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Silver Chariot, Part 3 (銀の戦車(シルバーチャリオッツ) その③, Shirubā Chariottsu Sono 3), originally The Knight's Code (騎士のおきて, Ishi no Okite) in the the WSJ release, is the thirteenth chapter of Stardust Crusaders and the one hundred twenty-sixth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


Jean Pierre Polnareff is hit by Magician's Red's Crossfire Hurricane and is seemingly defeated. Believing the fight to be over, the group starts discussing their journey. Silver Chariot suddenly reappears and takes off its armor, while the French Stand user jumps into the air from his position on the ground. He congratulates Muhammad Avdol for the attack, but asks for time to explain what happened, because otherwise it would be like ambushing his opponent, which lacks honor. Avdol agrees, and Polnareff tells him the only thing damaged was the Stand's armor, which he took off in order to make its body lighter. He asks if Avdol had managed to see that he did not jump, but rather was being held up by Silver Chariot.

Polnareff shows off Silver Chariot's true speed by moving it so fast that only residual images are left, as no one can follow it with their own eyes. Avdol tries to hit the Stand, but only manages to create a hole in the ground. Polnareff scolds him for not listening earlier about how fast Silver Chariot is and quickly makes many cuts in form of ankhs in Avdol's face. Avdol decides to explain his next attack to honor Polnareff's sportsmanship, so he warns him that the Crossfire Hurricane has a variant called Crossfire Hurricane Special, which splits the ankh created earlier into multiple small ankhs.

When he finally fires the attack, Polnareff is surprised by one coming out of the hole made earlier and hit head-on. Avdol reveals that he was creating a tunnel to hit Polnareff since the beginning, and offers him a dagger to kill himself before he burns to death painfully. In recognition of Avdol's strength, Polnareff denies the dagger and decides to burn to death. Avdol recognizes that Polnareff is a man much better than DIO and finds a bud spore on his head, placed by DIO to control him. He asks Jotaro to remove it.



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