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For a similarly named character, see Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli
Nyo-ho ho ho~. (ニョホホホ~。)
—Gyro laughing as he shows off his grills

Gyro Zeppeli (ジャイロ・ツェペリ, Jairo Tseperi) is one of the main protagonists[5] of the seventh part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Steel Ball Run.

Gyro is a master of the Spin and an executioner hailing from the Kingdom of Naples. He joins the Steel Ball Run race to win amnesty for a child he is assigned to execute. Gyro's signature weapons are his special Steel Balls that produce and manipulate the Spin - the mastery of which later allows him access to the senescence-inducing Stand Ball Breaker.


Gyro Zeppeli Appearance.png

Gyro is a man of average to above-average height and medium to athletic build. He has long hair that reaches mid-back, light-colored eyes, and square patches of facial hair lining his jaw, four on each side. He either wears grills or has chiseled into prosthetic teeth the phrase "GO! GO! ZEPPELI".

Throughout the Steel Ball Run race, Gyro wears a variety of outfits to suit the weather of the current location. However, they all maintain the same key elements and motifs of his wide-brimmed hat and slit goggles, a dark shirt studded with miniature steel balls, a cape wrapped around his shoulders that splits into three segments, and his large belt with special holsters for his two Steel Balls.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
Skin(Fair, lime lipstick)
Hair(Platinum Blond)
(Dark Purple shirt with green accessories, tan pants, cape and hat, brownish gray belt and goggles.)
Skin(Fair, light blue lipstick)
(Purple shirt with teal accessories, khaki pants and hat, silver goggles and hat.)
Skin(Fair, lime lipstick)
(Indigo shirt with bronze accessories, blue pants, cyan hat and cape, green belt, and light purple goggles.)


Gyro's Outfits
Chapters: 20 (Flashback)
Gyro young ch 20.png

A simple outfit consisting of a long sleeve polo with an upturned collar and khakis with a belt worn when Gyro is nine years old. He has long hair with short bangs and two squares of hair by his sideburns.

Chapters: 20 (Flashback)

A long sleeve polo with a dark upturned collar, two dark pockets on each side of the waist, and "1877" written on the left breast and dark pants with two thin strips attached to the side of each thigh. Gyro wears this outfit when he is thirteen years old. His hair is long and styled like a pompadour, albeit with a few loose bangs, mixed with a mullet.

Chapters: 24 (Flashback)
Gyro graduation.jpg

A dark colored graduation gown and cap worn by Gyro.

Chapters: 20 - 21, 24 (Flashback)

Gyro's executioner outfit worn from the age of thirteen up to his adulthood. It consists of a robe bearing the emblem of the Kingdom of Naples with short sleeves and a small steel ball on each shoulder, pants with a belt featuring holsters for his Steel Balls and the Neapolitan emblem on each shin, wristbands with the emblem as well, and an executioner hood with a flap to cover his face. He also typically wears a gorget with the emblem made for royal executioners. His hair is long with short bangs.

Chapters: 45, 52 - 53 (Flashback)
Gyro scrubs ch 52.png

Scrubs, a surgical cap, and a cloth face mask worn by Gyro when performing surgery. He wears a gorget with the Neapolitan emblem in addition to his scrubs in chapter 45.

Chapters: 1 - 44
SBR Chapter 21.png

Gyro's main outfit for the first half of the race. He wears a dark short-sleeve shirt adorned with a grid of miniature steel balls along with two extra balls, one on each shoulder, and three straps wrapped around his upper arm; dark wristbands that cover half of his forearm and the back of his hand; a cape wrapped around his shoulders and split into three segments; chaps with spurs on top of a dark pair of pants which are exposed at the calves and thighs; a large belt with two large buckles that feature hands pointing to his crotch and which are designed in the ratio of the golden rectangle and two holsters for his Steel Balls; a wide-brimmed cowboy hat with slits all around that each extend from the brim to the crown; and slit goggles sitting on the crown of his hat.

Chapters: 45 - 48
Gyro Johnny Sugar Mountain arc ch 45.png

A winter outfit that is overall identical to his main outfit except that the straps of his cape are covered in fur and that he wears a light-colored long-sleeve shirt underneath his main shirt.

