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Those who end their own lives deny the very existence of their loved ones' souls. They will never find reunion with them in the afterlife. Keep that in mind.

The Fortune Teller (霊媒師, Reibaishi) is an unnamed secondary ally featured in The Mysterious Manor the Widow Kept Expanding: Winchester Mystery House, the fifth episode of The Lives of Eccentrics.

The fortune teller warns Sarah Winchester of the vengeful spirits haunting her and advises her to build a confusing maze-like house to prevent them from entering her home.[1]


The fortune teller is an old woman of very short stature with an extremely large head. She has big almond-shaped eyes with small pupils, small pointy nose with a wart beside it, and prominent wrinkles.

She wears a robe with a large scarf that has a pattern of jagged lines. The fortune teller also wears hood-like headgear, from which hang several pom-poms.


The fortune teller appears to perform her job honestly and dutifully with a certain degree of concern for her clients. When she senses Sarah's suicidal thoughts as she passes by, the fortune teller voices her concerns and told Sarah about the spirits haunting her. She also denies any trickery such as researching her client's background, and maintains that she is free to ignore her advice. While being strangled by the spirit, she is able to keep enough composure to respond to James's call and warn him about an earthquake.


Fortune Telling

Being a fortune teller, she is more sensitive to the "other world" than normal people. This makes her able to sense people's thoughts, see ghosts and spirits, as well as predict the future.


Winchester Mystery House

The fortune teller first meets Sarah Winchester not too long after the death of her husband. As Sarah is about to board a carriage with James, the fortune teller, sitting in an alleyway, tells her to stop thinking about suicide. The fortune teller explains that she is sensitive to the "other world," and tells Sarah about the vengeful spirits haunting her, denying her the freedom to love, and preventing her from seeing her loved ones in the afterlife. Feeling intimidated, Sarah questions the fortune teller, accusing her of being a con artist. The old woman assures her that her predictions will come true; she tells her that she must build a maze-like house to confuse the spirits, and that she must not show her face to anyone.

Years later, when James, disguised as Sarah, is found by one of the spirits inside the mansion, he rushes to the phone and calls the fortune teller, begging her for help. The fortune teller tells him that helping him is already beyond her power, as she is also being strangled by the spirit. Nevertheless, she warns him about the house soon being destroyed by an earthquake. Her fate afterward is unknown.


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  • Say, you there... You'd do well not to entertain any strange thoughts. Especially those pertaining to suicide... because that's what they want you to think. (もし… そこのあなた………… ひょっとして妙な事を考えてるんならやめとく事だね 自殺とかの事だけどさ……… …………ヤツらの思うツボだからね…)
  • I'd be glad to be wrong. That said... Those who end their own lives deny the very existence of their loved ones' souls. They will never find reunion with them in the afterlife. Keep that in mind. (そうじゃあないのならそれでいい… だけど 自ら命を絶つ者は『愛する魂』の存在を否定する者 あの世で愛する者の魂と再会する事は絶対にない それを覚悟する事ね)
  • Matters are out of your hands, you see... If you have the wealth to spare, build a beautiful mansion, far to the west. And then keep building that house, day and night, never completing it. (あなたはのっぴきならない状態におちいっているから…… もし あなたが経済的にゆとりがある方なら 西の果ての地に『美しい家』を建てなさい そして決して完成させる事なく昼も夜も作り続けなさい)
  • When a person dies, they become what we call a "ghost." But although some of those ghosts are pure and noble, others are twisted by their grudges into something evil. They are the ones driving you to suicide... so that they can keep you apart from your beloved family! (人は死ぬと霊体というものになる だがその霊体には清く良い霊もいるが恨みをいだいてドス黒くなった悪い霊体もいる ヤツら(・・・)はあなたを自殺に追い込もうとしている。ヤツら(・・・)はあんたを『愛する家族』に会わせないためにね!)
  • They will come in through the entranceways! It cannot be prevented! Build a house so labyrinthine that they will only get lost inside! Good and evil spirits will come as they may, but you mustn't let them find you! If they find you, you'll be killed! (ヤツら(・・・)『入口』から入ってくるッ!!それは防げない!ヤツら(・・・)が来ても迷うような家を建設するのです!あなたは良い精霊も悪霊も受け入れはするが決して見つかってはならない!見つかったらやられてしまう(・・・・・・・))
  • And from here on out, you can't show anyone your true face! No one must remember your face, be they alive or dead! (それと これからあなたは その素顔をもう誰にも見せてはなりません 生きてる人間だろうと死んだ者だろうと『顔』を覚えさせてはならないッ!)
  • Madam... I really do want to tell you, but... I can't answer anything anymore. It's beyond my power to save you now. (マダム…本当に教えてあげたいけれど もうあたしは何も答えられない。わたしにはあなたはもう 救うことはできない)
  • Right now... a right hand... is around my neck. The left hand must be with you. It says it's going to get rid of me now... Get out of there, Mrs. Winchester! It's telling me that an earthquake is about to destroy your mansion! (今……… あたしの首……に 右手(・・)がいる(・・・) 「左手」はそっち これからこのあたしを始末すると言っている(・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・)。逃げるのよォォオ ウィンチェスター夫人ーーーッ これから地震が来てあなたの館を破壊すると言っている(・・・・・)ッ!)



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