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This is a list of minor characters featured in miscellaneous works such as light novels and other manga by Hirohiko Araki.

Most characters in this section have very little information to warrant a character page, usually due to lack of relevance or backstory.


ClydeLink to this section
Virginia Clyde.jpg
Manga Debut: Say Hi to Virginia
Namesake: Bonnie and Clyde (American crime duo), Bonnie and Clyde (film)
Clyde (クライド, Kuraido) is a robot and Hiroshi's companion. When Matt and Hiroshi find the second bomb in the engine room, Clyde is the one put in charge of disarming it as his robot constitution will allow him to shrug off the vacuum needed to properly disarm the bomb. He can magnetize himself to attract metallic objects.
BonnieLink to this section
Manga Debut: Say Hi to Virginia
Namesake: Bonnie and Clyde (American crime duo), Bonnie and Clyde (film)
Bonnie (ボニー, Bonī) is the Derringer's automated computer, specifically a new 8000 model, as remarked by Matt. When Matt is playing darts, he yells at Bonnie to lower the temperature as it is too humid in his room. Later, when Matt and Hiroshi are inspecting the second bomb, Hiroshi almost touches it, but Matt stops him and shows him that Bonnie has detected an invisible barrier around it. While disarming the bomb, Bonnie had already analyzed its composition and later moved a camera to allow Hiroshi and Matt to see the leaking pipes in the block with the bomb.
CameronLink to this section
Manga Debut: Outlaw Man
Cameron (キャメロン, Kyameron) is the name of a horse that the outlaw rides on throughout the course of the story. However, a sniper inflicts fatal wounds on Cameron, forcing the outlaw to shoot and mercy-kill the horse.

Cool Shock B.T.

NinomoriLink to this section
BT Ninomori.jpeg
Manga Debut: Cool Shock B.T. Chapter 0: B.T. "The Wicked Boy"
Ninomori (()(もり), Ninomori) is B.T.'s upperclassman and a member of the kendo club, like Date. He is jealous and hates Date because the latter keeps beating him, so he accepts to participate in a con and fake his death so that B.T. can blackmail Date. However, he bumps his head into a rock and faints, and makes everyone believe that he's truly died. However, he eventually wakes up, with only a slight trauma to the brain.
Fuyuko NakagawaLink to this section
BT Fuyuko Nakagawa.jpg
Manga Debut: Cool Shock B.T. Chapter 0: B.T. "The Wicked Boy"
Fuyuko Nakagawa (中川(なかがわ) (ふゆ)(), Nagakawa Fuyuko) is an upperclasswoman B.T. has a crush on. One day, she's accused of murdering a reporter. Even though he supposedly tried to rape her and she defended herself, the penal system considers that she used excessive force. However, B.T. proves that she's innocent of the murder. But then, Koichi finds that the reporter had been blackmailing Fuyuko because he knew she was shoplifting. Thus, Koichi suspects that Fuyuko may have really tried to kill the reporter.
Kuroyama & AkagawaLink to this section
BT Kuroyama Akagawa.jpeg
Kuroyama (黒山(くろやま)) and Akagawa (赤川(あかがわ)) are two bullies at Koichi and B.T.'s summer camp. They torment the little kids by telling them their family has died in their absence, beat up whoever stand up to them, and are indisciplined during class. However, they get away with it because the camp staff doesn't want a scandal. Kuroyama and Akagawa aren't actually friends and Akagawa is also victimized by Kuroyama. B.T. exploits this wedge in their relationship to have Akagawa stab Kuroyama.
DateLink to this section
BT Date.jpeg
Date (伊達(だて)) is B.T.'s upperclassman. Seemingly the perfect man, with good grades, musical talent, good looks, humor, the best member of the kendo club, class president, and heir of a wealthy family. B.T. is jealous of him because he's flirting with Aiko. Date reveals his true colors when Ninomori fakes his death, causing him to accuse B.T. of murder so that he can keep his perfect record.
Aiko HyodoLink to this section
BT Aiko.jpeg
Aiko Hyodo ((ひょう)(どう) 天妃子(あいこ), Hyōdō Aiko) is a pretty upperclasswoman whom B.T. has a crush on. Date flirts with her, causing a great deal of jealousy from B.T.'s part. When Date is caught falsely accusing B.T. of murder, she rejects Date as she thinks he's pathetic.
SaikoLink to this section
Saiko Manga Infobox.jpeg
Saiko (西(さい)()) is a violent and sadistic security guard working at a museum. He catches Koichi sneaking into a storage room. Later that night, he pursues B.T. and Koichi as they try to steal a dinosaur's head, fully intent on beating them with his iron chain. However, B.T. intimidates him by making him believe that a chemical reaction will cover his body in acid.
TaroLink to this section
Taro Cool Shock BT.jpeg
Taro (タロー, Tarō) is Koichi Mugikari's dog. He is said to be very smart and obeys orders. However, Manabu wins him in a bet and the dog is beaten when he doesn't obey Manabu's orders.

