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Heavy Weather, Part 2 (ヘビー・ウェザー その②, Hebī Wezā Sono 2), originally Wow (ヤッベ, Yabbe) in the WSJ release, is the one hundred twenty-sixth chapter of Stone Ocean and the seven hundred twentieth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


The narration explains the ozone layer and its protective effects for life on Earth. The question of what would happen if it ever disappeared is raised, but no answer is provided, as no one knows.

Versus, now out of the hospital, still wants to beat Pucci to Heaven. Digging into the ground, he summons memories of Jolyne and Ermes who mention giving Jotaro's memory DISC to Emporio. Versus begins his search for Emporio in order to learn DIO's plan, although he does not know what he looks like.

Back in the hospital, the two policemen explode into numerous snails and not before long, the room is invaded with snails coming out of every nook and cranny. As the snail infection spreads, Jolyne tries to pull Ermes, but sees that Ermes is beginning to slowly transform herself. Having touched Ermes as well, Jolyne sees her arm swelling.

In the streets, Weather indulges himself in another act of villainy by forcing two women to massage him by running electricity through them.


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