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A detailed chronological summary of the life of Narancia.


A young Narancia with "friends"

Narancia Ghirga was born on May 20, 1983 to Mela Ghirga and his unnamed father. When Narancia was ten, his mother died of an eye disease. Narancia's father was not an affectionate one and after his mother died, began to neglect Narancia more and more. Soon Narancia stopped attending school and began staying at his friends' houses, stealing food from restaurants for dinner. Narancia believed that friendship was the most important thing in the world, which allowed him to be manipulated by an older friend. The friend told Narancia to dye his hair blond, claiming that it was the current trend. Narancia obeyed in his attempts to look cool, but the next day, the police arrested him and ordered he be put in the juvenile detention center, where Narancia ended up spending a year inside. Confused, Narancia looked around for information and discovered that his older friend had broken into a house and beaten an old woman, before convincing Narancia to change his appearance in a way that made Narancia look like him so that he would be falsely accused while his "friend" would go free.

Abandoned by everyone, Narancia accepts his fate

A year later, at age 15, Narancia was finally released from the detention center, although he had contracted an eye disease from the guards continually beating him up. Rumors sprung up among his former peers that he had inherited the disease from his mother and that it was contagious. This caused his former friends to avoid and shun him. He finally understood that his closest friend, the one who framed him, was the same individual that spread the rumors since Narancia had only ever told him about his mother's eye disease. With nowhere to go and all by himself, Narancia had given up on his life, believing that he would die the same way his mother did.

Narancia is saved by Bucciarati

However, one day, as he was digging through trash cans looking for food, Narancia was picked up by Pannacotta Fugo and taken to a restaurant. From there, he met Bruno Bucciarati, who offered him spaghetti that was originally his own order. After the meal, Bucciarati called an ambulance to bring Narancia to a hospital. Spending three weeks in the hospital, Narancia's eye disease was cured, but he was confused as to Bucciarati's motives for helping him. Soon he discerned that Bucciarati was a mafia member and pleaded for Bucciarati to let him work for him. Bucciarati suddenly became angry and threatened Narancia to go home and attend school like a normal person. Narancia did as he was told, but kept wondering what made Bucciarati so upset. Eventually, he realized Bucciarati was angry for Narancia's own good, refusing to allow a young man like him become involved with gangsters. However, this knowledge only served to make Narancia desire to work with Bucciarati even more. Half a year later, Narancia went to see Polpo without Bucciarati's knowledge and passed the test, becoming a member of Passione.[1]

Vento Aureo

5 Plus 1

Narancia threatens to kill Fugo

When Narancia is first introduced, he is sitting with Guido Mista, Leone Abbacchio, and Fugo, waiting for Bucciarati who's team he became a part of. Fugo tries to get Narancia to study. Narancia appears to be understanding the math question until it is shown he has done it completely wrong, despite his confidence in the answer. Fugo disciplines him by stabbing him with a fork, and Narancia retaliates with a knife, resulting in a standoff between the two. Before the situation could escalate further, Bucciarati arrives with a new member: Giorno Giovanna. Narancia asks Giorno for his age and comments that Giorno is younger than him by two years. After Giorno seemingly drinks Abbacchio's urine, Narancia and the others are left in awe at the new recruit.

The Mystery of Soft Machine

Narancia is next seen on the boat headed for Capri Island with the rest of Bucciarati's group. He had bought a CD player and was listening to it, but the volume is high enough for Mista, who is sitting nearby, to hear it. Annoyed, Mista asks Narancia for a can of soda, and when Narancia isn’t looking, pours the drink over the CD player, which causes it to short-circuit. Narancia is left confused and becomes angry, swearing to teach the shopkeeper that sold it to him a thing or two. Bucciarati finally reveals that Polpo had died; the group's objective is to head to Capri Island to retrieve the fortune worth ten billion lire that Polpo had Bucciarati hide in order for Bucciarati to be promoted to a caporegime. Narancia is as excited as everyone else at the prospect of both the money and the promotion. However, he is then the first to get captured by Mario Zucchero's Stand, Soft Machine, as the group is attacked in an attempt to steal the fortune. After Bucciarati and Abbacchio defeat Zucchero, Narancia is shown having Fugo examine his head for bruises. Then he, Fugo, and Abbacchio all end up kicking Zucchero's body around, while Mista abuses Zucchero's detached head. After declaring Zucchero is going to the ninth level of hell, Narancia engages in a torture dance, quickly joined by Mista, then Fugo.