Baoh the Visitor

22nd ManLink to this section
BT No22.jpeg
Baoh No22 Infobox OVA.png

22nd Man (第22の男, Dai Nijūni no Otoko) is an assassin sent by the Dress Organization to assassinate Ikuro Hashizawa. He only uses a knife and manages to wound Ikuro, but as soon as the boy turns into Baoh, 22nd Man is swiftly killed. Baoh grabs and melts his head with a corrosive liquid emitted from his palms.

RokusukeLink to this section
Baoh Rokusuke.jpeg
Manga Debut: Baoh the Visitor Chapter 5: Grandpa Rokusuke
Rokusuke (六助) is an old man living in the mountains with his wife. He shelters Ikuro Hashizawa and Sumire, but is brainwashed by Dordo into trying to shoot Ikuro the next night. Ikuro survives and Rokusuke is freed from Dordo's hypnosis. He then assists Ikuro and later adopts Sumire.
AyaLink to this section
Baoh Aya.jpeg
Manga Debut: Baoh the Visitor Chapter 7: Come Out, Baoh
Aya () is a young pretty girl. When she meets Ikuro Hashizawa, she is charmed by his good looks. She gets stuck on a train track and is almost crushed by a train, but Ikuro saves her. She accompanies Ikuro to the bookstore afterwards but he leaves her.
ShirasawaLink to this section
Baoh Yuji.jpeg
Manga Debut: Baoh the Visitor Chapter 7: Come Out, Baoh
Shirasawa (白沢) is a young man with a crush on Aya. He tries to woo her and hold her hand as he thinks that she must become his girlfriend if he manages to hold her. However, he's overshadowed by Ikuro's good looks and gets jealous. When Aya gets stuck on train tracks as she struggles to get away from Shirasawa, an approaching train threatens to crush her. Instead of saving her, Shirasawa blames her and flees, too frightened to witness her death.

In VIZ Media's localization, he is named Yuji.

Cain and BloodyLink to this section
Baoh Cain Bloody.jpeg
Manga Debut: Baoh the Visitor Chapter 9: Demon Walken
Anime Debut: Baoh the Visitor (OVA)

Cain (ケイン, Kein) & Bloody (ブラッディ, Buraddi) are two field agents working for the Dress organization. When Dordo comes back to Dress, they are the ones holding him still while Walken kills him. When Ikuro Hashizawa attempts to infiltrate the secret laboratory, they come out and confidently fight him. They both attempt to throw a bomb at Ikuro, but he uses the Dark Thunder Phenomenon to destroy the bombs and fry Cain and Bloody alive.

