kishibe, JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 4: Morioh
  • 'Lacking'!? I wasn't lacking! Certainly I was shorter than my grandfather, who was over 190 centimeters, but I was taller than the average Japanese man!
    —Jorge Joestar, JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 12: Rhinoceros Beetle
  • Nice to meet you. My name's Jorge Joestar. I'm a private detective. The kind that inevitably ends up solving the mystery.
    —Jorge Joestar, JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 14: Desolation Row
  • Our universe had produced Kars, the Ultimate Thing, every time, blown him out into space, and gathered him on the dark side of Mars. I'd gone my whole life without knowing the food chain had Kars and the other Pillar Men at the top, vampires below them, and zombies below that.
    —Jorge thinking about the flying Antonios' origin, JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 14: Desolation Row
  • Someone will come along to surpass you. Those who strive for domination must live in the shadow of fear of something just like them. All you'll ever do is wait for someone to surpass you. What an exhausting way to live. But look closely. The one that surpasses you may not come from below. Without you ever noticing, they might already be looking down at you from far above. But if you think hard about that, if you really look at the big picture...that might well be a comfort to you. Good news, Dio Brando!
    —Jorge Joestar, JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 16: Beyond II
  • Welcome to the Joestar family reunion! I'm Jorge Joestar, and I'll be your host today. Well, there's a bit of tension in the room so I'd say it's time for me to perform a special party trick! With MY belly!
    —Jorge Joestar outsmarts Dio Brando, JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 16: Beyond II
  • Dipshit! You're a disgrace to everyone adopted! You should never have messed with us!
    —Jorge Joestar, JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 16: Beyond II



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