Narancia has his knife suddenly turned on him

Upon arriving on Capri Island, and while waiting for Bucciarati to reveal the fortune, Narancia gets into a confrontation with a cleaner, threatening them with his knife when they go to clean the restroom they are currently occupying. Narancia's knife is soon reversed onto him by the cleaner, but the confrontation is interrupted by Pericolo, a Passione caporegime who has come to take the six billion and promote Bucciarati to capo in turn. The cleaner, whom Narancia got into a fight with, is exposed as Trish Una, the daughter of Passione's boss. The group is handed the task of protecting her from traitors while escorting her to her father.

Narancia's Aerosmith

Bucciarati's team goes into hiding, beginning their mission to escort Trish. Narancia is assigned by Bucciarati to go out and get food as well as a few things requested by Trish. Fugo tries to make Narancia remember the specific directions he needs to follow while driving as to not be tailed back to the house where they are. Narancia tries twice to recall the instructions but ends up forgetting both times, causing Fugo to get angry. Abbacchio says he’s not worried about anyone following Narancia; Narancia's Stand should be enough to ward off any followers.

Narancia is confronted by Formaggio

Narancia then goes on his shopping trip, though is acting incredibly cautious. Going from store to store, he stops Bucciarati's rental car in the middle of the street when he feels like he's being watched. Suddenly a voice calls out to Narancia and as he looks under the car, he sees a pair of feet that climb into the vehicle. Narancia finds a man sitting in the backseat, who asks him where he is going. The man introduces himself as Formaggio, claiming to be a member of the gang. Formaggio rambles on about how after Polpo's death Bucciarati's group disappeared as well as other, more nonsense topics. Narancia is lulled into a momentary false sense of security, which gives Formaggio the opportunity to attack Narancia with his Stand Little Feet. Narancia stumbles backwards and Formaggio demands to know why Bucciarati's group didn’t attend Polpo’s funeral. It is at this point that Narancia calls out his Stand, Aerosmith, and begins shooting at Formaggio, who is still in the backseat of the car. Formaggio is surprised that Narancia is a Stand user, while Narancia states he will finish his assignment and not let Formaggio follow him.

Revealing his Stand, Aerosmith

Narancia’s Aerosmith sends a barrage of shots at Formaggio, who is at a disadvantage because of the small confines of the car. When Aerosmith releases a bomb, Formaggio uses his Stand's power to shrink himself and escape. All the while, Narancia is kicking the car, yelling at Formaggio, when suddenly he realizes Formaggio is not there. Formaggio uses this to his advantage and slips into Narancia’s back pocket, content to let Narancia search for him. As Narancia looks around, he notices people are coming to see what all the commotion is and so he decides to call back his Stand. As he looks around for his knife, he realizes he is no longer bleeding from the cut Little Feet gave him. He stumbles upon a knife, but notices that it's too big to be his, then notices his shoes are too big as well, causing him to wonder where his shoes had gone. He gets into the car, only to realize the seat is too big and he can’t reach the pedals. Jumping out, Narancia is left thinking that he got in the wrong car when finally he realizes that he is shrinking because of Formaggio's Stand.

