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This is "Shakedown Road"... Someone's gonna get shook down.

The Shakedown Road (カツアゲロード, Katsuage Rōdo), formally known as the Mutsu-kabe Promenade (六壁遊歩道, Mutsukabe Yūhodō) and also as Deadman's Curve (デッドマンズ・カーブ, Deddomanzu Kābu), is a neighborhood street in Morioh where the residents are known for extorting visitors. Strange events take place there due to the effects of a Stand.


Shakedown Road

Shakedown Road is a curved hundred-fifty meter car-free street that connects to Hasekura High School in Morioh, S-City, Japan.[1] As the name suggests, people passing through are frequently extorted or "robbed" through a series of unfortunate events enabled by a Stand ingrained with the environment. The phenomenon is triggered when one steps on the leaves littering the ground, causing the Stand to carry the victim somewhere else and back in the blink of an eye. Most people who step on the leaves do not notice this occurring and are eventually taken advantage of by the residents of the street who are well aware of and can skillfully use the phenomenon. The street has a general rule among those who live on it that doesn't allow them to talk about its circumstances.[2]

The street has a stone monument called the The Joestar Shrine near Hasekura High School and the Mutsu-kabe Shrine. The statue was constructed in dedication to the American horseman Johnny Joestar who tragically died there in the year 1901.[3]

During the events of the Shakedown Road story arc, Josuke and Joshu Higashikata are heavily extorted there while trying to reach Hasekura High School. This area is also where Joshu initially awakens his Stand.



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When a person steps on or an object is placed on the leaves, a group of countless ladybug-like Stands move them around instantaneously, usually causing the person to accidentally break something.

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