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Morioh 1901 (杜王町『1901年』, Moriō-chō "1901-nen") is the fifth volume of JoJolion and the one hundred ninth volume of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga. It covers most of the ""Shakedown Road"" story arc.


On their way to high school, Josuke and Joshu encounter the so-called "Shakedown Road", where people are said to be ripped off over and over again when passing through... Is this a trick!? Or is this another Stand ability!?


Author's Note

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There are certain things I find fun to draw. So far, they include the character Polnareff's hairstyle, the original Josuke's hairstyle, Killer Queen's design, and Soft and Wet's ears. And when I finish drawing them with a "swish! swish!", I'm so impressed that I want to exclaim, "Ooh!" Yasuho Hirose's skirt is so much fun to draw that I don't want anyone else to do it, but whenever I draw it, I always wonder if she can sit down with that fuzzy flower-patterned skirt. Are you alright, Yasuho? I'm a bit worried about you.
絵にしてて楽しいモノというのがあるんですけれど、これまでではポルナレフというキャラのヘアスタイル。旧仗助のヘアスタイル。キラークイーンのデザイン。ソフト&ウェットの耳のとこ。とか、シュ! シュ!って描いて出来上がってくると、「おお!」と自分で感動とかする。今回、広瀬康穂ちゃんのスカートとかも凄く楽しくて誰にも描かせたくないんだけれど、いつも描いてて思うのはこのスカート、お尻がお花でモコモコしてイスに座れないなあ。大丈夫なのか? 康穂。ちょっと心配。




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