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A detailed chronological summary of the life of Johnny Joestar.


Johnny with his brother, Nicholas Joestar.

Jonathan "Johnny" Joestar, nicknamed "Joe Kid", was born in 1872 to a family of former aristocrats in Danville, Kentucky – his father, George Joestar, was a wealthy owner of several farms and an acclaimed horse trainer who had won the Triple Crown seven times. He was successful enough for the family to live comfortably in England for several years.[1]

Johnny was five when he first rode a horse. George, upon seeing Johnny observe the motions of the horse, considered him "a horse riding genius", which Johnny himself would also believe.[2] However, Mr. Joestar was strict towards Johnny and always seemed to favor his older brother Nicholas.

A number of innocuous things happened to Johnny during his youth. One time, he threw his school books away on the way to school because he didn't want to read them. When one of his friends fell ill, Johnny decided to throw over a cliff a set square he had lent to said friend, holding it with sticks. Another time, a girl offered him a four-leaf clover for his birthday, though they got separated and never saw each other again.[3]

One day in England, Johnny found a mouse and adopted it, naming it Danny. However, George was strictly against bringing it to the table. When Johnny disobeyed his father and was caught secretly feeding it under the table during dinner, George ordered Johnny to drown the animal as punishment. Heartbroken, Johnny was unable to bring himself to do the deed, and followed Nicholas' suggestion to set Danny free into the woods instead, using a stuffed mouse from school as a decoy. One day, Johnny was admiring Nicholas' riding and incidentally spotted a young Diego Brando working there as a hot-walker. Nicholas decided to ride a new horse, but in the middle of the trial run, Nicholas fell. Nicholas died from his fall. Johnny heard Diego shouting that he saw a white mouse run from the commotion into the woods, which startled Nicholas' horse, and from that point Johnny believed that it was Danny. Thus, Johnny felt deeply responsible for the death of his brother.[1]

Johnny in his prime.

Seven years later, it was Johnny who rose to fame as a racing prodigy. He was pampered greatly: people would bring him riches, politicians and royalty would visit him, and rich girls would sleep with him. George still did not acknowledge him and his feats, possibly because Johnny never managed to beat Diego Brando at racing. During one of such races, Johnny was 2nd place, behind Diego; he destroyed his trophy out of frustration.[3]

Johnny is shot in the spine, making him paraplegic

One day, the bottom of Johnny's boots began to fall off, so he returned home to use Nicholas' boots. However, George confronted Johnny, claiming that the hole in Johnny's boot is his responsibility and to not use his dead brother's boots. This leads to a violent fight between Johnny and George. After being impaled by some glass, George uttered that "God had taken the wrong son" before finally throwing Johnny out of the household. Still, this did not deter Johnny, and he would go on to win the Kentucky Derby at a tender age of sixteen.[4]

At one point, while waiting in line for a play, the girl he was with convinced him to cut to the front of the line and bribed the bouncers to throw out the youth in the front of the line - who had been waiting through the night.

The youth shot Johnny in the spine, paralyzing him from the waist down and sending him to a hospital where he was physically abused. Having lost all the friends and respect he had earned as a jockey, no one visited him during his stay in the hospital.[5] Johnny lives in this state for approximately two years.

Steel Ball Run

Meeting Gyro Zeppeli

Johnny miraculously standing up after touching the Steel Ball.

Johnny is drawn to the site of the Steel Ball Run race's start, for reasons even he doesn't truly understand. Johnny first appears among the crowd who witness the confrontation between Gyro Zeppeli and a pickpocket who had stolen money from him. Afterward, when Johnny follows and touches the Steel Ball Gyro had used, which was still spinning, his legs moved enough to allow him to stand for a brief moment. Johnny chases after Gyro, who prevents him from touching the Steel Ball again but touches his hand with his palm, causing a reflex movement making him grab a wooden beam on a nearby house. Gyro compliments his upper body strength, but denies that the Steel Ball can enable him to walk again. However, Johnny is not deterred; he decides to chase down Gyro by entering the race to learn more about the Steel Balls and starts by trying to ride a horse. He completes his admission and purchases Slow Dancer, an aging appaloosa.

Johnny's initial attempts at mounting his horse are unsuccessful. He is unable to climb the saddle and the untamed horse drags him by the saddle in the dirt and tramples him through an entire day's attempt at trying to tame it. What more, a piece of wood has pierced his leg. Nonetheless, Johnny also made sure not to be interrupted in his attempts to tame him, threatening the men who introduced him to the horse that he would set himself on fire and commit suicide if he is forced out of the pen.

Still unsuccessful, Johnny still makes himself be dragged to the starting line, where he meets Gyro again and reiterates his will to find the secret of the Steel Ball. Impressed, Gyro gives him a hint and Johnny understands that the secret resides in the Balls' rotation. It is shown that Johnny has tamed Slow Dancer, as it is seen licking his cheek and obeying Johnny's command to lick him again. Johnny, after taking Gyro's hint to use the spin, rolls back over Slow Dancer's neck and onto the saddle, right as the Steel Ball Run starts.[6]

The 1st Stage

Johnny briefly clashes with Diego

During the first stage, Johnny steadily follows Gyro, determined to impress him during this stage. For the most part, Johnny stays behind Gyro among the lead riders and observes Gyro as he takes down opponents. When Gyro decides to cross a dense forest as a shortcut, he decides to dash in too, clashing with Pocoloco briefly. In here, Johnny notes that Pocoloco's riding is amateurish and misinterprets Pocoloco's eyes closing as an attempt to let his horse naturally take the best course of action. Johnny instead rides his horse and makes it jump above some branches, managing to keep up. While Johnny has superior skill, Pocoloco's luck sends him to the second position nonetheless.

Until the final 1,000 meters, Johnny remains unchallenged until Diego comes behind him. Seeing that Diego is using other riders as a windshield, Johnny purposefully breaks the windshield attack by making Slow Dancer sink, kick pebbles at Diego, and then accelerates to get away from him. Nonetheless, Johnny finishes at the fifth place.

Still determined to follow the Neapolitan rider, Johnny impresses Gyro enough for him to give him a second lesson in the Spin. Telling him that the secret resides in the rotation, Gyro gives Johnny a rock to rotate and forms a partnership with him. From now on, they ride together and plan to finish together as the winners of the Steel Ball Run.[7]

The 2nd Stage Begins - Battle Against Mrs. Robinson

At the start of the second stage, Johnny takes a look at the Arizona desert's map and warns Gyro that they will cross a truly hostile land where there is a true risk of death of thirst and the waterholes are few. He proposes they follow the advised route linking them to a water hole 50 km from the starting line. However when Gyro decides to cut through 150 km of desert, Johnny has no choice but to follow him. Another competitor, Mrs. Robinson, follows them.

Johnny wounded by cholla needles

Six hours into the second stage, Johnny and Gyro momentarily stop to verify that they are on the right path, although Gyro hastily assures Johnny of it, making him nervous. As they carefully navigate the desert trying to keep an eye on Mrs. Robinson, something rapidly flies past them and shoots through Gyro's ear. Soon, they are assailed from all sides by what Johnny discovers to be cactus needles, coming from the explosive cholla cacti scattered in the land. However, they cannot be sure that Robinson, who's keeping away from them, is actually attacking. When a flurry of needles accurately cut his bridle and aim at his face, there is no doubt that Robinson is somehow trying to kill them. Johnny is unhorsed and tells Gyro to go ahead anyway, but Gyro decides to confront Robinson. Robinson reveals that he's breeding a swarm of flies inside of him to send them toward the chollas, but Gyro manages to use the Spin to indirectly defeat him. The two can continue their race.