Gorgeous Irene

LauperLink to this section
Manga Debut: Gorgeous Irene Chapter 1: Lauper's Palace
Namesake: Cyndi Lauper (American singer)
Lauper (ローパー, Rōpā) is the crime lord of the fictional city known as Swing Town. She is extremely violent and greedy. Because of her, crime has dramatically increased in town, even the elderly are killed in gang fights, and drugs have poured into schools. She is also vain, bossy and cruel. She once asked a tailor to make her a pretty dress in one night, took offense of the tailor saying he needed to order the materials because it implied she was too big, and killed the tailor. Lauper is also somewhat careful about assassination as she only lets old woman and little girls tend to her. However, Irene Rapona, who accepted a contract on her, killed her. Lauper used a special gum that hardened like steel (which she used as a knife after chewing it) and wielded a chainsaw. Irene made her split herself in two with the chainsaw.
MichaelLink to this section
Irene Michael.jpg
Manga Debut: Gorgeous Irene Chapter 2: The Girl in the Slums
Michael (マイケル, Maikeru) is a mugger from New York who crosses paths with Irene Rapona, who has been left alone after her butler was killed. He tries to mug her and is shocked when she shows no fear. On the other hand, Irene is sickeningly sweet and naive to Michael, who can't bring himself to leave her alone and becomes her protector in the crime-ridden city. He witnesses Irene fight an assassin and Irene leaves after giving him a kiss. Thanks to a winning racing stub Irene has bought, Michael is able to move to L.A. and start a music career. His first song, which is about a mysterious girl, is a hit selling 600,000 albums.
Tony BormontLink to this section
Manga Debut: Gorgeous Irene Chapter 2: The Girl in the Slums
Tony Bormont (トニー・ボウモント, Tonī Boumonto) is a gang leader based in Chicago. He seems to have secretly carried on his criminal activities and has ordered the death of many of his rivals across the country. His body is found in Chicago and it is determined that he stabbed himself in the throat, with no apparent motivation. It is implied Irene had a hand in his death. His status as a crime lord is only discovered after his death.

