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'Fashion' more freely. Decide your own style, much like these six characters of "gold-like" noble pride. The greatest adventure starts here.
—Official Website Message

LUMINE × JOJO was a special event hosted by Tokyo fashion department shopping center, LUMINE, to promote the premiere of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind TV Anime.

LUMINE Shinjuku 1

Having taken place from September 21 to October 31, 2018,[1] the campaign featured store-wide decorations, with restaurants and shops selling JoJo-related food and merchandise.

A special screening and talk show for the first and second episodes of Golden Wind was held here on September 25, 2018.[2]


LUMINE Collaborations

The campaign was held at four stores in Shinjuku, Tokyo: Lumine Shinjuku 1, Lumine Shinjuku 2, Lumine EST Shinjuku, and NEWoMan Shinjuku. Littered with decorative advertisements, each of the stores hosted various other collaborating companies and brands that offered JoJo-related goods and services; among them included NAIL STATION, papabubble, and Lady Bear.

In addition, restaurants inside LUMINE served dishes inspired by the anime's title and Italian setting, while a pop-up shop in Lumine EST Shinjuku sold specific Golden Wind merchandise.




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