Night falls, and Johnny and Gyro set up camp. Exercising in the Spin, Johnny manages to create a conclusive rotation with a cork. Gyro spots another horseman, and raises the question of their own security. Johnny searches for his gun in their luggage and accidentally glimpse newspapers cut in Gyro's bag, only to be stopped by Gyro who closes the subject of his past.

Battle Against the Boomboom Family

At dusk, the Boomboom Family attacks Johnny & Gyro

Soon, they are approached by Andre Boomboom, a fellow competitor who claims to have been bitten by a poisonous spotted salamander. Andre asks for some fire to heat his knife. Gyro reluctantly kicks him a branch on fire, and Andre proceeds to sever the poisoned skin while he chokes himself. He seemingly loses consciousness and Gyro nonchalantly kicks his knife away. Gyro immediately notices that his boot has been torn for an unknown reason. Meanwhile, Johnny also looks at the competitors' list and notes that Andre is part of a family of three that are competing too. Indeed, the rest of the Boomboom Family approaches. Suddenly, Gyro's feet is invaded by steel and the duo realizes that they are dealing with enemies that are assassinating the competition. They realize that the Boomboom's ability is a magnetic power when Johnny's pistol is disassembled and the pieces are attracted to Gyro's feet. Worse, Gyro loses a Steel Ball when he throws one at the patriarch, Benjamin Boomboom, and it disintegrates. Keeping his calm, Gyro throws his remaining ball at a rock, making a piece of rock shoot through Andre. Nonetheless, the duo must flee. As they move away from the Boomboom, the magnetism weakens but Benjamin still manages to splash some of Andre's blood on Johnny and then tricks the cowboy Mountain Tim into thinking Johnny is the culprit of a murder they committed during the first stage.

Johnny awakens a spinning nail ability

Soon, Mountain Tim catches up to Johnny and Gyro and the three feel the effects of the magnetism. Realizing that they risk death of they collide, Gyro turns the nearby rock to dust rich in iron that hit Mountain Tim. Mountain Tim uses his power Oh! Lonesome Me to tie himself to a rock and the misunderstanding between the three is cleared. Mountain Tim also explains his power and presents the concept of Stands to the pair. The Boomboom family appears and binds everyone in iron sand. Mountain Tim empties his revolver on L.A. Boomboom but Benjamin deflects the bullets with his Stand. The heroes are immobilized and Johnny is now the only one who can save them by taking one of Tim's bullets and use the Spin on it. As the three collide, Johnny manages to generate a rotation... which is then stopped as Benjamin stomps his hand. Desperate, Johnny then realizes that the rotation is still there and his nails are spinning. Johnny instinctively shoots his nails, which cut Benjamin in two and cut L.A.'s foot after Johnny somehow jumps over him. The Boomboom Family is defeated. Johnny realizes that he's acquired a Stand ability because he's in a Devil's Palm. Angry, L.A. promises that they will be dead as someone from Gyro's country has put a bounty on his head.[8][9] Since he's involved in this battle, Johnny pushes Gyro to reveal his past as an executioner from the Kingdom of Naples, whose effort to win the Steel Ball Run are undermined by enemies of his kingdom.

Battle Against Oyecomova

Oyecomova attacks Gyro and Johnny

Johnny, Gyro and Mountain Tim reach a checkpoint town together where they can rest their horses. In here, Gyro notably receives a letter from his kingdom informing him that they have prepared a Zombie Horse for him to use, a tool that will help him heal wounds and fatigue. However, the Neapolitan terrorist Oyecomova arrives in town. Due to his ability Boku no Rhythm wo Kiitekure, Oyecomova turns anything he touches into time bombs and he creates an explosion that takes out the hotel. Johnny and Gyro were in a nearby barn and thus are spared the explosion, and a wounded Mountain Tim warns them about Oyecomova but the terrorist sneaks on Gyro and touches his hand. Gyro must sacrifice a leg to endure the explosion with the use of his two hands, but he manages to hit Oyecomova once. Oyecomova leaves to retrieve the Zombie Horse, Johnny and Gyro behind him. In the mountainous area, he is able to turn water, wasps and even smoke into bombs. Despite their efforts to keep up, Oyecomova manages to stay just out of Gyro's effective range. However, as Oyecomova blows out smoke, Johnny puts his spinning nails on a spider web that Oyecomova pulls, expecting to find wasps he can't be harmed with. With the spinning nails near him, they can boost Gyro's Steel Ball by reinforcing its rotation midair and Gyro is able to smash Oyecomova's face with his Steel Balls. The duo is victorious.

In the mountains, Johnny and Gyro finally acquire the Zombie Horse, a string put on the wall of a cliff like a horse fresco. Using the string, Gyro stitches his leg and heals.

Corpse Parts ?

Johnny sees a mummified Arm in his own arm

As Johnny and Gyro continue their journey, they are attacked by another competitor, Fritz von Stroheim. Gyro quickly defeats the German cyborg but Johnny begins to question how important the race prize can be with now several attempts on their lives. Suddenly, Johnny sees a mummified Left Arm fused to his own body, through it quickly fades inside of him. He quickly realizes its significance related to his Stand ability and the Devil's Palm.

Battle Against Pork Pie Hat Kid

The duo are in sight of Monument Valley, the end of the second stage. However, Gyro suddenly disappears as Johnny is distracted by a flock of birds. Then, his horse Valkyrie also suddenly disappears. Johnny feels something dragging him upward but saves himself by cutting his hoodie, allowing to stay in the valley, but he only knows that the attacks are coming from above. Slow Dancer then disappears under his nose and he falls to the ground. It is only then that he sees a hook coming out of the underside of a feather. Unable to cut the metal with his spinning nails, Johnny must cut his cheek to free himself but now two hooks are coming back from falling feathers. Chased by the hooks, Johnny shoots the ground to create a dust cloud and use the spinning nails as makeshift wheels to go hide under a nearby rock shelf. Using the reprieve, Johnny analyzes what he's seen and realizes that the enemy seems to be seeking something, and is probably after the mummified arm. Indeed, Pork Pie Hat Kid, a Stand user and a subordinate of President Funny Valentine is doing exactly that with his stuff.

Johnny meets his Stand, which somehow activates his feet

Under the rock, Johnny knocks away a scarab, but another hook comes from under it. Johnny is hooked by the two enemy hooks and loses his grip on the rock. Suddenly, a strange creature emerges from his arm, carves the words "movere crus" on his arm, goes to his feet, and makes his toenails spin. This shoots the nails through the scarab directly at the Pork Pie Hat Kid and stops the attack. More importantly, Johnny makes a connection between the Corpse Part and his moving leg and also guesses that the true purpose of the Steel Ball Run race is to gather the other pieces of this Corpse, which seems to have miraculous properties. Johnny sees that a Steel Ball has made a groove on the soil, giving away the direction of the enemy. Determined to save Gyro and keep the Corpse, Johnny decides to fight the enemy and slowly crawls toward Pork Pie Hat Kid's base, covered in earth. To root him out, Pork Pie Hat Kid releases Slow Dancer so that it returns to its rider and then sets the area on fire with oil. However, Johnny carves a crude statue of himself with a piece of wood and tricks the Kid into attacking it, allowing him to shoot through the feathers. As he seemingly defeats his opponent, Johnny dubs his ability "Tusk". When Johnny finally reaches Gyro and the Pork Pie Hat Kid, the latter ambushes him by using Gyro to make his hooks appears. Johnny is unable to attack Pork Pie Hat Kid and must yield or else the both of them die. Devastated, Johnny ejects the arm and loses his Stand. Johnny despairs but then Gyro reveals that he made the nails on the left arm spin too, acting as a trap for Pork Pie Hat Kid, who is shot in the face by the nails.

