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I am... just so gloriously handsome! Check out this face of mine.
—Yuya Fungami, Chapter 404: Enigma Boy, Part 1

Yuya Fungami (噴上 裕也, Fungami Yūya) is a secondary ally featured in the fourth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Diamond is Unbreakable. Introduced as an antagonist in "Highway Star", he becomes an ally in "Enigma Boy".

Yuya is a motorcycle gang member who was made into a Stand user by Yoshihiro Kira and prompted into attacking Josuke and the others. Selfishly attacking Rohan and Josuke in a high-speed road chase with his Highway Star, Yuya later assists Josuke in the fight against Terunosuke.



Yuya is a man of average height and slim to fit build. He has a short undercut and his chin is tattooed with a stylized "H☆S", implying the name of his stand - Highway Star.

Like Josuke, Okuyasu, and Mikitaka, Yuya wears a dark, modified school uniform. His uniform's torso has a pattern on the front and back, two golden pins on each collar and a belt over the torso with two gold buckles on the both sides. He wears a long, bouffant, light bow tie with the words "Highway" and "Speed King", possibly a reference to the Deep Purple song Speed King.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
Hair(Black, light gray sides)
(Black uniform with white bow tie, gold accessories, navy belt and shoes.)
Skin(Slightly Tan)
Hair(Black, light gray sides)
Eyes(Light Blue)
(Dark Gray uniform with white bow tie, gold accessories, blue belt, and cyan shoes.)


Yuya adores his girlfriends Akemi, Yoshie and Reiko

Yuya is a vain and selfish young man, introduced feeding off of the nutrients of unsuspecting people with his Stand.

Yuya is very prideful about himself. He exclaims often about how handsome he looks and claims at one point that his face is chiseled like Michelangelo’s David.[1] His exceptional ability to pick up scents gives him more reason to boast, often showing off in-front of his fangirls.[2] This confidence can be a weakness whenever he underestimates the determination of his opponents.

Despite his vanity Yuya is quite cowardly, panicking against adversities and hoping to avoid fighting when possible. When Josuke Higashikata confronts him at the hospital, he begs him to stop claiming it’d be cowardly to hurt an injured man.[2] When he joins Josuke against Terunosuke Miyamoto he arranges a deal that leaves him out of the direct fight.[1] The tell for his fear is touching his chin.

When the situation calls for it however, he shows loyalty, bravery and skills of deduction. He is protective towards his three admirers, who, in turn, are very close to him. His sense of morality doesn’t allow him to let people like Yoshikage Kira run loose, as he claims that it'd hurt his image.[3]



Main article: Highway Star

Yuya's mainly automatic Stand is Highway Star, which tracks targets at a speed of 60 km/h in order to efficiently absorb their vitality. This allows Yuya to recover from injuries at a significantly faster pace.

Yuya also has a powerful sense of smell that developed when his Stand ability awoke, allowing him to pick up on very specific scents. Using his sense of smell he demonstrates impressive skills of deduction, he could tell when a peach is rotten or when someone is enraged because of the smell of adrenaline.[4]

Highway Star (ハイウェイ・スター)Link to this section
Body Dismantlement & Life Force Theft



Yuya Fungami was a member of an unnamed biker gang. Two days prior to his appearance in the story, Yuya Fungami suffered a severe motorcycle accident as he was racing across the Twin Pines tunnel. Yuya was brought to the Budogaoka Hospital in, with his spine and all four limbs broken. At one point, he was pierced by Yoshihiro Kira with the Bow and Arrow and acquired a Stand ability.

Diamond is Unbreakable (1999)

Highway Star

Yuya at the hospital

Wanting to heal faster, Yuya uses his Stand Highway Star to absorb the nutrients and energy from unsuspecting people. The Stand makes its first appearance by luring a manga author, Rohan Kishibe inside of a hallucinatory room. When Rohan investigates, it begins its attack as Rohan scrambles to get away on his motorcycle. Despite his speed, Highway Star catches up and latches onto Rohan, dropping him from the motorcycle and slowly draining him of his life force. Highway Star drags him back to the room but fortunately for Rohan, Josuke Higashikata arrives to the scene to investigate the tunnel alongside him. Through Highway Star, Yuya tempts Rohan into luring his most hated acquaintance into the room in exchange for freedom. Rohan makes a declaration refusing his offer out of principles. He warns Josuke about the Stand's ability and demands the user's defeat. Back at the hospital Yuya recovers rapidly from the life force sucked out of Rohan. After not being able to breathe properly Yuya was now able to speak to his fangirls.

