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SPOILER WARNING: Part 3 spoiler details may follow.

The Egypt 9 Glory Gods (エジプト9栄神 Ejiputo Kyū Ei Shin) are a group of secondary and tertiary antagonists featured in the second half of the third part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Stardust Crusaders.

They function as an elite faction of DIO's army, consisting of nine Stand Users. The gods are the origins of the tarot cards.[1]


The Stands of the Egypt 9 Glory Gods are named after some of the Ennead and other ancient Egyptian gods. They are sent by DIO in an attempt to kill the Crusaders as they travel across Egypt to reach DIO's mansion in Cairo.

Every member is human aside from Anubis and Pet Shop. Anubis is a Stand bound to a sword whose original user is deceased, and Pet Shop is a falcon.

The members each travel to different locations in Egypt. N'Doul is the first assailant to attack the Crusaders as soon as they reach Egypt in a desert. He wounds Kakyoin's eyes but is defeated by Jotaro Kujo and Iggy.[2] In Aswan, Oingo and Boingo attempt to assassinate the group through various methods but fail each time, with Oingo eventually getting injured from his own weapon.[3] Next, Anubis possesses a boy named Chaka and confronts Polnareff at Kom Ombo Temple. Anubis later manages to possess Polnareff before he is defeated by Jotaro in Edfu.[4]

In Luxor, Mariah battles Joseph Joestar and Muhammad Avdol,[5] while Alessi fights Polnareff and Jotaro.[6] The Crusaders defeat their opponents and move on to Gizeh. Daniel J. D'Arby challenges them to various games and manages to steal Joseph and Polnareff's souls before Jotaro bluffs his way to victory.[7] After reaching Cairo, they are attacked by Boingo again, who has teamed up with Hol Horse. Once the duo fails, Boingo decides to give up on fighting them and turns over a new leaf but is defeated by Iggy.[8] Later, Pet Shop finds Iggy by the gates of DIO's mansion and pursues him. The dog successfully kills the falcon but suffers from severe injuries.[9]

The Joestar group finally reaches the mansion and is greeted by the last Glory God, Telence T. D'Arby, who drags Jotaro, Joseph, and Kakyoin into a hole which takes them to another room. In a battle of video games, D'Arby is the winner against Kakyoin and steals his soul, but he is ultimately defeated by Jotaro and Joseph who cheat their way to victory.[10]


Egypt 9 Glory Gods

List of Cards

OsirisLink to this section
1 OVATarot Osiris.png
Manga Debut: Chapter 211: D'Arby the Gambler, Part 1
Anime Debut: SC Episode 34: D'Arby the Gambler, Part 1

Osiris (オシリス神 Oshirisu-shin) is the god of agriculture, protecting plant life, the fertility of crops, and the earth. He is also the god who rules the underworld.[11]

Stand / User
1 (I)
HorusLink to this section
2 OVATarot Horus.png
Manga Debut: Chapter 222: The Gatekeeper of Hell, Pet Shop, Part 1
Anime Debut: SC Episode 38: The Gatekeeper of Hell, Pet Shop, Part 1

Horus (ホルス神 Horusu-shin) is the god of the skies with the jaws of a falcon. The ankh in his hand is said to be a symbol of life.[11]

Stand / User
2 (II)
GebLink to this section
3 OVATarot Geb.png
Manga Debut: Chapter 184: "The Fool" Iggy and "Geb" N'Doul, Part 2
Anime Debut: SC Episode 25: "The Fool" Iggy and "Geb" N'Doul, Part 1

Geb (ゲブ神 Gebu-shin) is one of the gods of creation, the god of the earth. Born between the god of the atmosphere, Shu, and the goddess of the sky, Nut.[11]

Stand / User
3 (III)
BastetLink to this section
4 OVATarot Bastet.png
Manga Debut: Chapter 199: "Bastet" Mariah, Part 1
Anime Debut: SC Episode 30: "Bastet" Mariah, Part 1

Bastet (バステト女神 Basuteto-joshin) is the goddess of love and fear and is depicted as a cat. She was equated with the goddess Sekhmet, who was alleged to cause illness and plague.[11]

Stand / User
4 (IV)
SethanLink to this section
5 OVATarot Sethan.png
Manga Debut: Chapter 205: "Sethan" Alessi, Part 1
Anime Debut: SC Episode 31: "Bastet" Mariah, Part 2

Sethan (セト神 Seto-shin) is depicted in the form of an unidentified animal. An evil god said to be related to chaos, deserts, and storms. The goddess Nephthys is his wife.[11]

Stand / User
5 (V)
KhnumLink to this section
6 OVATarot Khnum.png
Manga Debut: Chapter 189: "Khnum" Oingo and "Tohth" Boingo, Part 1
Anime Debut: SC Episode 26: "The Fool" Iggy and "Geb" N'Doul, Part 2

Khnum (クヌム神 Kunumu-shin) is the creator god of living things. He is believed to be the god who created man with a potter's wheel and is also the patron god of potters. He is a god with the head of a ram.[11]

Stand / User
6 (VI)
TohthLink to this section
7 OVATarot Thoth.png
Manga Debut: Chapter 189: "Khnum" Oingo and "Tohth" Boingo, Part 1
Anime Debut: SC Episode 26: "The Fool" Iggy and "Geb" N'Doul, Part 2

Tohth (トト神 Toto-shin) is the god of learning, knowledge, and records, and is represented in the form of a flamingo or baboon. He is also the scribe of the gods.[11]

Stand / User
7 (VII)
AnubisLink to this section
8 OVATarot Anubis.png
Manga Debut: Chapter 193: Anubis, Part 1
Anime Debut: SC Episode 28: Anubis, Part 1

Anubis (アヌビス神 Anubisu-shin) is a god represented as the head of a dog, or even as a mountain dog itself. He is the god of death, guarding the cemetery where the dead are laid to rest.[11]

Stand / User
8 (VIII)
AtumLink to this section
9 OVATarot Atum.png
Manga Debut: Chapter 228: D'Arby the Player, Part 2
Anime Debut: SC Episode 40: D'Arby the Player, Part 1

Atum (アトゥム神 Atumu-shin) is the god of the creation of the universe. He created Shu, the god of the atmosphere, and Nut, the goddess of the sky, from whom Geb, Set, and others were born.[11]

Stand / User
9 (IX)

Creation and Development

When Araki was drawing the Egypt 9 Glory Gods' Stands, he placed more importance on the story and tricks than the designs.[12]

Atum's card was the only one to not be present in the manga or anime. However, it was included in Adventure Battle Card and the Stardust Crusaders OVA 2007 boxset, despite Telence T. D'Arby not appearing in the OVA.

Khnum's card is shown normally in the anime but also received an original design of it, acting as the design on Oingo's shirt. None of the other cards depicted got an original design otherwise.



  • The title, "Egypt 9 Glory Gods" is derived from the Greek term "Ennead"; which was used to describe the nine primary deities in Egyptian mythology. The Ennead's membership consists of the gods Atum, Shu, Tefnut, Nut, Geb, Osiris, Isis, Set, and Nephthys.
    • Of the members of the Ennead, only four of them were adapted into Stands.
  • In JoJo's Venture and its revisions all Tarot and Egypt 9 Glory Gods cards are vertically-oriented including cards of Osiris, Bastet, Sethan and Anubis that are originally horizontally-oriented.
    • Daniel J. D'Arby can't be fought in Arcade versions of the game, so card of Osiris can't be seen there but it can be seen in fortune-telling mini-game in PS1 version instead.

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