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It circled the sky like an astute observer, trying to note every event that happened below.

Pet Sounds (ペット・サウンズ , Petto Saunzu) is a primary antagonist featured in the spin-off manga Crazy Diamond's Demonic Heartbreak and the light novel Crazy Heartbreakers.

It is a mysterious parrot that was raised together with Pet Shop. In 1999, Pet Sounds is stolen from Cairo, Egypt and ends up in Morioh, Japan. The parrot possesses a Stand, which is unnamed in the story, that has the power to make others experience and reenact its own memories.


Pet Sounds is large with a strong, curved beak and clawed feet. It wears a falconry hood covering its eyes with small gems, adorned with bells and feathers on top. It also wears a long striped scarf around its neck.

In the light novel, it's described to have puffed feathers on its head.[1]


Pet Sounds would frequently circle the skies of Egypt observing people below.[2] It has no hostility itself, living a quiet and normal life with its owner for ten years.[1] After being stolen, it targets Hol Horse and innocent civilians in Morioh due to its Stand being controlled by Kazuki Karaiya.[3]

Due to being modified by DIO, Pet Sounds and Pet Shop have a disadvantage in that their mental capacities are lower than that of humans, which limits their actions. Their Stand abilities were forcefully given to them, eroding their natural instincts and causing an imbalance in their biological equilibrium. Pet Sounds uses up its mental capacity just by storing memories, so it lacks the knowledge of how to use its Stand alone.[4][5]



Pet Sounds's Stand is capable of recording events in punched cards and inserting them into someone's body. The victim's body is then forced to reenact the event, essentially parroting what happened.



A photo of the parrot with its trainer and Pet Shop

Pet Sounds was raised and trained by a bird trainer, alongside a falcon named Pet Shop. Its trainer attempted to escape from DIO's grasp and was murdered.[5] After that, it was raised by its owner's mother.[2] However, it is revealed that Pet Sounds was also trained by DIO.[6] In March 1999, Pet Sounds is stolen by Keicho Nijimura from Egypt and is taken to Morioh, Japan. At some point, Karaiya retrieves the bird from Keicho, possibly after confiscating it.[4] Karaiya gives Pet Sounds a piece of his earlobe, linking their souls together and making them share the same Stand.[5]

Crazy Diamond's Demonic Heartbreak

While Hol Horse is searching for the parrot and Boingo around Budogaoka, the parrot uses its Stand on a man driving, forcing him to reenact the scene of Wilson Phillips running over pedestrians on the sidewalk. Hol Horse is also affected by the ability and starts hearing DIO's voice from the event. The car almost crashes into Hol Horse until Josuke intervenes.[2] Meanwhile, the parrot watches Josuke and Hol Horse from afar, perched atop a tree branch.[7]

The parrot follows Hol Horse to the Budogaoka Police Station, standing on top of nearby power lines. It activates its Stand on Hol Horse, inserting punched cards into his body. Hol Horse's body is then forced to reenact the scene of him about to shoot DIO from ten years ago, except this time he points Emperor to the back of the police inspector's head.[8]

After Hol Horse manages to escape from the attack and leave the police station, the parrot targets several pastry chefs, making them reenact the actions of women who sacrificed themselves to be DIO's food. The women attack Hol Horse, as the parrot and a mysterious figure spy on him from afar.[9] Josuke hears Hol Horse being attacked, and rescues him from the chefs.[6]

Later, when Hol Horse and Josuke are walking in an underground passage, Pet Sounds controls all the civilians and makes them re-enact the actions of protesters fleeing from an Egyptian dictator's army.[10] However, Josuke and Hol Horse both manage to break free of Petsound's ability. Hol Horse fires two bullets with Emperor. The bullets phase through the illusionary helicopter and zoom past Josuke, blowing off the enemy's ear and a fragment of his crossbow. Pet Sounds starts flying away, momentarily distracting Hol Horse and Josuke which allows the enemy to run away. Josuke uses his Stand to punch the fragment that fell off the crossbow. He thanks Hol Horse for leaving some evidence behind which would allow him to track the enemy down and tells Hol Horse to go after the parrot. Hol Horse recalls when Pet Sounds's owner told him that she thinks of the parrot as her own son. Thinking that the owner wouldn't want her "son" to cause several casualties, Hol Horse shoots Pet Sounds, blowing off one of his wings. He mutters an apology to the old lady, upset that he broke his promise with a woman.[11]

However, it turns out that Pet Sounds is fine. Pet Sounds reappears on Kazuki Karaiya's shoulder and it is revealed that Karaiya is the true mastermind behind the chaos caused by Pet Sounds. Pet Sounds uses his power on Koji Kiyohara, the crossbowman whom Josuke arrested.[12] Later, Pet Sounds manages to find and use his power on Ryoko Kakyoin, who leaves Tohth on the ground for Karaiya to find.[13]

Karaiya eventually uses Boingo as bait to lure Josuke into a trap. Pet Sounds then activates its Stand and puts Josuke and Boingo under its control. Suddenly, they appear to be in Egypt. Josuke is surprised because he thought his first overseas trip would be somewhere like Guam or Hawaii. He also points out that the parrot's ability to replay its experiences keeps getting more realistic and might be stronger because Pet Sounds is closer to them than before. Josuke continues hearing DIO's voice and is creeped out. When Josuke and Boingo turn around, they see DIO with Pet Sounds on his shoulder. Pet Sounds is replaying the memory of when its original owner was murdered; DIO commanded Pet Shop to kill his owner for trying to run away. Just like the memory, Pet Shop fires ice spikes at Josuke. The ice phases through Crazy Diamond's hand and pierces Josuke through the chest. Although it's an illusion, Josuke still feels the pain of the man who was murdered.[14]

Josuke manages to snap himself and Boingo out of the illusion. This time, Karaiya goes to the roof of the building with his bird and lures Josuke in with a memory of Ryoko. On the roof, Pet Sounds traps Josuke in yet another memory in which Daniel J. D'Arby challenged DIO to a game of poker. DIO used his power to psych D'Arby, making him feel utter terror and powerlessness, and in order to make the memory as realistic as possible, Pet Sounds was staying right in front of Josuke. However, Josuke manages to guess that Pet Sounds must be very close for the illusion to work so well and thus, he summons Crazy Diamond to punch in front of him, hitting the bird and cancelling the memory.[15] Karaiya tries to trick Josuke, who isn't fooled, but Karaiya still manages to lure Josuke closer so that Pet Sounds can use another memory, this time, that of The World using a Stand rush. However, Josuke has realized then that the secret to Pet Sounds's ability is parroting back the exact noises it hears. Since its beak was broken, it was off-key, and thus only produced random squawking instead of an actual attack. Josuke also figured out that Pet Sounds ate a part of Karaiya's body, so he uses Crazy Diamond to reattach the piece of Karaiya's ear that was in Pet Sounds's stomach. Josuke beats Karaiya and traps him on a makeshift balloon, making him go fly away.[3] Josuke retrieves and heals Pet Sounds, bringing it back to Hol Horse.[16]

Hol Horse keeps Pet Sounds in a cage with him and takes the bird back to Egypt alongside Boingo, after saying his goodbyes to Josuke and Ryohei.[17]




  • Unlike the novel, the manga excludes the interpunct when writing the parrot's name (ペットサウンズ), indicating that it would be spelled as "Petsounds" without a space instead.
  • Pet Sounds is likely intended to be the same cockatoo DIO had with him when he first met Jean Pierre Polnareff in Chapter 127.


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