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The Visitor, Part 2 (面会人 その②, Menkainin Sono 2), originally Jotaro Explains (承太郎は語る, Jōtarō wa Kataru) in the WSJ release, is the twelfth chapter of Stone Ocean and the six hundred sixth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


A blind male prisoner finishes taking a shower. He mutters to himself, displaying uncanny knowledge of what's happening outside, despite his blindness. As he exits the shower room, a guard informs him of Jotaro Kujo's arrival

In the visiting room, Jolyne tries to wake the guard she knocked out. Jotaro looks at a picture of the blind prisoner, Johngalli A.; he tells his daughter that it was Johngalli who set up the car accident that sent her to prison. He explains that everything, from the thugs who threw the victim in front of the car, to the lawyer that tricked Jolyne into an invalid plea deal was all set up by Johngalli A. After Jolyne takes her frustrations out on the unconscious guard, she then asks why Johngalli would target her.

Jotaro explains that Johngalli A. was a loyal follower of an old enemy of his, and that Johngalli imprisoned Jolyne to get his revenge on the Kujo family. Jotaro can tell that Jolyne had developed a Stand, and tells her to use it to escape the prison. Jolyne tells Jotaro she doesn't consider him a father to her, and says that she won't work with him. She walks towards the door headed back towards the prison, stating that she will escape by herself without Jotaro's help.

Jotaro notices there is a fresh cigarette on the table, but it doesn't match the ones in the guard's pocket. Jolyne, ignoring him, continues to the door. Suddenly, a bullet wounds her chest. Jotaro summons Star Platinum and uses it to stop time. He approaches his daughter, observing that she used Stone Free to create a string net on her chest. The net dispersed the power of the bullet, similar to a bullet proof vest, and allowed her to survive.


Johngalli A.
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Romeo Jisso
Corrupt Lawyer
Dio Brando
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Jolyne's Mother
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