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Time for Heaven: Three Days Until the New Moon (天国の時 新月まであと3日, Tengoku no Toki Shingetsu made Ato Mikka), originally Interesting (おもしろい, Omoshiroi) in the WSJ release, is the one hundred eighteenth chapter of Stone Ocean and the seven hundred twelfth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


In Orlando, Jolyne, Emporio and Ermes have arrived near a hospital that Pucci is supposedly hiding in. Jolyne and Ermes plan to bring an end to Pucci's plan and leave Emporio outside so that a Speedwagon Foundation agent will take Jotaro's memory DISC. At the same time, Anasui and Weather, also near the hospital, prepare to enter the building, but Weather is feeling that another person is with Pucci at the moment.

In one of the bedrooms, Pucci and Donatello Versus enjoy a flan made of mashed crab meat, but Pucci, being allergic to shellfishes, cannot eat it because of the scallop sauce. Pucci notices that his body and Donatello's are remarkably similar. Despite Jolyne slowly approaching their position, Pucci is calm about Donatello's inability to release his own Stand. Suddenly a crying child's head bursts out of the flan, screaming that his father shot him, and a bullet springs out of the child's neck, shooting the father through the door and alerting Jolyne.


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