Johnny names his Stand "Tusk"

Gyro retakes the arm under Johnny's anxious eyes, but the Neapolitan confirms that he isn't after the Corpse but simple victory and gives Johnny back the Left Arm. Johnny and Gyro discuss the true nature of the race, and Gyro theorizes that this Corpse must belong to some saint, knowing that relics can bless entire nations with good luck. That said, Johnny and Gyro resume their race, determined to get the Saint's Corpse or win it respectively.[10]

The other top contenders have arrived. Johnny and Gyro dash toward the finish line, with Diego Brando, Sandman contesting their lead. Incidentally, Johnny stumbles upon a stray newspaper and sees the photo of a mountain whose top exactly resembles the word "movere crus" carved on his arm. Gyro is distracted and ends up finishing fourth, behind Sandman in third place, Johnny in second place and Diego in first place. However, the race doesn't stop and the competitor directly enter the 3rd stage: the Rocky Mountain Breakdown, crossing the eponymous mountain chain towards Cannon City.

The Third Stage begins - Scary Monsters

Diego turns into a dinosaur and attacks Johnny & Gyro

In the Rocky Mountains, Johnny and Gyro meet with an unhorsed and visibly hurt Diego Brando. While Gyro tries to check up on him, Johnny advocates leaving Diego. Indeed, the British jockey even pridely tells them to go away. Soon enough, Diego catches up to them, strangely lively for someone who was wounded moments ago. The three of them decide to spend the night in a village to avoid the cougars. As he prepares the dinner, Johnny notices Diego's strange behavior and soon enough, he turns into a feral dinosaur. A fight ensues but the dinosaur has an advantage in his kinetic vision allowing it to discern and avoid fast projectiles. Gyro manages to stun the dinosaur with a surprise attack. Both escape the house, still pursued by Diego who breaks out of the house, and notice on the horizon the "movere crus" mountain. As they lead Diego away with a Steel Ball Diego expects to return to Gyro, the duo realize where the next corpse part is.

Despite the dinosaurs, Johnny & Gyro reach the Eyes

However, a bear that Diego has killed turns into another dinosaur. The duo hides in a sewer where they are assailed by small rat-dinosaurs. These dinosaurs are killed but manage to mark their odor on the duo. The sewer leads to a cliff, but even there, some raptors are waiting for them and Diego tracks them thanks to the mark. Worse, Johnny and Gyro have been scratched by the dinosaur and slowly begin their own transformation. Noticing that Johnny's metamorphosis into a dinosaur is slowed by the Corpse Part, the duo try to reach the new Corpse Part on a nearby peak. They jump across a ravine and Gyro uses his Steel Ball on a tree to create a rope. However, both are stopped at the last moment by Diego and the horde of dinosaurs. Diego seizes the Eyes and Gyro has turned enough to become an ally to Diego. The true enemy, Valentine's Subordinate Dr. Ferdinand, appears riding a raptor. In a position of strength, Ferdinand calls Johnny out on his petty goals with the Saint's Corpse, not realizing who he is dealing with. To turn the situation around, Johnny relinquishes his Left Arm. He partially transforms into a dinosaur and uses his tail to propel himself towards Ferdinand, knocking the Eyes out of his hands. Gyro gets one of the eyes and is cured. Thanks to his new ability, Gyro can defeat Dr. Ferdinand, who is eaten by cougars he had previously turned. However, Diego gets away with the other Eye and seemingly keeps his dinosaur powers.[11]

Rest of the Third Stage

Johnny and Gyro then ride safely toward the end of the third stage. As every competitor races to finish first, Gyro and Diego try to take a shortcut through the lake instead of going around it. Johnny admonishes him, criticizing his lack of real, selfish drive he needs to come out on top. At first, Gyro is angry at Johnny and criticizes him, but Diego manages to come out victorious of this duel. Johnny nonetheless finishes before Diego. Surprisingly, Johnny isn't the stage winner: the racer Hot Pants has already crossed the finish line some time before.

The Fourth Stage begins - Encounter With Ringo Roadagain

The fourth stage begins for Johnny and Gyro: 1250 km through the Great Plains to Kansas City. They ride peacefully for about 600 km.

Hot Pants attacks Gyro with Cream Starter

In a forest, Johnny and Gyro find a fresh cow's corpse and take some meat from it. They then meet Hot Pants, the competitor who won the previous stage. Hot Pants attacks them both with his Stand Cream Starter, believing they killed a cow he specially had placed on his route. Cream Starters sprays flesh, which blinds and chokes Gyro and Johnny. Fortunately, Johnny defuses the fight by shooting a nail into the ground, proving that neither of them has the weapon that killed the cow. Hot Pants calls off his attack but doesn't apologize as the two still took meat from the cow. The three go on their separate ways and Gyro mentions that he discerned the word "turbo" during the fight. However, the most important elements are the lines and circles engraved on the letters, from which Gyro guesses a set of coordinates near Kansas City. Suddenly, they notice that they are in sight of the cow carcass again. Likewise, Hot Pants has been going in circles. Johnny, Gyro and Hot Pants are still on bad terms but decide to cooperate to limit their time loss. They see a nearby house and decide to go ask the residents for direction.

Johnny encounters Ringo Roadagain

However, the three also meet Gaucho, another competitor who is also lost but also expresses anger against the resident of the house, who said that they would have to kill him to ever go out of theses woods. Gaucho shouts and challenges the inhabitant to a gun duel and the gunslinger named Ringo Roadagain appears. After a quick duel, Ringo kills Gaucho and salutes him. Shocked, the three leave and try to go out of the woods again without success. Despite trying to mark their way out, Johnny has somehow managed to carve contradictory directions. Resigned to fight, the trio prepares their fight and Hot Pants throws his Cream Starters onto the house's roof beforehand. They confront Ringo, who asks Johnny to be the first duelist. Hot Pants then attacks and melts Ringo's gun hand, but Ringo uses his power Mandom to rewind time to 6 seconds ago. He avoids the ambush. Johnny attacks but is shot in the head while Hot Pants is shot in the chest and taken out. The near unconscious Johnny manages to signal to Gyro that he's still alive. Lying near Ringo, he witnesses the gunslinger scribing a message and give it to a messenger pigeon. Gyro comes challenging Ringo to a gunfight, and prevails. Then healed by Cream Starter, Johnny warns Gyro about Ringo's message, which contained the coordinates of the next Corpse Part. Checking on Hot Pants, Johnny sees that Hot Pants is secretly a woman. Deeming her gender irrelevant, Johnny chooses not to disclose this to his partner.[12]

Continued Rivalry With Diego Brando

Gyro and Johnny defeat Diego, though he is sure to return

Near Kansas City, Johnny and Gyro meet Sandman who warns them of an incoming tempest. Yet, when Sandman informs them of Diego's route, they decide to run after him. In the storm, Johnny and Gyro finally catch up to Diego. Diego lets them approach once but suddenly turns into a dinosaur and leap above them. He warns the two to stay behind or be killed before he leaves. Johnny sees that Diego is systemically using the optimal route and proposes to wait for a mistake, but Gyro takes the initiative and challenges Diego. From behind, Johnny guesses that Diego is attacking somehow and intervenes, aiming at Diego with his nails. Diego attacks Johnny but Gyro manages to throw a Steel Ball at Diego's face. Diego is unhorsed and his horse Silver Bullet is injured, putting him temporarily out of the race. Gyro yells at Johnny for robbing him of a square victory and apologizes afterwards.[13]