The Lives of Eccentrics

WestinghouseLink to this section
Manga Debut: The Lives of Eccentrics Episode 1: The Genius Who Made Edison Cower: Nikola Tesla
Namesake: George Westinghouse (American entrepreneur and engineer)
Westinghouse (ウェスティングハウス, Wesutinguhausu) is the owner of his own electric company. He approaches Nikola Tesla and offers to finance his research of the alternating current in exchange for Tesla's patents. Despite thinking of the deal as humiliating, Tesla hesitantly agrees.
Anne MorganLink to this section
Anne Morgan.png
Manga Debut: The Lives of Eccentrics Episode 1: The Genius Who Made Edison Cower: Nikola Tesla
Namesake: Anne Morgan (American philanthropist)
Anne Morgan (アン・モーガン, An Mōgan) is the daughter of J. P. Morgan and an ex-lover of Nikola Tesla. One time, having forgotten about Tesla's fear of smooth round objects, she goes on a date with him wearing pearl earrings. After seeing the earrings, Tesla refuses to ever see her again.
N. SeymourLink to this section
N. Seymour.jpg
N. Seymour (N.セイモア, En Seimoa) is a salesman for a car dealership. Over the years, he has sold three cars to Langley Collyer. However, each time he arrived at the house with the car, Langley only opened the door far enough to put his hand through, forcing Seymour to complete the transaction without seeing his face. In March 1947, he is interviewed regarding Langley and his brother Homer; though Seymour has heard rumors that Homer had gone blind, he is surprised to hear that no cars have been found in the brothers' garage.
K. BenderLink to this section
K. Bender.jpg
K. Bender (K.ベンダー, Kei Bendā) is an ordinary housewife and mother, having four children and six grandchildren. At the age of 19, she was engaged to a 27-year-old Homer Collyer, who worked as a lawyer in maritime law. One night, while her parents were on a trip abroad, Bender invited her lover to her house. Despite their engagement, however, Homer refused to spend the night with her, stating that she was simply too cute for him to lay hands on. Unable to understand his refusal, she broke up with him soon afterward. Later, Bender heard from her friends that after rejecting her, Homer returned home that night holding an erotic magazine. While being interviewed about Homer and his brother, she is surprised to hear that Homer suffered from phimosis.
P. C. WilburLink to this section
P. C. Wilbur.jpg
P. C. Wilbur (P.C.ウィルバー, Pī Shī Wirubā) is a real estate agent who is knowledgeable about the history of Harlem. When interviewed about the Collyer brothers, he is able to recall that the Collyers have lived on Fifth Avenue since before an influx of African-American tenants drove rich white tenants away, causing the neighborhood to become a neglected slum overrun with crime and poverty.
A. AwermanLink to this section
A. Awerman.jpg
A. Awerman (A.アーウアマン, Ei Āuaman) was a classmate of Langley Collyer in school. Having learned about the history of the Collyer family, he considers 1909 the point where Homer and Langley Collyer began to isolate themselves from society, as that was the year of their parents' separation.
R. SimonLink to this section
R. Simon.jpg
R. Simon (R.サイモン, Āru Saimon) is the owner of a general store. Due to Langley's fear of his brother going fully blind, Simon could count on selling Langley between 100 and 200 oranges each week, though he only ever saw Langley's hands. Whenever he suggested that Homer be taken to see a doctor, Langley violently shot down the idea. 14 years prior to being interviewed, however, Simon remembers that Langley suddenly stopped buying oranges and asked that the shopkeeper deliver newspapers instead. Ever since, Langley has continued to deliver newspapers to the Collyers, along with various goods such as lantern oil. Although the Collyers have since surrounded their house with brick walls and barbed wire, Simon carefully leaves the items on the bushes behind the fence and retrieves the money left behind for him the next day.
Takehiko KasugaLink to this section
Takehiko Kasuga.jpg
Manga Debut: The Lives of Eccentrics Episode 3: The Brothers Nobody Knew: Collyer Brothers
Namesake: Takehiko Kasuga (Japanese psychiatrist and author)
Takehiko Kasuga (春日 武彦, Kasuga Takehiko) is a doctor and psychiatrist working in Tokyo. During an interview in the year 2000, he recalls an incident in 1999 where a man buried his wife in his own home after her death from diabetes, refusing to report or acknowledge her death to anyone else to avoid disturbing his quiet life.
Junichi YaoiLink to this section
Junichi Yaoi.png
Manga Debut: The Lives of Eccentrics Episode 4: Showman of the Century Who Launched Oliver: Yoshio Kou
Namesake: Junichi Yaoi (Japanese businessman and TV personality)
Junichi Yaoi (矢追 純一, Yaoi Jun'ichi) is a director of a Japanese broadcasting company that works with Yoshio Kou during Oliver's visit to Japan. When Kou enters the studio with Oliver, Yaoi expresses his interest in Oliver and states that they can't afford not to air him on television.
Akira JinLink to this section
Akira Jin.png
Manga Debut: The Lives of Eccentrics Episode 4: Showman of the Century Who Launched Oliver: Yoshio Kou
Namesake: Akira Jin (Japanese entrepreneur)
Akira Jin (神 彰, Jin Akira) is a businessman who partners with Yoshio Kou to bring Russian shows to Japan as a form of money laundering. Upon their first meeting, Akira offers to have a drink with Kou in Ginza. This partnership is the starting point of Kou's career as a showman.
William Wirt WinchesterLink to this section
William Wirt Winchester.png
William Wirt Winchester (ウィリアム・W(ワート)・ウィンチェスター, Wiriamu Wāto Winchesutā) is the son of Oliver Fisher Winchester. A kind and handsome young man, William speaks four languages and is gifted in the art of music. At the age of 22, Sarah Pardee enters into a happy marriage with him. He refuses to be disheartened upon the death of his first child, patiently urging his wife to look forward to their second. However, a second child never comes, and William later dies of tuberculosis in 1881.
Annie Pardee WinchesterLink to this section
Annie Pardee Winchester.png
Manga Debut: The Lives of Eccentrics Episode 5: The Mysterious Manor the Widow Kept Expanding: Winchester Mystery House
Namesake: Annie Pardee Winchester (American infant)
Annie Pardee Winchester (アニー・パーディー・ウィンチェスター, Anī Pādī Winchesutā) is the only child of William and Sarah Winchester. Born in 1866 with a disease that prevents her from absorbing protein, the infant lives for only a month before passing away.
Oliver Fisher WinchesterLink to this section
Oliver Fisher Winchester (オリバー・F(フィッシャー)・ウィンチェスター, Oribā Fisshā Winchesutā) is the father of William Winchester and the owner of the Winchester Repeating Arms Company. He passes away in 1882, a year after his son's death, leaving Sarah Winchester to inherit his company.
Abraham LincolnLink to this section
Abraham Lincoln.png
Abraham Lincoln (E(エイブラハム)・リンカーン, Eiburaham Rinkān) becomes the president of the United States in 1861. As Lincoln heavily advocates for the emancipation of slaves, his inauguration marks a tipping point for the country's southern states, who insist that the agricultural industry relies upon the practice of slavery and decide to secede from the country. This action sparks the American Civil War, in which the federal army heavily relies upon lever-action firearms manufactured by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company.

