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"Revenge" is for settling a score with your own fate![2] (「復讐」とは自分の運命への決着をつけるためにあるツ!`Fukushū' to wa jibun no unmei e no ketchaku o tsukeru tame ni aru tsu!)

Ermes Costello (エルメェス・コステロ Erumēsu Kosutero) was confirmed for All-Star Battle R during the game's initial announcement trailer.[1] She was one of the four characters playable in the game's second Early Access Demo alongside Jotaro Kujo, Jolyne Cujoh, and Foo Fighters.

Her moveset is fundamentally the same as hers from All-Star Battle, with a few tweaks being made to both balance the character and fit her into the overall gameplay tweaks that All-Star Battle R brought.

In the English localization of All-Star Battle R, Ermes's Stand, Kiss, is localized as "Smack", carried on from its first official usage in All-Star Battle.

Replacing Ermes's previous voice actor of Chizu Yonemoto is Mutsumi Tamura, who voices Ermes in the Stone Ocean anime. Because of this, and like the majority of the game's roster, voicelines for Ermes were either added or re-recorded.


Ermes has 1050 health, making her the highest health character in the game. She uses the Stand (スタンド Sutando) Battle Style, fighting foes with Kiss. During a fight, she can use several different attacks that were featured in Stone Ocean.

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Command List

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Moveset Changes from All-Star Battle

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Medal List

Costumes & Tints

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Medal Costume.png Normal Costume
Unlock Conditions

Unlocked by default


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Quote.png Medal Speech.png Taunt Lines

Special Interactions

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Outside of the All-Star Battle Mode, Ermes has unique interaction dialogue for both her match entrances and victories when facing certain characters.

All-Star Battle Mode

All missions in the All-Star Battle Mode starring Ermes as either the Player or Enemy, in order of appearance.

Stone Ocean

Extra Battle (★★★)
Unlock Conditions: Unlocked from the start.
Stage: Green Dolphin Street Prison
Completion Bonus
ASBR Coins.png 700 G
Special Conditions
The opponent's Heart Heat Gauge continuously refills.
Secret Missions
1. Execute a Flash Cancel: ASBR Coins.png 1000 G
2. Land a 5-hit combo: ASBR 2D Art.png Kiss Publicity Artwork
3. Land a Great Heat Attack: ASBR Tint.png Ermes Color Tint C
Entrance Dialogue
Akira: A Stand user and a thief? Heh heh... I think we could be friends.
Ermes: Where the hell do you get off?
Victory Dialogue
Ermes: Yeah, I may be an ex-con... But I'm still not as pathetic as you!
Defeat Dialogue
Akira: I thought we'd get along, but... I guess I was wrong.
Extra Battle (★★★★)
Unlock Conditions: Unlocked from the start.
Stage: Green Dolphin Street Prison
Completion Bonus
ASBR Coins.png 1500 G
Special Conditions
The player's Heart Heat Gauge does not fill while their Stand is active.
Secret Missions
1. Use the "Here's where ya stick it!" skill: ASBR Coins.png 1000 G
2. Land a counterattack: ASBR 2D Art.png Ermes Publicity Artwork
3. Land a Great Heat Attack: ASBR 3D Model.png Kiss 3D Model
4. Win with a Heart Heat Attack: ASBR Costume.png Ermes Special Outfit A
Entrance Dialogue
Polnareff: What's a girl like you doing in a prison like this? There must be a reason. I can see the determination in your eyes.
Ermes: Butt out. That's none of your business.
Victory Dialogue
Ermes: So it wasn't just me... You smell just like me.
Defeat Dialogue
Polnareff: I'm not going to lecture you. If it'll do you good, then go get it done.



JoJo Glossary

ASBR Ermes TournIcon.png
An ally in Part 6: Stone Ocean, she is User of the Stand Kiss. Jolyne's friend and confidant who awakened her Stand after being pierced by the Stand Arrow in Jolyne's pendant. Cheerful and wears her heart on her sleeve. 第6部『ストーンオーシャン』の登場人物。『キッス』のスタンド使い。徐倫のペンダントに入っていた「スタンドの矢」の破片に刺さったことで、スタンドが目醒めた。徐倫の友人。明るい性格で情に厚い。
Ermes Costello's Stand. It can produce special stickers that create a second copy of whatever they are adhered to. When the sticker is removed, the two copies fuse together with great force, doing damage to each other and anything inbetween. エルメェス・コステロのスタンド。特殊な効果を持つシールを作る能力を持つ。シールを貼り付けた物質は二つに分裂し、シールを剥がすと分裂した物質同士が合わさって一つに戻り、同時に破壊が起きる。


Update History

Balance Changes Comparison
ArrowBuff.png Buffs
ArrowNerf.png Nerfs
ArrowChange.png Neutral


  • Wake-up
    • ArrowChange.png Unified wake-up behavior with other characters.


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