Chapters: 51 - 55
SBR Chapter 51.jpg

A thick, long-sleeve jumpsuit worn in severely cold weather. The suit is light-colored other than the chest, which is a dark color, and multiple large ovals designed like Steel Balls cover the chest in a "Y" shape along with two others on the shoulders. The upper arms of the sleeves are puffy and segmented like a parka, and he also wears gloves, a turtleneck sweater, and dark pants which can be seen at the calves underneath the suit. A collar made of fur is also worn around his neck above his usual cape for added warmth. A flap of cloth is attached to his hat to cover the sides and back of his head, and his belt with his holsters is looped through the suit itself.

Chapters: 56 - 84
SBR Chapter 66.jpg

Gyro's final outfit during the race is the same as his initial outfit except that he wears a thick undershirt with its sleeves and collar visible and a fur collar worn over his shirt. Additionally, his shirt is depicted without the striped grid it had for the most part previously, with the balls covering the torso arranged in general rows rather than a grid.


That boy... I will take the place of my father who has put his pride in the family line. This job is my duty... and that will never change...
—Gyro Zeppeli, Steel Ball Run Chapter 21: Gyro Zeppeli's Mission, Part 2
"Eat shit, asshole! Fall off your horse!"

Gyro is a cocky and flamboyant executioner marked by the harshness of life, who participates in the Steel Ball Run for the sake of a young boy.

Gyro tells Diego to get out of his way

Gyro initially appears as an aggressive contestant in the Steel Ball Run race. Unlike other competitors, Gyro looks to seize the first place above all else, rushing ahead of everyone[6] then fending off anyone who challenges him.[7][8] He also has a tendency to take dangerous shortcuts.[9][10] Gyro is a rude man, deriding the vast majority of those he meets with insults and mocking commentaries. Even with his closest friend Johnny Joestar, Gyro doesn't mince his words and sometimes argues with him. Moreover, Johnny only made a lasting impression on Gyro through his dogged stubbornness[11] and otherwise looked down on him during their first meeting.[12] The only person for which Gyro had any degree of respect is his stern father Gregorio Zeppeli. Gyro's overconfidence extends to his fights, during which Gyro is prone to mock his enemies in some way or say something brash. For instance, he openly mocked Mountain Tim's "ridiculous" hat.[13]

Gyro is particularly proud of his mastery of the Spin, a family technique involving the rotation and throwing of steel balls to various effects and hails the Spin as the acme of human skill,[14] this pride is, to a degree, justified when the Spin manages to overpower D4C Love Train.[15] However, as a teacher he seemed to be somewhat begrudging, only bothering to teach Johnny the basics of the Spin and introducing him to the Golden Rectangle when they were threatened by a new enemy.[16]

As an executioner and otherwise confrontational man, Gyro is not afraid to use violence even in a lethal fashion. However Gyro doesn't have the same ruthlessness as Johnny and initially doesn't seek to kill his enemies if he deems it unnecessary. Notably, Gyro did try to discourage a thief from fighting with him and only used his Steel Balls to make the man shoot himself if he ever drew his gun, instead of directly killing him.[17]

Johnny fondly remembers Gyro

Gyro nonetheless possesses an altruistic side, and likes to help anyone who needs his assistance, most notably the paraplegic Johnny to whom he taught the Spin technique and helped acquire the Holy Corpse Parts, or Marco, the helpless child whose death sentence Gyro seeks to appeal by winning the Steel Ball Run. Gyro would often clash this side with the authority of Gregorio Zeppeli, who disapproved any display of sentimentality in life and ultimately defied him by going to America.[18]

Gyro seeks his own "path of light"

Johnny originally said that Gyro didn't have the drive and determination necessary to get things done. The jockey argued that because Gyro inherited everything he had as an upperclassman and heir of the family Spin technique, he didn't have the kind of selfish hunger born from suffering which was crucial in the race.[19] True to that, Gyro Zeppeli initially raced out of altruistic concern for Marco, and primarily relied on tricks to prevail in the race. During his battle with Ringo Roadagain he bent his original motivations into a more personal goal, the path to see for himself whether Marco deserved to be executed and and who exactly the Corpse was.[20] After that, Gyro switched to a slightly less cocky behavior, and focused seriously on his battles. In his horse riding, Gyro switched to a more personal style, instinctively choosing his own route instead of the "shortest path", enabling him to even outmatch Diego in the race.[21]