Alex Rider

Alex RiderLink to this section
Alex rider araki.jpg
Novel Debut: Stormbreaker

Alex Rider (アレックス・ライダー, Arekkusu Raidā) is the titular main protagonist of the Alex Rider series, written by Anthony Horowitz and illustrated by Hirohiko Araki. He is a boy spy for MI6, the British international intelligence service. Only fourteen-years-old, Alex was forced into this occupation after MI6 noticed his many talents.

A few months after his birth, Alex's parents were killed in an airplane "accident." Alex was then raised by his uncle, Ian Rider, who worked uncover for MI6. That was until Ian himself was killed when Alex was fourteen-years-old. After his uncle's death, MI6 allows Alex's best friend and housekeeper, Jack Starbright, to become his legal guardian. In the first novel, Stormbreaker, Alex is sent to investigate the Middle Eastern billionaire, Herod Sayle. Posing as the computer-whizz and competition winner "Felix Lester," Alex learns of Sayle's plan to kill hundreds of thousands of children using a modified smallpox virus hidden inside the Stormbreaker computers he manufactures.

In the second novel, Point Blanc, Alex is sent to investigate Dr. Hugo Grief, the head teacher of Point Blanc Academy, a school for rebellious rich kids located in the snowy French Alps. Undercover as "Alex Friend," the son of a billionaire, David Friend, Alex discovers Hugo's plan to replace the students with clones of himself, surgically altered to look like them. Feigning death, Alex goes back with the SAS to storm the academy. After returning home, Alex is attacked by the final clone, Julius Grief, who looks exactly like him. The two fight at Alex's school and one of them are killed, however, it is left ambiguous which Alex survived.

In the third novel, Skeleton Key, having survived against his doppelganger, Alex is sent to Cuba to look into the affairs of General Alexei Sarov. Two CIA agents accompany him, though are soon killed as Alex becomes Sarov's prisoner. Sarov explains his plan to drop a nuclear bomb to force the Russian President out of power, and wants to adopt Alex, as he reminds him of his dead son; but when Alex stops his plan and declares that he'd rather be dead than have Sarov as a father, the man shoots himself.

In the fourth novel, Eagle Strike, after witnessing Sabina's family almost being blown up whilst on holiday, Alex tracks down the man responsible, Yassen Gregorovich, and learns that he's in contact with the famous singer, Damian Cray. After investigating Cray, Alex is taken hostage as Cray reveals his plan to launch 25 nuclear missiles to destroy all the drug plantations around the world on board Air Force One. Alex defeats Cray by pushing him into the plane’s engine, killing him.