Encounter With Blackmore

Lucy presents the Spine to Johnny and Gyro

Suddenly, they see Lucy Steel approach. The duo is wary but she shows them the Spine, explains how she discovered Valentine's schemes and begs them to help her husband Steven. However, Johnny hears a change in the sound of the rain and the agent Blackmore appears. Johnny is immobilized by rain blades and tries to shoot Blackmore, but the agent sends his hand push Johnny into the blades. Thankfully, Gyro defeats Blackmore, who then dies from the bullet wounds Lucy inflicted earlier. The Spin then suddenly enters Johnny's body. Nauseous, Johnny falls from his horse but the ground then draws a map of the Great Lakes indicating where the next Corpse Parts are. Lucy then reveals what she knows about the President's plot and explains that Valentine has the Heart, making him a Stand user. Thus, Gyro shoves Lucy on Johnny's horse as he doesn't accept any woman on his saddle: it would make the goddess of victory jealous. He also lets loose Lucy's horse to erase any trace of her presence. Gyro enlists her in a plan to steal the Heart from the President and though Lucy wanted to ask for their protection, Gyro tells her that she wouldn't want to live her whole life in fear of reprisal. To protect her husband, Lucy will have to go out to steal the Corpse Part. To help her, Gyro gives her the Right Eye since he still has his Spin mastery. Lucy reluctantly agrees.[14]

On the way to Kansas City, Lucy seems to have explained her backstory and then falls asleep. Gyro doesn't believe that Steven Steel wouldn't have touched her.[15] Johnny also asks why he didn't want Lucy on his horse and Gyro explains that the goddess of victory would be jealous and he'd lose sight of victory.[16]

Johnny and Gyro finish the fourth stage in Kansas City in third and fourth place because of their detour. They then see Diego crossing the line, sure that he will get back at them eventually.

The Fifth Stage begins - Battle Against Sandman

En route for Chicago, the next finish line, Johnny and Gyro ride peacefully for around 300 km.

Near the Mississippi, Johnny and Gyro decide to rest near a barn as other top competitors pass by to think about the way to cross the Mississippi. Gyro thinks of a song, the "Cheese Song", which Johnny seems to appreciate. As they set up camp, the duo discusses a letter the Vatican sent to them. After Gyro asked them if there was any saint who died in America, the letter suspiciously denies it.

Near the Mississippi, Johnny & Gyro are attacked by sound dinosaurs

Suddenly, Johnny burns himself on the coffee pot and notices that the towel he was holding between the handle and his palm has been mysteriously shredded. Hearing strange noises, the duo notice the presence of an enemy. When Johnny tries to break the barn's door to check inside with an axe, the axeblade is destroyed and Johnny warns Gyro in time about the trapped barn. The barn crumbles but its pieces are still dangerous. While Johnny scares away the horses, Gyro sees Dot Han coming out of the corn field. However, Dot Han is revealed to only be used by the real enemy when they see his body is also getting destroyed. Gyro loses a first Steel Ball against Dot Han. The barn crumbles on Johnny who tries without success to deflect the planks with his nails and Gyro loses his second ball when he tries to deflect the planks too, and the Ball is destroyed. Johnny tries to dig a hole on the ground but it is too shallow and he laments how useless his nails are. Johnny decides to let himself die but the pieces of the destroyed Steel Ball dig a hole for Johnny to hide in. Johnny is alive, but Gyro is out of weapon. As they see dinosaurs with sound effects written on them, the duo now knows that there are dealing with Diego, teamed up with another enemy. For his part, Johnny's confidence is in shambles.

As he hangs onto Gyro's horse, Johnny remembers his sad past and despair takes him. He shoots one of the small dinosaurs into pieces, but its companion then throws the pieces at Valkyrie and Gyro and Johnny are cut. Witnessing this, Johnny understands the ability has something to do with sounds. The duo approaches the Mississippi and they are forced to jump down toward the river bank. The dinosaurs surround the duo, but Gyro has had enough of Johnny's despair and teaches him the next step in the Spin. The Neapolitan thus presents the Golden Rectangle, from which a perfect infinite spiral can be made. If Johnny can spin his nails in this ratio then he will be able to harness the power of infinity, but Johnny exclaims that he cannot do it. As the sounds begin to set their bodies on fire, Gyro declares that if Johnny says he cannot do it three more times then he will give him his specially designed belt buckle as a reference. Spinning a rock, Gyro shakes the dinosaurs off them for Johnny to shoot, but the latter sees that his power hasn't increased at all. They both plunge into the river.

Johnny says he cannot use the Golden Rectangle and asks for the buckle, but Gyro still refuses. A new group of creatures has appeared on the river bank and they begin to spread their sound into the water. Gyro tells Johnny to look for a place where there aren't any sound, where the enemy should be able to produce the sounds they want. As Johnny asks for the buckle again and Gyro refuses, Johnny shoots towards a specific piece of the field, uncovering Norisuke Higashikata. To buy more time, Gyro rotates the water to ward off the sound but some of it still passes through and Gyro is dismembered. Despairing, Johnny sees Sandman nearby and calls for help, but Sandman suddenly leaps at Norisuke and stabs him, revealing himself as the true enemy. Johnny reaches his nadir.

Johnny acquires Tusk ACT2

However, Johnny realizes that Gyro's ancestors found the Golden Rectangle from deep observation of the nature surrounding them. With this new insight, Johnny is now able to discern the omnipresence of the Golden Rectangle in all things. Tusk evolves. Johnny's nails now rotate around his fingers like an axis, granting them much more power at the cost of a slow nail regeneration. Johnny shoots Sandman who nonetheless deflects the nails. Johnny despairs again but soon sees that the holes the nails make persist, and even move around to pursue and destroy the enemy. Johnny has four shots when Sandman decides to confront him in close quarters. He shoots three nails but Sandman is able to protect himself with his sound. Johnny then shoots his last nail, purposefully missing Sandman and hitting a butterfly behind him so that it lands on him. Nonetheless, Sandman sacrifices his hand to save his heart. Believing Johnny out of ammunition, Sandman approaches Johnny, who reveals that he has created a small Steel Ball out of Gyro's belt buckle. Johnny thus shoots Sandman in the throat, killing him.

Rest of the Fifth Stage

Hot Pants Steals Johnny's Corpse Parts

Johnny is victorious but Hot Pants appears. She takes Johnny's Corpse Parts, only leaving a vertebrae, and knocks him out. When he wakes up, Johnny finds that Hot Pants has nonetheless made them cross the Mississippi and healed their wounds.[17]

The duo eventually reaches Chicago and finish the 5th stage of the Steel Ball Run at the 4th place for Gyro and 5th place for Johnny.

The Sixth Stage begins - Sugar Mountain's Trials

Johnny & Gyro obtain the Ears and Right Arm from Sugar Mountain

At the beginning of the sixth stage, Johnny and Gyro thus travel North, through the cold and snowy parts of the United States. During their travel, Johnny experiments with his nails, finding new uses for them and learning that he can drink herbal tea or chew herbs to make his nails grow faster. Since Hot Pants has revealed herself as an agent from the Kingdom of Naples, the duo suspect that the identity of the Saint must be exceptional.