Narancia looks around for Formaggio before deciding to contact Bucciarati to tell him that people are after Trish. He heads for a store with payphones inside, only to realize he is too light to activate the weight-based sensors of the automatic doors. Struggling to trigger the sensors and enter, Narancia then calls forth Aerosmith to shoot down the doors as well as to shoot one of the payphones so he could get coins of the right size to make the phone call. Narancia climbs up to another payphone and dials the number but then realizes the phone line has been cut. He curses Formaggio and looks around, summoning Aerosmith to find him. Formaggio hides out of sight in Narancia’s pocket but then is surprised when Narancia finds him. Narancia has Aerosmith shoot Formaggio, only for Formaggio to have Little Feet make a shrunken pen grow back to its normal size, thus shooting Formaggio into the air and to safety. From there, Formaggio notices that Aerosmith is still tracking him and he tries to escape, eventually reaching a sewer grate.

Narancia finds Formaggio via Aerosmith's radar
He soon realizes that Aerosmith tracks him by the carbon dioxide he breathes out and tries to flee by holding on to one of the many rats in the sewer. However, Narancia notices that one of the rats is breathing harder than the rest due to it carrying Formaggio's weight and shoots at it, effectively wounding Formaggio. Unfortunately, because of Narancia’s ever decreasing size, Aerosmith's attack was not enough to kill Formaggio who returned to full size to save himself. Angry, Narancia decides he needs to hide before resuming his attack.

Climbing onto the sidewalk, Narancia runs towards an alleyway. He is cornered by a cat but uses Aerosmith to swiftly drive it away. As he reaches the alley and climbs on top of a pack of bottles, Narancia finds himself being washed off the bottles as a full-sized Formaggio pours a can of beer over him. Formaggio then steps on Narancia and demands he tells him where Trish is. Narancia refuses and Formaggio has a flashback of the fate that befell two members of his group, and becomes angry, withdrawing a spider he found in the sewers and threatening Narancia with it. Narancia tries to shoot him with Aerosmith, but Formaggio uses Little Feet to grab hold of Aerosmith, then forces Narancia into the bottle with the spider. Formaggio insists Narancia tell him where Trish is, claiming he doesn’t want to see Narancia get eaten by the spider. Narancia refuses and attacks the spider, stabbing it with a shard of glass, only to realize the spider had attached some webbing to him. The spider bites Narancia and begins wrapping him up. Formaggio notices something had dropped from Narancia’s pocket earlier and examines it, realizing it to be a map leading back to Team Bucciarati's hideout. Formaggio laughs when he finds that Narancia marked all the roads, realizing he should just follow it in reverse.

Narancia & Formaggio's showdown
As Formaggio decides to leave Narancia to die, Narancia starts reminding him of Aerosmith’s ability to track carbon dioxide and reveals that he had shot a hole in the gas tank of a nearby car; he was waiting for it to catch fire. Formaggio turns around just in time for the car to explode, catching him on fire and allowing Narancia to return to his regular size. With Narancia now back to normal, Formaggio uses his own blood in tandem with shrinking himself to douse the fire on his body and escape. Due to the burning car, Narancia is unable to locate him on the radar. Despite this, he asserts that since he can’t track Formaggio, he’ll just make the fire bigger to prevent his escape, and so has Aerosmith shoot at all the cars on the street. Nowhere left to run or hide, Formaggio returns to his normal size, but is badly burned, and resolves to kill Narancia directly. He asserts that because they are very close, Little Feet has the advantage because of its greater speed. Both call forth their Stands and attack, but Aerosmith surprises Formaggio by being the faster Stand and shoots Little Feet’s vital spots. As Formaggio falls, he uses his last words to tell Narancia that things will be harder for Narancia and everyone else. Narancia calls back Aerosmith, only to realize he failed his mission because all the money and supplies were burned up.

Upon returning to the gang and informing them of his encounter, Fugo openly notes how Narancia had sent a 'smoke signal' to la Squadra by setting blaze to an entire street. Narancia becomes highly anxious and stressed at the idea that things could only become worse because of his own actions. However, Giorno admits that Narancia took the best course of action, given his situation. This not only diffuses Fugo's disappointment but puts Narancia at ease as well.