Gyro sings his cheese song

Out of combat, Gyro also possesses an eccentric personality and is particularly bombastic. Gyro has a penchant for gags, involving puns or an inexplicable brand of humor from bad puns[22] to skits defying all logic,[23] frequently telling such jokes to Johnny in the spur of the moment and created a song about Mozzarella cheese, singing it to Johnny and being happy that he appreciated it.[24] He also has a fondness for dramatic gestures and quotes, saying that the Goddess of Victory was riding with him and that she would retract her favor if he ever let another woman ride with him. Unlike Johnny, Gyro frequently grins, exposing his metal teeth in the process.[25] The mere fact that he engraved his teeth with the message "Go! Go! Zeppeli" already exposes his ostentatious nature.[25] Humorously, Gyro also keeps a pink teddy bear with him, being fond of it enough to keep it even during the Steel Ball Run,[26] although he leaves it at one point. However, mimicking his own father, Gyro can be stern and dignified when he talks about the Zeppeli Spin technique.

Heavily influenced by Gregorio's teachings about the uncertainties in life - using a "tennis ball over the net" metaphor - and the Steel Ball's power being nothing short of miraculous, Gyro has a somewhat optimistic outlook on life and is convinced that he can overcome setbacks, even if they'd need a miracle to overcome, as long as he follows a virtuous path. Nonetheless, following the "tennis ball over the net" belief, Gyro is aware that failure is just as likely.[27] This ideology is repeatedly somehow confirmed with numerous coincidences and miracles helping him throughout his journey and alternatively working against him, culminating in Marco being freed without his intervention but dying of a cold later.[28]

Gyro inviting two beautiful women to drink

Gyro is a womanizer, one flashback narrating an affair with a patient[29] and he is shown flirting with pretty girls.[30] On the other hand, the first time Gyro and Johnny meet Lucy, he refuses to let her ride with him and states that "no woman (will) ride my horse". He later explains that "Lady Luck" would be jealous if he let "another woman" ride with him.[31]

Gyro has a few tics of language. For instance, he has a signature "Nyo-ho-ho!" chuckle[25] and he usually shouts out "ORA!" when he hurls a Steel Ball in combat, reminiscent of the Stand Cries of the former Joestar Stands. Eventually, after Gyro's death, Johnny adopts Gyro's battlecry as Tusk ACT4's own Stand Rush.


Gyro is an adept tactician, being able to hold his own against several Stand users and outsmarting them in several occasions. Gyro has been shown to be able to use his surroundings, or even the enemy's own power to his advantage. He is also a worldly individual, possessing a range of knowledge, including in tracking, opera, paleontology, and mathematics.

Trained by his father, Gregorio Zeppeli, Gyro is an accomplished surgeon, being able to make surgical operations on his own. This training also includes intimate knowledge of the human body Gyro uses in conjunction with the Spin in combat.

Steel Ball / Spin

Spin(回転 Kaiten, lit. "Rotation")Link to this section
The Zeppeli family's Spin technique, usually applied with special Steel Balls, is a versatile skill Gyro has trained in since his youth. Gyro equips himself with two Steel Balls as a means of self-defense, attack, and general strategic advantage.

Throwing his Steel Balls with the Spin, Gyro may create a variety of impressive trajectories. He is even able to have them return directly to him, mainly after successful contact with his target.

On impact with flesh, spiral ripples often appear. Gyro may apply a wide range of effects to human or animal targets, including muscular, nerve, and bone manipulation, and the forceful wringing of flesh to drain water.

Gyro explains that although used by his family for execution, the Spin was not developed for destructive ends, and is in many ways equally suitable in medical treatment. He is able to use the Spin as an X-ray by holding a tray of water next to a patient and then rotating a Steel Ball on the patient's affected areas, creating ripples in the water.[32]


Guardian of the Right Eye appears from Gyro's Steel Ball

Scan (スキャン, Sukyan) is an ability of the Steel Ball[33][a] that Gyro temporarily awakens to after possessing the Corpse's Right Eye.[34] The Right Eye is protected by a Guardian Spirit composed of energy which is shown emerging from Gyro's Steel Ball when he uses Scan in his battle against Ringo Roadagain.[35]


The word "TURBŌ" is inscribed on Gyro's iris with a diagonally oriented cross behind it, and a cross pattée emerges below his eye, on his cheek. Inside the letters are binary numbers corresponding to the location of the next Corpse Part.