Sabina PleasureLink to this section
Sabina Pleasure Infobox.jpg
Novel Debut: Skeleton Key

Sabina Pleasure (サビーナ・プレジャー, Sabīna Purejā) is a protagonist featured in the Alex Rider series, written by Anthony Horowitz and illustrated by Hirohiko Araki. She made her first appearance in the novel Skeleton Key and has since become a recurring character.

She is a fifteen-year-old girl who quickly becomes close friends with Alex Rider after working with him at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships at the start of Skeleton Key. During Eagle Strike, Sabina's father is nearly killed by a bomb while she's on holiday with Alex in France. Sabina is later kidnapped by the culprit, Damian Cray, who uses her as ransom to force Alex to give him back the flash-drive needed to carry out his plan. After helping Alex defeat Cray, Sabina gives Alex one final kiss before telling him that she's moving to San Francisco with her parents.

Derek SmithersLink to this section
Derek Smithers Infobox.jpg
Novel Debut: Stormbreaker

Derek Smithers (デレク・スミザーズ, Dereku Sumizāzu) is a protagonist featured in the Alex Rider series, written by Anthony Horowitz and illustrated by Hirohiko Araki. He is the man responsible for creating all of Alex's gadgets uses in the series and makes an appearance in every novel.

In Stormbreaker, he gives Alex a miniature winch disguised as a yo-yo, acne cream that can melt through metal, and a Game Boy equipped with various spy features. In Point Blanc, he gives him a bulletproof ski suit, infrared ski goggles, a tranquilizer gun disguised as a hardcover copy of Harry Potter, and a CD player equipped with a buzz saw (disguised as a Beethoven CD) and a built-in distress signal. In Skeleton Key, he also gives Alex a cell phone that fires a tranquilizer dart when calling "999", and a stun grenade disguised as a Michael Owen key ring. In Eagle Strike, against MI6's wishes, he secretly gave Alex a high-tech bicycle equipped with heat-seeking missiles, blinding lights, an air pump that emits blue smoke, an ejector seat, and a bulletproof jersey. In Scorpia, Smithers fits Alex with a tracking device disguised as a dental brace.

Yassen GregorovichLink to this section
Yassen Gregorovich Infobox.png
Novel Debut: Stormbreaker

Yassen Gregorovich (ヤッセン・グレゴビッチ, Yassen Guregobitchi) is a recurring antagonist featured in the Alex Rider series, written by Anthony Horowitz and illustrated by Hirohiko Araki. He is a cold-blooded contract killer from Russia, and the man responsible for killing Alex's uncle, Ian Rider.

In Stormbreaker, he is hired by Herod Sayle to transport the smallpox virus, but at the end of the novel, saves Alex's life by assassinating Sayle for failing his mission. In Eagle Strike, Yassen is hired by Damian Cray, who sends him on a mission to kill Sabina Pleasure's father. When Alex and Sabina are captured by Cray, Yassen is then ordered to kill them but refuses, stating that he doesn't kill children. This leads to Cray shooting Yassen instead, killing him. In his last words, he tells Alex to seek Scorpia in Venice.

Fiona FriendLink to this section
Fiona Friend Infobox.jpg
Novel Debut: Point Blanc

Fiona Friend (フィオナ・フレンド, Fiona Furendo) is a minor character featured in the second novel of the Alex Rider series, Point Blanc, written by Anthony Horowitz and illustrated by Hirohiko Araki. She is the fifteen-year-old daughter of the billionaire, Sir David Friend, who took Alex in for a week so that he could infiltrate Point Blanc Academy by pretending to be his son.

This section requires expansion.

Julius GriefLink to this section
Julius Grief Infobox.jpg
Novel Debut: Point Blanc
Julius Grief (ジュリアス・グリーフ, Juriasu Gurīfu) appears as a minor antagonist in the second novel of the Alex Rider series, Point Blanc and a major antagonist in "Scorpia Rising", written by Anthony Horowitz and illustrated by Hirohiko Araki. He is one of the sixteen clones of Dr. Hugo Grief created for the purpose of dominating the world.

This section requires expansion.

General Alexei SarovLink to this section


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