Later, Gyro detects Eleven Men that are trailing them. Gyro loses a Steel Ball in a shallow puddle, only to see a nearby young girl having it. The girl runs away, leading them to a massive tree in the forest. Johnny realizes that the Corpse Parts are near and accidentally makes mushroom fall in another puddle. Nonetheless, the duo investigate the tree where they see that the girl has turned a hole into her home. The blind girl, named Sugar Mountain, soon gives them propositions between items they have lost in the puddles and much more precious versions of said items. Gyro answers truthfully at first because he wants his Steel Ball back, but soon understands that she is handing them both if they answer truthfully. Exploiting this, the duo amasses a small fortune in precious gems, matsutake mushrooms, bank notes and other goods. Eventually, they get the trick and acquire the Ears and the Right Arm. However, Sugar Mountain then warns them that they have to spend everything in a fair trade before sunset or they will be absorbed into the tree itself.

Battle Against the Eleven Men

Johnny and Gyro are attacked by the Eleven Men

Johnny and Gyro then head to Milwaukee, having to spend their fortune and still pursued by the Eleven Men. When they meet a farmer and try to buy a piece of land, the farmer refuses out of suspicion, showing that the task is not as easy at it seems. Worse, Gyro begins to turn into a tree when he tries to give some money to smooth things out and thus they cannot even give away their wealth. Thankfully, the duo manage to trade the mushrooms for a hill nearby. In Milwaukee, Johnny and Gyro try their best to spend everything but their wealth keeps increasing despite everything while their spending is not enough. Worse, their pursuers are catching up. Johnny and Gyro decide to go to an underground casino to gamble their money away, but as soon as the croupier decides to cheat, Johnny and Gyro begin to turn into trees. They are immobilized and cannot either take their money back as the ball rolls and the Eleven Men suddenly barge in.

Johnny must use Tusk ACT2 to cheat and win the round, freeing the duo. One of the men approach, and Johnny shoots him twice. However, the rest of the group has suddenly disappeared. Unbeknownst to them, the Eleven Men are using their collective power, Tattoo You!, to merge together, and they take Gyro by surprise by emerging out of the first dead man. Gyro is shot in the arm and loses one Steel Ball. The shootout continues but while they eliminate some enemies, the duo quickly runs out of ammunition. They are forced to hide behind a column and there are still eight enemies. Johnny kills one, but he only has one nail bullet now, and Gyro is bleeding to death. Gyro tries to negotiate with the gangsters besides them but they prefer to stand aside. Seeing a pistol nearby, Johnny aims to take it but is prevented from reaching it by the enemies. By dragging the corpses, the men surround Johnny and Gyro. Thankfully, Gyro concludes a trade with the gangsters in the casino. For all of their wealth, the gangster accept to give Gyro and Johnny a roll of string and shoot down the Eleven Men, all of whom die but a last one who flees.[18]

A shared toast in defeat

As the sun sets, Gyro suddenly transforms into a tree, to Johnny's surprise. He realizes with horror that he must trade the Corpse Parts, but as Gyro transforms and begs Johnny to trade them away, Johnny clings to the Corpse Parts who means the potential use of his legs. Still, at the last moment, Johnny trades the Ears and the Right Arm with the last of the Eleven Men, crying as he asks for a half empty bottle of wine in exchange for the Corpse Parts. Having saved Gyro, Johnny share the bottle with him and has a toast to the next Corpse Part and the goal. Incidentally, the Ears and Right Arm create a map to the next Corpse Part as they get exchanged.

Battle Against Wekapipo and Magent Magent

The duo attacked by a Steel Ball

Eventually, Johnny and Gyro attempt to cross the Michigan Lake via a frozen strait. However, they deem the ice too thin for the moment to safely cross. More problems arise, as the other top competitors appear to cross the straits, a wild wolf cub has been following them since Johnny gave it scraps of food, and Johnny senses that the Legs are nearby. Gyro mentions the natives' route, a hidden path in the ice that the natives might have built by reinforcing the ice with logs.

Johnny must use his nails to shoot down the Wrecking Ball's satellites

Nonetheless, their thoughts are interrupted when they notice two other agents of the government approaching to attack: Wekapipo and Magent Magent. Wekapipo suddenly throws a Steel Ball which shoots the small beads embedded on it at the duo. Indeed, Wekapipo is a former guard of the Kingdom of Naples who also masters a style of Spin. While Magent Magent goes to their left on his sled, the pair realizes that they cannot see the left side of things anymore. Johnny is forced to turn to spot Magent Magent and shoots, but the agent also unveils his Stand 20th Century BOY, which makes him invulnerable as long as he's sitting or kneeling. Meanwhile, Gyro's left hand is wounded and Wekapipo throws two Balls. Gyro's Ball are surprisingly pushed aside by Wekapipo's Steel Balls and Johnny has to shoot down the satellites coming at them. This allows Magent to shoot the wolf. Sadly, Gyro's second hand is also wounded. The pair realizes that they are deprived of references for the Golden Rectangle, which depowers Gyro's Spin considerably. The left side ataxia kicks in. Gyro protects Johnny from two bullets, but then takes a third bullet in the guts. Nonetheless, Gyro is able to take out Magent with one of his own bullets.

However, Wekapipo is still more powerful than them. Johnny's nail thankfully have grown back. During the next throw, Johnny shoots every nail to cover Gyro as the Neapolitan runs towards the wolf and Johnny takes a satellite in the guts, taking him out of the fight. From there, Johnny witnesses Gyro's win against Wekapipo thanks to a lucky start of snowing that allows Gyro to use the snowflakes as references. Johnny then pieces together how the agents could have found the wolf after they observed the map created in Milwaukee. Wekapipo is defeated but Gyro explains that Wekapipo's sister is in the care of the Zeppeli Family, thus he accepts to help them find Lucy Steel. Luckily, they also find the natives' path and Johnny finally understands that the wolf is the host for the Legs. The duo thus acquires these Corpse Parts.[19]

Being in a victorious stroke, Johnny and Gyro cooperate to cross a treacherous ravine hidden by the snow, this way, they manage to overtake Pocoloco and finish at the 1st and second place of the 6th stage.

The Seventh Stage begins - Battle Against Axl RO

Johnny and Gyro ride undisturbed for 12 days, until they are 145 km for Philadelphia, near Gettysburg.

After setting up camp, Johnny and Gyro spot Hot Pants, who hurriedly rides to Gettysburg. Hastily abandoning their camp, the duo pursues her into the town. They reach a strange garbage dump and enter inside from two sides, only to see a nun. Unaware of Hot Pants's true sex, he investigates further inside the building. Meanwhile, Johnny interrogates Hot Pants but instead is warned of an enemy ability as she gets covered in a strange film. He cannot throw away things and must purify himself with water. Suddenly, a knife Johnny had left at the camp reappears and merges with his body. Overwhelmed by the amounts of stuff he's discarded over the years, Gyro is easily defeated by the enemy Stand, Civil War.[20]

Jesus appears to Johnny

Warned, Johnny tries to go outside to his water canteen, but is pursued by Danny, his old pet mouse. Johnny tries to shoot Danny who hides in a boot. Johnny shoots it and sees blood but when Johnny grabs it, he sees visions of Nicholas blaming him for his death and covering him in film. Johnny reaches Slow Dancer but is attacked again by Danny, who avoids all of his shots and merges with him. Thankfully, Johnny aimed one of his nails at his canteen; he pierces it and manages to douse himself in water. The mouse then comes out of Johnny's body and escapes the water. Seeing a well nearby, Johnny shoots the ground and manages to find more water. Suddenly, Johnny as a a vision of Jesus, telling him not to to shoot if his heart is wavering. Confused, Johnny sees his legs twitch. Danny comes back, but Johnny wards him off.