When Scan is active, the ability places a single eye also marked with the word "TURBO" on each of Gyro's active Steel Balls. Scan enhances both Gyro's aptitude for the Spin and his vision. It improves his capability of targeting body parts or analyzing his enemy's weaknesses by acting as a remote camera or surrogate eyes. When the Steel Ball strikes the ground, the Spin's vibration allows echolocation-based vision.[33] For instance, Scan allows Gyro to discover an old wound on Ringo Roadagain's collarbone,[36] and lets him see Hot Pants's spine remotely to immobilize her arms with the Spin when she blinds him with Cream Starter.[37]

Gyro relinquishes this ability when he gives the eye to Lucy Steel.[38]


Main article: Ball Breaker

Ball Breaker manifests when Gyro finally achieves the "Golden Spin". The stand is a visualization of Spin energy unleashed from Gyro's steel balls, the sheer power of the technique manifesting itself into the form of a Stand.[2] Ball Breaker embodies a vast force capable of bypassing dimensional barriers.[39]

Ball Breaker (ボール・ブレイカー)Link to this section
Golden Spin

Horseback Riding

Gyro is an experienced and capable equestrian, competent enough to ride across many types of terrain and be a serious competitor in the Steel Ball Run race. His ability as a rider reached a new level after he entered a "real man's world" in his fight against Ringo Roadagain and he became able to instinctively choose the optimal path for his horse, an ability that seems on par with Diego Brando's own ability. His riding style can be summed up as aggressive; Gyro seeks to remain at the first place constantly, and takes dangerous shortcuts when he deems it necessary. When another rider challenges him, Gyro will actively try to get rid of him. His beloved horse is named Valkyrie. Gyro is also knowledgeable about horses, particularly Valkyrie, whose abilities and limits he can gauge at any moment.

Valkyrie (ヴァルキリー)Link to this section



  • Gregorio Zeppeli: As Gyro's father, he was the only person to ever command respect and obedience to him. Their relationship was probably cold due to Gregorio wishing to throw away sentimentality from his life, thus never had a compliment for his son, nor did he give him gifts and send him letters. However Gregorio was still Gyro's Spin teacher and direct superior as surgeon and executioner, thus has authority over him, although Gyro still disobeyed him behind his back.


  • Johnny Joestar: Gyro and Johnny are friends and partners in the Steel Ball Run and also master and apprentice in the art of the Spin. At first Johnny's determination got Gyro's interest, causing him to help him figuring out how to mount his Slow Dancer and start the race. After the first stage, Johnny wins the respect of Gyro, thus Gyro decides to teach him the Spin and they become partners for the rest of the race. As the stages progress their friendship grows. Despite their opposing personalities, causing regular clashes as to how to take on a difficult situation, Gyro and Johnny ultimately get along well and share many moments of friendship, culminating in them telling each personal secrets. Gyro notably likes to jest with Johnny and tells him bad jokes or miscellaneous songs that Johnny frequently pretends to appreciate. Due to their regular battles, Gyro and Johnny fight well together, and see each other as valuable allies. Their friendship is such that any one is ready to put himself in danger for the other, and Johnny notably abandoned his Corpse Parts to save Gyro's life, and has cried multiple times for him. When Gyro died, Johnny was completely devastated and Valentine exploited that bond to promise Johnny that another Gyro would walk in this world. Gyro's ghost salutes Johnny one last time and the latter would bring back his corpse to the Zeppeli family. Gyro's continuous support helped Johnny get out of his depression and enabled him to begin anew.
  • Lucy Steel: Gyro and Lucy became allies, but Gyro had a cold attitude toward her, refusing her request of helping her and her husband and instead suggesting that she risked her life trying to steal the Heart from Valentine. Gyro nonetheless acknowledged her bravery and resourcefulness and entrusted the Right Eye with her, later asking Wekapipo to save her from Valentine.
  • Wekapipo: Despite meeting in the Steel Ball Run race as long-standing enemies, Gyro and Wekapipo have a certain respect of each other's ability as both are proficient Spin users. Gyro revealed to Wekapipo that his sister was alive and well, having saved her life once. This revelation earned Gyro Wekapipo's help during the search for the Corpse Parts.
  • Mountain Tim: Gyro only saw Tim as a rival in the Steel Ball Run race, deriding his hat when he first saw Tim. However, both come to see as allies during the fights against the Boomboom Family and Oyecomova.