Express Train to Florence

Narancia becomes old because of The Grateful Dead

Sometime later, the group obtains Coco Jumbo, a turtle that possesses a Stand named Mr.President, which allowed the group to travel long distances discreetly. On the train headed for Florence, Narancia is eating a banana when he notices that it's suddenly become expired. It is then that he himself suddenly grows old, with all associated afflictions like going deaf, losing teeth and his bones being deformed. He nearly dies of old age. The rest of the gang would find out that this was the result of Squadra Esecuzioni member Prosciutto and his Stand The Grateful Dead. As the Stand's only weakness is colder temperatures, Trish tends to Narancia by using ice cubes stored in the fridge of Mr.President to keep him from completely withering, against Bucciarati's orders to care for herself. Narancia eventually returns to normal thanks to Mista and Bucciarati defeating Prosciutto and his comrade Pesci.

As the group nears their destination, Giorno and Mista are sent to retrieve an OA-DISC containing the final instructions for bringing Trish to her father. The others decide to arrive late by boat, with Narancia on the watch. Docking the boat, Narancia arrives just in time to see Giorno healing Mista's wounds from the two's battle against Squadra Esecuzioni member Ghiaccio. Due to the odd angle he was watching from and Mista's pained moans, Narancia comes to the wrong conclusion and decides to pretend that he didn't see anything.

The Mystery of King Crimson

Team Bucciarati finally reaches their destination: the San Giorgio Maggiore church. Narancia and the others are ordered to stay behind as he escorts Trish to her father. During this, him and Mista get into an argument because of a box of chocolates and, when the chocolates that were on his hand suddenly show up in his mouth, he is utterly confused and Mista is irritated. When him and Giorno, whom suddenly ran ahead, return, Bucciarati announces his betrayal against Passione. He reveals that the Boss wanted to kill Trish all along, and declares that keeping her safe will result in him and his men being marked as traitors.

Narancia desperately swims for the boat
After Giorno, Abbacchio, and Mista board the boat, the indecisive Narancia desperately asks Bucciarati what to do. Though he wants to go with Bucciarati and waits for the 'order' to be given, Bucciarati tells Narancia that the choice is for him to make, merely telling him that he "can't handle this" in advice. Left anxious as he and Fugo watch the boat depart, Narancia then sees the injuries that were inflicted on Trish by her father, remembering how he too was abandoned by the people he trusted. He makes up his mind and jumps in the water to swim after the boat, screaming how Trish is like him as the gang silently accepts his decision. They leave the area, with Fugo staying behind.

Clash and Talking Head

Narancia is forced to manipulate Giorno into an ambush

While still in Venice, the gang discusses their situation and how they plan on taking down the Boss and his invincible King Crimson while at a restaurant. Narancia beats up a shady looking passerby only to realize that it wasn't anyone from Passione. Though he insists that they not tell Trish she's been betrayed by her own father, Trish herself suddenly appears from the turtle and admits that she's known from the moment she regained consciousness. While the group continues their discussion, Narancia notices that the spoon he was using to eat his soup suddenly disappears from his hand. Taking another one, he proceeds to continue eating, only for that spoon to pull out of the soup the remains of the first one. Narancia notices some sort of miniature shark in the soup, but before he is able to relay to the team that they are being attacked, the Stand lashes out and rips off his tongue. Clash, the Stand of Squalo, can teleport to any body of liquid in range. After having his tongue restored by Giorno, Narancia tries to tell the others the details of the attack and describe the enemy Stand, only to begin telling lies; Talking Head, the Stand of Squalo's partner, Tizzano, has attached itself to Narancia tongue and prevents him from communicating the truth. While the rest of the group cannot understand Narancia's strange and hysterical behavior after he's attacked, Giorno becomes the first to entertain the idea that Narancia might actually have been under attack from an enemy Stand the whole time.

