We Picked Up Something Crazy! (story arc)

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We Picked Up Something Crazy! (やばいものを拾ったっス!, Yabai mono o Hirottassu!) is the ninth story arc in Diamond is Unbreakable.

It narrates the awkward moments between Josuke and his father Joseph, and their discovery of an invisible baby.


Otoishi's Bow and Arrow are taken into the Speedwagon Foundation's custody, fostering a temporary peace.

Josuke and Joseph share an awkward moment before discovering Shizuka, an invisible baby (of the Stand Achtung Baby) apparently abandoned on the streets of Morioh. When Shizuka falls into a pond while invisible, Joseph manages to impress Josuke by using his own blood to discover her, and their relationship improves. Joseph subsequently adopts Shizuka.[1]


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