Johnny then crawls back inside the garbage dump, where he too starts to see random objects he's discarded over the years. He's attacked by Danny and in the struggle, some of his stuff merges with him. Johnny finally shoots Danny down at it scurry inside of a cabinet, but it summons the specter his father George Joestar. George prevents Johnny from using his canteen and repeats how he wished Johnny had died instead of Nicholas. Shaken, Johnny witnesses Jesus again, repeating what he said earlier. George attacks and Johnny is forced to stop him by shooting George's ear. Gyro has been listening to the ground and tells Johnny the location of Valentine's Subordinate, Axl RO. Johnny shoots Axl in the throat, which kills him. However, the power of Civil War brings him back and transfers the specters of Axl's own victims to Johnny. Swarmed by specters that tear him apart, Johnny sees Jesus again telling him not to shoot if his heart is wavering, and Johnny takes the hint. He shoots himself and unlocks Tusk ACT3.

Johnny now wield Tusk ACT3

He is now able to go inside of the holes made by his nails, and displace himself. Thanks to the increased mobility, Johnny escapes the horde of specters and retaliates against Axl RO. With his newfound ability, he can move his hand into unusual places, allowing him to shoot from unexpected angles too. Nonetheless, Axl is protected in the dump because of Civil War. The ghosts take Johnny's part of the Spine, and Axl is able to assemble the Saint's Corpse minus the Skull and leaves the dump, leaving Johnny at the mercy of the ghosts. Using Tusk ACT3, Johnny manages to catch up and with his hand, drags the Corpse towards the hole. Axl is shocked because the hole destroys everything save Johnny and it could endanger the Corpse. Axl foolishly stabs Johnny in the throat, killing him. Thus, all of Johnny' sins are transferred to him. Axl RO is cornered. However, someone then shoots Axl from outside. It is Funny Valentine, who has come to collect the pieces of the Saint's Corpse, and leaves. Johnny has lost all the pieces.[21]

Defeated, Johnny and Gyro finish the seventh stage at the sixth and seventh place in Philadelphia.

The Eighth Stage begins - Johnny Shot

Main article: Chocolate Disco (story arc)
Main article: D4C (story arc)
Johnny is shot by someone

In Philadelphia, Johnny and Gyro have no Corpse Parts anymore. After dispatching other agents of Valentine on the way, the duo decides to steal the Right Eye from Diego. They follow him his trail and stop near a park. The duo discusses the situation and how to corner him. However, Johnny also sees unknown horse traces, meaning another person is involved and soon enough they also witness Wekapipo following Diego. Johnny want to clarify first that they will have to use lethal force, especially if Diego defends himself. This statement appalled Gyro, who yells at Johnny that they will simply beat him up and take the Eye. Gyro then goes to scout the area. However, Johnny then sees D-I-S-C-O and Funny Valentine surround him from both sides of the street corner.

However, Valentine's Stand Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, activates its power. Johnny is shot from behind, in three different coexisting universes: by Diego, Wekapipo and Valentine respectively. However he manages to escape in the sewers. From there, Johnny observes the rest of the battle but doesn't intervene. Johnny is present when Diego is dragged into an alternate universe but returns, making Wekapipo and his counterpart collide to kill them and free himself from the portal. Johnny then slips back into the sewers. Gyro finds Johnny near the docks, and Johnny explains how Valentine's abilities work to Gyro.[22]

Johnny is more determined than ever to get the Corpse and wipe his slate clean

Despite Gyro's reluctance at continuing a seemingly lost fight, Johnny briefly stands up, showing that he's this close to regaining the use of his legs. Johnny then dramatically rants about his goal to retrieve the Corpse Parts which will allow him to get back to normal. Thus Gyro accepts to follow Johnny, mentioning another level of Spin which could defeat Valentine. Gyro explains that the stirrups were invented to absorb the power of the horse and that there is a way to further power up their Spin. With that information in mind, pursuing the President is still impossible but they decide to go find Lucy Steel.

Chasing Funny Valentine

Johnny and Gyro spot Diego and Hot Pants who have allied themselves. Knowing they have a the President's trail, they also follow the pair to find Valentine. With a pair of binoculars, they observe the fight happening in the cars and Johnny sees Diego dying. Just before engaging Valentine, Johnny and Gyro reveal each others' secret. Johnny learns that Gyro's name is "Julius Caesar Zeppeli" and he reveals that he's excited by bug bites on girls. That said, they now ride towards the President's train and aim for the engineer at the locomotive. However, Johnny notices that a panel keeps coming towards them from behind. Even more strangely, the duo has already reached New Jersey. Suspicious, Johnny shoots down the "warning bear" panel. Suddenly, a school of fish jumps out of a hidden pond and attacks them. Johnny is unharmed but Gyro's finger is bitten. As they approach the train, the duo still see the broken panel pursuing them. They realize that the land itself is converging towards the train. When they reach the locomotive, they notice that the train engineer is only one of Valentine's victim, stuck halfway inside of a mirror and forced to hold the lever. Valentine finally notices Johnny.

Valentine is secure inside of the wall of light

Johnny attacks and shoots several nails in the train. While Valentine cannot get rid of the bullet hole with D4C and is wounded, he puts his hand in the light emitted by Lucy and the damage is transferred to peasants nearby. The President realizes the true nature of the blessing he's been granted. Astonishingly, when Valentine jumps out of the train, he is secure inside of the light. Johnny's nails reveal themselves to be ineffective as the bad is directed elsewhere and the President suffers no damage. Johnny thus realizes the nature of the power too. Trapped, Johnny cannot escape the President but Gyro manages to interrupt D4C by throwing a Steel Ball at its hand before it can chop Johnny. Nonetheless, Valentine remains impervious to Johnny's Tusk and a small cut he inflicts on Gyro moves towards Gyro's internal organs. Johnny manages to stop the train by shooting at the coupling and detach the locomotive.

Observing the train from afar, Johnny despairs at the President's power. However, Gyro shows the Ball he's thrown: some of Valentine's hair has stuck itself to the Ball, meaning that it is possible to attack through the light. Gyro tells Johnny to let their horses gallop at their most natural pace, will create a natural Golden Rectangle from which the duo can create the Super Spin.

Reaching the Super Spin

Johnny's arm is cut by D4C

The duo now charges at the President with the intent of using the Golden Spin. Valentine dashes between them but using the pocket dimension, can freely flatten himself and stick to the ground beneath the rails. Valentine forces Johnny to separates from Gyro. Johnny hastily shoots a bullet but it is imperfect and thus deflected. Although he momentarily manages to reach the Super Spin, Johnny hits a tree branch, giving Valentine the occasion of cutting off his hand. Johnny is unhorsed and pinned down by D4C. However, a combination of Gyro throwing one of his Steel Balls and Steven Steel entrusting Lucy with the Neapolitan distracts Valentine away from Johnny. Valentine is forced to pursue Gyro towards the coast.

Meanwhile, Johnny manages to destroy the huge cut that converges on his heart with Tusk ACT3. Picking up Gyro's Steel Ball, he notices that Valentine's ear has stuck to it without the President realizing it. Johnny makes haste to join Gyro and seeing Valentine touching his face, sees that the latter also has noticed the existence of the Super Spin. Johnny tries to warn Gyro about Valentine and tells him to shoot the one with the missing ear, but Gyro understands that he must attack D4C. Still, Gyro fails to create a Super Spin and thus is mortally wounded. As Johnny tries to join the fight, Gyro shouts to Johnny his last lesson: "The shortest route was a detour; it was the detour that was our shortest path". Gyro then dies by Valentine's hands.

