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The man with 47 chromosomes! His jawbone protrudes much lower than normal! No facial hair! But from his knee, his legs are shaped like a human's! He is capable of walking upright normally!

Oliver (オリバー, Oribā) is a character from Showman of the Century Who Launched Oliver: Yoshio Kou, the fourth episode of The Lives of Eccentrics.

He is a chimpanzee, who, thanks to his human-like appearance, becomes known as a man with 47 chromosomes. He becomes famous, as people speculate whether he is a human or only a chimpanzee. In 1976, a showman named Yoshio Kou brings Oliver to Japan, intending to make him the center of attention of people around the world.


Oliver's appearance highly resembles that of a human when compared to other chimpanzees. His jawbone protrudes much lower than normal, he has no visible fur, and his legs are shaped like a human's, making him able to walk upright.

During his visit to Japan, he wears human clothes.


Although shy, Oliver doesn't appear to be anxious or scared when he's around humans. He is also seen comfortably using man-made items like headphones and magazines. Oliver has an unusual attraction to human women - he reads an erotic magazine and, when a woman who volunteered to mate with him undresses, he tears the ropes constraining him, intending to pounce on her.[1]



Oliver was found in Congo and transported to America. Due to Oliver's numerous human-like traits, many began to speculate that he is actually partially, if not fully, human and, unlike other chimpanzees, possesses 47 chromosomes instead of 48.[1]

Showman of the Century Who Launched Oliver: Yoshio Kou

Boarded on a plane to Japan.

In 1976, Yoshio Kou organizes Oliver's visit to Japan, a country with relatively lenient animal rights laws. At the Miami airport Kou demands for Oliver, a chimpanzee at the time presumed to be human, to board the plane like a person, threatening to sue the company for discrimination. Having successfully recieved first class tickets, he flies to Japan with Oliver sitting next to him.

Kou notices Oliver reading an erotic magazine and gets an idea. Kou proposes letting Oliver mate with a live human female live on camera. Though members of the media doubt that any woman would be willing to do so, Kou introduces a 19-year-old unknown talent who is more than willing to bear Oliver's child.

Tied to a bed before the broadcast.

Kou and Oliver arrive at a hotel and book a suite by threatening to sue the hotel for failing to recognize Oliver as human. Oliver extends his hand to the receptionist, offering a handshake. Kou assures him that Oliver wants to greet him. The receptionist complies and gets his hand crushed by Oliver's inhumanly strong grip.

In the hotel, Oliver's arms and legs are tied, and the broadcast begins. As cameras film her from behind, the woman takes off her clothes and prepares to mount Oliver. Suddenly, Kou bursts into the room and orders the event to be terminated, as tests have concluded that Oliver has 48 chromosomes and is thus a chimpanzee. Oliver breaks free of his arm restraints as the woman is dragged out of the room, despite her pleas to be allowed to continue.

As of 2003, Oliver is still alive and well.[1]



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