Stone Ocean - Chapter 54

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Kiss of Love and Revenge, Part 4 (愛と復讐のキッス その④, Ai to Fukushū no Kissu Sono 4), originally The Invisible Corpse (見えない死骸, Mienai Shigai) in the WSJ release, is the fifty-fourth chapter of Stone Ocean and the six hundred forty-eighth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


Ermes and Jolyne are shocked as F.F.'s leg is torn from her body; Ermes warns them about the invisible alligator zombie that's attacking. As the gator devours the leg and turns to charge at Jolyne, Jolyne splashes F.F.'s blood onto the zombie to see it. She summons Stone Free to pummel it, but the gator swats her away with its leg, pushing her back into the wall. She then creates a net of strings on the floor to sense the gator's movements.

Ermes explains the situation, then instructs that they just need to run away because Maxx is almost dead. When a Stand user dies, their Stand usually dies with them, so all they need to do is survive. Jolyne notices that there is no movement on her string net as the invisible gator climbs down the wall and attacks Jolyne in the shoulder. Ermes begs the Stand to stop attacking, as she is the one he wants, but F.F. rejects this.

Having her leg bitten off, F.F. declares that this is her enemy too and jumps in front of Jolyne. The gator bites her hand, and, inside its mouth, she lets loose her attack. She successfully kills the zombie and tries to put her leg back together. Ermes looks over at the pipe where Maxx is trapped, but sees it busted open with no sign of him anywhere.


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