Tusk ACT4

To hammer in Gyro's head, Valentine empties a revolver on Gyro's corpse. Heartbroken and enraged, Johnny hastily attacks Valentine without the Super Spin and thus wastes his nails on ineffective attacks. The President manages to slit Slow Dancer's throat and unhorse Johnny. As Valentine approaches him to deal the last blow, Johnny understands Gyro's message, and uses the Steel Ball on Slow Dancer's hind leg. Kicked into the air, Johnny absorbs the Golden Scale into himself and unlocks Tusk ACT4. Johnny shoots his last nail toward Valentine. Valentine is hit, and witnesses Tusk ACT4 breach through the wall of light and pummel D4C. Pummeled into the ground, Valentine disappears in another universe.

The Final Shootout

Johnny and Valentine's final duel

Johnny waits for the President's eventual return, growing back the nails of his only hand. When Valentine does come back, he surprisingly yields and proposes a deal. If Johnny releases him from the infinite rotation caused by Tusk then he promises to bring back Gyro and leave them be. Johnny is at first suspicious and argues that it isn't the same Gyro that he lived with. Valentine dismisses the argument, stating that the essential is that Gyro will be there in this world. He also makes an elaborate speech about his goals, his duties as a President, and how he misses his father. As a last reassurance of his goodwill, he takes out an alternate Cream Starter from his pocket and gives it to Johnny as a gesture of good will so that he can heal himself and everyone. Almost convinced, Johnny nonetheless tosses Valentine's old revolver his double discarded earlier, exposing Valentine as treacherous.

A small duel ensues. Valentine sends out D4C and aims at Johnny with his revolver but Johnny hits Valentine in the throat. During the last exchange of shots, Johnny sees Gyro's spirit giving him a last goodbye. Johnny then shoots Funny Valentine in the head and kills him for good. Devastated, Johnny cries for his lost friends. He subsequently heals Lucy and regains the use of his legs.

A New Enemy

Johnny fights an alternate Diego Brando.

After Johnny finally kills Valentine, Johnny contemplates the situation. Uninterested by the Steel Ball Run, Johnny decides to travel to the Kingdom of Naples and return Gyro to the Zeppeli Family. Suddenly, Johnny sees that the Saint's Corpse has gone missing again. Another sudden enemy has stolen the Corpse and the horse prints suppose that one of the competitors of the race is the culprit. Determined not to let anyone else get it, Johnny pursues the thief, only to discover it is none other than Diego Brando (or rather, a Diego from an alternate world). Johnny is at first surprised by the appearance of Diego's new stand THE WORLD. A flurry of knives appears out of thin air and stabs him while Diego and his horse suddenly teleport.[23] However, Johnny quickly works out the nature of its power thanks to his experience with Ringo Roadagain. Diego too has the advantage of already knowing Tusk's powers and the Golden Spin technique.[24]

Johnny arrives at the fifth place in Union Beach and quickly boards a boat to New York.

The Ninth STAGE - Battle Against Alternate Diego Brando

Complaining about the slowness of his boat, Johnny has no choice but to rest and consider the best route through the streets of New York. When he lands, Johnny sees his father George waving at him and presenting him Nicholas's boots, as a form of reconciliation. Crying, Johnny resumes his race. Johnny eventually finds Diego in the alleys of Manhattan. Diego stops time again and sets up wires on whom Johnny nearly crashes.[24] He shoots the wall and uses the debris to shield himself and shoots a nail in the direction of Diego, who discovers that he best not even touch Tusk ACT4.[25] Later, Diego splashes Johnny with oil and lights him on fire, forcing Johnny to open the pavement and go into the sewers. Diego loses sight of Johnny but predicts Johnny's actions and using his own fangirls as human shields.

Johnny attacks Diego on Brooklyn Bridge

Finally, the competitors reach Brooklyn Bridge. On there, Johnny catches up and prepares to fire.[26] Meanwhile, Diego uses his "5 seconds" to create a pincer move: he fires a gun from the front while THE WORLD attacks Johnny's back. Johnny is badly hurt again and falls from his horse. Johnny seemingly misses his shot when his nail hits the bridge itself. However, he had accumulated enough spin to make one final attack, sending Tusk ACT4 climbing up THE WORLD's leg. Nonetheless, Diego already planned for this and has THE WORLD cut off its own leg off and throw it at Johnny, Diego manages to beat the Spin user with his own technique. He then remounts his horse and leaves Johnny to die.[27]

End of the Race

Steel Ball Run Race Statistics
Stage Placement Points
First 5th 30
Second 2nd 50
Third 2nd 50
Fourth 4th 35
Fifth 5th 30
Sixth 2nd 50
Seventh 7th 20
Eighth 5th 30

Having lost the race and the Corpse, and now dying as a result of his own attack, Johnny nearly sinks into despair. However, before his life can come to an end, Steven Steel appears. With Steven's help, Johnny performs Tusk ACT4's infinite Spin power on himself to reverse its effects. Johnny is never seen completing the ninth and final stage of the race and ends with a total of 295 points.

At Journey's End

Johnny fondly reminisces his adventure

After the race, Johnny prepares to leave New York in order to return Gyro's corpse to his family, intending to honor him one last time. In there, he is stopped by the former staff of the Steel Ball Run who refuses to have a corpse onboard. Tusk ACT4 prevents them from doing anything. On the ship, he meets Norisuke Higashikata and his daughter Rina, and begins a romantic relationship with her. Looking at Gyro's Steel Ball and reminiscing his adventure, Johnny warmly smiles.[28]

Post Steel Ball Run

Johnny at 29 years old

According to family tree left in the 1987 edition of Norisuke Higashikata's record of the Steel Ball Run race, Johnny had married Norisuke's daughter, Rina Higashikata, in 1892 and had a son and daughter with her.[29] Their family lived on a farm, though Johnny would travel to Japan by request of the Japanese government to teach horsemanship, and also contributed to the importation of foreign fruits.[30] According to the old man on Shakedown Road, about nine years after the marriage, Rina was stricken with an incurable disease that gave her on-and-off amnesia and origami-like folded skin. Johnny thus brought Rina back to Morioh, so that she could live in her native town.

Johnny pierces his son's head with the Golden Spin.

After agonizing over his wife's condition, Johnny turned to stealing the Corpse from the vault and brought it back to Morioh to cure her. The American government as well as Lucy Steel reacted from having the Corpse stolen and pursued the perpetrator, but by taking advantage of a certain privilege and sneaking aboard a ship crossing the Atlantic and Indian oceans, Johnny narrowly evaded them into the Pacific.

With the government pursuers still following, Johnny took the Corpse and hid it at the roots of the Meditation Pine by the coast of Morioh and then fetched Rina and their infant son, George, by carriage. Using the Holy Corpse's power to cure disease (more accurately described as a power to remove), the curse was removed from Rina, but was unfortunately forced upon George instead.

Having promised not to use the Corpse anymore, but willing to use it again to cure his son, Johnny mounted his horse and placed his child atop the case containing the Corpse. After gaining a certain amount of velocity, Johnny activated the Golden Spin and shot his son using Tusk ACT4. He took the curse upon himself and was shot in the head.
Johnny's death.
After falling to the ground, the Stand, Les Feuilles, reveals itself, at which point a large boulder lands on Johnny's head, crushing his skull. Thus, Johnny Joestar's life ends at the age of 29, on the evening of November 11, 1901. However, these details remain vague, as they are mentioned as a legend which is stated to have many variations.[31]

His body is discovered the next morning by Rina, Lucy, and the other American government officials, lying next to George and the case containing the Corpse. Lucy and the others retrieve the corpse in a suitcase belonging to the Speedwagon Oil Company and take it back with them to America. Due to the lack of witnesses, everyone believed Johnny had been murdered and the prime suspect was his wife, Rina Higashikata, who was released later when the incident was classified as an accident. Six months later, a jizo statue was erected in memory of Johnny Joestar and he was buried in Morioh.