  • Diego Brando: Gyro and Diego are bitter rivals, as both repeatedly tried to outdo each other in the Steel Ball Run. Gyro thinks of Diego as the greatest threat for his goal of finishing first in the race and never ceases to antagonize or insult him. Diego won't hesitate to kill Gyro, but Gyro's moral code stops him from doing the same, and he only wishes to beat him up.
  • Hot Pants: As one of the competitors in the Steel Ball Run race and a rival in the search for the Saint Corpse Parts, Gyro views Hot Pants poorly. Their first meeting consisted of Hot Pants attacking Gyro for wrong reasons, and Gyro never let up his antagonistic behavior after that, regularly insulting the horse rider and once stealing her food. Later on, Gyro remains in the dark about Hot Pants' true identity, while Johnny was able to forge a more understanding and sympathetic relationship.
  • Sandman: Gyro and Sandman are rivals in the Steel Ball Run race, but initially act friendly with each other. Sandman bore no ill will against Gyro and repaid being made winner of the first stage in Gyro's stead with critical information during the fourth stage. However, the next time they meet, Sandman now worked with Valentine and tried to force Gyro and Johnny to give their Corpse Parts, going as far as trying to kill them. Nonetheless, Sandman was merely indifferent to what he saw as the struggle between white men.
  • Pocoloco: Gyro thinks of Pocoloco as a dangerous rival and mistakes the latter's luck as talent, while Pocoloco sees Gyro as a mere stepping stone in the race.


  • Boomboom Family: Gyro was initially cold and cautious to Andre Boomboom, and he was later proven right to act in such a way as Andre, along with his brother and father, attacked. Gyro thinks the whole family as idiots, though holds regard for their dangerous Stand abilities.
  • Oyecomova: Oyecomova was an Italian assassin who attempted kill Gyro, Tim and Johnny, only to be defeated by their respective Stand powers.
  • Ringo Roadagain: Ringo and Gyro were mortal enemies during their encounter. Ringo looked down on Gyro for being a "follower" but was impressed by his sudden growth, acknowledging his will during his last moments. Gyro returned the animosity and begrudging respect for the gunman.
  • Funny Valentine: Valentine was Gyro's enemy in the search to obtain the Corpse Parts.