Narancia vs Clash
However, Tizzano had already manipulated Giorno in the restrooms. When Giorno finds himself alone and Narancia accidentally makes a puddle of water, Clash comes out and bites Giorno's throat, dragging him into the water. Narancia begins shooting in hopes of hitting Clash, timing and predicting his attacks to nearly hit the enemy Stand. However, Clash tears Giorno's throat out to prevent him from breathing and emitting carbon dioxide before teleporting into an underground water line with him in its grasp. In spite of this, Narancia actually meant to shoot Giorno himself, and the smoke coming from the bullet wounds allows him to keep track of Giorno and Clash's location in order to attack the Stand and damage Squalo. After being hit by a few successful shots that leave him profusely bleeding with ragged breath, Squalo tries to lure Narancia in the kitchen and provokes a gas leak to prevent Aerosmith from shooting. Narancia simply hacks at him with Aerosmith's propeller. Tizzano intervenes and with Talking Head, manages to lure Team Bucciarati in the kitchen and bait Mista into shooting, causing an explosion.

The fire overcharges Aerosmith's radar, but Giorno gives Narancia another tongue and tells him to pursue the Stand users. Narancia begins pursuing them as was instructed by Giorno before his throat was ripped out, and starts wading through the crowd while yelling out in public that he knows where they are. Tizzano reassures his partner Narancia cannot find them among the many tourists and those playing football; plus, if Narancia says that he's found them, it means he hasn't thanks to Talking Head. However, Narancia reveals that he's cut off the tongue Talking Head was attached to and has skewered by his knife. Moreover, he's talking thanks to the tongue Giorno previously created. He was also merely waiting for a blip on his radar to react so sharply to his outcries, which was, in fact, the panicking Tizzano. He attacks Squalo with the intent of saving Giorno, but Tizzano jumps in the way and is killed, telling his partner to use his splattered blood to attack Narancia.

Narancia kills Squalo
Narancia and Squalo have a showdown out in public, with Clash critically biting Narancia's neck only to fail at damaging any vital spots, and Narancia gunning down Squalo with an extended barrage of bullets by Aerosmith. Checking to see if Giorno is still alive, Narancia admits that the junior member feels more like a commander than Bucciarati himself. Putting his trust and faith in Giorno and silently acknowledging that with him by their side, the gang might be able to defeat the boss, Narancia picks him up and brings him back to the group to receive first aid.

Notorious B.I.G

Notorious B.I.G attacks the team's plane

The team manage to leave Venice and reach the airport to steal an airplane. Despite Narancia's misgivings, Abbacchio assures him that Moody Blues will be able to pilot the plane to Sardinia. During their preparation, the operative Carne approaches the plane and summons his Stand, but is promptly killed. However, soon after the plane takes off, the Stand Notorious B.I.G manifests itself. It eats one of Giorno's arms, severely wounds Mista by eating at Sex Pistols, then Narancia as it destroys Aerosmith. Giorno then loses his other hand trying to get rid of Notorious B.I.G. Bruno can only bring the wounded to the cockpit, inside of Coco Jumbo, to administer first aid. Thankfully, Trish spots a spare hand that Giorno has made and manages to safeguard it against Notorious B.I.G, who has clung to the plane. The plane crashes but the team get rid of Notorious B.I.G and arrive in Sardinia.

King Crimson vs. Metallica

When they reach Sardinia, the group goes to the Costa Smeralda so that Abbacchio can rewind Moody Blues and take a look at the Boss. Unbeknownst to the group, the boss himself is fighting against the leader of La Squadra Esecuzioni Risotto Nero, and Aerosmith becomes involved in the battle when scalpels fly towards the group and Bucciarati intercepts them. Narancia sees one source of CO2 and shoots it. Ultimately, Aerosmith is used to kill Risotto, all without letting Narancia know exactly what went down. Risotto manipulates Aerosmith to also attack the Boss, but ends up dead. Bucciarati and Narancia leave Abbacchio to investigate what's going on up the cliffs and discover the corpse of Nero. Bucciarati sees that someone has been fighting Nero and thus Narancia tracks a source of CO2 that seems to deliberately go away from them. However, the see that it was a small boy, tied and whose blood has been taken. The gang then realizes too late the danger of having left Abbacchio alone and rush back to him.

