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"Revenge" is for settling your score with fate![1] (「復讐」とは自分の運命への決着をつけるためにあるッ!)

Ermes Costello (エルメェス・コステロ, Erumēsu Kosutero) was confirmed as a playable character alongside Jolyne Cujoh, Enrico Pucci, and Weather Report.

As a Stand user, Ermes is one of many characters with wildly varied abilities that grant her uniqueness in battle.


  • Style Action - Here's where ya stick it!: Ermes places stickers on her limbs to duplicate them, starting with her arms, then her legs (she may not apply anymore after that). This skill doubles the number of hits Ermes and Kiss deal in all of their attacks and skills except for DHAs, greatly increasing her overall strength. However, if Ermes is hit or otherwise recoils from any source of damage, the stickers on her limbs fall off and disappear, damaging her in the process. Ermes takes more damage if she had stickers on both her arms and legs at the time.
  • Have Lance...: Ermes launches a small lance duplicated with a sticker forward, or towards an opponent, if locked on. The lance will send any opponent it hits flying and will also be lodged into their bodies, indicated by an icon of the lance and sticker next to their health gauge. If the skill is used again while a lance is stabbed into an opponent, Ermes takes off the sticker on the lance duplicate she herself has, causing her to propel at high speed towards her target. If she connects, she spears the opponent and leaves them crumpling and vulnerable to further attack. This skill is not affected by Ermes's Style Action.
  • Uryaaaaaaaaaaa!: Kiss unleashes a barrage of 5 punches. This skill can be inputted up to twice more to unleash new subsequent attacks. On the second input, Kiss continues its assault by kicking 3 times. On the third input, Kiss spins around and delivers a strong backhand, sending opponents flying.
  • Pull off the sticker, and it tries to turn back to normal.: Ermes stabs a lance into the ground. If this skill is used again while another lance is active, Ermes deactivates the sticker on the first lance she placed, causing it to rapidly fly towards and combine with the second one. If an opponent is between the two lances, they will take damage and be pulled in the direction of the second lance. If they end up at the second lance, they receive extra damage and crumple, left vulnerable to further attack. This skill is not affected by Ermes's Style Action.
  • EX - Have Lance...: The projectile lance gains a speed and damage boost, and Ermes gains super armor while she's being propelled.
  • EX - Uryaaaaaaaaaaa!: The skill does more damage and Ermes recovers from using the backfist quicker.

Dual Heat Attacks

  • Solo - Eat this! And this! And this!: Ermes has Kiss punch the opponent, then the two both unleash a spinning kick that knocks them off their feet. Ermes places stickers on both her arms, duplicating them for both her and her Stand. Kiss proceeds to uppercut the target into the air and unleashes a devastating barrage of punches with an extra set of fists, finishing with a strike that sends them flying.
  • With Jolyne - We're gonna kick your ass!: Ermes uses Kiss's stickers to create multiple arms for Jolyne and Stone Free. Having done so without warning, she is reprimanded by Jolyne who knows that the stickers' removal will cause her pain. Ermes reminds Jolyne that they are in the middle of a fight, forcing Stone Free to angrily pummel the opponent with an extra set of fists and blowing them back as Ermes laughs.

As with other Stone Ocean characters returning from All-Star Battle (except Pucci), Ermes's default and secondary alternate costumes swapped their places; her default costume in ASB is now her secondary costume and vice versa.

Costumes & Tints

Ermes Normal.png
Medal Costume.png Normal Costume
Unlock Condition

Unlocked by default


Ermes's main Stone Ocean attire

Ermes Normal.png
Medal Tint A.png Tint A
Unlock Condition

Unlocked by default


Cover of SO Volume 15

Ermes Normal.png
Medal Tint B.png Tint B
Unlock Condition

Unlocked by default


Cover of SO Volume 4

Ermes Normal.png
Medal Tint D.png Tint D
Unlock Condition

Unlocked by default


Cover of SO Volume 13


  • Kiss is my license... for vengeance!: Ermes must use her Style Action twice. (200 Points)
  • And soon, I realized... It's pretty useful.: Ermes must connect "Pull off the sticker, and it tries to turn back to normal." twice. (200 Points)
  • Ready? This kick is for Gloria!: Ermes must break 3 of the opponents' health gauges. (300 Points)
  • Revenge is the way to settling the score with your own fate!: Ermes must perform a Dual Combo Finish. (500 Points)
  • Why am I crying all of a sudden?: Ermes must Retire an opponent with a Dual Heat Attack. (800 Points)


She is paired with Robert E. O. Speedwagon in the Eyes of Heaven Tournament but was eliminated in the preliminaries by Narancia Ghirga and Diego Brando.




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