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What the hell is with these leaves on the road...? Some sorta natural phenomenon...?! He stepped on the leaves... then slipped... and came back!

Les Feuilles (オータム・リーブス Ōtamu Rībusu)[TL Note 1] is a Stand belonging to the Gingko biloba trees located in Shakedown Road featured in JoJolion. This Stand is a colony of small creatures dwelling under fallen gingko leaves, and can instantly transport items and people along the paths created by the leaves.


Les Feuilles takes the form of tiny insect-like Stands with helmet-shaped heads and sucker feet, covered in polka-dots and the number 11. Their presence as several smaller beings is similar to that of Harvest, Bad Company and Metallica.

Les Feuilles are green in the colored manga.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.

Body(Lime body with yellow highlights.)


Les Feuilles are an unusual Stand in that they have no real user, and anyone is free to use them if they know how to. They do not have any combat ability whatsoever, but are extremely useful to the denizens of "Shakedown Road" in order to set up crimes.


Les Feuilles quickly moving a bag

Les Feuilles hide under the fallen gingko leaves on the road and promenade.[1] If enough leaves connect to form a path, anything and anyone that touches the leaves is instantly transported from one end of the path to the other.

The transportation is incredibly fast, at least faster than the eye can see. Moreover, should someone unaware of the Stand step on the leaves, they can get transported without their knowledge. However, a camera may be fast enough to record the phenomenon.[2][3] While an object is transported, it is possible to intercept it by stepping on the taken path, thus cutting it and making the object appear at the feet.[1]

The people of Shakedown Road typically set up paths to cause an unaware sucker to damage a possession and then pressure the victim to give money as compensation.[2] Les Feuilles can also be used to stealthily transport objects. Someone used to Shakedown Road may expertly use the leaves to transport themselves at high speed, for instance three thugs could catch up to Joshu despite a considerable headstart.[1]


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Translation notes

  1. The Japanese name of this Stand is read as the English phrase "Autumn Leaves", while the translated name is French for "The Leaves". Both of these reference the Stand's namesake, "Autumn Leaves", a Bill Evans Trio album named after the 1945 French song of the same name.


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