Abbacchio dies but leaves a clue for the team

The gang stumbles upon Abbacchio's lifeless body, and Narancia desperately tries to shake him awake. He begs Giorno to heal Abbacchio, threatening to beat him up if he didn't comply. Narancia continues this until Bucciarati yells at him, ordering the group to move on. Narancia tearfully argues that Abbacchio can't be left alone, and only stops when Giorno is able to notice the rock in his hand that leads to a mold negative of the boss's face. Narancia hesitantly looks back as the gang walks away from Abbacchio's final resting place.

Thanks to their research, the team attracts the attention of an unknown ally who reveals the name of the Boss: Diavolo. They agree to meet at the Colosseum.

"Green Day" and "Oasis"

Narancia is grievously wounded by Cioccolata's mold

The team take a boat to the coast of Italy and arrive at a coastal village where they notice that the local population is infected by a deadly mold. Wanting to get away, Narancia jumps down into their boat but inadvertently triggers the growth of the mold on himself and the team in the turtle that he was holding. Bucciarati orders Narancia to throw the turtle to Mista but Narancia's arm decomposes as he tries. Thankfully, Mista blows up the engine, allowing Narancia to be shot back up to the pier. Heavily wounded, Narancia is replaced by Bucciarati as a lookout while Giorno tries to heal him the best he can. When Trish criticizes Bucciarati for coldly telling him to throw the turtle, Narancia argues that it was the best option for him and says that she ought to get to know Bucciarati better afterward.

The group eventually reaches Rome, and manage to dispatch Cioccolata and Secco, although Bucciarati is separated from the group. Now blind and deaf, Bucciarati is tricked into believing Doppio is Trish, and leads the Boss to Jean Pierre Polnareff in the Colosseum.

The Requiem Quietly Plays

After the confrontation between Jean Pierre Polnareff and Diavolo, Chariot Requiem switches the souls of everyone within the vicinity, including Diavolo, Doppio, Polnareff, and Team Bucciarati. While switched with Giorno's body, Narancia tries to summon Aerosmith, but the Stand comes out too quickly and breaks through a brick wall before Narancia can even notice as a result of Requiem powering up every Stand. Knowing that all they need to do to win against Diavolo was to take the Arrow, Narancia swears to go to school after everything was over, regardless of whom would make fun of his intelligence, and wishes to live a happy life and eat good food from his hometown.

After Mista kills whomever was in Bucciarati's body, presumed to be Diavolo, Narancia is then instantly killed with Giorno's body being impaled on broken and splintered bars. After the group frees his body from the bars, Giorno attempts to heal Narancia's wounds, only to realize that his soul had passed on, devastating them. The group then realizes that it was Doppio in Bucciarati's body, meaning that Diavolo is still alive and residing
Narancia's final rest
within the body of someone within the group; Narancia was targeted due to his radar. Giorno mourns for him by giving life to the surrounding rocks, having them grow flowers (presumably from Narancia's hometown) that cover and embellish his body. More determined than ever to defeat Diavolo and seize the Arrow, Giorno himself vows to Narancia that he won't let anything hurt him anymore, and swears to bring him home.

Eyes of Heaven

The information below derives from Eyes of Heaven which was not written and only supervised by Araki. As such, it may not be considered canon.

When Heaven-Attained DIO starts to rewrite reality, Narancia is among the heroes who are resurrected and turned into DIO's servants. Narancia and a similarly brainwashed Pannacotta Fugo thus attack Giorno at the Colosseum. However, Jotaro Kujo from 1989 has travelled to this era and helps defeating them. Though Fugo disappears, Jotaro is able to restore Narancia to his right mind using the Saint's Corpse's part he has. From that point on, Mista accompanies the hero party to gather the pieces of the Saint's Corpse.

Eventually, Heaven-Attained DIO springs a trap and Narancia is among the 36 souls that DIO absorbs to attain even greater power. Thankfully, Jotaro defeats DIO once and for all, altering fate for the better.

During the ending credits, a photo shows the entirety of Team Bucciarati plus Trish at the Colosseum.


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