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High Priestess, Part 4 (女教皇(ハイプリエステス) その④, Hai Puriesutesu Sono 4), originally Diamond Molars (ダイヤモンドの奥歯, Daiyamondo no Okuba) in the WSJ release, is the sixty-ninth chapter of Stardust Crusaders and the one hundred eighty-second chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


On the sea floor, the group gets sucked into High Priestess's giant mouth. As they get trapped in the Stand's mouth Midler mocks them, stating that she is close by on the seashore. The group stands within the Stand's mouth, and Midler says that Jotaro is her type making it hard for her to kill him. Polnareff, taking advantage of the situation, coaxes Jotaro into playing along with her, which he reluctantly does. Midler "blushes" causing the rest of the group to tag along and give her compliments. She realizes that they are all lying and begins attacking them. She uses her tongue to knock Jotaro onto her teeth and crushes down on him. He tries to stop the teeth with Star Platinum, but she is too strong and crushes him. The group fears for the worst, but suddenly Joseph hears muffled "Oras" in the distance. The "Oras" get louder and louder until Star Platinum busts through the teeth. Star Platinum then proceeds to destroy all of the Stand's diamond-hard teeth, and the group escapes rising to the water's surface. On this day Jotaro has proven that diamonds are in fact breakable. When the group reaches the shore they notice Midler lying there unconscious. Polnareff goes to inspect the body but regrets doing so immediately, as her face took quite the beating from Star Platinum. The group, finally in Egypt, reminisce over their long and hard journey and prepare for their fight to stop DIO and save Holy.


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The tendons in my neck got stiff while I was sleeping, and they hurt. And the pain I got from hunching my neck down while drawing manuscripts was awful.



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