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She'll lock you in the barn when you get home, and feed you some bitter medicine to boot! (帰ってきたらオメーのこと牛小屋にとじこめてにがい薬のませてやるとよォ!)

Adams (アダムス, Adamusu) is a tertiary antagonist featured in the first part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Phantom Blood.

Adams is a former human and villager from Windknight's Lot who becomes a Zombie created by Dio Brando. Pretending to still be human, he attempts to ambush Poco from behind with his long, stretchable tongue, but is promptly defeated by Jonathan Joestar.


In his human disguise, Adams is an ordinary man of average height and a muscular build. He has short curly light hair with two thin bangs. He has a particularly long and wide nose. Adams wears a vest with pockets on both sides on top of a collared long sleeve shirt. He carries a messenger bag around his shoulder. Below, he wears a belt, thick pants, and long boots.

When he reveals his zombified form, Adams grows fangs and his tongue becomes abnormally long. He abandons his human appearance by bulking up his upper torso, growing more muscles and losing his shirt. His hair falls off and he becomes bald, with the top of his head up to his nose gaining a narrow, segmented protuberance with several small spikes attached.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
Hair(Light brown)
(Green shirt, yellow buttons, blue pants, brown boots)
(Dark red vest, light yellow-gray shirt, dark purple pants)


Skin(Purplish gray)
Eyes(Light green sclera)
Skin(Light gray)
Outfit(Brown belt and dark gray pants)


Adams initially appears as a normal adult, lecturing Poco that a child like him shouldn't be out so late at night. He can be somewhat immature as he mimics cow horns with his fingers while teasing Poco that his sister will lock him in a barn.

However, he reveals his true nature as a disingenuous heartless zombie, who is particularly bloodthirsty to eat children. He attempts to be sly by tricking Poco and his companions that the town is okay, only to try ambushing them from behind after they walk away. Despite his overconfidence in his abilities, his tongue is easily caught by Jonathan.[2]



As a zombie, Adams multiplies his physical strength. He can grow his muscles and is confident in his speed, assuming Jonathan would be unable to outpace him.[2]


Tongue Manipulation Link to this section
Adams can grow his tongue to abnormal lengths, stretching it long enough to grab his prey.
Head Twisting Link to this section
Adams is capable of twisting his head 180 degrees.


Mimicking a cow

On December 1, 1888, Dio Brando turns Adams into a zombie in Windknight's Lot. That night, he meets Poco, Jonathan, and Speedwagon while disguised as a human. Poco greets him but Adams scolds him for being out so late at night. After Poco asks how his sister and the town are doing, Adams imitates the horns of a cow with his fingers. He explains that Poco's sister is furious that Poco is out so late and will lock him in a barn when he returns home. Poco thanks Adams and the three head off toward Dio.

Adams's death

As they leave, Adams extends his tongue and twists his head 180 degrees. Excited to drink the blood of a child, he launches his tongue at Poco but it is easily grabbed by Jonathan before reaching Poco. Adams enlarges the muscles of his upper torso, tearing off his shirt and losing his hair to reveal that he is a zombie. Confident in his speed, he jumps above Jonathan, preparing to strike with his hands and mouth. Jonathan easily grabs Adams's tongue and steps on his head, infusing his foot with the Ripple. As the Ripple melts Adams's face, Jonathan pulls Adams's tongue out and he dies.

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Quote.png Quotes
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  • Hey, Poco! What's a kid like you doing, roaming about at this hour?! (おいポコォ!おめーのようなガキんちょが夜おそく どこほっつき歩いとるんだァー!?)
  • She'll lock you in the barn when you get home, and feed you some bitter medicine to boot! (帰ってきたらオメーのこと牛小屋にとじこめてにがい薬のませてやるとよォ!)
  • A child! Uheeheehee... Dumbasses! I want to drink the fresh, warm blood of a child! (こ…子どもだァ!ウヒヒヒ、バカめェ!子どものあったけー血がすいてェーぜ!)
  • You think you can match my speed?! (ほれ様のスピードがかわへるかーっ!)
    —Adams to Jonathan, Chapter 36: The Three from a Faraway Land, Part 1

Name Variants

Adams (アダムス)Link to this section
Official Usage:
Japan Japanese
United States of America English
Denmark Danish
Netherlands Dutch
Spain European Spanish
Finland Finnish
France French
Germany German
Hungary Hungarian
Indonesia Indonesian
Italy Italian
Malaysia Malay
Norway Norwegian
Poland Polish
Portugal Portuguese
Sweden Swedish
Vietnam Vietnamese
Used in Japan Phantom Blood (PS2 Game), Japan JOJOVELLER, United States of America VIZ Media, various Netflix subtitles, and various Crunchyroll subtitles.
Name Variants:
Language Name Usage

Japan Romanization
Brazil Brazilian Portuguese
Croatia Croatian
Mexico Latin American Spanish
Turkey Turkish
Used in various Netflix subtitles.
Flag of the Arab League Arabic
آدم (Adam)
Used in Arabic Netflix subtitles.
China Chinese
亚当 / 亞當 (Adam)
Used in Simplified & Traditional Chinese Netflix subtitles.
Czech Republic Czech
Used in Czech Netflix subtitles.
Greece Greek
Άνταμς (Adams)
Used in Greek Netflix subtitles.
Israel Hebrew
אדם (Adam)
Used in Hebrew Netflix subtitles.
South Korea Korean
애덤스 (Adams)
Used in Korean Netflix subtitles.
Russia Russian
Адамс (Adams)
Used in Russian Netflix subtitles.
Flag of Thailand Thai
อดัม (Adam)
Used in the Thai Netflix subtitles.
Ukraine Ukrainian
Адамс (Adams)
Used in Ukrainian Netflix subtitles.

Video Games

Phantom Blood (PS2 Game)

Adams appears as an enemy in Chapter 18, faced before Jonathan's confrontation with Dire. His special techniques revolve around attacking with his tongue. In Dio Mode, there is an extra event where he teams up with Doobie to defeat Dio. He is only playable in 77 Rings Knights Mode.

PS2 Mr. Adams Render.png
Mr. Adams
PS Square.pngPS Square.pngPS Square.png
Mr. Adams Combo
PS Triangle.png
Extending Head
PS Square.pngPS Triangle.png
Rotating Upper
PS Square.pngPS Square.pngPS Triangle.png
Rolling Adams
Running PS Square.png
Head Sliding
Running PS Triangle.png
Home Steal
PS Circle.png
Swaying Round and Round
PS Circle.png during damage
Mega Crush
PS R1.png (LV0)
Licking Attack
PS R1.png (LV1-3)
Licking Spiral

Available Stages: 77 Rings Knights Mode: Living Corpses

Stardust Shooters (Android/iOS)

Main article: Stardust Shooters ★ Adams
SS Adams Story2.png
SS Adams Story1.png

Adams appears as a playable character in Stardust Shooters with one R unit. His human appearance appears in the game's story missions as a silhouette, while his zombie appearance is in his medal.

Unit Coin R.png
Unit Adams.png
Unit Frame R Black.png
SS Rarity R.png
SS Class Black.png
Gauge Bar 1.png
A resident of Windknight's Lot. He's a zombie who tried to attack Poco, who was accompanying Jonathan and his allies on their way to the town.
How to Obtain
  • Gacha
Leader Skill
Black Interval
Black attributes Smash range 10% up!
Command Skill
Vampire's Blow

Deal 280% damage to all enemies within a small circular range!

Unit Ability Black.png
HP Drain (Weak)
When this unit hits an enemy weak point, absorb some of their HP!
Cost: 2
Unit Icon Void.png




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