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I bit 'em! I bit 'em! Bit 'em lots! (噛んじゃった!噛んじゃった!いっぱいかんでやったぜーッ, Kan jatta! Kan jatta! Ippai kan de yatta ze!)

Doobie (怪人ドゥービー, Kaijin Dūbī, lit. "Doobie the Monster") is a tertiary antagonist featured in the first part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Phantom Blood.

Doobie is a monstrous Zombie created by Dio Brando, with several venomous snakes emerging out of his head. He briefly fights Jonathan Joestar after attempting to eat Poco's sister.


Doobie Appearance.png

Doobie is a large, muscular zombie who has fangs and claws. He wears a gunny sack on his head as a mask to hide the multiple snakes lurking in his head and face. The mask has one hole on the left side that presumably allows him to see. Additionally, he wears a deerstalker cap and a scarf. His body is adorned with various jewelry and armor, including a necklace, bracelets, wristbands, shoulder pads, and cloth wrapped around his ankles. His chest and thighs are left exposed, while an armored plate covers his stomach. Below it, he wears a belt and underwear. His body is also coated in some sort of liquid.

Doobie has many holes in his skull for his snakes to freely move through his head, including a hole in his left eyesocket and the large hole in the center of his forehead from a prior attack. His bottom eyelids appear unnaturally hardened. Several tiny worms also stick out of the top of his head, resembling hair.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
(Light yellow scarf, brown armor, teal shoulder pads)
Skin(Pale blue)
Eyes(Red sclera with green iris)
Outfit(Gray scarf, purplish blue armor)
Outfit(Gray scarf and brown armor)


Doobie is animalistic and vicious. As soon as Dio introduces Doobie to Poco's sister, he immediately acts on his urges and pounces at her, ripping her skirt off. In his brief appearance, he speaks primitively, mostly screeching or repeating his words.



As a Zombie, Doobie's strength, durability, and speed are multiplied. He can climb up to high places and withstand an anvil stabbing the back of his head, feeling perfectly fine after the initial pain.[2]

Snake Manipulation

Venomous SnakesLink to this section
Doobie Snakes.gif
Doobie can control several snakes who live inside his head, including venomous cobras and flesh-eating vipers. He hides them with the sack on his face so he can catch his opponents by surprise, having his snakes extend themselves and bite his opponents when they are off guard.

This technique is not effective against skilled Ripple users such as Jonathan Joestar, who can easily extract the venom out of their skin.


Doobie watching Poco's sister from above

On December 1, 1888, Dio Brando makes Doobie into a zombie in Windknight's Lot. Doobie stands on a ledge above a window as Dio attempts to persuade Poco's sister to join him. After she refuses by slapping Dio, he introduces her to the monstrous Doobie and leaves her alone with him. Doobie jumps down from the ledge and grabs Poco's sister, ripping her skirt off. As he squeezes her neck, Jonathan throws an anvil which pierces through Doobie's forehead.

Doobie eaten by his snakes

Doobie grabs his head in pain wondering who attacked him. When Jonathan jumps down to attack him, he suddenly sends several snakes through the hole in his mask, inflicting Jonathan with bite wounds. Doobie cheers that he managed to bite Jonathan a lot and removes the sack over his head to reveal his true face. Doobie charges at Jonathan attempting to bite him again, but Jonathan catches Doobie's snakes and ejects the venom from his bloodstream using the energy he inherited from Will Anthonio Zeppeli. Jonathan then manipulates the snakes with his Ripple energy, causing them to begin devouring Doobie. As he is being eaten and melted by the Ripple from the bites of each snake, Doobie wonders why his snakes betrayed him.

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Quote.png Quotes
  • I bit 'em! I bit 'em! Bit 'em lots! (噛んじゃった!噛んじゃった!いっぱいかんでやったぜーッ, Kan jatta! Kan jatta! Ippai kan de yatta ze!)
  • Roon! Roon! Roon! Nuhehehe, surprised?! (ルン!ルン!ルン!ヌウフフフフ、たまげたかァああ!, Run! Run! Run! Nūfufufufu, tamageta kā!)
  • Wh- What are you doing, my snakes?! Th- They're eating me! N- No way... (なっ!なにをするヘビども…!く 喰われる!…そ そんなあ!!, Na! Nani o suru hebi-domo...! Ku, kuwareru! ...So, sonnā!!)

Video Games

Phantom Blood (PS2)

Doobie appears in Chapter 19 as one of the last enemies faced before Dio. Doobie's special attack uses the snakes from his face to attack and poison the enemy. Several "cat-birds" and "dog-men", Dio's chimeras, fight alongside Doobie. He is a playable character in Extra Battle Mode and 77 Rings Knights Mode.

In Dio Mode, there is an extra event where he teams up with Adams to defeat Dio.

PS2 Doobie Render.png
PS Square.pngPS Square.pngPS Square.pngPS Square.pngPS Square.png
Normal Combo
PS Triangle.png
Roon! Roon! Roon!
PS Square.pngPS Triangle.png
PS Square.pngPS Square.pngPS Triangle.png
Double Lariat
PS Square.pngPS Square.pngPS Square.pngPS Triangle.png
I Bit 'Em! I Bit 'Em!
PS Square.pngPS Square.pngPS Square.pngPS Square.pngPS Triangle.png
Running PS Square.png
Running PS Triangle.png
PS Circle.png
Back Step
PS Circle.png during damage
Mega Crush
PS R1.png (LV0)
PS R1.png (LV1-3)

Available Stages: Extra Battle 16
  • 77 Rings Knights Mode: Living Corpses



  • Doobie's cap and sack over his head is a reference to Joseph Merrick,[3] an English man with several deformities who was nicknamed "Elephant Man" when he was exhibited at a freak show. Merrick wore a cap and gunny sack over his head with a hole in it so he could travel without drawing undue attention.[4]


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