The information below derives from a source not written by Araki. As such, it may or may not be considered canon.

In the light novel JORGE JOESTAR, an incarnation of Johnny appears in the 37th universe. According to Funny Valentine (Universe ?), Johnny played a major role in the Steel Ball Run race of this universe. However, instead of gathering the Saint's Corpse parts, they were gathering nine Holy Grails. Like his original universe counterpart, Johnny (Universe 37) was forced to drop out along the way.

Jorge Joestar does not know much about him but Johnny seems to be an ancestor of his adoptive family.[32]

Eyes of Heaven

The information below derives from Eyes of Heaven which was not written and only supervised by Araki. As such, it may not be considered canon.

The story starts after Johnny has used Tusk ACT4 on Funny Valentine and the President has subsequently disappeared to another universe. Johnny, laying near the Corpse's legs, awaits Funny Valentine's return and final attack. Unbeknownst to Johnny, Valentine has involuntarily unleashed a DIO from another universe who is now attempting to rewrite reality in all universes. Thus, in another timeline, JoJos and their enemies are fighting, and the JoJos are seeking the pieces of a Saint's Corpse.

Incidentally, an alternate version of Johnny, Jonathan Joestar, travels to Johnny's universe. At this moment, Valentine appears before Johnny, but reveals that the infinite rotation placed upon him by Tusk has disappeared completely. Valentine explains that someone has interrupted their fight, and asks the two Jonathans to continue gathering the Saint's Corpse, warning that the true battle will begin once the Corpse is gathered. Johnny then notices that the Corpse's legs have disappeared. Though Jonathan uses his Ripple to heal Slow Dancer's wounded leg, Johnny accuses the Englishman of stealing the Corpse part, but calms down when Jonathan shows him his own part of the Corpse. After hearing Jonathan's explanation, Johnny agrees to help Jonathan, as they share the goal of collecting the completed Saint's Corpse.

The two depart through the light rift to a village in the Rocky Mountains, where they are forced to hide from a prowling dinosaur. Johnny is bewildered, having seen Diego die with his own two eyes. Diego himself soon appears and commands the dinosaurs to attack the two Jonathans, who handily defend themselves against the pack. Dio joins Diego once more, declaring that he himself will be the one to kill Jonathan; Diego offers no objection, holding a grudge himself against Johnny. The two Dios are defeated and leave, but Valentine suddenly reappears alongside a phenomenon-possessed Gyro Zeppeli. Despite Johnny's refusal to believe what he sees, Valentine urges the jockey to fight him and demonstrate his Stand's full potential. The two Joestars emerge victorious, but Gyro escapes before they can restore him. Valentine praises Johnny's potential, but notes that Giorno's power may also stand a chance against "him." As Valentine leaves, Jonathan finds the Corpse's legs, which are entrusted to Johnny. Johnny laments the loss of his closest friend, but Jonathan reassures him that, with the Corpse Parts, they may be able to fight off the strange phenomena and save Gyro.

Back in the original universe's Morioh, Jonathan reappears with Johnny, shortly followed by Josuke 4, Josuke 8, and Joshu. Speedwagon then assembles the Joestars to review their progress. Realizing that the final part of the Corpse is missing, the group ponders its location. Suddenly, Enya reappears and taunts the Joestars, proclaiming that "he" has already seized the Corpse's spine. Though she is defeated once again, Enya triumphantly announces to the heavens that the Joestars have collected eight parts of the Saint's Corpse before disappearing. Suddenly, everything begins to tremble as the reality around the group disappears into a celestial ocean. A figure approaches the group, proclaiming that their Corpse parts have reacted to the Corpse's spine and brought them to "the foundation of the world." The one speaking to them finally reveals himself: it is none other than DIO, though he bears a radically different appearance from his 1988 counterpart.

Johnny charges forward, hoping that defeating DIO will bring Gyro back, but DIO's new Stand, The World Over Heaven, easily repels his attack. Before DIO can counterattack, Giorno blocks with Gold Experience Requiem, but finds it has no effect on DIO; Jotaro lands a blow with Star Platinum, but by simply placing a hand over the wound DIO heals it completely. The World Over Heaven pummels Johnny, Jotaro and Giorno, knocking all three away. DIO then uses the Corpse's spine to draw the other Corpse Parts to him, absorbing them into himself and amplifying his power even further. Before DIO can eliminate the Joestars, however, light rifts appear at their feet. As his enemies escape, DIO realizes that he is missing one Corpse part: the torso, which remains in Jotaro's possession. DIO, declaring Jotaro his greatest threat and the Joestar Family's last hope, asks Enya to give the Corpse parts to his underlings and have them pursue Jotaro's group. As Enya sets out, DIO looks forward to his possession of the completed Saint's Corpse and the total extinction of the Joestar family.

The Joestars escape to Air Supplena Island, in disbelief that even Johnny and Giorno's infinite abilities stood no chance against DIO. Suddenly, Valentine reappears and challenges Jotaro to a fight, hoping to witness the power of Star Platinum. By doing so, Valentine realizes that Star Platinum and The World are the same type of Stand, even after their evolution, explaining why DIO was unable to take Jotaro's part of the Corpse. Valentine explains his story to the group: his initial goal was to gather the Saint's Corpse, but after Johnny attacked him with the infinite rotation, he was forced to use Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap to escape through several parallel worlds. In one of these, Valentine found, DIO succeeded in defeating the Joestars and evolving his Stand to its full potential, conquering reality itself. Realizing that the world he ruled was only one of many, this Heaven-Attained DIO decided to invade the original universe and conquer it. Valentine finally confesses that he wishes to defeat DIO, who poses a direct threat to his country; he merely pretended to be loyal to DIO while seeking someone who could defeat him. Even Valentine himself is unaware of the secret behind The World Over Heaven's power, which he believes is the key to allowing Jotaro to defeat him. Valentine concludes by demonstrating that two of the same object from different worlds cannot co-exist, being forced to violently merge together and disappear; though the DIO of the main timeline is defeated, Valentine reminds Jotaro about the vampire's remains before he departs.

Though Johnny continues to distrust Valentine, the Joestars reaffirm their will to fight DIO. Thus, the group restarts their hunt for the Corpse Parts. This time, Gyro is defeated and restored to the heroes' side.

The group finally returns to Egypt to confront Heaven-Attained DIO. Jotaro and Johnny face DIO in battle, where he demonstrates his power over space and time, including the power to turn his enemies against themselves. Despite all odds, the two seemingly defeat him, only for DIO to immediately heal his wounds. DIO additionally reveals that he discreetly marked Coco Jumbo with The World Over Heaven during the battle, thus obtaining power over all of those inside the turtle. As Jotaro and Jolyne stay behind to battle DIO once more, the other Joestars and Speedwagon use the light rifts to track down and restore their allies. However, Giorno realizes too late that DIO's true plan was to separate the Joestars and their allies from Jotaro and Jolyne, allowing him to overwrite the group and absorb their souls at full power, along with the complete Saint's Corpse.

Fortunately, Jotaro manages to defeat DIO once and for all, altering fate for the better.

During the ending credits, Johnny is seen confronting Diego from another world alongside Gyro, which means he's survived his battle against Valentine.


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