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SPOILER WARNING: Part 1-6 spoiler details may follow.
There are those rare men who have not a strap of good in them... the evil elite! Like me... and like you... So how about it? Will you become my servant?

The Agents of DIO (DIO(ディオ)の手下, DIO no Teshita, lit. DIO's subordinates)[1] are the primary antagonistic force in the original universe of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, with its members appearing in Phantom Blood, Battle Tendency, Stardust Crusaders, Diamond is Unbreakable and Stone Ocean.

The group is composed of the many people Dio Brando has gathered around him through sheer charisma and/or due to his various desires of dominating the world. Even after DIO's death, the remnants of his group appear in later parts.

In Stone Ocean, one of DIO's most loyal followers, Enrico Pucci, is the main antagonist focused on completing DIO's mission of attaining "Heaven."


Phantom Blood

Using the Stone Mask's power,[2] Dio created his first group of loyal subordinates through numerous zombies that were under his complete control. Among them, most notably: Jack the Ripper, Bruford, Tarkus, and Wang Chan.

Dio's zombies were all nearly exterminated by Jonathan and his allies at Windknight's Lot during the night of December 2, 1888.[3] His last known servant, Wang Chan, dies during the sinking of a ship headed towards America, leaving Dio trapped inside his coffin with Jonathan's body.[4]

Battle Tendency

The last of Dio's zombies

50 years after the events of Phantom Blood, Dio and his zombie entourage was thought to be completely vanquished by Jonathan Joestar and his allies. Though they seemingly wiped them out, one bloodsucking zombie was able to escape and hide within society as a major in the Royal Air Force. Through a tragic twist of fate, Jonathan's son, George Joestar II was also part of RAF, and was murdered by the zombie for attemtping to investigate its identity. Lisa Lisa would murder the commander as revenge, and the last of Dio's zombies is destroyed.[5]

Stardust Crusaders

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Agents on the journey to Egypt

Nearly a hundred years later in 1983, DIO resurfaces when his coffin is pulled out of the ocean's depths by a group of treasure hunters. He obtains a Stand from Enya the Hag when Diavolo sells his five Arrows to her. With Enya as his adviser, DIO forms a new group, mainly consisting of human Stand users and only a few vampires. In secret, he befriends a priest named Enrico Pucci and unknowingly impregnates four women with his children. He recruits members from all around the world, who are primarily mercenaries like Hol Horse, and manipulates many of them with large sums of money, but he also has a number of devoted followers, like N'Doul, Enya the Hag and Vanilla Ice. For more hesitant or untrustworthy followers, such as Noriaki Kakyoin and Jean Pierre Polnareff, DIO uses flesh buds to enthrall them. However, even Enya had a spore of one secretly implanted in her brain.

During the fifty days it takes for the Joestar Group to travel to Egypt, DIO's minions are defeated one at a time as they attempt to assassinate the Joestars. Although DIO fails to achieve his goal and the majority of his group is defeated, he and Vanilla Ice succeed in killing half of the Joestar Group before their deaths. After Jotaro and Joseph leave DIO's body out in the desert to evaporate with the rising sun, Jotaro finds DIO's Diary and learns of what DIO had planned. Considering the journal dangerous, Jotaro burns it so that no one else could ever read it.

While some members of DIO's group are confirmed to be deceased, the fates of the other agents are unknown after their defeats.

Diamond is Unbreakable

Nijimura's transformation

As DIO travelled the world in search of suitable Stand users, he came across Mansaku Nijimura at some point and thought him a fitting part of his quest. He supported Nijimura financially, but due to distrust, left him implanted with a flesh bud.

After DIO's death, the flesh bud inside Nijimura bursts and he suffers a horrific transformation leaving him unable to die. His sons Keicho and Okuyasu then spend years using the Bow and Arrow in hopes of finding a Stand that can put their father out of his misery, creating most of the town's Stand users.[6]

By the end of Diamond is Unbreakable, Mr. Nijimura is fortunately one of the few who's able to live contently after DIO's influence, reconnecting with his son Okuyasu and adopting a new pet.[7]

Stone Ocean

Pucci with DIO's Children

The final remaining servants of DIO's group are Enrico Pucci and Johngalli A. The two enact a plan to steal Jotaro Kujo's Stand and memories by framing his daughter, Jolyne Cujoh, to lure Jotaro into their base of operation, Green Dolphin Street Prison. While Johngalli A. acts entirely out of revenge, Pucci also needs Jotaro's memories to fulfill DIO's dream of finding Heaven. To aid him in that goal, and to defeat Jolyne and her allies, Pucci uses the inmates and staff of Green Dolphin Street Prison, and, after leaving the penitentiary behind, even recruits three of DIO's sons.

Pucci prefers to hide his identity as the prison chaplain. He mostly communicates with his agents through Whitesnake, either promising them power and concessions from prison authorities, or simply mind-controlling them. He often erases the memories of his agents' encounters with him to ensure he won't be tracked down. He does, however, directly interact with DIO's sons, serving as somewhat of a mentor figure to them.

Pucci does succeed in killing the Joestars and their allies, and almost manages to create a world where everyone will see their fate just as DIO wanted. However, Emporio kills him before he is able to complete the process, which creates a world without Pucci's influence.

Like the previous incarnation of the group, while some of its members are confirmed deceased, the fates of other members are left ambiguous, including the fates of DIO's sons, Ungalo and Rikiel.


Dio Brando's Zombies

SPOILER WARNING: Part 1-2 spoiler details may follow.
Dio Brando's Zombies

DIO's Agents

SPOILER WARNING: Part 3-6 spoiler details may follow.

Pucci's Agents

SPOILER WARNING: Part 6 spoiler details may follow.

Non-Canon Agents

Heaven-Attained DIO's Agents

In Eyes of Heaven, Heaven-Attained DIO manages to possess various allies throughout the 8 parts of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure to try and attack the Joestar Group. While Diego Brando and Dio Brando were originally in alliance with Heaven-Attained DIO, Diego said to Jotaro Kujo that their alliance is only temporary and they'll eventually finish him off once and for all.

Below are a list of all of the characters who were possessed by Heaven-Attained DIO, or were in alliance with him without being possessed.


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