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Quote.png Quotes
  • Nyo-ho ho ho~. (ニョホホホ~。)
    —Gyro Zeppeli's signature chuckle.
  • Do you know the leading causes of death? The first is a sickness carried by mosquitos. The second is getting kicked by a horse and dying. Do you plan on changing the ranking?
    —Gyro Zeppeli to Johnny Joestar, Steel Ball Run Chapter 3: Johnny Joestar
  • This spinning steel is definitely my weapon.
    —Gyro Zeppeli, Steel Ball Run Chapter 3: Johnny Joestar
  • Whatever I can get, I'll take. Except for diseases... but especially a time bonus... nyo ho!
    —Gyro Zeppeli, Steel Ball Run Chapter 5: 1st Stage: 15,000 Meters
  • Hey, hey, so swaying to your left is your habit... But, that's good! Go ahead... go ahead and let your anger explode!
    —Gyro Zeppeli to Valkyrie, Steel Ball Run Chapter 6: The Dried-Up River; Diego Brando
  • Did you say something? Were you talking into my ass? Because I can't hear anything with my ass.
    —Gyro Zeppeli, Steel Ball Run Chapter 9: Long, Long Downhill
  • My horse has been a sprinter since birth. Even if I can't do anything to him... if I stare at his ass the whole time... I can't win! Let's go!
  • Lesson 2 is to work those muscles.
  • Wanna come with me? This is the shortest way.
  • We are both rivals, so I'll head onwards. The direction I'll be heading in though, is toward that son of a bitch!
  • Those [Steel Balls] are just part of my technique. There are parts of the human being that are still a great mystery.
    —Gyro Zeppeli, Steel Ball Run Chapter 19: The Devil's Palm, Part 2
  • Lesson 3! When we were camped out you said you spun the cork! It's the same with the bullet! Toss it!
    —Gyro Zeppeli, Steel Ball Run Chapter 19: The Devil's Palm, Part 2
  • Believe in the Spin! The power of rotation is limitless! Trust in that!
    —Gyro Zeppeli, Steel Ball Run Chapter 19: The Devil's Palm, Part 2
  • That boy... I will take the place of my father who has put his pride in the family line. This job is my duty... and that will never change... It hasn't in the past and it won't change from here on. But I just want consent! I want to make this duty the pride of my heart! Guilty or innocent! There needs to be consent! Pride and honor cannot exist without consent! I will put my life on the line for pride and honor. Isn't there a way? Not all laws are justice! I cannot agree with putting that boy to death!
    —Gyro Zeppeli, Steel Ball Run Chapter 21: Gyro Zeppeli's Mission, Part 2
  • Keep on running, Johnny! The first and second place in this race are still ours for the taking!
  • Another shoooot!!!
  • I’m going to be first in this race! And you’re going to be second! Don’t forget that promise!
    —Gyro Zeppeli, Steel Ball Run Chapter 27: Tusk, Part 3
  • No matter how powerful these Saint Corpse Parts are, their power won’t tell you how to become rich, or tell you how to make chicks happy… or set free a person sentenced to death.
    —Gyro Zeppeli, Steel Ball Run Chapter 31: Scary Monsters, Part 4
  • The reason for my defeat… wasn’t because of an accident but something that looms behind me…
    —Gyro Zeppeli, Steel Ball Run Chapter 32: 3rd Stage Goal: Cañon City
  • Tell him to go eat shit, Johnny. (ヤツにクソくらえって言ってやりなジョニィ, Yatsu ni kuso kurae tte itte yarina Jonyi)
    —Gyro Zeppeli, Steel Ball Run Chapter 33: The World of Man, Part 1
  • Eat shit, asshole! Fall off your horse! (くそくらえッ!バーーーカ!落ちるころべ!, Kuso kurae! Baaaaka! Ochiru koro be!)
    —Gyro Zeppeli to Hot Pants, Steel Ball Run Chapter 33: The World of Man, Part 1
  • If I may, father… sentimentalism…? That’s not it. Plus, that bastard, he thinks I’m a conformist? Fuck that… big-headed asshole talking big, is he? I just want to understand. Does Marco really have to be executed. What the hell is the identity of the Corpse that Johnny wants to find? My path to understanding is the ultimate priority! Or else, I’ll never be able to move forward! Nowhere! Not even the path to the future! I won’t be able to pursue it! That’s why I joined the Steel Ball Run race! I can see it! I’m beginning to see it, father! I’m getting the sensation of victory!
    —Gyro Zeppeli, Steel Ball Run Chapter 35: The World of Man, Part 3
  • From this distance… neither of us are going to miss this shot.
    —Gyro Zeppeli, Steel Ball Run Chapter 35: The World of Man, Part 3
  • There’s a need to make an impression in that bastard’s brain… that he’ll never defeat Gyro Zeppeli in any more of these stages!
    —Gyro Zeppeli, Steel Ball Run Chapter 37: The Green Tomb, Part 2
  • This isn’t just about victory in the race! We need to beat him down shitless! We need to beat him so bad that he won’t want to challenge us again for 100 years! Waiting for mistakes is for cowards!
  • Don’t worry about anything, Valkyrie! You don’t need to look at Dio’s ass. This is your course, and yours only. We’re just getting started here!