Josuke beats Yuya

After a harsh chase across Morioh Josuke eventually finds his way to Yuya's hospital room. Despite this Highway Star still manages to catch up while he struggles to confront Yuya directly. As Josuke is slowly drained, Yuya's satisfied to be the victor and optimistic about his improving condition. With his new source of nourishment he notices that his sense of smell has sharpened considerably and boasts about the ability. Relaxed on the bed he notices the sharp smell of adrenaline, and blames one of his fan girls to be the source. Unfortunately for Yuya, Josuke suddenly springs back to action having sipped on his IV. Josuke gets in range and strikes Yuya faster than Highway Star can act. Yuya pleads for mercy, invoking that it would be terrible to fight a crippled man like him. Josuke agrees and heals Yuya to perfect condition, just to make it a fair fight. Crazy Diamond proceeds to pummel Yuya and sends him flying through the window.

Back to square one as far as his injuries are concerned, Yuya's face has now been ruined and his fangirls stop caring about him. Josuke later dissuades Yuya from using his Stand to heal himself.

Enigma Boy

Yuya works with Josuke

When Koichi is kidnapped by Terunosuke Miyamoto, Josuke visits Yuya to ask for his help, and offers to heal him. Although Yuya remains spiteful about their last encounter, he cannot pass up the opportunity to be healed. Without his looks, his fangirls have seemingly left him. With Crazy Diamond, Yuya is now completely healed and open to help out Josuke. His fangirls return suddenly, shocked to find him fully recover, and he takes a little bit of time to boast about his sense of smell to them.

They get to work, and Yuya tracks Koichi's smell up to a square where they find his school-bag. Yuya also picks up on another’s scent in the area. He reminds Josuke of their deal that keeps Yuya out of the fight and watches. He witnesses Terunosuke Miyamoto ambushing Josuke using his paper-based Stand ability Enigma. Josuke is caught in a trap where Koichi's assumed paper is thrown in the path of a car. His tell of fear is exposed, allowing Enigma to trap him using his ability. Josuke is sealed into a paper but not before declaring that that he expected a trap and still wanted to save it just for the small possibility that Koichi could be in it. He then threatens to kill Miyamoto, if he fails to kill him first. Miyamoto compliments Yuya for not interfering, and leaves the scene in a taxi cab, summoned from his ability.

Inspired by Josuke's speech, Yuya decides to join him in the fray, declaring that letting someone like Yoshikage Kira loose would hurt his image. He sends out Highway Star to chase the car and confront Miyamoto. When Yuya eventually catches up to the taxi he finds it parked on the side of the road with a piece of paper put on the passenger seats. Yuya manages to avoid a first trap as he opens the door and a paper stuck in it releases fire. He picks the paper and realizes that while Josuke and Koichi are in there, other items are folded together in it. Yuya lightly unfolds the paper only to realize that scorpions have come out of it. Highway Star dispatches them but then the paper releases some sort of chemical that eats away at the rest of the paper. It doesn't end there for Yuya though, and a spark of electricity shoots out towards him.

Yuya saves Josuke and Koichi from a shredder

Yuya unfolds the entire paper and it releases a shredder that's going to kill Josuke and Koichi. Unable to break the machine or pull the papers, Yuya shows his fear tell allowing Miyamoto to finally turn him into paper. Yuya expected this though and uses his transformation to fit his hand into the shredder pulling out both Stand users. When Miyamoto threatens to rip Yuya's paper, Koichi's Echoes weights his hands and immobilizes him. Josuke and Koichi defeat Miyamoto and turn him into a book, releasing Yuya from his trap.

Goodbye, Morioh - The Golden Heart

Yuya is last seen saying goodbye to Reimi Sugimoto at the end of the part.

In the anime adaptation Yuya is seen with his fangirls at Tonio Trussardi's restaurant after a lunch, all happy with the curing effects of Tonio's cooking.

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Quote.png Quotes
  • One more of you's really pissed off. I can practically taste the adrenaline!
    —Yuya Fungami to his fangirls, Chapter 391: Highway Star, Part 8
  • Idiot! Highway Star already has your scent!
    —Yuya Fungami, Chapter 391: Highway Star, Part 8
  • You're not going to hurt an injured man, are you? That'd be underhanded! Unmanly!
    —Yuya Fungami to Josuke Higashikata, Chapter 391: Highway Star, Part 8
  • I still have my pride, you know! I'm not going to just help you out!
    —Yuya Fungami to Josuke Higashikata, Chapter 404: Enigma Boy, Part 1
  • Just so gloriously handsome! Check out this face of mine. It wouldn't be a stretch to say I compare with the chiseled features of Michelangelo's David. That's how beautiful I am.
    —Yuya Fungami, Chapter 404: Enigma Boy, Part 1
  • That's how good I am. You know I can't live without these gals. You perserved my beauty, so of course I'll help.
    —Yuya Fungami to Josuke Higashikata, Chapter 404: Enigma Boy, Part 1
  • Yeah it's dumb but when I think about those girls and I think about how they see me... then I gotta fight! You think I can let people like you and Yoshikage Kira off so easily?! Letting you off just hurts my image!
    —Yuya Fungami to Terunosuke Miyamoto, Chapter 407: Enigma Boy, Part 4
  • It's fucking scorpions! He folded in scorpions! Almost got stung!
    —Yuya Fungami, Chapter 408: Enigma Boy, Part 5




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