  • Johnny. Maybe I still can’t beat that something I’m fighting against. Like Dio... or people that I haven't even faced yet. Whatever that something is… a true man’s world, huh. It’s gonna be tough.
  • Alright, here goes… all you can do is brace yourself for when I pummel you with this.
  • Pizza mozarella, pizza mozarella, rella rella rella rella rella rella rella rella... (ピザ・モッツァレラ ピザ・モッツァレラ レラレラレラレラ レラレラレラレラ, Piza mottsarera piza mottsarera, rera rera rera rera rera rera rera rera)
  • "I don’t have my Steel Balls this", and "you can’t win with your nail bullets that"… Are you underestimating my rotations? Are you looking down on the 250 years of the Zeppeli Family’s history? What I’ve taught you is still just the basics!
    —Gyro Zeppeli, Steel Ball Run Chapter 42: Silent Way, Part 3
  • Pay your respects. I’ll teach you the next step in the Spin… Lesson 4 (probably)
    —Gyro Zeppeli, Steel Ball Run Chapter 42: Silent Way, Part 3
  • Spin your bullets in the golden ratio! Then, you should have the ability to harness the power of infinity… the Zeppelis have always strived for that power…
    —Gyro Zeppeli, Steel Ball Run Chapter 43: Silent Way, Part 4
  • One step… I’m one step ahead of you, Wekapipo!
    —Gyro Zeppeli, Steel Ball Run Chapter 54: Wrecking Ball, Part 4
  • 'Lunedi', Monday! 'L-U-N-E-D-I'! 'Martedi', Tuesday! 'M-A-R-T-E-D-I'! 'Me...' What was it again?! I forgot! Ahahahahaha! What was it? What was it? Ehehehehehe! Um, what was it again? Eeeeeeeeehehehehehe! I completely forgot! Aaahahahahahaha! 'Domenica', Sunday.
    —Gyro Zeppeli's "This Is How I Spend My Week" joke, Steel Ball Run Chapter 63: Seven Days in a Week
  • This is probably something I should be saying to my girlfriend, but… this lens… it doesn’t show that we’re a lot closer to each other than you think.
    —Gyro Zeppeli, Steel Ball Run Chapter 66: D4C, Part 1
  • I’ll tell you (and only you) my real name. “Gyro” is a pet name, or rather a nickname. My real name is “Julius Caesar Zeppeli” My father gave it to me… even my younger brothers don’t know that name… you’d better not tell anyone.
    —Gyro Zeppeli’s biggest secret, Steel Ball Run Chapter 76: D4C, Part 9
  • The Golden Rectangle, Johnny. Got it? What kind of energy does the rotation gained from the horse have? No one knows. One’s even seen it, that Spin. “Can I really do something like that myself?” If you’re thinking that right now, then know that the only way is with the Golden Rectangle. Make your horse run with that form. If we can obtain that rotational energy from the horse… It can only be with the horse in the form of the golden rectangle. Make the horse run in a way the horse itself thinks is good… like how a horse feels happy naturally running on the grass… like you’re thanking the horse itself for being born and coming to be here in this world under the sky. That is the time it will make the Golden Rectangle. Then we’ll definitely be able to win.
    —Gyro Zeppeli, Steel Ball Run Chapter 80: D4C, Part 13 -Love Train-
  • The distance to run to the President is plenty… and having one Steel Ball here is plenty!
    —Gyro Zeppeli, Steel Ball Run Chapter 82: D4C, Part 15 -Love Train-
  • Johnny! Lesson 5!... yeah… I’m sure that’s what we’re on now. The next one’s lesson 5! I always tried to take the fastest shortcut in this Steel Ball Run race, but, “the shortest route was a detour. It was the detour that was our shortest path”. It’s been true the whole time we’ve been crossing this continent. And because of you, we were able to take that route.
    —Gyro Zeppeli’s last words, Steel Ball Run Chapter 84: Ball Breaker, Part 2
  • If that’s how it is… I’m okay with it… my real name… you promised, right…? Don’t tell anybody. See ya… take care. (そうゆう事なら…そうゆう事でいいんだ…オレの本名は…約束したよな………誰にも言うなよ。じゃあな…………元気でな。, Sō yū kotonara… sō yū kotode īn da… ore no honmyō wa… yakusoku shita yo na……… darenimo iu na yo. Jāna… genki de na.)

Creation and Development

Araki personally liked the JonathanZeppeli relationship from Phantom Blood and wanted to retell it again for a longer coming-of-age story. He chose to make Johnny and Gyro around the same age so they could be less formal and more friendly than their original counterparts.[40]


  • In the Italian edition of SBR, Gyro's name is written as "J.Lo", in a reference to American Latina singer Jennifer Lopez. This is also a slight pun on the fact that the pronunciations of "Gyro" and "J.Lo" in Japanese are almost identical.
  • In the French edition of SBR, Gyro's name is written as "Jayro".


  1. In the glossaries of All-Star Battle, Eyes of Heaven, and All-Star Battle R, Scan is referred to as Gyro's Stand. However, the JOJOVELLER Stand guide just states it as an ability.


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